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  Enciclopedia Virtual de Tecnología Educativa - EVTE
CRUE: Comisión Sectorial TIC
Observatorio tecnológico. Centro Nacional de Información y Comunicación Educativa.
Open CourseWare Consortium
Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia - Programa de Estudios y Análisis (EA)
Public Library of Science - PLOS
Directorio de recursos Web 2.0
Laboratorio Virtual Ibercaja - Más de 300 simulaciones informáticas para el aprendizaje de la Ciencia y la Tecnología
Digital Library for Information Technology and Education
TeacherTube: sharing instructional videos.
Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes. La biblioteca de las Culturas Hispánicas.
The National Science Digital Library
Agrega. Plataforma de objetos digitales educativos, para centros de nivel no universitario.

«Entre las actuaciones comprendidas dentro del Programa Internet en el Aula,, junto con el Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (en adelante "MEC"), el Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio (en adelante "MITYC"), y las CCAA (las Comunidades Autónomas y las Ciudades Autónomas serán denominadas en adelante "CC.AA.") están desarrollando acciones con el objeto de apoyar la integración de las tecnologías en la educación, destinadas a centros de enseñanza financiados con fondos públicos de régimen general no universitario y de régimen especial, así como centros de formación de profesores y escuelas universitarias de formación del profesorado.
El fin del proyecto es la creación de una plataforma de objetos digitales educativos, denominada Agrega consistente en un repositorio central y otros de carácter autonómico de contenidos educativos para centros de nivel no universitario.»
«ccLearn is a division of Creative Commons which is dedicated to realizing the full potential of the Internet to support open learning and open educational resources (OER). Our mission is to minimize barriers to sharing and reuse of educational materials ¿ legal barriers, technical barriers, and social barriers.
- With legal barriers, we advocate for licensing of educational materials under interoperable terms, such as those provided by Creative Commons licenses, that allow unhampered modification, remixing, and redistribution. We also educate teachers, learners, and policy makers about copyright and fair-use issues pertaining to education.
-With technical barriers, we promote interoperability standards and tools to facilitate remixing and reuse.
- With social barriers, we encourage teachers and learners to re-use educational materials available on the Web, and to build on each other¿s contributions.»
«Connexions is an environment for collaboratively developing, freely sharing, and rapidly publishing scholarly content on the Web. Our Content Commons contains educational materials for everyone ¿ from children to college students to professionals ¿ organized in small modules that are easily connected into larger collections or courses. All content is free to use and reuse under the Creative Commons "attribution" license.
Content should be modular and non-linear.
Most textbooks are a mass of information in linear format: one topic follows after another. However, our brains are not linear - we learn by making connections between new concepts and things we already know. Connexions mimics this by breaking down content into smaller chunks, called modules, that can be linked together and arranged in different ways. This lets students see the relationships both within and between topics and helps demonstrate that knowledge is naturally interconnected, not isolated into separate classes or books.»
Directorio y recolector de recursos digitales
Ministerio de Cultura.
«Con estas dos aplicaciones el Ministerio de Cultura y las Comunidades Autónomas ponen a disposición de los ciudadanos dos conjuntos de información. Por un lado, información básica sobre los proyectos e iniciativas de digitalización existentes en España. Por otro, los documentos digitalizados, reunidos a partir de esas bases de datos, a los que se puede acceder de forma conjunta, utilizando técnicas de recolección de metadatos.»
Giving Knowledge for Free: The Emergence of Open Educational Resources
PDF, 2891 KB, 153 págs.
«Learning resources are often considered key intellectual property in a competitive higher education world. However, more and more institutions and individuals are sharing their digital learning resources over the Internet, openly and for free, as Open Educational Resources (OER). This study, building on previous OECD work on e-learning, asks why this is happening, who is involved and what the most important implications of this development are.
The report offers a comprehensive overview of the rapidly changing phenomenon of Open Educational Resources and the challenges it poses for higher education. It examines reasons for individuals and institutions to share resources for free, and looks at copyright issues, sustainability and business models as well as policy implications. It will be of particular interest to those involved in e-learning or strategic decision making within higher education, to researchers and to students of new technologies.»
«Intute is a free online service providing access to the very best web resources for education and research. All material is evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists to create the Intute database.
With millions of resources available on the Internet, it is difficult to find relevant and appropriate material even if you have good search skills and use advanced search engines.
Issues of trust, quality, and search skills are very real and significant concerns - particularly in a learning context. Academics, teachers, students and researchers are faced with a complex environment, with different routes into numerous different resources, different user interfaces, search mechanisms and authentication processes.
The Intute database makes it possible to discover the best and most relevant resources in one easily accessible place. You can explore and discover trusted information, assured that it has been evaluated by specialists for its quality and relevance.
Intute: Virtual Training Suite
«The Virtual Training Suite is continually updated to provide FREE online Internet training tutorials for over 65 subject areas.
Each tutorial covers Internet search and research skills for a different subject - there's one for most of the subjects taught in UK universities and colleges, with a few extras on topics of general interest. The service is aimed at students, lecturers and researchers in UK higher and further education, but is freely available for anyone to use.
Let our experts guide you to the best of the Web - the tutorials are authored and updated by a national team of subject specialists based in universities, colleges and museums across the UK. Find out which Web sites they recommend, and get some authoritative and reliable advice from these experienced Internet researchers.»
JISC Collections
«JISC Collections was established by the UK further and higher education funding councils in 2006 to negotiate with publishers and owners of digital content. The range of resources licensed for use by the agreements constitutes a national collection of online resources for education and research.»
«JISC Collections works on behalf of our members - all UK Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE) institutions and Research Councils (RCs) that receive direct funding from the UK HE and FE funding bodies. We have begun expanding our membership to include affiliate members ¿ organisations in the UK and overseas which qualify for membership through their engagement in life-long learning. We provide our members with a collections catalogue of free and subscription-based online resources such as full text databases, e-books, digital images, e-journals, online film, learning materials and geospatial data.»
MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
«MERLOT is a leading edge, user-centered, searchable collection of peer reviewed, higher education, online learning materials created by registered members, and a set of faculty development support services.
MERLOT's vision is to be a premiere online community where faculty, staff, and students from around the world share their learning materials and pedagogy.»
« aggregates the best free and open courseware for students and professionals, all in a conveniently searchable online courseware platform. Search, track, and share progress on over 500 university and college level classes globally. Formerly known as, we continue to carefully select and share with you new courses every week. Our passion for developing and sustaining OCW projects drives us to curate the best. From biology to accounting, foreign languages to science, ensures you get a world-class education from the world's top schools and scholars anytime, anywhere.»
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