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Mapas historicos del mundo
Library of Congress Map Collections Online

Map History/History of Cartography Links (Tony Campbell)

Mapa Historico do Mundo (Universidade da Georgia)
oicoMapa historico do mundo, faz parte do conteudo do site da Universidade da Georgia. Neste site e possivel pesquisar mais de 800 mapas historicos. Site em Ingles.
Um mapa historico geral do continente e das ilhas que est?o proximas a Jamaica. Site em Ingles.
MapHist E-Mail Discussion Group

MapTrade E-Mail Discussion Group - Antique Maps

Military History Atlases (U.S. Military Academy, West Point)

Oddens' Bookmarks - Historical Map Links

Ortelius - Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1570 (American Memory Project)

OSSHE Historical and Cultural Atlas Resource (Requires Shockwave Plug-In)

Oxford University, Bodleian Library - Historic Maps

Roman Empire - Roman Atlas (University of Kansas)

Roman Empire 120 A.D. (NLTL)

Trade Routes and Great Empires of the 1st Century A.D. (NLTL)

University of Minnesota James Ford Bell Library - Historical Map Collection

World in 1945 (United Nations) Formato pdf

World War I - Maps (U.S. Military Academy, West Point)

World War II Maps (Jozsef Attila University)

World War II Maps (University of San Diego)

World War II Theaters (Indiana State University)

Yale Map Collection - Online Maps

Mapas Historicos do Mundo
Colonizac?es, descobrimentos e distribuic?o das linguas na Europa. Atraves de mapas, a analise dos principais fatos historicos do mundo. Site em Ingles.
Mapas Historicos do Mundo
Mapa historico do mundo, faz parte do conteudo do site da Universidade da Georgia. Neste site e possivel pesquisar mais de 800 mapas historicos. Site em Ingles
Mapas historicos: Estados Unidos
Alabama - Early Roads (ALGenWeb)

Alabama 1818

Alabama 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)

Alaska 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)

Alexander the Great - Route (

American Revolution - Maps (U.S. Military Academy, West Point)

Arizona - Maps of the Pimaria: Early Cartography of the Southwest (University of Arizona Library)

Arizona 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)

Arkansas Historical County Outline Maps (Sheila Brannon)

Arkansas 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)

Atlantic Neptune Online

Austin, Texas 1858 (University Coop/UT Center for American History)

Beckwourth Trail [California] (

Boston ca. 1800 and Map information (

Boston 1775 (Read Copyright Notice, Bodleian Library)

Boston 1778 (Yale University Map Collection)

Boundaries of the United States - Animated GIF (Ed Stephan)

Bozeman Trail (

California - Historical Road Maps of Southern California (Mike Ballard)

California Trail (OCTA)

California 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)

Cattle Drive Map - Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico (Old Colorado City)

Census Atlases: Presenting the Nation's Cultural Geography (Library of Congress)

Central Pacific Railroad Maps from (CPRR Photographic History Museum)

Charleston, South Carolina 1877 (University of Georgia)

Charlestown, South Carolina Siege 1776 (

Charlottesville, Virginia - Historical District Walking Tour

Charlottesville, Virginia - Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (University of Virginia Libraries)

Cherokee Historical Maps (Ken Martin)

Cherokee Trail - Clickable Map

Chicago Great Fire 1871

Chicago 1886 - Robinson's Atlas, Fire insurance maps (University of Illinois at Chicago)

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