"' … ce que je ne doute': traduire à la Renaissance" [... something I have no doubts about: translating in the Renaissance]
" Hermeneutics in the Light of Language and Literature"
" If You Had Been Here..."
" Il grande Gatsby. Note a margine di una traduzione" [The Great Gatsby - footnotes to a translation]
" El Lazarillo de Tormes en árabe: la traducción de paremias y locuciones" [Lazarillo de Tormes in Arabic: Translation of proverbs and idioms]
""A Translation of Lu Xun’s ‘??’" [A Translation of Lu Xun's 'The True Story of Ah Q']"
""Es soll sich nicht naturalistisch oder dokumentarisch anhören, aber auch nicht absurd oder überspitzt". Ingo Haeb und Stephan Colli über ihre Synchronisationsphilosophie und die Arbeiten an ihrem Film 'Das Zimmermädchen Lynn'" ["It should not sound natu
""Europas alter Märchenzauber und Hollywoods neues Zaubermärchen". Walt Disneys 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs' in Deutschland" ["Europe's old magic fairy tales and Hollywood's new magic fairy tales". Walt Disney's 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs' in G
""Internationalität für die Menge". Filmsynchronisation im Kontext der alliierten Filmpolitik 1945-1950" ["Internationality for the crowds". Film dubbing in the context of film politics of the allies 1945-1950]
""Japanischer" als im Original? Die Besetzungsstrategien der Synchronsprecher für Ken Watanabe und Hiroyuki Sanada in deren Hollywood-Filmen" ["Japanese" as the original? Casting strategies of voice actors for Ken Watanabe and Hiroyuki Sanada in their Hol
""Lost in translation". On some English movie titles and posters and their French and Romanian equivalents"
""Renoi, t'as besoin que je te l'explique?" Les stratégies de traduction des termes d'adresse dans le doublage et le sous-titrage de 'The Wire' ["Renoi, do you want me to explain it?" Strategies for translating forms of address in the dubbing and subtitli
"(Ab)normal translations: a German-English parallel corpus for investigating normalization in translation"
"(Auto)traduire La ceinture: entre l’individuel et le collectif" [(Self-)translating The Belt: between the individual and the collective]
"(Auto)traduire Mercier et Camier: entre fabula et traduction" [(Self-)transalting Mercier and Camier - between fabula and translation]
"(Cognitive) grammar in translation: Form as meaning"
"(De)Metaforyzacja gramatyczna tekstu w tlumaczeniu symultanicznym" [(De)metaphorizing grammatical texts in simultaneous interpreting]
"(De)Metaphorization in the Cognitive Process of Professional Translators"
"(De)realizing Cinematic Time"
"(Deaf) Interpreters on television. Challenging power and responsibility"
"(Des)metaforizando significados na Pós-Edição: Um Estudo Exploratório de Esforço Despendido por Estudantes de Tradução" [(De)metaphorizing meanings in post-edition. An exploration of the effort invested by translation students]
"(Dis)aligning across different linguacultures. Pragmatic questions from original to dubbed film dialogue"
"(Fach)Übersetzen vs. Technical Writing: Parallelen und Unterschiede" [(Specialized) translation vs. Technical Writing: Similarities and Differences]
"'(Il) Principe' y (los) 'Príncipe(s)'" ['(Il) Principe' and (the) 'Príncipe(s)']
"(Im)possible coïncidence des textes: l’ordinaire de la création. 'The Sea in Winter' (Derek Mahon) / 'La Mer hivernale' (Jacques Chuto)" [(Im)possible coincidence of texts: the ordinariness of creation. Derek Mahon's The Sea in Wineter and Jacques Chuto'
"(In)accessibility of the deaf to the television contents through sign language interpreting and SDH in Turkey"
"(In)Decorous Mirth: Phillips’s 1687 Translation of Don Quijote and the Social Function of Humor"
"(In)direct offense. A comparison of direct and indirect translations of German offensive language into Basque"
"(In)visibilidades na tradução: troca de olhares teóricos e ficcionais" [Invisibility in translation: a change in theoretical and fictional perspectives]
"(In)visibility: Dislocation in French and the Voice of the Translator"
"(Killing) two birds with one stone: Tools for translation process research and the translation classroom"
"(M)oralité et traduction: les voix de Huck" [(M)orality and translation: Huck's voice]
"(Meta-) evaluation of machine translation"
"(Mis)Informing the Reader: Wrong Assumptions and some other Oddities in Tourist Text Translation"
"(Mis)Representation of Sufism through translation"
"(Mis)representations of Motherf** in Italian Film Dubbing"
"(Mis)Translating Degree Zero Ideology and Conceptual Art"
"(Mis)Translating the Untranslatable - the Impact of Deconstruction and Post-structuralism on Translation Theory"
"(More than) American prisms on eurocentrisms: An interview article"
"(Multi)-Cultural context: Interpretation and translation adrift"
"(N. del T.): Opacidad lingüística, idiosincrasia cultural" [The translator's note: Language opacity, cultural idiosyncracy]
"(Ne)prevedljivost pogovornega jezika v delih Johna Steinbecka" [(Un)Translatability of Colloquial Language in John Steinbeck’s Fiction]
"(Nie)typowa rola tlumacza starozytnych tekstów dramatycznych" [(Non)typical Role of the Translator of Ancient Greek Tragedies]
"(Nie)znaczace przesuniecia gramatyczno-stylistyczne w tlumaczeniu sadowym" [(In)significant Grammatical and Stylistic Shifts in Court Interpreting]
"(Non) inscription du féminin dans la traduction anglaise de 'Kamouraska'" [(Non) feminine inscription in the English translation of 'Kamouraska']
"(Non)-Compositionality and Translation"
"(Non-)Explicit Instruction of Interjections as Phraseological Units: Analysising English and Spanish as a Foreign Language Textbooks"
"(Non-)Professional, Authentic Projects? Why Terminology Matters"
"(Non-)Sense in note-taking for consecutive interpreting"
"(Non)Translation as Resistance in Tomson Highway's Kiss of the Fur Queen"
"(Non)translation of Polish literature during the Portuguese First Republic"
"(Official) Sworn Translation and Its Functions"
"(On)vertaalbaarheid: enkele speculatieve notities" [Pending]
"(Para)linguistic Correlates of Perceived Fluency in English-to-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation"
"(Para)textos en la traducción museística de arte contemporáneo. El caso de Jan Fabre en el CAAC" [Para)texts in the Translation of Contemporary Art in Museums: the Case of Jan Fabre in the CAAC]
"(Para)Translated Ideologies in Simone de Beauvoir's 'Le deuxième sexe': The (Para)Translator's Role"
"(Pen)últimos poemas originales de José Musso Valiente, y dos traducciones en 'La Minerva' de 1818" [José Musso Valiente's penultimate original poems and two translations in the journal La Minerva in 1818]
"(Post)Colonial Translation"
"(Post)colonial Translations in V.S. Naipaul's The Enigma of Arrival"
"(Post)communist censorship in translation – religion as a taboo"
"(Pre-)interpreting exercises in theory and practice"
"(Re) Appropriation as Translation"
"(Re)constructing Bosnia: Ideologies and Agents in Poetry Translation"
"(Re-)Constructing Humour: Meanings and Means. Introduction"
"(Re)constructing the urban palimpsest of Lemberg / Lwów / Lviv: A case study in the politics of cultural translation in East Central Europe"
"(Re)creating actuality in environmental documentaries. The case of Before the Flood"
"(Ré)écriture du discours psychanalytique lacanien en traduction" [(Re)writing Lacan's psychoanalytic discourse in translation]
"(Re)examinando horizontes en los estudios feministas de traducción: ¿hacia una tercera ola?" = "(Re-) examining horizons in feminist translation studies: towards a third wave"
"(Re)forms in Meaning: Reasons for the Appearance of False Friends among the Slavic Languages"
"(Re)imagining Canada: Projecting Canada to Canadians through localized websites"
"(Re)lire Le Guépard. Les apports d'une nouvelle traduction" [(Re)reading Le Guépard. The contributions of a new translation]
"(Re)locating the Jew in Tadeusz Slobodzianek's Citizen Pekosiewicz: His Sad and Instructive History"
"(Re)locating translation history: From assumed translation to assumed transfer"
"(Re)locating translation within asymmetrical power dynamics. Translation as an instrument of resistant conviviality"
"(Re)manufacturing consent in English. A corpus-based critical discourse analysis of government interpreters' mediation of China’s discourse on PEOPLE at televised political press conferences"
"(Re)penser l’enseignement de la traduction professionnelle dans un master français : l’exemple des zones d’incertitudes en traduction médicale" [(Re)thinking the training of professional translators in a French MA - the example of uncertainty areas in me
"(Re)shaping practices in translation: How Moroccan immigrant children and families navigate continuity and change"
"(Re)telling the Story for the Benefit of Others: The Protagonists in the Life of Christ as Told by Isabel de Villena"
"(Re)traduction(s), (Re)présentation(s): première et dernière sortie du Quijote en français" [(Re)translation(s), (Re)presentation(s): first and second sally of Don Quixote in French]
"(Re)traductions. Phénoménologie et philosophie allemande dans les années I930" [Retranslations. Phenomenology and German philosophy in the 1930s]
"(Re)Translating as Re-membering"
"(Re)translation from a process-oriented Approach"
"(Re)translation Revisited"
"(re)Visiting the Translator’s Archive. Toward a Genealogy of Translation in the Americas"
"(Re-)voicing Beijing's discourse through self-referentiality. A corpus-based CDA analysis of government interpreters’ discursive mediation at China’s political press conferences (1998–2017)"
"(Recuerdo de Procusto: traducir a Shakespeare)" [(Remembering Procrustes: translating Shakespeare)]
"(Role-)playing fair(s): Introducing interpreting students to business negotiations"
"(S)mother Tongue?: Feminism, Academic Discourse, Translation"
"(Self-)censorship and the translator-author relationship: the case of full translation, partial translation and non-translation in the Chinese context"
"(Technical) translating vs. technical writing: parallels and differences"
"(Trans)formative theorising in legal translation and/or interpreting: a critical approach to deontological principles"
"(Trans)forming national images in translation: The case of the 'Young Estonia' movement"
"(Über-)Lebensbedingungen einer Minderheitensprache" [Pending]
"(Un)Folding the Meaning: Translation Competence and Translation Strategies Compared"
"(Un)stable sources, translation and news production"
"(Un)translatability and cross-cultural readability"
"(Un)Translatability and Culture Specificity"
"(Un)translatability of IT Terminology – The Classroom Perspective"
"(Vom-)Blatt-Ubersetzen und (-)Dolmetschen" [On sight-translation and interpreting]
"... a pagina 777 di televideo" [...on page 777 of the televideo]
"... E fez traduções..." [...And he did translations...]
"... Les opérations transformationnelles de Louis Wolfson" [...The transformational operations of Louis Wolfson]
"...and the Profession? The Impact of New Technology on the Translator"
"...But it ain’t got that swing: Aspects of Translation Quality in Technically-Oriented Advertisements"
"...denn sie wissen nicht was sie tun": Übersetzungsunterricht an der Universität" ['... then you do not know what you are doing': Translation teaching at universities]
"'...here, in this world, I am utterly useless and redundant.' Roles of Translators in Scandinavian-Czech Literary Translation 1890-1950"
"'...like reeds in the wind'. Exploring simile in the English translations of Grazia Deledda using corpus stylistics"
"'...manchmal streite ich auch.' Sprach- und Kulturmittlung für türkische Migrantinnen im medizinischen Bereich" [Pending]
"'...tinap ober we leck giant': African Celebrations of Shakespeare"
"...Und alle seinne Mörder..." Erich Fried traducido para el teatro ["...Und alle seinne Mörder..." Erich Fried translated for theatre]
"'...waterlogged somewhere in mid-Atlantic.' Why American Readers Need Intralingual Translation but don't often Get it"
"'...weil ich innig liebe'. Stimme und Gestalt in der Oper 'Carmen' von G. Bizet" ["...weil ich innig liebe". The voice and the character in the opera "Carmen" by G. Bizet]
"...y un poco de humor" [... and a bit of humour]
"'[...] the translatress in her own person speaks': A Few Marginal Notes on Feminist Translation in Practice, in Creative Writing and in Criticism"
"[A] meer Translation, and nothing else?' La recontextualisation d'Ariane, ou le mariage de Bacchus (1659) de Pierre Perrin et Robert Cambert" [ [A] meer Translation, and nothing else?' The recontextualization of Ariane, ou le mariage de Bacchus (1659) by
"[Contra un poder tan tirano]. Duas traduções para Miguel Hernández" [[Contra un poder tan tirano]. Two translations for Miguel Hernández]
"[Dis]solving Double Irony: La Fontaine, Marianne Moore, and Ulysses's Companions"
"[Greek characters] (Hos 9:7): Zur Theologie der Sprache des Hoseabuches" [[Greek characters] (Hos 9:7): On the theology of the language of the Book of Hosea]
"[Introduction à] Oralité et écrit en traduction" [Introduction to Orality and writing in translation]
"'[La ville]. Ce territoire infini d’intersections, où l’on ne se rencontre pas': Translating representations of loneliness and its effects in Delphine de Vigan’s Les heures souterraines"
"[Skyvala] Happens: Edification from a Four-Letter Word in the Word of God?"
"[The way and the technique: Issues neglected in Chinese translation teaching]" (in Chinese)
"¡¡Abajo los traductores!!" [Down with translators!!]
"¡Átame! significa “Te quiero”. Media-mediated Genderlect and Film Translation"
"¡Cielo mi marido! Traductions et adaptations du théâtre de boulevard en Espagne" [¡Cielo mi marido! Translations and adaptations of boulevard drama in Spain]
"¡Cuéntame cómo pasó! - a memoir of machine translation in Montreal circa 1970"
"¡Cuídese del revisor!: Layperson y compañía" [Beware of the editor!: Layperson & Co.]
"¡Esos bichos!" [Oh, those creatures!]
"¡Este monigote es mío!’ apropiación, traslación y substitución de cómicos y de personajes cómicos y de cómics" [This doodle is mine! Appropriation, transfer and substitution of comic actors and comic characters, and of comics]
"¡Interpretar 'À Plus Hault Sens' para traducir a Rabelais! El caso de los nombres de los personajes" [Interpreting 'À Plus Hault Sens' in order to translate Rabelais! The case of the characters' names]
"¡Luces, cámara, a jugar! Videojuegos basados en películas y películas basadas en videojuegos. Particularidades de la localización en diferentes escenarios" [Lights, camera, play! Film-based video games and video-games-based films - Peculiarities of local
"'¡No Pasarán!': Translators under siege and ideological control in the Spanish Civil War"
"¡Pero,che! La traducción como lectura" [Pero, che! Translation as reading]
"¡Traducciones más completas que el texto original!" [Translations which are more complete than the source text!]
"¡Vengan corriendo que les traigo un muerto! (Busybody): prototipo de versión española de una obra de teatro comercial" [¡Vengan corriendo que les traigo un muerto! (Busybody): prototype of the Spanish version of a commercial play]
"¡Voilà Québec en México!: le rayonnement des poètes québécois dans la revue de presse de la foire du livre de guadalajara de 2003" ["¡Voilà Québec en México!: the radiation of Quebecer poets in the press review of the Guadalajara 2003 book fair]
"¿A qué español traducimos? Delimitación del concepto 'español estándar' aplicado a la traducción" [On the Concept of ‘Standard Spanish’ Applied to Translation]
"¿A qué somos fieles los traductores? Algunas reflexiones teóricas sobre la dicotomía traducción extranjerizante vs. traducción domesticante" [What are we translators faithful to? Some theoretical reflections on the dichotomy foreignizing translation vs.
"¿A qué tipo de texto pertenece el libreto? Reflexiones sobre la traducción de la literatura musical" [What type of text does the libretto belong to? Considerations about the translation of musical literature]
"¿Adaptación o reconstrucción? Sobre Beaumarchais traducido por Bretón de los Herreros" [Adaptation or rebuilding? On Beaumarchais as translated by Bretón de los Herreros]
"¿Alguien dijo que el 'Finnegans Wake' era intraducible?" [Did anyone say that Finnegas Wake was untranslatable?]
"¿Andando que es gerundio?: deutsche Übersetzungsalternativen zur Verlaufsform spanischer Verben" [¿Andando que es gerundio?: German translational alternatives to the progressive of Spanish verbs]
"¿Aprender a interpretar o interpretar para aprender? Algunas reflexions sobre la docencia de la interpretación en España y en el Reino Unido" [Learning to interpret or interpreting to learn? Some considerations on the teaching of interpreting in Spain an
"¿Árabes, árabes?" [Arabic Arabs?]
"¿Avances o retrocesos? Reflexiones de una década de trabajo sobre mediación e interpretación en Génova" [Advances or drawbacks? Considerations about a decade of work in mediation and interpreting in Genoa]
"¿Barreras culturales o modelos mentales? La metáfora del "traslado" en los estudios de traducción" [Cultural barriers or mental models? The metaphor of "movement" in Translation Studies]
"¿Cambian las nuevas tecnologías la formación de intérpretes?" [Will new technologies change interpreter training?]
"¿Casado con otra? o ¿Just remarried? Deseo y traducción en 'The Time of the Doves' de D. Rosenthal" [Married with another woman? or Just remarried? Desire and translation in 'The Time of the Doves', by D. Rosenthal]
"¿Cavar o socavar?: respuesta al artículo de Hendrika Gevers Vredenbregt" [Digging or undermining?: an answer to Hendrika Gevers Vredenbregt's article]
"¿Cicerón y Horacio, preceptistas de la traducción?" [Cicero and Horace, preceptors of translation?]
"¿Clásicos olvidados o clásicos de segunda? Sobre la traducción en España de algunos literatos franceses del siglo XVIII" [Forgotten classics or second-rate classics? On the translation in Spain of some 18th-century French writers]
"¿Claustrofobia? Gertrude Stein y la elección de género en la traducción de ficción" [Claustrophobia? Gertrude Stein and the choice of gender/genre in the translation of fiction]
"¿Cómo canta el río? Interpretar la onomatopeya japonesa en una obra infantil" [How Does the River Sing? Interpreting Japanese Onomatopoeias in a Children’s Story]
"¿Cómo casi sobrevivo a un gran amor? La traducción como testimonio en José Manuel Arango" [How did I almost survive a great love? Translation as a testimony in José Manuel Arango]
"¿Cómo define la Traductología sus objetivos y metodologías de análisis?" [How does translatology define its aims and analytical methodologies]
"¿Cómo definimos el concepto de traducción?" [How can one define the notion of translation?]
"¿Cómo desarrollar la autoeficacia del estudiantado? presentación y evaluación de una experiencia formativa en el aula de traducción" [How to develop students’ self-efficacy? Description and evaluation of a learning experience in the translation classroom
"¿Cómo diseñar un corpus de calidad?: parámetros de evaluación" [How to design a quality corpus? Assessment criteria]
"¿Cómo funciona la traducción automática?" [How does machine translation work?]
"¿Cómo ha cambiado la disensión en la prosa médica española durante el periodo 1930-1999" [How has disagreement changed in Spanish medical literature during the 1930-1999 period?]
"¿Cómo ha de ser la enseñanza de la lengua extranjera (alemán) para los estudiantes de Traducción e Interpretación?" [How should the foreign language (German) be taught to Translation and Interpreting students?]
"¿Cómo incentivar la participación del alumnado? Experiencia de un proyecto piloto de traducción en la Universidad de Wroclaw" [How to stimulate the pupils involvement? Experience of a translating pilot programme in the University of Wroclaw]
"¿Cómo llamar a los animales? Nombres vulgares y nombres científicos"
"¿Cómo nos comunicamos en hospitales y centros de salud en el siglo XXI?" [How do we communicate in hospitals and outpatient clinics in the 21st century?]
"¿Cómo organizar un curso de traducción jurídica en un contexto adverso?" [How to organize a legal translation course in adverse circumstances?]
"¿Cómo podemos asegurar que el traductor produzca un texto meta que sea comunicativamente equivalente y adecuado?" [How can we guarantee that the tranlator obtains a target text that is communicatively equivalent and adequate]
"¿Cómo salvar la broma local a nivel global?" [Can you save the local joke on a global level?]
"¿Cómo se hace la traducción jurídica?" [How do we translate legal texts?]
"¿Cómo se tradujeron los proverbios de 'La Celestina' en neerlandés y alemán?" [How were the sayings in 'La Celestina' translated into Dutch and German?]
"¿Cómo se va a llamar? (I)" [Which name is it going to be? (I)]
"¿Cómo ser un traductor jurídico competente? De la competencia temática" [How to be a competent legal translator. On subject knowledge]
"¿Cómo traducen traductores y profesores de idiomas? Estudio de corpus" [How do translators and language teachers translate? A corpus-based study]
"¿Cómo traducir la persuasión?" [How do you translate persuasion?]
"¿Cómo traducir las variedades dialectales?" [How do we translate dialects?]
"¿Cómo traducir? De la teoría a la práctica pedagógica" [How should we translate? From theory to pedagogical practice]
"¿Cómo transitar en el aula para adquirir la competencia traductora? Del aprendizaje por tareas al aprendizaje basado en proyectos" [How to Perform in the Classroom to Convey Translating Competence? From Task-Based Learning to Project-Based Learning]
"¿Como un caracol nocturno en un rectángulo de agua?" [Like a night snail on a water rectangle?]
"¿Cómo validar un instrumento de medida de la salud?" [How is an instrument for measuring health to be validated?]
"¿Cuándo y cómo comenzar a traducir? La competencia pretraducrora" [When and how to begin translating? Pre-translational competence]
"¿Cuánta economía debe saber el traductor? La adquisición de conocimiento temático para la traducción" [How much economics must a translator know? Acquring specialized knowledge for translation]
"¿Cuánto derecho debe saber el traductor jurídico?" [How much law must the legal translator know?]
"¿Deberían los intérpretes cambiar de nombre?" [Should interpreters change their name?]
"¿Desconoce su profesión el recién nombrado intérprete jurado?" [Does the recently appointed sworn translator know his job?]
"¿Después de Babel?" [After Babel?]
"¿Dónde están los lamentos de amor?" [Where are the love laments?]
"¿Dónde estarán esas traducciones? Nuevas herramientas para la localización de los textos en lengua terminal" [Where are those translations? New tools for finding the target language texts]
"¿Egg Insulator o aislador de nuez?" [¿Egg Insulator or aislador de nuez [Nut insulator]?]
"¿El camino más largo? Alegato en favor de la etimología" [The longest way? In defence of etymology]
"¿El humor es traducible?" [Is humour translatable?]
"¿Empoderamiento o asimilación? Estudio de dos casos de comunicación mediada en el ámbito educativo catalán" [Empowerment or assimilation? Study of two cases of mediated communication in Catalan education]
"¿En qué estamos en teoría de la traducción?" [Where are we as regards the theory of translation?]
"¿En qué medida puede traducirse la poesía? Estudio realizado a partir de cinco traducciones al castellano del poema 'Le cimetière marin' de Paul Valéry" [To what extent can poetry be translated? A study performed on five Spanish translations of Paul Valé
"¿Enseñar comercio exterior a alumnos de Traducción e Interpretación?" [Should we teach foreign trade to undergraduates in translation and interpreting?]
"¿Equilibrio de Poderes entre el Intérprete y el Profesional Sanitario?: Análisis de la Situación y Propuesta de Formación" [Balance of power between the interpreter and the heathcare professional?: situation review and training proposal]
"¿Equivalencia de forma o identidad de contenido? El modelo de García Landa y el fetichismo de la representación semántica" [Form equivalence or content identity? García Landa's model and the fetishism of semantic representation]
"¿Error en la traducción latina de algunos términos gramaticales griegos?" [An error in the Latin translation of some grammar terms in Greek]
"¿Es importante para un traductor conocer la propia lengua?" [Is it important for translators to master their own language?]
"¿Es la antología un género? A propósito de las antologías sobre la traducción" [Is anthology a genre? About anthologies on translation]
"¿Es la fraseología un hueso duro de roer desde el punto de vista de la traducción?" [Is phraseology a tough nut to crack from the point of view of translation?]
"¿Es la traducción una ciencia?" [Is translation a science?]
"¿És la web pública la nova biblioteca del traductor?" [Is the World Wide Web the translator's new library?]
"¿Es localizable un buscador? El caso de Yahoo!" [Can a web browser be localized? The Yahoo! Example]
"¿Es posible la traducción de poesía?" [Is it possible to translate poetry?]
"¿Es posible la traducción inversa? Resultados de un experimento sobre traducción profesional a una lengua extranjera" [Is thème translation possible? The results of an experiment in professional translation into a foreign language]
"¿Es posible traducir las realidades jurídicas? Restricciones y prioridades en la traducción de documentos de sucesiones británicos al español" [Is it possible to translate legal realities? Constraints and priorities in the Spanish translation of British
"¿Es posible traducir?" [Is translation possible?]
"¿Es recomendable la normalización terminológica?" [Is terminology standardization convenient?]
"¿Es rentable el negocio de la V.O.?" [Is this Original Version business profitable?]
"¿Es unívoca la cultura francesa?" [Is French culture univocal?]
"¿Es usted el Santo Fantasma?" [Are you the Holy Phantom?]
"¿Está enfermo el lenguaje médico?" [Is medical language sick?]
"¿Existe el plain Spanish? La modernizaciín del discurso jurídico-administrativo y su influencia en la traducción jurídica" [Does plain Spanish exist? The modernization of legal and administrative discourse and its impact on legal translation]
"¿Existe la teoría de la traducción?" [Is there a theory of translation?]
"¿Existe unha lingua xurídica galega? Unha reflexión sobre a variedade creada a partir da traducción xurídica en Galicia" [Is there a Galician legal language? A discussion of the variety created starting from legal translation in Galicia]
"¿Formar traductores qué significa?" [What does it mean to train translators?]
"¿Fue Hermann de Reichenau (S. XI) traductor del árabe? Su vida, por Bertholdus de Reichenau" [Was Herman de Reichenau (11th century) a translator from Arabic? His life, by Bertholdus de Reichenau]
"¿Glosolalia? (Respuesta a Ana Castaño)" [Glosolalia? (In response to Ana Castaño)]
"¿Había una Escuela de Traductores en Toledo?" [Was there a School of Translators in Toledo?]
"¿Hablan de guerra las paredes de la Alhambra?" [Do the walls of the Alhambra talk of war?]
"¿Hay derecho comunitario sin traducción?" [Is there EU law without translation?]
"¿Influye el nivel de bilingüismo del estudiante en el resto de competencias para interpretar?" [Does the student's level of bilingualism have an influence on the other interpreting competences?]
"¿Informar o comunicar? Algunos temas emergentes en comunicación para pacientes" [Inform or communicate? Some recent subjects in communication with patients]
"¿Intermediarios “naturales”? Los judios y el colonialismo occidental y español en el mediterráneo musulmán: el caso de Marruecos" ['Natural' mediators? The Jews and Western and Spanish colonialism in the Muslim Mediterranean: Morocco as a case in point]
"¿Interrelación cultural o retención terminológica?" [Cultural inter-relation or terminological retention?]
"¿La teoría de la traducción puede servir a la enseñanza de la traducción?" [Translation theory, can it be of any use in translation training?]
"¿La traducción y sus trampas" [Translation and its pitfalls]
"¿Lady Sneerwell o Doña Virtudes? La traducción de los nombres propios emblemáticos en las comedias" ['Lady Sneerwell’ or 'Doña Virtudes’? The translation of meaningful proper names in comedy]
"¿Las traducciones envejecen? "Manolito Gafotas" y sus dos versiones italianas" [Do Translations age? The novel Manolito Gafotas and its two Italian versions]
"¿Me estás diciendo que no? Fraseología contrastiva de la negación en español e italiano" [Are you saying no? The contrastive phraseology of negation in Spanish and Italian]
"¿Mediador social = mediador interlingüístico = Intérprete?". Práctica, formación y reconocimiento del interprete en los servicios sociales" [Social mediator = cross-lingual mediator = interpreter? Practice, training and the social status of the interpret
"¿Mediador social = mediador interlingüístico = Intérprete?". Práctica, formación y reconocimiento del interprete en los servicios sociales" [Social mediator = cross-lingual mediator = interpreter? Practice, training and the social status of the interpret
"¿Mediadores?, ¿intérpretes?, ¿negociadores?: La percepción del papel de diferentes profesionales" [Mediators?, interpreters?, negotiators?: the perception of their role the diverse professionals]
"¿Merece la pena introducir el software libre en la formacióìn de traductores profesionales?" [Is it worth while to incorporate free software into the training of professional translators?]
"¿Mítico original gracias a una traducción?" [A mythical original thanks to a translation?]
"¿Necesita usted la TA?" [Do you need machine translation?]
"¿Neutralidad o identidad? Estudio de caso de una traducción argentina de Pride and Prejudice" [Neutrality or identity? A case study of an Argentinean translation of Pride and Prejudice]
"¿Nos hacen de veras la competencia los sistemas de TAO?" [Are CAT systems really in competition with us?]
"¿Nuevas tecnologías, nuevos problemas de traducción? Algunas reflexiones acerca de problemas de traducción de base tecnológica" [New technologies, new translation problems? Some considerations about translation problems of technological source]
"¿ON, pero "qui on?"? Tribulaciones del traductor de ON y reflexiones acerca de un texto de Sache Guitry" [¿ON, but "which on?"? Struggles of the translator of ON and considerations about a text by Sacha Guitry]
"¿Orientalismos americanos?: lugares de traducción de Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda y de Andrés Bello" [American orientalisms?: translation places of Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda and of Andrés Bello]
"¿Para qué sirve el trabajo fin de carrera? Balance actual y futuros planteamientos de su utilidad" [What is the use of the undergraduate extended essay. Assessment of its current usefulness and future prospects]
"¿Para quién se escribe, para quién se traduce? El caso de la literatura marroquí" [Who do we write for, who do we translate for? Moroccan literature as a case in point]
"¿Para quién traducimos?" [Who do we translate for?]
"¿Paradigma de caso en el sustantivo español?" [A noun case-paradigm in Spanish?]
"¿Pensamiento hispano?" [Spanish thought?]
"¿Pero la traducción finalmente de quién es? El traductor y sus Ménades" [But finally, who does translation belong to? The translators and their Maenads]
"¿Perro no come perro? Sobre la necesidad de un análisis de traducciones del árabe al español" [Is there honor among thieves? On the need for an analysis of the translations from Arabic into Spanish]
"¿Podemos hablar de la existencia de seudotraducciones cinematográficas?" [May we speak of the existence of pseudotranslations in film?]
"¿Poesía visual y traducción? El otro 'estilo internacional' de 1965" [Visual poetry and translation? The other 'international style' of 1965]
"¿Por qué es útil la teoría de la traducción para los traductores?" [Why is translation theory useful for translators?]
"¿Por qué hacer una traducción del Florentino al español?" [Why a translation of the Florentine into Spanish?]
"¿Por qué Harry Potter habla español?" [Why does Harry Potter speak Spanish?]
"¿Por qué he traducido?" [Why have I translated?]
"¿Por qué la traducción y por qué Martí?: Una valoración necesaria" [Why translation and why Martí?: a necessary assessment]
"¿Por qué los bebés españoles son más ricos que los bebés franceses?" [Why are Spanish babies 'nicer/richer' than French babies?]
"¿Por qué Martí?" [Why Martí?]
"¿Por qué resulta tan prescindible el estudio de las teorías de la traducción? Una reflexión sobre los docentes como historiadores de la ciencia" [Why is studying the theories of translation so dispensable? Some considerations about teachers as historians
"¿Por qué se estudia traducción e interpretación en España? Expectativas y retos de los futuros estudiantes de traducción e interpretación" [Why is translation and interpreting studied in Spain? Expectations and challenges of the futue students of transla
"¿Por qué SENDEBAR? La escuela de traductores de Toledo y la difusión de fábulas orientales" [Why SENDEBAR? The Toledo Translation School and the spreading of Oriental fables]
"¿Por qué traducimos tan mal los vocablos ingleses? [Why do we translate English words so poorly?]
"¿Proceso traductor, traduccional, translativo, traductivo? Reflexiones sobre la terminología de la traducción" [Translation, translational, translative, translating process? Reflections on the terminology of translation]
"¿Puede la traducción ser un género literario?" [Can translation be a literary genre?]
"¿Qué complica el estudio de la aspectualidad en las lenguas checa y española? Aproximación contrastiva a los aspectos y las Aktionsarten" [What makes the study of aspect in Czech and Spanish more complicated? A contrastive approach to aspects and Aktions
"¿Qué enseñar, el árabe literario (fushà) o el árabe de la prensa (lug al-yara’id)? El dilema de la didáctica de la traducción en árabe" [What should we teach, literary Arabic (fushà) or journalistic Arabic (lug al-yara'id)? The dilemma of translation did
"¿Qué es la estilística textual? Visión traductológica del tema" [What is text stylistics. A translational approach]
"¿Qué es la traducción financiera? Limitación del concepto mediante la aplicación de diversos parámetros" [What is financial translation? Definition of its concept through the application of different parameters]
"¿Qué es 'Tochis'? El arte de la trasliteración" [What is 'Tochis'? The art of transliteration]
"¿Qué es un buen profesor de traducción?" [What is a good translation teacher?]
"¿Qué es un 'texto original'? Apuntes en torno a la historia del concepto" [What is an 'original text'? Some notes on the history of this notion]
"¿Qué estrategias para qué traducción jurídica? Por una metodología integral para la práctica profesional" [Which strategies for which legal translation? Towards an integrated methodology for professional practice]
"¿Qué formación en traducción jurídica reciben los intérpretes jurados en la universidad?" [¿What kind of training in legal translation do sworn interpreters receive at the university?]
"¿Qué habría sido del mundo si no hubieran existido los traductores?" [What would have happened to the world had there been no translators?]
"¿Qué hace, exactamente, el traductor jurídico?" [What, exactly, does the legal translator do?]
"¿Qué hacemos los traductores cuando no ‘traducimos'?" [What do we translators do when we are not translating?]
"¿Qué hacer con los extranjerismos lingüísticos?" [What should we do with foreign words?]
"¿Qué hago yo con esto? (Un intento de didactización de frases hechas alemanas para estudiantes de traducción)" [What do I do with this? (An attempt to design a didactics of German collocations for translation students)]
"¿Qué hay detrás de las palabras?" [What lies behinds words?]
"¿Qué hay tras las notas del traductor?" [What is there behind the translator's footnotes?]
"¿Qué idioma para relatar el viaje? El ejemplo de algunos peregrinos en el siglo XVI y el uso de la autotraducción" [Which language to narrate the travel? The example of some 16th-century pilgrims and the use of self-translation]
"¿Qué informática necesitan los futuros traductores?" [What kind of IT do future translators need?]
"¿Qué le debemos a Julio?: (o el impacto de las traducciones de Cortázar al idioma polaco)" [What do we owe Julio?: (or the impact of the translations of Cortazar into Polish)]
"¿Qué le hace pensar que se trata de una traducción?" [What makes you think it is a translation?]
"¿Qué lectura para qué traducción?" [Which reading for which translation?]
"¿Qué opinan los publicistas sobre la transcreación? Un estudio social sobre la relación entre el sector de los servicios lingüísticos y el de la publicidad" [What do advertisers think about transcreation? A social study on the relationship between the la
"¿Qué 'palabras' hay que enseñar a los aprendices de traducción médica? ¿De qué modo? ¿Con qué objetivo?" [Which 'words' should we teach to the medical translators-to-be? How? With what aims?]
"¿Qué papel juega la terminología en la formación de traductores?" [What is the role of terminology in translator training?]
"¿Qué puede cambiar la literatura para los traductores?" [What could literature change for translators?]
"¿Qué rasgos caracterizan una buena traducción literaria? Reflexiones basadas en traducciones de Vargas Llosa al inglés, francés y al sueco" [What traits characterize a good literary translation? Reflections based on translations of Vargas Llosa into Engl
"¿Qué requisitos debe cumplir un diccionario de traducción en el siglo XXI?" [What requirements must a translation dictionary meet in the 21st century?]
"¿Qué se oye? El proceso traductor del subtitulado para personas sordas desde un estudio de corpus" [What do you hear? The subtitling translation process for the deaf seen from the perspective of a corpus-based study]
"¿Qué se sabe de los escritores centroamericanos en el país donde se dan los Premios Nobel?" [What is known about Central American writers in the country where the Nobel Prize is awarded?]
"¿Qué son los equivalentes en el diccionario bilingüe?" [What are equivalents in the bilingual dictionary?]
"¿Qué tiene SDLX 2007 que no tengan los demás?" [What does SDLX 2007 have that other applications are missing?]
"¿Qué traducen los traductores económicos del alemán-español y español-alemán? Estudio basado en encuestas" [Business translation from German into Spanish and vice versa. A survey-based study]
"¿Quién es Charles Bukowski?" [Who is Charles Bukowski?]
"¿Quién es Madame Bovary? La voz y la mirada de Flaubert" [Who is Madame Bovary? Flaubert's voice and way of looking]
"¿Quién es quién en la traducción en lengua gallega? Análisis del perfil profesional" [Who's who in translation in Galician? An analysis of the professional profile]
"¿Quién es un traductor?" [Who is a translator?]
"¿Quién fija la norma en las traducciones?" [Who sets the norm in translations?]
"¿Quién hará la audiodescripción comercial en España? El futuro perfil del descriptor" [Who will do commercial audio description in Spain? The audio descriptor's future profile]
"¿Quién puede hablar por los de Obaba? Una relectura de Obabakoak de Bernardo Atxaga en vista de un cuento perdido en la autotraducción" [Who can speak on behalf of the people from Obaba? A re-reading of Bernardo Atxaga's Obabakoak in the light of lost ta
"¿Quién teme al lobo feroz?: La telefonía móvil digital GSM y su traducción del inglés al español" [Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?: The digital mobile GSM phone system and its English-Spanish translation]
"¿Quién traduce en El País" [Who translates in 'El País'?]
"¿Quién tradujo por primera vez 'La Metamorfosis' de Franz Kafka al castellano?" [Who translated Kafka's 'Metamorphosis' into Spanish for the first time]
"¿Reciclarse o morir? El traductor ante los incesantes avances tecnológicos" [To retrain or to die? The translator and the incessant technological advances]
"¿Retraducir a los clásicos?" [Should we retranslate the classics?]
"¿Saben los pájaros de ornitología?" [Are birds learned in ornithology?]
"¿Se han de traducir los nombres propios?" [Should names be translated?]
"¿Se puede enseñar a traducir?" [Translation teaching, is it possible?]
"¿Se puede enseñar la traducción literaria?" [Is it possible to teach literary translation?]
"¿Se puede hablar de lingüística contrastiva cuando se trata de una sola lengua?" [Is it possible to talk of contrastive linguistics when only one language is involved?]
"¿Señor Wormwood o señor Gusánez?" [Mr. Wormwood or Mr. Gusánez?]
"¿Será útil la teoría de la traducción para los traductores?" [Will the theory of translation be useful for translators?]
"¿Somos profesionales? Bases para una sociología de las profesiones aplicada a la traducción" [Are we professionals? The bases for a sociology of professions as applied to translation]
"¿Son compatibles el aula y la traducción de poesía? Descripción de una práctica metodológica en el aula de traducción poética" [Are the classroom and poetry translation compatible? Describing a methodological practice in the poetry translation classroom]
"¿Son los Estudios de Traducción una ciencia?" [Is Translation Studies a science?]
"¿Subversión o tradición? El postestructuralismo de Suzanne Jill Levine" [Subversion or betrayal? Suzanne Jill Levine's poststructuralism]
"¿Tareas o proyectos? ¿senderos que se bifurcan en el desarrollo de la competencia traductora?" [Tasks or projects? Forking paths in the development of translational competence?]
"¿Traducción de textos espirituales versus traducción espiritual? Planteamiento de una interrogante traductológica" [The translation of spiritual texts versus spiritual translation? A rationale for a translatological question]
"¿Traducción del castellano al gallego o del gallego al castellano?" [Does it make sense to translate from Spanish into Galician or from Galician into Spanish?]
"¿'Traducción e interpretación en servicios públicos'? ¿De qué me hablas? ¿Una nueva especialización?" [Translation and interpreting in public services? What are you talking about? A new specialization?]
"¿Traducción en la publicidad?: Notas traductológicas sobre el tratamiento fraseológico en el discurso publicitario" [Translating advertising? Translation notes on the treatment of phraseology in advertising]
"¿Traducción o adaptación? Cómo llevar el teatro de Alonso de Santos al escenario norteamericano" [Translation or adaptation? How to take Alonso de Santos' plays onto the USA stage]
"¿Traducción o ingeniería lingüística?" [Translation or linguistic engineering?]
"¿Traducción o reescritura? El 'Hamlet' de José María Pemán (1949)" [Translation or rewriting? José María Pemán's 'Hamlet' (1949)]
"¿Traducción y/o enfoque comunicativo?" [Translation and/or the communicative approach?]
"¿Traducción, adaptación o versión? Maremágnum terminológico en el ámbito de la traducción dramática" [Translation, adaptation or version?: a terminological chaos in the domain of drama translation]
"¿Traducción, traición o creación? Herberay des Essarts y el 'Thresor des Livres d'Amadis'" [Translation, treason or creation? Herberay des Essarts and the 'Thresor des Livres d'Amadis']
"¿Traducciones para lectores o lectores para traducciones?" [Translations for readers, or readers for translations?]
"¿Traduccións o galego?"
"¿Traduces o localizas? La localización, futuro y presente de la traducción" [Do you translate or localize? Localization, the future and the present of translation]
"¿Traducir automáticamente la poesía?" [An automatic translation of poetry?]
"¿Traducir el canon? Cara y cruz de la traducción de los grands auteurs franceses del siglo XIX en España" [Translating the Canon? The two sides of the translation of 19th-century French grands auteurs in Spain]
"¿Traducir en lengua materna?" [Translating in one's mother tongue?]
"¿Traducir lo intraducible? Perspectivas teóricas y realidades prácticas" [Translating the untranslatable? Theoretical perspectives and practical realities]
"¿Traducir o recrear ? El dilema de los adaptadores teatrales hispánicos en el caso de Julio Verne" [Translating or re-creating? The dilemma of Spanish drama adaptators in the case of Jules Verne]
"¿Traducir y comparar o comparar sin traducir?" [Translating and comparing or comparing without translating?]
"¿Traductores especializados o especialistas en traducción?" [Specialized translators or translation specialists?]
"¿Traduttore, traditore? El déficit de la traducción" [¿Traduttore, traditore? The deficit of translation]
"¿Traduzione Tradizione? El polisistema literario español durante la dictadura franquista: la censura" [Traduzione Tradizione? The Spanish Literary Polysystem Under Franco's Dictatorship: The Censorship Mechanism]
"¿Tragedia o comedia? Le déserteur entre Francia, España e Italia" [A tragedy or a comedy? 'Le déserteur' between France, Spain, and Italy]
"¿Un amor imposible? Acerca de la traducción de literatura alemana en España durante el siglo XX" [An Unrequited Love? Translating German-language Literature in Spain during the 20th Century]
"¿Un castellano 'argentino' para el cine?” [An Argentine Spanish for the cinema?]
"¿Una fraterna para Américo Ferrari? ¿En español, en francés o en italiano?" [A hommage to Americo Ferrarri? In Spanish, in French or in Italian?]
"¿Videojuegos para todos? Panorama actual de la accesibilidad en videojuegos" [Video games for all? Current situation of video games accessibility]
"¿Y ahora qué? Salidas profesionales del traductor médico" [Now what? Professional opportunities for medical translators]
"¿Y la traducción qué dice? Traducción y recepción en las nuevas versiones argentinas de Walter Benjamin" [So, what does the translation say? Translation and reception in the new Argentinean versions of Walter Benjamin]
"¿Ya no hay quien lo cambie?" [Nobody can change it now?]
"‘A Sea of Troubles’: Ethical Dilemmas from War Zones to the Classroom"
"‘A beautiful and living picture’: translation, biography, reception, and feminism in Maria Roscoe’s Vittoria Colonna: her life and poems (1868)"
"‘Bergsonian Poetics’ and the Beast: Jane Harrison's Translations from the Russian"
"‘Confusion is not an ignoble condition’: Other Languages in Brian Friel’s Translations"
"‘Construction’ et ‘déconstruction’ de l’équivoque dans l’audiovisuel" ['Construction' and 'deconstruction' of the double meaning in the audio-video domain]
"‘Co-revision’: Legal-Linguistic Revision in the European Union ‘Co-decision’ Process"
"‘Do you comprehend what I signify?’ / 'Pénètres-tu ce que je signifie ?'. Décalage et opacité dans 'Everything Is Illuminated' de J. S. Foer
"‘El Homero español’: Translation and Shipwreck"
"‘Englische Übersetzer aus dem Französischen" [An English translator from French]
"‘Esta cosita que hablamos nosotros’ o las razones por que un poeta traduce" ['This little thing we speak', or the reasons for a poet to translate]
"‘Going video, Mediality and multimodality in interpreting"
"‘He shall signify from time to time’. Romeo and Juliet in modern English"
"‘His pirates had foray'd on Scottish hill': Scott in Denmark with an Overview of his Reception in Norway and Sweden"
"‘Hybrid Machine Translation Guided by a Rule-based System"
"‘I can’t get no satisfaction!’ Should we blame translation technologies or shifting business practices?"
"‘If they have not the french’: translation choices in The Happy Deliverie of Women (1612)"
"‘J’étais une machine disjonctée; ça sautait dans tous les sens’: Translating representations of anxiety and depression in Véronique Olmi’s Bord de Mer"
"‘Kongtongpenyek Sengse Piphan (2)" [Criticism of the Common Version (2)]
"‘Kongtongpenyek Sengse Piphan (I)" [Criticism of the Common Version (1)]
"‘La dolce vita’ meets ‘the nature of evil’: the paratextual positioning of Italian crime fiction in English translation"
"‘La traduction des titres de films" [The Translation of Film Titles]
"‘Leo Africanus’ and His Worlds of Translation"
"‘Les procédés traductologiques des titres de films: Essai d’analyse sémiotico-linguistique français-espagnol" [Translational techniques and film titles: a French-Spanish semiotic-linguistic analysis ]
"‘Lisping Tongues’ and ‘Sanscrit Songs’: William Jones' Hymns to Hindu Deities"
"‘Memory is so different now’: the translation and circulation of Inuit-Canadian literature in English and French"
"‘Microphone off – application of the process model of interpreting to the classroom"
"‘Minor’ Languages, ‘Broken’ Translations: On Brazilian Reworkings of an Albanian Novel"
"‘O that mine Adversary had written a Book!’ Translations of Catholic Literature and the Eroticization of Pain in Seventeenth-Century England"
"‘On dirait même pas du français’: Subtitling amusing instances of linguistic and cultural otherness in Dany Boon’s Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis and Rien à déclarer"
"'‘Please translate close to the source text, i.e. deliver a good translation.' Trust and Technology Problems related to Literal or Free Translation"
"‘Plusieurs choses qu'il n'avoit veuës’: Antoine Du Pinet's Translation of Pliny the Elder (1562)"
"‘Seu Dotô’ / Herr Doktor': aspectos históricos e linguísticos do tratamento de Doutor e as consequências para a tradução" [‘Seu Dotô’ / Herr Doktor': historical and linguistic issues in the treatment of doctors and their consequences for translation]
"'‘Teach you our princess English?’' Equivocal translation of the French in Henry V"
"‘The deadliest error’. Translation, international relations and the news media"
"‘The Subtle Tree’: Idolatry and Material Memory in Surrey's Aeneid"
"‘To connect or not to connect’: Game-theory approaches and translators’ decisions in specialist translation. A corpus-based study"
"‘To find oneself a partner’ vs. ‘to find a partner’. A contrastive analysis of the patterns V REFL NPindef and V NPindef in English and Norwegian"
"‘To Hedge or Not to Hedge: The Use of Epistemic Modal Expressions in Popular Science English Texts, English-German Translations and German Original Texts"
"‘Translation, Resistance, Activism: An Overview"
"‘Translators are Subversive Scribes: Guillermo Cabrera Infante in Close Elaboration with Suzanne Jill Levine"
"‘Uma Canção de Liberdade’ de William Blake: discurso profético e tradução poética" [William Blake's A Song of Liberty: prophetic discourse and poetic translation]
"‘Under surveillance’. An introduction to popular fiction in translation"
"‘Voice' in subtitling: Findings on individuality in subtitling from English to Swedish"
"‘What Should I Say?’ Tentative Criteria to Prioritize Information in the Audio Description of Film Characters"
"‘Whoopseysplunkers! How absolutely spiffling!’: Recapturing Gobblefunk in the French Subtitles of Roald Dahl’s The BFG"
"‘You Fancying Your Gora Coach Is Okay with Me’: Translating Multilingual Films for an Italian Audience"
"‘You say nothing; I will interpret’: Interpreting in the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp"
"’De la mauvaise éducation des filles. L'adaptation de La Fable des abeilles par Emilie du Châtelet" [On girls' bad manners. Emilie du Chatêlet's adaptation of the Fable des abeilles]
"’Lost (and Found) in Transculturation. The Italian Networked Collectivism of US TV Series and Fansubbing Performances"
"’Obraz slowem malowany’ (audiodeskrypcja): w swietle prawa autorskiego" [A painting painted with the word "painted" (audio description): in the light of copyright]
"'’utilisation d'un corpus dans la fabrication des dictionnaires bilingues" [Using a corpus in the making of bilingual dictionaries]
"“Barrierefrei, reguliert, gelenkt. Prinzipien optimierenden Eingreifens in Sprach und Kommunikation" [Barrier-free, regulated, controlled. Principles optimizing intervention in language and communication]
"“Do not harm the trees!” Ecology, Empire, and Translation in the Book of Revelation"
"“Feeling” audio description. Exploring the impact of AD on emotional response"
"“God’s Righteousness Is Revealed in Every Believer from Faith to Faithfulness” (Rom 1.17): A Possible Reading"
"“Going simul?” Technology-assisted Consecutive Interpreting"
"“If anyone is prepared to read a translation...”"
"“It's not what they say but the way they say it”. A content analysis of interpreter and consumer perceptions towards signed language interpreting in Australia"
"“My tongue, my own thing”: Reading Sanaaq"
"“No sham, but a reality' Thomas Carlyle's 'Count Cagliostro' and the translation of facts into truth"
"“Participant Identification in English, Tagalog and Kate"
"“Profile of a Linguist. Dr. Eugene Nida. Patriarch of Translation Studies (An Interview)"
"“Roderick the Last of the Goths (1814) de Robert Southey: estructura, análisis y traducción" [Robert Southey’s Roderick the Last of the Goths (1814): structure, analysis and translation]
"“Theologizing” in Bible Translation with Special Reference to Study Notes in Chichewa"
"“What did she say?” Translation in a primary-grade English immersion class"
"“Zum Nutzen von ausgangsprachlichen Korpora beim Verstehen und Übersetzen von Rechtstexten” [Using source language corpora in understanding and translating legal texts]
"… and he flew out of the window on a wooden spoon"
"… comme des négres: whitewashed in translation"
"… et ainsi j’ai décidé de me traduire. Les moments déclencheurs dans la vie littéraire des autotraducteurs" [... and thus, I decided to self-translate myself. Decisive moments in the literary life of self-translators]
"… il vario metro dei versi francesi…" [… il vario metro dei versi francesi…]
"… wo der Dollmetsch allzeit interpretirt" [... where the interpreter is interpreting all the time]
"…A czy tlumaczyc Kraków? Nazwy wlasne w dydaktyce przekladu" [And how do you translate Krakow? Proper Nouns in Translation Teaching]
"0 papel coesivo da elipse oracional na peça teatral The glass menagerie de Tennessee Williams: uma análise contrastiva" [The cohesive role of sentence ellipsis in Tennessee Williams' play The glass menagerie: a contrastive analysis]
"0 percurso transatlântico de O Último dos Moicanos. Uma adaptação em português do Brasil a circular em Portugal" [The transatlantic journey of The Last of the Mohicans. A Brazil-Portuguese adaptation distributed in Portugal]
"1 + 1 = 3? Interkulturelle Beziehungen als 'dritter Raum'" [1+1=3? Intercultural Relations as a 'Third Space']
"1 Corinthians 11.10 Revisited"
"1 Corinthians 13:4-7: an approach to meaning as a field"
"1 Corinthians 13:8-12: Negative meanings of ek merous and to teleion"
"1 Corinthians, an expanded paraphrase"
"1 John 3:2 - 'If It/He Is Manifested'"
"1 Timothy 2:12 - 'Domineer' or 'Have authority'"
"1 Timothy project"
"1,460 US Books Translated in 1950"
"1+1= 3: Traduire la figure de la répétition dans la première séquence de Ancestors, roman de Chenjerai Hove" [1+1= 3: Translating the figure of repetition in the first section of Ancestors, a novel by Chenjerai Hove]
"10 ans de MÉTÉO (MD)" [10 years of MÉTÉO (MD)]
"10 fallacies about Subtitling for the d/Deaf and the hard of hearing"
"10 lat dzialalnosci Komisji Odpowiedzialnosci Zawodowej Tlumaczy Przysieglych przy Ministrze Sprawiedliwosci. Próba podsumowania" [10 Years of Operation of the Commission for Professional Accountability of Sworn Translators at the Minister of Justice. An
"10 Thesen zur Bachelor- und Master-Ausbildung im Bereich Translation" [Pending]
"10 Top Tips for a Top-notch Translation Resumé"
"100 paremias alemanas e as súas correspondencias galegas" [100 German paroemias and their Galician equivalents]
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"1492-1992 Voyage sur la mer océane: traduire et dévoiler" [1492-1992 Voyage on the Ocean Sea: translating and unveiling]
"15 Jahre Forschungsseminar - Reminiszenzen" [15 years of a research seminar - reminiscences]
"175 jaar intra-Belgische relaties: nog steeds een blinde vlek?” [175 years of intra-Belgian relations: still a blind spot?]
"1885, 1998: Translating Big Bear in Film"
"1894-1994: Reminiszenzen" [1894-1994: Reminiscences]
"1923: “Foreign” Immigrants Write Back: The Publication of Laura Goodman Salverson’s The Viking Heart"
"1936: l'hora de les traduccions" [1936: time for translations]
"1950–1956: An Interventionist Approach to Versioning at the National Film Board of Canada"
"1950-1985: La escuela soviética de traducción (I)" [1950-1985: The Soviet School of Translation (I)]
"1950-1985: La escuela soviética de traducción (II)" [1950-1985: The Soviet School of Translation (II)]
"1954 - María Zambrano and the Survival of Antigone"
"1956 - Fearful Asymmetries: Langston Hughes, Nicolás Guillén, and Cuba Libre"
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"1970: The October Crisis and the FLQ Manifesto"
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"1974: Small West Coast Press Talonbooks Makes a Bold Move and Publishes Four Quebec Plays in Translation"
"1974: The Weimar Republic Comes to Gay Toronto"
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"1978: Language Escapes: Italian-Canadian Authors Write in an Official Language and Not in Italiese "
"'1984' de George Orwell (1903-1950): Le rôle du traducteur dans un régime totalitaire" ['1984' by George Orwell (1903-1950): The role of the translator in a totalitarian regime]
"1984: año Shakespeare" [1984: Shakespeare's year]
"1984: Disquieting Equivalents: David Homel Retranslates Le cassé by Quiet Revolution Novelist Jacques Renaud"
"1984–2009: Robert Lepage Meets the Rest of Canada"
"1986: Interpreting Effects: From Legislative Framework to End Users"
"1989: The Heyday of Feminist Translational Poetics in Canada: Tessera’s Spring Issue on La traduction au féminin comme réécriture"
"1992: Les belles-sœurs and Di shvegerins: Translating Québécois into Yiddish for the Montreal Stage"
"1992: Through Translation, Mordecai Richler’s Oh Canada! Oh Quebec! Generates Controversy in English and French"
"1992: Translating Montreal’s Yiddish Poet Jacob Isaac Segal into French"
"1997: The Supreme Court of Canada Rules that the Laws of Evidence Must Be Adapted to Accommodate Aboriginal Oral Histories"
"1998: The Artefactual Voice Within: Terry Glavin’s “Rain Language” Is Published"
"1999: Cross-Purposes: Translating and Publishing Traditional First Nations Narratives in Canada at the Turn of the Millennium"
"2 Corinthians (the editorial 'we')"
"2 Corinthians 5.20B in the English Bible in the Light of Paul's Doctrine of Reconciliation"
"20 anys de literatura italiana de dona en traducció" [20 years of translating Italian women's literature]
"20 October 2008: Translating Reconciliation"
"2001-2006 nián guónèi fanyì yánjiu de jìliàng fenxi. Jiyú 3 zhong fanyì yánjiu héxin qíkan de cípín tongjì" [A Quantitative Analysis of Translation Studies in China from 2001 to 2006. Based on the Word Frequency Statistics of 3 Core Translation Research
"2004 Tax Year: Mary Q. Translator"
"2007: Translating Culture during the Bouchard-Taylor Commission"
"20th Century Approaches to Translation – A Historiographical Survey"
"20th Century Czech & Slovak Theories and Western Turns"
"22 February 2001: Les Allusifs Enter the Publishing Scene"
"24 heures! Le sous-titrage amateur des nouvelles séries televisées" [24 hours! Amateur subtitling of new tv series]
"24 horas en la vida de un traductor" [24 hours in the life of a translator]
"25 Jahre Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e.V. (BDÜ)" [25 years of the Association of Interpreters and Translators in the German Federal Republic]
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"31 March 1973: Michel Tremblay’s Les belles-sœurs in Toronto: Theatre Translation and Bilingualism"
"35 Variations on a Theme from Translatology"
"35% out of 30%: Non-Equivalence in Russian and English Educational Concepts and Terminology"
"3D Movie Subtitling: Searching for the best viewing experience"
"3GTM: A third-generation translation memory"
"3-Party 2-Language Model of Interpreting Revisited"
"4 luni, 3 sa(pta(mâni, 2 zile. The Challenges of Subtitling"
"4 X 3 X 2 = Quadrangular pares triangulares:versões simultâneas de um poema concreto vital" [4 X 3 X 2 = Quadrangulating triangular pairs: simultaneous versions of a vital concrete poem]
"5x favela, agora por nós mesmos: Um estudo sobre legendagem e audiodescrição" [5X favela, agora por nós mesmos”: a study about subtitling and audio description]
"'70.6 Billion World Citizens': Investigating the difficulty of interpreting numbers"
"8 positions on the translation of poetry"
"A rather limited affair: the uses of theory for dramaturges and translators of plays"
"A shaggy horse story Peter Esterhazy-Ferenc Banga"
"A Step forward to Using Translation to Teach a Foreign/Second Language"
"A (auto)tradução de marcas culturais entre línguas próximas" [The (self-)translation of cultural markers between close languages]
"A (im)possibilidade da 'invisibilidade' do tradutor e da sua 'fidelidade': por um diálogo entre a teoria e a prática de tradução" [The (im)possibility of the translators' 'invisibility' and of their 'faithfulness': towards a dialogue between the theory a
"A (in)visibilidade do intérprete: a representação de Abed em Notas sobre Gaza" [The translator’s (in)visibility: the representation of Abed in Footnotes in Gaza]
"A (In)visibilidade dos Kotirias: a sobrevida pela tradução" [The (in)visibility of Kotirias: survival by translation]
"A (não) relação entre tradutores e copidesques no processo de edição de obra estrangeira" [The (non) relationship between translators and copyists in the process of editing foreign works]
"A 10-year Retrospective on a Distance Revision Course: Most Frequent Translation Problems (Part I)"
"A 10-year Retrospective on a Distance Revision Course: Most Frequent Translation Problems (Part II)"
"A 45-hour computers in translation course"
"A abordagem comportamental das competências. Aplicabilidade aos estudos da tradução" [A behaviour approach to competences. Its applicability to translation studies]
"A Abordagem Processual nos Estudos da Tradução: uma meta-análise qualitativa" [The process approach in Translation Studies: a qualitative meta-analysis]
"A acção do Instituto Português da Qualidade" [The policy of the Portuguese Institute for Quality]
"A actividade do tradutor" [The activity of the translator]
"A adaptação dos clássicos" [Adapting Classics]
"A adaptação e a explicação como procedimentos técnicos em tradução de correspondência (Alemão Português)" [Adaptation and explanation as technical procedures in the translation of correspondence (German-Portuguese)]
"A adaptação na sala de aula: relato da adaptação do conto “Kew Gardens”, de Virginia Woolf, para o curta-metragem Intervalo e suas implicações na prática de tradução" [Adaptation in the classroom: reporting the adaptation of the short story “Kew Gardens
"A Água viva de Clarice: criações na tradução" [Clarice’s Água viva: creations in translation]
"A análise aspectual do present perfect e do pretérito perfeito à luz da teoria de tradução de J. C. Catford" [The aspect analisys of the present perfec and of the pretérito perfeito in the light of J. C. Catford's theory of translation]
"A analítica bermaniana aplicada a uma tradução de Macbet" [Berman's method of analysis applied to a translation of Macbeth]
"A ânfora, o manto e o infinito" [Pending]
"A angústia dos estudos de tradução diante dos saberes instituídos - apontamentos sobre um estado de coisas" [The distress of Translation Studies as compared with established sciences - some notes on the state of the art]
"A 'Apocoloquintose do Divino Cláudio', de Sêneca" [The Apocolocyntosis of the holy Claudius, by Seneca]
"A aproximação a Pierre Menard. Tradução no primeiro Borges (1925-36)" [Getting to Pierre Menard. Translation in the first Borges (1925-1936)]
"A aquisição da competência tradutória ou diplomados x descolados: o que Donald Trump pode nos ensinar sobre tradução" [Acquiring translation competence or grads vs. street smarts: what Donald Trum can teach us about translation]
"A 'Arte de Amar' durante o Estado Novo" ['Ars amatoria' during the Estado Novo]
"A arte de traduzir latim" [The art of translating from Latin]
"A Asociación Galega de Profesionais da Tradución e da Interpretación" [The Galician Association of Translation and Interpreting Professionals]
"A atividade tradutória de obras da literatura infantil aplicada ao ensino de língua estrangeira" [Translational Activity Using Works of Children’s Literature Applied to Foreign Language Teaching]
"À auteurs 'sérieux', traduction 'sérieuse'? Réflexion sur la traduction de la littérature d'enfance et de jeunesse" ["Serious" authors deserve a "serious" translation? Considerations about the translation of children's literature]
"A autoría das traducións en Galicia" [The authorship of translations in Galicia]
"A autotradução como método de reflexão em Flusser" [Self-translation as a reflective method by Flusser]
"A Babel Fish in Hungry Tides"
"A bachelor programme in interpreting: An example from the Netherlands"
"A Barbarian Activity: The Process of Translation of Euripides's 'The Iphigenia in Aulis'"
"A Basic Course in Translation"
"A Basic Maxim for Practical Translation"
"A Basic Principle: One Symbol for Each Distinctive Sound"
"A Bayesian non-linear method for feature selection in machine translation quality estimation"
"A Bear called Paddington o L'orso del Perù. Tradurre il problema dell'immigrazione dell'assimilazione in Gran Bretagna" [A Bear called Paddington or L'orso del Perù. Transating the immigration problem of assimilation in Great Britain]
"A Bear Called Paddington. Uno studio diacronico delle traduzioni del romanzo di Michael Bond" [A Bear Called Paddington. A diacrhonic study of Michael Bond's novel]
"A beautiful woman sitting in the dark’. Three narratives of interpreter training at the University of Nairobi"
"A Beautiful, Quiet World? The Tale of Genji and its English Translations"
"A Beginner's Course in Legal Translation: the Case of Culture-bound Terms"
"A Beginner's Trials and Tribulations (Part 1)"
"A Beginner's Trials and Tribulations (Part 2)"
"A Bended Proximation: Comments on Tiffou"
"A best-first alignment algorithm for automatic extraction of transfer mappings from bilingual corpora"
"A best-first alignment algorithm for automatic extraction of transfer mappings from bilingual corpora"
"A Best-First Alignment Algorithm for Extraction Transfer Mappings from Bilingual Corpora"
"A Betty adormecida" [Sleeping Betty]
"A Bible for Schools"
"A Bíblia como indicador da importancia do provérbio no âmbito de culturas diferentes" [The Bible as an indicator of the importance of proverbs in the different cultures]
"A Bíblia no mundo e no Brasil e a incidência de marcas ideológico-doutrinárias nas primeiras traduções brasileiras completas" [The Bible in the world and in Brazil and the incidence of ideological-doctrinary marks in hte first complete Brazilian translat
"A Bibliographic Survey of Publications on Chinese Literature in Translation from 1949 to 1999"
"A bibliography for Bible translators"
"A Bibliography of Ovidian Translations and Imitations in English"
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"A bibliometrical analysis of interpreting studies in China. Based on a database of articles published in the CSSCI/CORE journals in recent years"
"A Bibliometrical Analysis of Journal Articles on Military Translation Studies in China: 1982-2017"
"A Biblioteca Galega dos Clásicos Universais" [The Galician Library of Universal Classics]
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"A bird's eye view of lexical creativity in original vs. translated Slovene fiction"
"A Black English Translation of John 3:1–21 with Grammatical Annotations"
"A blended learning environment based on the principles of deliberate practice for the acquisition of interpreting skills"
"A Blended Tutoring Program for Interpreter Training"
"A Blueprint for Translation Studies"
"A Boa Nova Para as Crianças: Good News for Children"
"A Book by its Cover: The Translation of Titles"
"A Bourdieusian Theory of Translation, or the Coincidence of Practical Instances: Field, 'Habitus', Capital and 'Illusio'"
"A brass-tacks procedure for revision"
"A Brazilian Poet's Approach to the Translation of German Poetry"
"A Brazilian way of translating?"
"A breakthrough in translation checking and a step toward objective quality standards"
"A Bridge Between Two Solitudes"
"A Bridge of Sorts: The Translation of Quebec Literature into English"
"A Brief Analysis of Forms of Address in the Translation of Animal Farm"
"A Brief Background to the Temcu Project"
"A Brief Classification of the Limits of Translatability"
"A Brief Comment on the Translation of Proper Names into Chinese"
"A Brief Description of Translation in China"
"A Brief Discourse concerning Translation"
"A Brief History of Aranjman Translations: the Earliest Examples of Turkish Pop Music"
"A Brief History of Broadcast Interpreting and the Changes in the Style of Translation/Interpreting: A Case of CNN in Japan"
"A Brief History of Czech Literary Translating"
"A Brief History of Game Localisation"
"A brief history of gaze"
"A Brief History of Interpretations of 'The Kingdom of God' and Some Consequences for Translation"
"A Brief History of Interpreting and Interpreter Training in Japan since 1960s"
"A brief history of postediting and of research on postediting"
"A brief history of translations of modern and contemporary Chinese literature in Spain (1949-2009)"
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"A Brief Introduction On the Use of the Internet for Japanese Medical Translation"
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"A brief introduction to regression designs and mixed-effects modelling by a recent convert"
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"A bucket or a searchlight approach to defining translation? Fringe phenomena and their implications for the object of study"
"A buen entendedor, pocas palabras bastan: histórico cultural e interfaces linguísticas de expressões idiomáticas e provérbios do espanhol para o português" [A Word to the Wise is Sufficient: Cultural Background and Linguistic Interfaces of Idioms and Pro
"A Building Blocks Approach to Translation Memory"
"A Bulgarian facet of international Shakespeare"
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"A Call for Descriptive Translation Studies on the Turkish Tradition of Rewrites"
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"A CARLA success story"
"A case for an integrated approach to the mediation of national literature. Translated Hebrew literature in the United States in the 1970s and 2000s"
"A Case for Holistic Translation Assessment"
"A Case for Linguistics in Translation Theory"
"A Case For Smilla"
"A Case for Training Signed Language Interpreters for Legal Specialization"
"A Case for Translation"
"A Case for Translation"
"A case of 'cultural castration'? Paul de Man's translation of De Soldaat Johan by Filip de Pillecyn"
"A Case of Mistaken Identity? Translating the Name of Jesus in Muslim Areas"
"A case of pseudotranslation in the Portuguese literary system"
"A Case Study for Study Bibles. The Book of Haggai"
"A case study in community-driven translation of a fast-changing website"
"A case study in lexical research for translation"
"A Case Study of a Translational Community: Arthur Schnitzler's Anatol and Der Grüne Kakadu in English Translation and Production"
"A Case Study of an Untrained Interpreter's Court Interpreting"
"A case study of improving and evaluating consumer survey translation"
"A Case Study of the Use of Storytelling as a Pedagogical Tool for Teaching Interpreting Students"
"A case study of translation norm dynamics. A Chinese perspective"
"A case study on the evaluation of AB interpretation according to different teacher profiles"
"A case study on the humourous load differences and cognitive effects of satirically / ironically humourous elements in subtitling from English into Turkish"
"A case study on the role of interlingual subtitles on the acquisition of L2 syntax"
"A Case Study Research for User-Centred Information Literacy Instruction: Information Behaviour of Translation Trainees"
"A Case Study: Spain as a Dubbing Country"
"A Catalan Taste of Honey: a Process-Oriented Analysis of 'Gust de Mel' (a Translation and Production of Shelagh Delaney's Play 'A Taste of Honey' (1958)"
"A Catholic Horace at the English Court. Paratextual Manipulations in Thomas Hawkins's Odes of Horace (1625-1638)"
"A Catholic Translation in Contemporary Spanish"
"A Causal Model for Translation Studies"
"A censura e as traduções portuguesas no Século XVIII. A busca pela norma" [Censorship in 18th-century Portuguese translations. In search of the norm]
"A Century [1895–1995] of Shih chi Studies in the West"
"A Certain Slant of Light: Richard Wilbur as Translator of French"
"A chain of invisible links? Screen translation and dubbing of the DVD edition of the TV show 'Glee' (Fox, 2009)"
"A challenge set approach to evaluating machine translation"
"A Chat with Neil Besner"
"A chavicidade na análise de estilo em tradução: um estudo baseado em corpora paralelos espanhol / português" [Keyness in the analysis of style in translation: a corpus-based study of Spanish-Portuguese parallel corpora]
"A cheap MT- evaluation method based on Internet searches"
"A Checklist of Postwar Dutch and Flemish Poetry in English Translation 1977-1997"
"A Checklist of Restoration English Translations and Adaptations of Classical Greek and Latin Poetry, 1660-1700"
"A Children's Bible or the Bible for Children?"
"A Chinese woman in translation: A feminist rereading of Hong Ying’s Ji’er de Nü’er in English translation"
"A Chinese-English Machine Translation system based on micro-engine architecture"
"A Chronological Bibliography of Turkish Literature in English Translation: 1949 – 2004"
"A Chronological census of Renaissance editions and translations of Galen"
"A classical note on the ranking of propositions and the Greek sentence"
"A Classification of Errors in Translation and Revision"
"A Classification of Revisional Modifications"
"A Classroom Exercise in Poetic Translation"
"A Classroom Exercise in Poetic Translations"
"A Classroom-Bound Approach to the Meaning of Translation Quality Assessment"
"A Clearer Picture. Towards a New Framework for the Study of Cultural Transduction in Audiovisual Market Trades"
"A clivagem no português: Critérios de classificação e métodos de tradução" [Clefting in Portuguese: Classification criteria and translation methods]
"A clockwork brick in the Wall: Shakespeare and Communist Aesthetics"
"A Clockwork Orange di Anthony Burgess: problemi di traduzione" [A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess: problems of translation]
"'A Clockwork Orange': Reflexiones sobre una traducción prospectiva" ['A Clockwork Orange': Some considerations on a prospective translation]
"A closer look at Paths of vision, Manner of vision and their translation from English into Spanish"
"A closer look into concept of strategy and its implications for translation training"
"A Closer Look into the Life of Ordinary Translators through Unordinary Sources: The Use of Obituaries as a Microhistory Tool to Study Translators and Translation in Ohio"
"A coesão lexical no conto Le horla e em sua tradução" [Lexical cohesion in the tale Le horla and in its translation]
"A cognitive approach to audio description"
"A Cognitive Approach to Literary Humour Devices Translating Raymond Chandler"
"A Cognitive Approach to LSP Communication of the Natural and Technical Sciences"
"A Cognitive Approach to Metaphor and Metonymy Translation: Resisting the Power of the Source Language"
"A Cognitive Approach to Source Text Difficulty in Translation"
"A cognitive approach to the translation of metonymy-based humor"
"A Cognitive Approach to Three Trainee Translators' Overnight Revision Processes"
"A Cognitive Approach to Translating Metaphors"
"A cognitive approach to translation equivalence"
"A cognitive approach to translation: The psycholinguistic perspective"
"A Cognitive Approach to Up/Down Metaphors in English and Shang/Xia Metaphors in Chinese"
"A Cognitive Comparison between English and Chinese Metaphors of Anger and Cultural Interpretations"
"A Cognitive Framework for Looking at Creative Mental Processes"
"A cognitive investigation into translation thinking and translation instruction"
"A Cognitive Linguistic Approach to Translation Shifts"
"A Cognitive Linguistic Perspective on Explicitation and Implicitation in Scientific and Technical Translation"
"A Cognitive Model of Chinese Word Segmentation for Machine Translation"
"A cognitive perspective in translation analysis"
"A cognitive perspective on equivalent effect. Using eye tracking to measure equivalence in source text and target text cognitive effects on readers"
"A cognitive scientific view on technical communication and translation. Do embodiment and situatedness really make a difference?"
"A cognitive view on the role of culture in translation"
"A Cognitive-Pragmatic Perspective on Proverbs and Its Implications for Translation"
"A Coleção Amarela da Livraria do Globo (1931-1956)" [The series Amarela of Livraria do Globo (1931-1956)]
"A Collaborative Approach to the Teaching of Terminology Management"
"A collaborative multimodal working environment for the development of instrumental and professional competences of student translators: an innovative teaching experience"
"A Collaborative Pedagogy for Translation"
"A Comics Reader’s Guide to Manga Scanlations"
"A Comment on Translation Ethics and Education"
"A Comment on Translation, Critique, and Subversion"
"A Commission of the European Communities User Looks at Machine Translation"
"A common conceptual code in bilinguals: Evidence from simultaneous interpretation"
"A Common EU Legal Language?"
"A Communication Model for the Interpreting Process"
"A Communication-Oriented Analysis of Quality in Non Literary Translation and Interpretation"
"A communicative approach for empowering students as translators"
"A Communicative Approach to Translation"
"A comparability toolkit: Some practical issues for terminology extraction"
"A comparable learner translator corpus: Creation and use"
"A comparanza do fillo pródigo: primeira traducción galega dun texto bíblico en 1857" [The comparison of the prodigal son: first Galician translation of a biblical text in 1857]
"A comparative account of the interpretation of temporal relations in narrative in Vietnamese and English"
"A Comparative Analysis of Interactive Metadiscourse Features in Discussion section of Research Articles Written in English and Persian"
"A comparative analysis of intonation between Spanish and English speakers in tag questions, wh-questions, inverted questions, and repetition questions"
"A comparative analysis of Japanese and German complement constructions with matrix verbs of thinking and believing: to omou and ich glaub(e)"
"A Comparative Analysis of Korean-English Phonological Structures and Processes for Pronunciation Pedagogy in Interpretation Training"
"A Comparative Analysis of Lexical Bundles in Academic History Writing in English and Spanish"
"A comparative analysis of simultaneous interpretation and translation of an English speech"
"A Comparative Analysis of the background move in the conclusion sections of Medical Research Articles. Contrasting English/Spanish phraseological devices"
"A Comparative Diagnostic Study of the Criterion of Comprehensibility in two English-to-Persian Machine Translations"
"A comparative evaluation of bilingual concordancers and translation memory systems"
"A Comparative Linguistics Analysis of BSL and Auslan Interpreting"
"A comparative philosopher’s study and translation of Sun Zi Bing Fa. An interview with professor Roger T. Ames"
"A Comparative Quality Evaluation of PBSMT and NMT using Professional Translators"
"A Comparative Study among Approaches Adopted in Training Translators in the UK"
"A Comparative Study of Cross-Border Relations in Hungary (Austrian-Hungarian, Slovakian-Hungarian and Ukrainian-Hungarian Research Areas)"
"A comparative study of English translations of Lu Xun's works"
"A Comparative Study of Human Translation and Machine Translation with Post-editing"
"A Comparative Study of Metaphor in English and Slovene Popular Economic Discourse"
"A Comparative Study of Metaphor in Spanish and English Financial Reporting"
"A comparative study of politeness phenomena in Nigerian English, Yoruba and Ogori"
"A Comparative study of post-editing guidelines"
"A Comparative Study of Terminological Variation in Specialised Translation"
"A Comparative Study of the French and Italian Translations of Anne Michael’s Fugitive Pieces"
"A Comparative Study of the Novel 'A Tale of Two Cities' and Its Persian Translation in Terms of Textual Cohesion: The Cases of Punctuation Marks, Sentencing and Paragraphing"
"A comparative study of the semantics of serial verb constructions in Dagaare and Cantonese"
"A Comparative study of Translation of Animal-Related Words in English, Portuguese and Persian"
"A comparative study of translation or interpreting as a profession in Russia, China and Spain"
"A Comparative Study of Translations of Medical Research Reports by Means of a Corpus Design: Some Preliminary Results for the Methods Section"
"A Comparative Study of Turkish and Spanish Translations of The Crucible"
"A Comparative Study on Translation Units for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction"
"A comparative user evaluation of tablets and tools for consecutive interpreters"
"A comparison between the professional backgrounds of translation scholars in South Korea and Europe"
"A Comparison of Alternative Narrative Approaches to Video Description for Animated Comedy"
"A comparison of certain discourse features in biblical Hebrew and Nyaboa and their implications for the translation process"
"A Comparison of Conventional Metaphors on the Euro Crisis. A Systematic Approach for Specialised L2 Translation Training"
"A Comparison of Curricula of Graduate Schools of Interpretation and Translation in Korea"
"A comparison of diminutive expressions in English and Slovene as exemplified by Roald Dahl’s Matilda"
"A comparison of discriminative training criteria for continuous space translation models"
"A comparison of MT postediting and traditional revision"
"A comparison of segmentation methods and extended lexicon models for Arabic statistical machine translation"
"A Comparison of Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation in the Courtroom"
"A Comparison of Simultaneous Interpretation and Delayed Simultaneous Interpretation from English into Korean"
"A comparison of syntactic reordering methods for English-German machine translation"
"A Comparison of Task Management and Lexical Search Mechanisms in Novice and Professional Translators / Interpreters"
"A Comparison of the English and Vietnamese Translation of Romeo and Juliet in Terms of Rhythm and Speech Patterns"
"A comparison of the influence of hospital-trained, ad hoc, and telephone interpreters on perceived satisfaction of limited English-proficient parents presenting to a pediatric emergency department"
"A Comparison of the King James and the Douay Version"
"A comparison of the original text and Megan Backus' translation of Kitchen, a novel by Banana Yoshimoto"
"A comparison of translation QA products"
"A Comparison of Translation Styles"
"A Competency Model for Video Relay Service Interpreters"
"A Competent Translator and Effective Knowledge Transfer"
"A competition model for the generation of complementation patterns in machine translation"
"A compilação lexicográfica como alternativa à descrição terminológica sistemática" [Lexicographic compilation as an alternative to systematic terminological description]
"A Complete Bibliography of Interpreting and Translation Just One Click Away"
"A Complete Collected Works of Pushkin in English: On the Eve of the Bicentenary"
"A complex and transdisciplinary approach to slow collaborative activist translation"
"A complex mode of screen translation: the case of advertisements on Spanish television"
"A complexity perspective on amateur translation networks"
"A Complex-Skill Approach to Translation and Interpreting"
"A comprehensive analysis of perceptions of teacher on challenges of teaching translation at Nigerian universities"
"A comprehensive bibliography on subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing from a multidisciplinary approach"
"A Comprehensive Bilingual Word Alignment System. Application to Disparate Languages: Hebrew and English"
"A Compromise of Rights, Rights of Language and Rights to a Language in Eugene Terreblanche's (ET) Trial Within a Trial: Evidence Lost in Translation"
"A computational linguistic approach for the identification of translator stylometry using Arabic-English text"
"A Computational Tool Box for Translators: Take What You Need!"
"A Computer Translation System for Authors"
"A Computer-assisted approach to the analysis of translation shifts"
"A computer-based organizational system for Bible translators should do three things"
"A computerized assistant for translators"
"A comunicação através da metáfora do conduto: transmissão versus interpretação da mensagem" [Communication through the conduit metaphor: conveying vs. interpreting the message]
"A comunicação dos portugueses com as populações africana, asiática(s) e brasileira, aquando da época dos descobrimentos / achamentos" [The communication of the Portuguese with the African, Asian and Brazilian populations in the age of discoveries]
"A concepçom da linguagem técnica e científica em Carvalho Calero" [The notion of technical and scientific language in Carvalho Calero]
"A Concept Over-Burdened. Institutional Roles for Psychiatric Interpreters in Post-Apartheid South Africa"
"A conceptual and contemporary approach to the evolution of impartiality in community interpreting"
"A conceptual and empirical approach to cultural translation"
"A conceptual basis for intercultural pragmatics and world-wide understanding"
"A Conceptual Inquiry: What May Retranslation Offer for Translation Studies Research?"
"A concern over the target text reader in the Chinese tradition"
"A concise history of translation in Iran from antiquity to the present time"
"A Conference Call on Translating Poetry"
"A confluence of diverse relationships: Interpreter education and educational interpreting"
"A conjoint analysis framework for evaluating user preferences in machine translation"
"A connected history of audiovisual translation. Elements for consideration"
"A conservative revolution in publishing"
"A Consideration of Difficulties in the Hebrew Text of Isaiah 53: 11"
"A Consideration of Some Objections to Idiomatic Translations"
"A constituição identitária do tradutor: a questão da (auto-) censura" [The identity constitution of the translator: the issue of (self-) censorship]
"A construção do imaginário e o polissistema cultural - Traduzir e divulgar as literaturas africanas" [The building of the imaginary and the cultural polysystem - Translating and disseminating African languages]
"A Constructive View of GPSG or How to Make It Work"
"A Consultant's Kaleidoscope on Bible Translation"
"A Context-based Approach to Proverb Translation: The Case of Arabic into English Translation"
"A Context-Rich Dictionary with a Relational Structure: A Tool for Economic Translation"
"A contextual case study-based methodology of teaching business translation: an overview"
"A Contextualist Approach to Biblical Interpretation"
"A contrastive analysis of (English) ‘there’ and (Spanish) hay existential sentences. Towards a constructional prototype"
"A contrastive analysis of English and Persian newspaper headlines"
"A Contrastive Analysis of English and Spanish Commands"
"A contrastive analysis of five automated QA tools (QA Distiller 6.5.8, Xbench 2.8, ErrorSpy 5.0, SDLTrados 2007 QA Checker 2.0 and SDLX 2007 SP2 QA Check)"
"A contrastive analysis of MT evaluation techniques"
"A Contrastive Analysis of Overlap in a Spanish Tertulia and a Danish Radio Discussion Programme"
"A contrastive analysis of reporting clauses in comparable and translated academic texts in English and Italian"
"A contrastive analysis of the main benchmarking tools for research assessment in translation and interpreting: the Spanish approach"
"A Contrastive Analysis of Word-formation of NOUNS in English and Chinese"
"A contrastive and sociolinguistic approach to the translation of vulgarity from Spanish into English and Polish in the film 'Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!' (Pedro Almodóvar, 1990)"
"A contrastive and translatological study of multi-word discourse markers in academic prose: general and type-specific issues"
"A Contrastive Approach to Developing Intercultural Competence"
"A contrastive comparison of structural and rhetorical patterns of Persian and English argumentative essays"
"A contrastive grammar for mother-tongue translators"
"A contrastive look at the present perfect/preterite opposition in English and Norwegian"
"A contrastive study between L1 and L2 compositions: Focusing on global text structure, composition quality, and variables in L2 writing"
"A Contrastive Study of Certainty and Doubt Adverbs in Native and Non-Native Argumentative Texts"
"A Contrastive Study of Dutch and French Causal Connectives on the Speaker Involvement Scale"
"A Contrastive Study of Grammar Translation Method and Communicative Approach in Teaching English Grammar"
"A contrastive study of linguistic representation of impoliteness in French and Turkish"
"A contrastive study of metaphor in English and Persian"
"A Contrastive Study of Middle and Unaccusative Constructions in Arabic and English"
"A contrastive study of nominalization in the systemic functional framework"
"A contrastive study of proverbalization"
"A Contrastive Study of Two Modal Verbs, 'Can' and 'Must' in Romance Languages (French & Portuguese) and Germanic Languages (Dutch & English)"
"A contrastive study of verbs of remembering and forgetting in English and Spanish"
"A contrastive view of British and Spanish business press headlines"
"A Contrastive View of Complements in English and Czech Grammar"
"A Contribuição da Teoria de Sistemas À Teoria da Tradução" [The contribution of system theory to the theory of translation]
"A contribuição da tradução no suplemento literário Letras & Artes (1946-1954)" [The Role of Translation in the Literary Supplement Letras & Artes (1946-1954)]
"A Contribution to the History of Medical Translation in Japan"
"A contribution to the training of translators and interpreters: the booklist and precis-writing in the first year syllabus explored"
"A controlled language at Airbus"
"A controlled language at Airbus"
"A controlled language-based evaluation approach to ensure image accessibility during web localisation"
"A Controlled Skip Parser"
"A conversation analysis of verbal interactions and social processes in interpreter-mediated primary care encounters"
"A Conversation between Yves Gambier and Jeremy Munday about transcreation and the future of the professions"
"A Conversation on Translation with Margaret Sayers-Peden"
"A Conversation with J. P. “Sandy” Seaton"
"A Conversation with John E. Woods"
"A Conversation with Parvis Emad on the Question of Translation in Heidegger"
"A Conversation with Tessa Dwyer on the Risky Business of 'Speaking in Subtitles: Revaluing Screen Translation"
"A cor què vols: sociolingüística de la traducció exòtica" [Pending]
"A corpus for signed language interpreting research"
"A Corpus Investigation of Translation-Generated Diversity in EU Case-Law"
"A corpus linguistics sandwich. Learners chewing over reporting verbs in academic writing"
"A Corpus Methodology for Analysing Translation"
"A corpus of machine translation errors extracted from translation students exercises"
"A corpus of sworn translations - for linguistic and historical research"
"A Corpus study of early English translations of Cao Xueqin’s Hongloumeng"
"A corpus study of metaphors and metonyms in English and Italian"
"A corpus study of the diachronic development of Chinese patent terminologies"
"A Corpus-analysis of time metaphors in British and Romanian business press"
"A corpus-assisted study of parere/sembrare in Grazia Deledda’s Canneal Vento and La Madre. Constructing point of view in the Source Texts and their English translations"
"A corpus-assisted study of parere/sembrare in Grazia Deledda's Canne al vento and La madre. Constructing point of view in the source texts and their English translations"
"A corpus-assisted stylistic analysis of metaphor through the prism of translated poetry"
"A Corpus-based analysis dictionary for machine (and human) translation"
"A corpus-based analysis of audio description"
"A Corpus-Based Analysis of Lexical Items Conveying Body Language in the COVALT Corpus"
"A corpus-based appraisal of shifts in language use and translation policies in two Zulu translations of the Book of Matthew"
"A Corpus-Based Approach to Evaluating Student Translations"
"A Corpus-based Approach to the Compilation, Analysis, and Translation of Rural Tourism Terms"
"A Corpus-based Approach to the Modelling of the Explicitation Process in English-Chinese Translation"
"A corpus-based approach to the study of subtitling humour"
"A Corpus-Based Approach to the Translation of Evaluative Adjectives as Modality Markers"
"A Corpus-Based Comparison of Self-Reflection Modalities in Process-Oriented Translator Training"
"A corpus-based contrastive study of impersonal passives in Swedish and Dutch"
"A corpus-based contrastive study of mental verbs"
"A Corpus-Based Dutch-Swedish Contrastive Study of Causative Verbs and Constructions"
"A corpus-based error typology: towards a more objective approach to measuring quality in localization"
"A Corpus-Based Evaluation Approach to Translation Improvement"
"A corpus-based exploration into lexical bundles in interpreting"
"A corpus-based genre analysis of art museum audio descriptive guides"
"A corpus-based investigation of explicitation patterns between professional and student interpreters in Chinese-English consecutive interpreting"
"A corpus-based investigation of theme choice in English translations of Korean online tourist texts – with focus on interactional themes"
"A corpus-based investigation on bi-directional business translation"
"A Corpus-Based Measure of Semantic Proximity"
"A corpus-based multimodal approach to the translation of restaurant menus"
"A corpus-based multivariate analysis of linguistic norm-adherence in audiovisual and written translation"
"A Corpus-based Ontoterminological Tool for Tourist Translations"
"A Corpus-Based Study of English Approximate Negators and their Translations into Spanish"
"A corpus-based study of metaphor in translation"
"A Corpus-Based Study of Nominalization as a Feature of Translator's Style (Based on the English Versions of Hong Lou Meng)"
"A corpus-based study of semantic differences in translation: The case of inchoativity in Dutch"
"A Corpus-based Study of Spanish Translations of the Verb ‘report’ in Biomedical Research"
"A corpus-based study of stance-taking as seen from critical points in interpreted political discourse"
"A corpus-based study of terminological variation in business incorporation documents from the United States and Peru"
"A corpus-based study of the human impersonal pronoun ('n) mens in Afrikaans. Compared to men and een mens in Dutch"
"A corpus-based study of the mediation effect in translated and edited language"
"A corpus-based study of the use of Spanish demonstratives as translation equivalents of English demonstratives"
"A corpus-based study of the verb observar in English-Spanish translations of biomedical research articles"
"A corpus-based study on imagery and symbolism in Goldblatt’s translation of Red Sorghum"
"A Corpus-based View of Similarity and Difference in Translation"
"A Corpus-based, Machine-Aided Mode of Translator Training: ClinkNotes and beyond"
"A corpus-bases study of The Translation of Point of View in four Chinese Translations of Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea"
"A Corpus-Driven Analysis of Structural Types of Lexical Bundles in Court Judgments in English and Their Translation into Lithuanian"
"A corpus-driven analysis of uncertainty and uncertainty management in Chinese premier press conference interpreting"
"A correlative Approach to Translation"
"A correspondência de Charles Baudelaire: pistas para sua poética do traduzir" [Charles Baudelaire's letters: clues towards his poetics of translation]
"A Course on 'Gender and Translation' as an Indicator of Certain Gaps in the Research on the Topic"
"A 'CREDIT' model assessing interpretation effects"
"A Creditable Performance under the Circumstances? Suematsu Kenchô and the Pre-Waley Tale of Genji"
"A criatividade lexical em Finnegans Wake e a tradução" [Lexical creativity in Finnegans Wake and translation]
"'A crime in another language?' An analysis of the interpreter's role in the Yousry case"
"'A crime in another language?' revisited: Arabic-centered discourse in the Yousry case"
"A Crisis in Usage Requires Rethinking Translation"
"A Crisis of Translation: Early European Encounters with Japan"
"A crítica da tradução literária" [Criticism of literary translation]
"A crítica literária e a tradução" [Literary criticism and translation]
"A critical account of the concept of 'basic legal knowledge': theory and practice"
"A Critical Account of the Evolution of Translation Theories in the West between the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Centuries"
"A Critical Analysis of a Short-Story Translation: The Sisters"
"A Critical Analysis of the NAATI Interpreter Test in Australia"
"A Critical Analysis of the Translation of African Literature"
"A Critical Appraisal of the Apparatus Criticus"
"A critical approach proposal for training translation memory systems in translator education programs"
"A Critical Bibliography of Works on Translation: 46 B.C.-1958”
"A Critical Comparison of the Macrostructure and Microstructure of Two Bilingual English-Spanish Dictionaries of Economics"
"A Critical Evaluation of a Chinese Subtitled Version of Hitchcock's 'Spellbound'"
"A critical examination of the use of interpreters in the qualitative research process"
"A Critical Overview of Code-Switching"
"A critical overview of the Translation Studies journals published in Spain"
"A critical review of Chinese Translation Studies: Towards a globalised perspective"
"A Critical Review of Listening Comprehension in Interpreter Training: The Case of Spanish Translation and Interpreting Degrees"
"A critical review of the research on Translation Psychology. Theoretical and methodological approaches"
"A critical sociolinguistic approach to translating marginal voices: The case of Turkish translations"
"A Critical Survey of Classical Chinese Literary Works in Hebrew"
"A Critique of Leon Levit,chi’s Philological Translation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest – a Pre-requisite to a Twenty-First Century Translation"
"A Critique of Six English Translations of a Qur’anic Text"
"A critique of Statistical Machine Translation"
"A Crook's Tour: Translation, Pseudotranslation and Foreignness in Anglo-Italian Crime Fiction"
"A Cross Cultural and Cognitive Perspective on the ‘22 Immutable Laws of Marketing"
"A cross-boundary approach to the generative nature of translation"
"A Cross-cultural Comparison of Apologies by Native Speakers of American English and Jordanian Arabic"
"A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Behavioral Intention Models"
"A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Letters of Recomendation"
"A Cross-Cultural Look at Problems of Translating Emily Dickinson into the Hungarian Language"
"A cross-cultural perspective on production and reception of Disney's Mulan through its Chinese subtitles"
"A Cross-Cultural Study of Figurative Language in Museum Audio Descriptions. Implications for Translation"
"A cross-cultural study of metaphoric imagery in Shakespeare’s Macbeth"
"A cross-cultural study of the translation and adaptation of advertisements for beauty products"
"A Cross-Linguistic Analysis of Conceptual Metaphors in Romanian and English Central Bank Reports"
"A cross-linguistic analysis of conceptual metaphors in Romanian and English financial news reports"
"A Cross-linguistic Analysis of Interactive Metadiscourse Devices Employment in Native English and Arab ESL Academic Writings"
"A Cross-linguistic Comparison of Address Pronoun Use in Four European Languages: Intralingual and Interlingual Dimensions"
"A cross-linguistic investigation of the combinational possibilities of the 'for X time' adverbial with different aspectual verb classes"
"A Cross-Linguistic Perspective on Discourse Context and Syntactic Processing in Language Production"
"A Cross-linguistic Study of Stream-of-Consciousness Techniques"
"A Cross-National Overview of Translator and Interpreter Certification Procedures"
"A Cross-Sectional Study of Translator Trainees' L2 Reading Comprehension Skills and Strategies"
"A cross-sectional survey of reported musculoskeletal pain, disorders, work volume and employment situation among sign language interpreters"
"A Cry for Identity: A case Study of Maori-English Cultural Translation"
"A cuatro manos, a dos cabezas o cómo maximizar tu potencial (y el de la traducción)" [Four hands, two heads, or how to maximize your potential (and the translation's)]
"A cuestas con el hexámetro: Una disputa traductológica en la Inglaterra victoriana. Mathew Arnold contra Francis Newman" [Burdened by the hexameter: A translational debate in Victorian England. Mathew Arnold against Francis Newman]
"A cuestas con las competencia cultural y temática: una asignatura pendiente en los planes de estudio de traducción" [On cultural and thematic competence: a subject still to be passed in the translation curriculum]
"A cuestión é non matar as palabras... (sobre as traizóns de Aquilino Iglesia Alvariño como traduttore)" [The thing is not to kill the words... (on Aquilino Iglesia Alvariño's betrayals as a traduttore)]
"A cultural agent against the forces of culture: Hasan-Âli Yücel"
"A cultural studies approach to semantic instability: The case of news translation"
"A Cultural Studies Approach to Translation in the News: The Case of Canada and Quebec"
"A Czech Shakespeare?"
"A Czech-English law dictionary with explanations: A conceptual approach to dictionary-making"
"A dádiva do português: tradução e políticas de desenvolvimento social para populações indígenas no Brasil" [Portuguese boon: translation and social development politics for indigenous peoples in Brazil]
"'A danger and a veiled attack'. Translating into Nazi Germany"
"A data driven analysis of telephone interpreting"
"A data-driven control strategy for grammar writing systems"
"A decisão de traduzir o próprio texto, motivações e consequências: um breve estudo dos casos dos escritores brasileiros Ana Maria Machado e João Ubaldo Ribeiro" [The decision to translate one own's text, motivations and consequences. A brief study of the
"A Declaração Universal Dos Direitos Do Homem – Uma questão de Língua, de Direito e de Tradução" [Universal Declaration of Human Rights: a matter of language, law, history and translation]
"A decoding - encoding approach to translation simile between English and Arabic"
"A deeper look into metrics for translation quality assessment (TQA). A case study"
"A Definition of Translational Competence Applied to the Training of Translators"
"A demographic survey of Australian Sign Language interpreters"
"A demonstration of the nonfeasibility of fully automatic high quality translation"
"A description of interpreting in prisons. Mapping the setting through an ethical lens"
"A description of various types of omissions, additions and errors of translation encountered in simultaneous interpretation"
"A descriptive analysis of French teaching and the place of translation in Bachelor’s curricula in Nigerian universities"
"A descriptive analysis of the equivalence relationships in 'Usta Beni Öldürsene!' in terms of the phenomenon of authority"
"A descriptive and comparative study of the translation norms for the dubbed and subtitled versions of the film 'Monsters' Ball'"
"A Descriptive Approach to the Teaching of Translation"
"A descriptive comparative study of the strategies applied for the translation of the vernacular dialect of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men as a sociolect into Farsi"
"A Descriptive Framework for Compensation"
"A Descriptive Study of Lu Xun's Short Stories in the English-Speaking World — with Focus on Yang Xianyi & Gladys Yang's Translation"
"A Descriptive Study of Norms in Interpreting: Based on the Chinese-English Consecutive Interpreting Corpus of Chinese Premier Press Conferences"
"A Descriptive Study of Translated Children’s Literature in China: 1898–1919"
"A Descriptive Study of Translating Children's Fantasy Fiction"
"A Descriptive-Anthropological Model of Theatre Translation"
"A desirable profile of translation teacher. Perceptions and needs in the Croatian context"
"A Diachronic Exploration of Verbs of Cognition in English and Spanish"
"A diachronic investigation of Hindi–English code-switching, using Bollywood film scripts"
"A Diachronic Look at the State of Translation Criticism in the English-speaking World"
"A Diachronic Study of Domestication and Foreignization Strategies of Culture-specific Items in English-Persian Translations of Six of Hemingway’s Works"
"A diachronic study of familiarizers (‘man’, ‘guys’, ‘buddy’, ‘dude’) in movie language"
"A diagnostic tool for German syntax"
"A Dialogue: On a Translator's Interventions"
"A Diary of Choices in Translating Franco Biondi's Poem Nicht nur gastarbeiterdeutsch"
"A Dichotic-Listening Study on Error Recognition among Professional Interpreters"
"A Dictionary for Legal Translation"
"A Dictionary for Professional Translators"
"A Dictionary Of Verbal Colligations: English-Portuguese/Portuguese- English"
"A dictionary publisher’s proposal for meeting translators' current linguistic resource needs"
"A Different Approach to Machine Translation"
"A Different Shade of Shadowing: Source Text to Source Text as Efficient Simultaneous Processing Exercise"
"A different Strindberg: The power of the Panopticon and the image of Strindberg in Married (1913)"
"A Differentiated Approach towards Translation for Children. With a Focus on Explicitation in Children's Literature Translation"
"A difícil vida fácil do tradutor" [The difficult easy life of the translator]
"A dimensão pragmática da tradução no ensino-aprendizagem da língua estrangeira especializada" [The pragmatic dimension of translation in the teaching-learning of specialized foreign languages]
"A Diplomatic Salto Mortale: Translation Trouble in Berne, 1884-1886"
"A directory of exegetical aids for Bible translators supplement to the second edition"
"A directory of exegetical aids for Bible translators: second supplement"
"A discipline coming of age in the digital age"
"A discipline looking back and looking forward: An introduction"
"A Discourse Analysis Approach to Legal Translator Training. More than words"
"A Discourse Approach to Problems in Malachi 2.10-16"
"A Discourse Marker in John"
"A Discourse Marker in the Synoptic Gospels"
"A Discourse Model for Dialogue Interpreting"
"A discourse of danger and loss. Interpreters on interpreting for the European Parliament"
"A Discourse on Student-centered Translator Education. A Literature Review of the Shift from a Teacher-centered to a Student-centered Approach in Translator Education"
"A Discourse Structural Overview of the Prophecy of Micah"
"A Discourse-Based Approach to Community Interpreter Education"
"A discourse-based approach to some uses of the conjunction que in Romance languages"
"A discussion of chuchotage and boothless simultaneous as marginal and unorthodox interpreting modes"
"A discussion of ethnographic research methods and their relevance for translation process research"
"A discussion of the teaching of translation"
"A disparition de Georges Perec: os efectos lingüísticos e estilísticos do lipograma en "e" na súa tradución ó castelán e ó galego" [Geoges Perec's disparition: the linguistic and stylistic effects of the lipogram 'e' in its translation into Spanish and i
"'A distortive glass of our distorted glebe': mistranslation in Nabokov's Ada"
"A divided heritage: Conflicting appropriations of Shakespeare in (East) Germany"
"A Doctoral Program in Translation Studies"
"A Double Tongue within your Mask: Translating Shakespeare into Spanish-Speaking Latin America"
"A DP based search algorithm for statistical machine translation"
"A DP based Search Using Monotone Alignments in Statistical Translation"
"'A dress of French gray': Retraduire Villette de Charlotte Brontë, au risque du grisonnement" ['A dress of French gray': Retranslating Charlotte Brontë's, with the risk of graying it]
"A Dual Perspective in Legal Translation"
"A duck in rabbit's clothing - Integrating intralingual translation"
"A dueña de Quevedo y Villegas: aspectos tradutórios ao português" [The 'Dueña' by Quevedo y Villegas. Translational issues in Portuguese]
"A duet and/or a concerto? Simultaneous interpreters' working memory and interpreting expertise"
"A dupla possibilidade de leitura como desafio tradutório de Vater und Sohn de Uwe Kolbe" [The double possibility of reading as a translational challenge in Uwe Kolbe's Vater und Sohn]
"A dynamic network model of translatorial cognition and action"
"A dynamic semantic approach to translation assessment. ING-Participial Adjuncts and Their Translation in Norwegian"
"A elocuencia do silencio: 'As ondas' de Virxinia Wolf" [The eloquence of silence. Virginia Wolf's 'The waves']
"A equivalência de uso do pretérito pretérito perfeito composto para a língua alemã: Reflexões para o ensino de português como língua estrangeira" [The equivalence in use of present perfect for German: Considerations for the teaching of Portuguese as a fo
"A equivalência em espanhol e em português do vocábulo inglês ape, com uma reflexão sobre a incompetência de certos tradutores e lexicógrafos e o dececionante dicionário da RAE" [Some thoughts on the equivalents of the English term ape in Spanish and Port
"A equivalência possível: Honestidade terminológica na tradução jurídica" [The achievable equivalence: Terminological honesty in legal translation]
"A Escola Tradutológica de Leipzig" [The Leipzig School of Translation]
"A escrita poética de Wittgenstein, sua tradução" [Wittgenstein's poetic work, its translation]
"A Essência do Riso – reflexões sobre a tradução do romance 'Gato Murr', de E. T. A. Hoffmann" [The essence of laughter - reflections on the translation of E. T. A. Hoffmann's novel 'Tomcat Murr']
"A estética teatral futurista em Parole, de Remo Chiti: uma tradução crítica" [The futurist theatre aesthetics in Parole, by Remo Chiti, a critical translation]
"A estilística de Machado de Assis em Oliver Twist e Miss Dollar" [The stylistics of Machado de Assis in Oliver Twist and “Miss Dollar]
"A ética da apropriação" [The ethics of appropriation]
"A ética e o pós-colonialismo: uma prática de tradução" [Ethics and postcolonialism: a translation practice]
"A ética na interpretação de tribunal. O Brasil no banco dos réus" [Ethics in court interpreting: Brazil in the dock]
"A experiencia de autotradución poética de Corpo de Antiochia. Un exercicio de tensión textual e paratextual froito dunha realidade asimétrica" [The experience of poetic self-translation of Corpo de Antiochia. An exercise in textual and para-textual tensi
"A explicitação nas traduções de Dom Casmurro para o inglês: um estudo baseado em corpus" [Explicitation in English translations of Dom Casmurro: a corpus-based study]
"A Fake Translation That Never Existed"
"A Fala: dimensión sociolingüística en las traducciones a una lengua minorizada" [A Fala: sociolinguistic dimension in translations into a minority language]
"A False Opposition in Translation Studies: Theoretical versus/and Historical Approaches"
"A Fast Track to Cultural Understanding: Literature in Translation"
"'A fastness of their own': The Galician reception of Virginia Woolf"
"A favor de la igualdad de derechos de las personas inmigrantes mediante los servicios de mediación intercultural" [In defence of equal rights for immigrants through the services of intercultural mediation]
"A Feast of Languages: The Role of Language in the Globe to Globe Festival"
"A Felicitous Expression"
"A female poet and her male translator: A case study"
"A feminist approach to Bible translation: Translating the dialogue between Jesus and the Samaritan woman (John 4.7b-26) into Korean addressee honorifics"
"A Feminist Woman with a Given Female Language: A contradictory figure in the Japanese translation of Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman"
"A few considerations regarding the teaching of l1-into-l2 translations"
"A Few Hypotheses on Translated Poetry"
"A Few Notes on Teaching Journalistic Translation"
"A Few Remarks Concerning ‘And’ Coordination in English and Romanian"
"A few Remarks on some Key Factors in Analyzing Source Texts - a Response to Anna Trosborg"
"A Few Remarks on Translating Contemporary Poetry"
"A fidelidade e suas controvérsias" [Fidelity and its debates]
"A fidelidade no processo e no produto do traduzir" [Faithfulness in the translation process and product]
"'A fine kettle of fish’: exploring textual norms in Finnish subtitling"
"A first set of guidelines for public service interpreters who unexpectedly face clients with a disability"
"A First-hand Experience with T&I Studies and Teaching: 1950-2000"
"A first-pass approach for evaluating machine translation systems"
"A Flavor of Diversity: Intercreation and the Making of a Mosaic-Whole"
"A Flexible Framework for Collocation Retrieval and Translation from Parallel and Comparable Corpora"
"A flexible framework for collocation retrieval and translation from parallel and comparable corpora"
"A Florentine Prince in Queen Elizabeth's court"
"A fluency error categorization scheme to guide automated machine translation evaluation"
"A focus-group study. Students' perceived benefits from learning with practitioners' note-taking and consecutive interpreting demonstration videos"
"A foot in both camps: Redressing the balance between the 'pure' and applied branches of translation studies"
"A Footnote on Time: The Book of Esther"
"A fordítás eredetisége" [Translation of the Original]
"A fordítás monitor modellje és a fordítói beszédmód" [The monitor model of translation and the translation mode]
"A fordítás pragmatikai dimenziói és a kulturális reáliák" [The translation and pragmatic dimensions of cultural realia]
"A Foreign Sound: Translating Caetano Veloso's Song Lyrics"
"A forgotten pioneer? The legacy of Otto Kade in Translation Studies today"
"A formação da identidade transcultural, a exemplo de Rafik Schami" [The formation of a transcultural identity: the case of Rafik Schami]
"A formação de identidades culturais no Curso de Letras-Libras por meio da atividade de tradução" [The formation of cultural identities in the Letras-LIBRAS course through translation]
"A formação de traductores no ISLA: problemas teóricos e práticos" [Training translators at the ISLA: theoretical and practical problems]
"A formação de tradutoras e tradutores de línguas orais (Português / Inglês) no Brasil. Um estudo das diferentes concepções curriculares" [The Education of Translators of Oral Languages (Brazilian Portuguese / English) in Brazil. A Study of the Diverse Cu
"A formação de tradutores a partir de uma abordagem cognitiva: reflexões de um projecto de ensino" [Training translators from a cognitive perspective: on a teaching project]
"A formação do tradutor científico e técnico: necessária e impossível" [Training the scientific and technical translator: something which is necessary and impossible]
"A Formal Language to Convey Linguistic Information. A Study in Practical Logic"
"A Form-Functional Text-Comparative Method of Translation, Teaching, and Checking"
"A fortuna de Eça de Queirós em Itália no decorrer de um século" [The fortunes of Eça de Queirós in Italy over a whole century]
"A Fortuna Italiana de Eça de Queirós" [The Italian fortunes of Eça de Queirós]
"A Fragment of a Multilingual Transfer Component and its Relation to Discourse Knowledge"
"A frame analysis of the process of interpretation"
"A framework for assessing web site localisation"
"A Framework for Decision-Making in Translation"
"A Framework for Syntactic Translation"
"A Framework for the Analysis and Evaluation of Theories of Translation"
"A Framework for the Description of Drama Translations"
"A Framework for the Identification and Strategic Development of Translation Specialisms"
"A Framework for Translation Pedagogy Aimed at Training Students through Computer-Assisted Translation Tools"
"A Framework of a Mechanical Translation between Japanese and English by Analogy Principle"
"A free and open-source tool that reads movie subtitles aloud"
"A French history of Henry V"
"A Frequency Analysis of Selected Modal Expressions in German and English Legal Texts"
"A Fresh Cognitive Perspective to Horizontal Translation"
"A fresh look at consultant procedures"
"A Fresh Look at Translating"
"A Friend to go Between Them: the Interpreter as Cultural Broker During Anglo-Iroquois Councils, 1740-70"
"A Full Irish Breakfast: Interlanguage Perspective, Intercultural Perspective, or Both? Translation and Second Language Teaching"
"A Functional Approach to Punctuation Marks in E-C Translation"
"A Functional Approach to the Problems of Translating"
"A functional approach to translation quality assessment. Categorizing sources of translational distortion in medical abstracts"
"A Functional Gap between Dubbing and Subtitling"
"A functional imaging study of translation and language switching"
"A Functional Model of Translation: Humor as the Case in Point"
"A Functional Perspective of Subtitling: Register and Genre Analysis"
"A functional translation theory perspective on translation of tourist information web sites"
"A Functional Typology of Translations"
"A Functionalist Approach to Syllabus Design in Translator Training"
"A further call to action: training as a policy issue in court interpreting"
"A Further Note on Communicative and Semantic Translation"
"A further note on Matthew 1:19"
"A game of English make-believe: Reading eighteenth-century French pseudotranslations"
"A Game of Languages: The Use of Subtitles for Invented Languages in Game of Thrones"
"A Garment too Tight and too Loose? Some Reflections on the Translation of Poetry"
"A Gendered Voice in Translation: Translating Like a Feminist"
"A Gendered Voice in Translation: Translating 'like' a Feminist"
"A Genealogy of Literal Translation in Modern Japan"
"A General Approach to Specific Research in Comparative Terminology"
"A General Theory of Translation (and of Language)"
"A general view of the localization of apps for mobile devices: status, challenges and trends. Formats and customary processes in the translation of iOS and Android apps"
"A Generalized Named Entity Transliteration System: Bengali and English as Case Study"
"A General-Purpose Language Translation Program for the IBM 650 Computer"
"A Generic Finite State Compiler for Tagging Rules"
"A Genius Redivivus: The Czech reception of D. H. Lawrence"
"A genre analysis approach to the study of the translation of court documents"
"A genre-based approach to teaching dialogue interpreting: the medical consultation"
"A Genre-based Approach to the Teaching of Legal and Business English: the GENTT Specialized Corpus in the LSP Classroom"
"A geração espanhola de 27 em Portugal: Contributo para o estudo da importação de um cânone estrangeiro" [The Spanish Generation of '27 in Portugal: A contribution toward the study of imports of a foreign canon]
"A German Connection? Context-description of Literary Translation Efforts in Southern Brazil"
"A Gestalt Approach to Manipulation"
"A gestão da comunicação multilingue na nova Europa" [The management of multilingual communication in the new Europe]
"A Gesture to Indicate a Presence: Translation, Dialect and Field Day Theatre Company's Quest for an Irish Identity"
"A Ghostly Paradigm: Translation and the Source"
"A Gift of Tamil: On Compiling an Anthology of Translations from Tamil Literature"
"A Glimpse from the Chambord Staircase at Translation’s Role in Comparative Literature"
"A Glimpse into the Socialization of Bilingual Youngsters as Interpreters: The Case of Latino Bilinguals Brokering Communication for their Families and Immediate Communities"
"A Glimpse into the Workshop of a Bible Translator"
"A Global Language for the Global Village? A Response to Mary Snell-Hornby"
"A Global Partnership: How Can a Professional Association Respond to the Needs of Young Interpreters and of International Business Alike?"
"A global rating scale for the summative assessment of pragmatic translation at Master’s level: an attempt to combine academic and professional criteria"
"A Global View of Translation Studies: Towards an Interdisciplinary Field"
"A Goblin or a Dirty Nose? The Treatment of Culture-Specific References in Translations of the Harry Potter Books"
"A good metaphor for all we do?’ – fictional translators as criminals and detectives: some examples"
"A Good Translation Is a Good Literary Text"
"A Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies"
"A gramática wittgensteiniana como alternativa à polarização fidelidade vs. différance nos estudos da tradução" [Wittgenstein’s grammar as an alternative to the polarization between faithfulness and différance in translation studies]
"'A Grande Família - O Filme' and 'The Big Family - The Film': a tradução no ensino comunicativo de línguas" ['A Grande Família - O Filme' and 'The Big Family - The Film': translation within the communicative teaching of languages]
"A grave and gracious woman. Deaf people and signed language in colonial New England"
"A great feast of languages. Shakespeare's multilingual comedy in King Henry V and the translator"
"A Great Ukrainian Translator, Pavlo Hrabovski (1864-1902)"
"A Greek by any other name...: The transliteration of Greek proper names"
"A Grey Area of Translation: on the Treatment of Human Place Names across Languages"
"A Group of Arabic-Latin Translators Working in Northern Spain in the Mid-12th Century"
"'A Guerra Santa' von Luis Sttau Monteiro. Portrait eines streitbaren Portugiesen unserer Zeit" ['A Guerra Santa' by Luis Sttau Monteiro. Portrait of some pugnacious Portuguese of our times]
"A Guide for Balanced Living: An Exegetical Study of Ecclesiastes 7:1–14"
"A Guide to Navigating the Federal Marketplace for Interpreters and Translators"
"À guisa de introdução. Tendências recentes na tradução de poesia grega e latina no Brasil" [By way of introduction. Recent trends in the translation of Greek and Latin poetry in Brazil]
"A habitus-oriented perspective on resistance to language planning through translation. A case study on the Turkish translation of Elif Safak’s The Bastard of Istanbul"
"A Handbook for the Translation of Greek Myth into Latin: Parthenius, Gallus, and the Erotica Pathemata"
"A Handful of Metaphors. What I Do When I Do Literary Translation"
"A Handful of Paragraphs on 'Translation' and 'Norms'"
"A Happy Transmigration?: Silvina Ocampo translates Emily Dickinson"
"A Hebraism of Mixed Motivation"
"A heteronímia de Fernando Pessoa: literatura plurilíngue e translacional" [The heteronymy of Fernando Pessoa: multilingual and translational literature]
"A highly effective sequence of training experiences"
"A história de um dicionário bilíngüe" [The history of a bilingual dictionary]
"A história literária sob o signo da tradução: focalização cultural sobre a literatura traduzida" [Literary history under the sign of translation: cultural focus on translated literature]
"A historical approach to Spanish theatre translations from censorship archives"
"A Historical Perspective on the Diversity of Discourses in Turkish As a Target Language"
"A historical survey of Basque Television Foreign Programming: 1983-1992"
"A Historical-Critical Edition"
"A Historical-Liturgical Critique of [I will sprinkle clean water] in Ezek 36.25-27 and Its Translation Options in English"
"A History of Bible Translation in Mongolian"
"A History of Bible Translation: Introduction and Overview"
"A History of Translation and Interpretation in Cameroon from Precolonial Times to the Present"
"A history of translation and interpretation in the littoral province of Cameroon"
"A History of Translation Technology in the United States of America"
"A Hitchhiker’s Guide to …: What to expect and where to start from"
"A holistic approach to non-professional subtitling from a functional quality perspective"
"A Holistic Approach to the Act of Translation"
"A Holistic Theory of Context and Translation Studies"
"A Holistic-Componential Model for Assessing Translation Student Performance and Competency"
"A House of Many Rooms. Different Approaches of Two Translators of Flora Tristan's Pérégrinations d’une paria'"
"'A house of many rooms': The range of Translation Studies"
"A Human Information Processing and Cognitive Approach to the Training of Simultaneous Interpreters"
"A hybrid machine translation architecture guided by syntax"
"A Hybrid Rule and Example-Based Method for Machine Translation"
"A Hybrid Translation Theory for EU Texts"
"A ideia de tradução da Bíblia no Século XVII: Sacy e Simon" [The idea of Bible translation in the 17th century: Sacy and Simon]
"A identidade do texto traducido. Arredor do texto galego do 'Ulysses'" [The identity of the translated text. On the Galician text of 'Ulysses']
"A implementação do serviço de tradução e interpretação de libras-português nas universidades federais" [Implementing the translation and interpreting service of libras-Portuguese in federal universities]
"A importancia da relación texto-imaxe na tradución da literatura infantil" [The importance of the relationship between text and image in the translation of children's literature]
"A importancia da unidade verbo-icónica na tradución audiovisual" [The importance of the oral-iconic union in audiovisual translation]
"A importância das notas em dicionário terminológico português/italiano" [The importance of notes in a terminological Portuguese - Italian terminological dictionary]
"A importância de fatores econômicos na publicação de traduções: um exemplo do Brasil" [The importance of the economic factors in the publishing of translations: an example from Brazil]
"A importância de se chamar Ernesto. Consagrações, Bunburisms & Outras Perplexidades" [The importance of being Ernest. Consecrations, Bunburisms & other perplexities]
"A importância de uma tradução para o português de Zur Auffassung der Aphasien – eine kritische Studie, de Sigmund Freud" [The importance of a translation into Portuguese of Sigmund Freud’s Zur Auffassung der Aphasien – eine kritische Studie]
"A Importancia do contexto xurídico e cultural na terminoloxía e na traducción especializada do dereito" [The importance of the legal and cultural contexts in terminology and in specialized legal translation]
"A importância do trabalho do tradutor Derrida para o trabalho do filósofo Derrida" [The importance of the work of the translator Derrida for the work of the philosopher Derrida]
"A importância dos estudos da Crítica Textual para a tradução literária: análise da tradução de dois poemas de Emily Dickinson" [The importance of textual criticism studies for literary translation: an analysis of the translation of two poems by Emily Dic
"A Inclusão do Surdo na Universidade – Mito ou Realidade?" [The inclusion of the deaf in university - myth or reality?]
"A Influência do Ambiente Audiovisual na Legendação de Filmes" [The influence of the audiovisual environment in film subtitling]
"A inquietude do tradutor: notas sobre uma lógica das partes em La chute du ciel" [The translator’s disquietness: notes on a logic of parts in La chute du ciel]
"A institucionalização da tradução na UFPR: 2001-2011, dez anos do Bacharelado Acadêmico em Estudos da Tradução" [The intstitutionalization of translation at the UFPR. 2001-2011, ten years of an undergraduate course in translation studies]
"A institucionalização da tradução no Brasil: o caso da Puc-Rio" [The institutionalization of translation in Brazil: the case of Puc-Rio]
"A interação do texto traduzido com o sistema receptor: teoria dos poli-sistemas" [The interaction of the translated text and the reception system: polysystems theory]
"A interface tradução jornalismo: uma nova experiência em tradução" [The interface translation-journalism: a new experience in translation]
"A internacionalização de Clarice Lispector: história clariceana em inglês" [Clarice Lispector’s internationalization: the Brazilian author’s history in English]
"A internacionalización da cultura galega" [The internationalization of Galician culture]
"A interpretação de conferências: interfaces com a tradução escrita e implicações para a formação de intérpretes e tradutores" [Conference interpreting: interfaces with written translation and implications for interpreter and translator training]
"A interpretação simultânea no contexto político" [Simultaneous interpreting in the political context]
"A interpretación de conferencias e a planificación de linguas en situacións de diglosia" [Conference interpreting and language planning in a diglossia context]
"A interpretación en Galiza: unha profesión emerxente" [Interpreting in Galicia: an emerging profession]
"A invenção da rima na tradução de Emily Dickinson" [Inventing rhyme in the translation of Emily Dickinson]
"A invisibilidade do tradutor e o seu papel no contexto cultural, social e econômico" [The translator's invisibility and his/her role in the cultural, social and economic context]
"A Jangada de Pedra, de José Saramago: divergências do original e da tradução castelhana" [A Jangada de Pedra, by José Saramago: divergences between the original and the Spanish translation]
"A Japanese Perspective on the Universalism vs Particularsim Debate"
"A Japanese Salome as Harmonization of Self and Other: A Unique Strategy within Japanese Literary Translation"
"'A Job for the Go-between': Dramatising Translation in Brian Friel and David Edgar"
"A Jog Through the Juniper: A Translator's Unhappy Excursion into the Copyright Thicket"
"A journey from the margins: the transformations of Neruda"
"A Journey into Chinese-English Environmental Translation"
"A journey to another time and place: how a British Victorian children's classic was translated in postwar Finland"
"A Jury of Your Peers. Peer assessment in consecutive interpretation pedagogy"
"A kernel regression framework for SMT"
"A keysort information retrieval system"
"A Knight Errant in the Seventeenth Century: Tom a Lincoln and Medieval Romance"
"A Knock at the Door: on the Role of Translated Literature in Cultural Image Making"
"A Knowledge Based Approach to Bangla-English Machine Translation for Simple Assertive Sentences"
"A knowledge-lite approach to word alignment"
"A kommunikatív szakaszhatárok eltunése a magyarra fordított európai uniós szövegekben" [The disappearance of communicative theme-rheme divisions in EU texts translated into Hungarian]
"A Kwara'ae Translation of the New Testament"
"À la confluence des langues, des cultures et du droit?: jurilinguistique et traduction" [A confluence of languages, cultures and laws? Jurilinguistics and translation]
"A la galga y a la mujer no la des la carne a ver: misoginia y equivalencia" ['Do not let women or she-greyhounds see the meat': misogyny and equivalence]
"A la lisière des mots, traduire un poème?" [At the edge of the words, translating a poem?]
"A la luz de nuevas investigaciones en traducción literaria" [In the light of new research in literary translation]
"A la mémoire de Geneviève de Genevraye" [In memoriam of Geneviève de Genevraye]
"A la paret, escrit amb guix. Una antologia de poesia alemanya de combat censurada" [On the wall, written with chalk. An anthology of German militant poetry under censorship]
"'À la première personne du masculin'? Résonances et résistances de la notion de genre dans la traduction de Written on the Body de Jeanette Winterson" ['In the first person masculine? Resonances and resistances of the notion of gender in the translation
"A la recherche d’un modèle explicatif du sens en traduction" [In search of an explanation model for sense in translation]
"A la recherche d’un titre littéraire idéalement traduit : le cas du chinois vers le français" [In search of a literary title ideally translated - Chinese into French as a case in point]
"A la recherche de la complémentarité de la traduction et l'interprétation en cours de formation à travers des modules théorico-méthodologiques" [In search of the complementarity of translation and interpreting through theoretical-methodological courses f
"A la recherche d'écosystèmes terminologiques" [In search of terminological ecosystems]
"A la recherche des cartes mondiales des littératures" [In search of literary world maps]
"A la recherche des germes de la modernité chinoise: Traduction scientifique à la fin de la dynastie Ming et au début de la dynastie Qing" [In search of the origins of Chinese modernity. Scientific translation at the end of the Ming dynasty and at the be
"A la recherche des principes de terminologie et de lexicographie" [In search of the principles of terminology and lexicography]
"A la recherche d'identité: ou pourquoi bilinguisme ne rime pas toujours avec traduction" [Searching for identity: or why bilingualism doesn't always rhyme with translation]
"À la recherche du titre perdu" [Remembrance of titles past]
"À la recherche d'une philosophie de la traduction, en lisant Patocka" [Searching for a philosophy of translation, reading Patocka]
"A la recherche d'une stratégie internationale: Hollywood et le marché français des années trente" [In search of an international strategy: Hollywood and the French market in the thirties]
"A la recherche d'une traduction" [In search of a translation]
"A la rencontre du 'troisieme type'. La traduction philosophique" [In search of the third type. Philosophical translation]
"A Lady Asks: The Gender of Vulgarization in Late Medieval Italy"
"A l'anglaise or the Invisible European"
"A Language Checker of Controlled Language and its Integration in a Documentation and Translation Workflow"
"A large database of collocations and semantic references: interlingual applications"
"A layered controlled natural language for knowledge representation"
"A Layman's Approach to Medical Translation (Part I)"
"A Layman's Approach to Medical Translation (Part II)"
"A Layman's Guide to Job Prospecting"
"A Layman's View of Medical Translation"
"A Learner Corpus Study of Attributive Clauses and Passive Voice in Student Translations"
"A learner generated corpus to direct learner centered courses"
"A learner-generated corpus to direct learner-centered courses"
"A l'écoute de la langue vivante" [Listening to living language]
"A legendação visível: da atividade tradutória interlinguística ao ensino de leitura em L1" [Visible subtitling - From cross-lingual translation activity to teaching to read in L1]
"A legendagem de filmes de divulgação científica: crítica de tradução de um argumento" [The subtitling of films for scientific dissemination: translation criticism of an argument]
"A legendagem para surdos no Brasil” [Subitling for the deaf in Brazil]
"A Legibilidade e o Funcionamento do Texto Didático: uma análise de discurso contrastiva" [Readability and the rationale of handbooks: a contrastive discourse analysis]
"A legislação autoral e os direitos do tradutor" [Translators’ rights within copyright law]
"A Leisure Industry but a Serious Business: Why Videogames Don’t Always Translate Well into Other Cultures … "
"A leitura de obras de William Kennedy no Brasil" [Reading William Kennedy's works in Brazil]
"A l'entorn dels estudis xinesos: llengua, traducció i interpretació" [On Chinese studies: language, translation and interpreting]
"A 'Leperous Distilment': Retranslating Polina Barskova’s Shakespearean Allusions"
"A lexical bundle approach to comparing languages. Stems in English and French"
"A Lexical-Functional approach to Japanese for the purpose of machine translation"
"A lexical-semantic analysis of anglicisms in sports terminology"
"A Lexicogrammar approach to checking quality: looking at one or two cases of comparative translation"
"A lexicological approach to proper name identification in Italian and French news stories"
"A Lexicon for Knowledge-Based MT"
"A Life in Translation"
"A lingua da ficción audiovisual" [The language of audiovisual fiction]
"A língua do outro: um lugar de tradução que se faz como moradia provisória do sujeito" [The other's language: a place of translation which is the subject's temporary housing]
"A língua e a cultura portuguesas na Bélgica" [Portuguese language and culture in Belgium]
"A língua portuguesa uma História em expansão" [Portuguese language: an expanding history]
"A língua portuguesa: um espaço em aberto" [Portuguese language: an open space]
"A 'língua pura' na tradução de Walter Benjamin" [The 'pure language' in Walter Benjamin's translation]
"A linguaxe da publicidade nas guías de turismo: análise para a tradución" [The language of advertising in tourism guides: their analysis for translation]
"A linguistic analysis of Arabic store-names and their English translation"
"A Linguistic Appraisal of Playwright-Audience Relationship in Wole Soyinka's The Trials of Brother Jero"
"A Linguistic Approach to Improving the Quality of Machine Translated Portuguese"
"A Linguistic Approach to Literary Translation: its Range and Limitations"
"A Linguistic Approach to Translating the English Past Aspect into Arabic"
"A Linguistic Approach to Translation: Its Range and Limitations"
"A Linguistic Evaluation of Rule-Based, Phrase-Based, and Neural MT Engines"
"A lingüística contrastiva nos estudios de traducción en España: presente e futuro” [Contrastive linguistics in translation studies in Spain: present and future]
"A Linguística de Corpus na e para a Tradução" [Corpus linguistics in and for translation]
"A linguistically motivated taxonomy for Machine Translation error analysis"
"A Link Between Simplification and Explicitation in English-Xhosa Parallel Texts"
"A l'intersection du français et du russe" [At the crossroads of French and Russian]
"A lira chinesa em trânsito: de Machado de Assis a António Feijó" [The Chinese lyre in transit. From Machado de Assis to António Feijó]
"A Literal Translation of 2 Corinthians 1:1-11 in Totonac"
"A Literal Translation of Mark 1 in Balinese"
"A Literary Approach to Biblical Text Analysis and Translation"
"A literary work Translation and original: A conceptual analysis within the philosophy of art and Translation Studies"
"A Literatura Brasileira Traduzida na França: o Caso de Macunaíma" [Brazilian literature translated in France: the case of Macunaíma]
"A literatura galega en inglés: unha realidade emerxente" [Galician literature in English: a rising reality]
"A literatura infantil e xuvenil galega traducida. Achegas para o seu estudo" [ Translated Galician children's literature. Contributions for its study]
"A Literatura Infanto-Juvenil Alema Traduzida no Brasil" [German Children's literature translated in Brazil]
"A literatura italiana e os entrelaçamentos culturais da Editora do Globo: as traduções em questão" [Italian literature translated in the South of Brazil: A tradition of Globo Library Publishing House]
"A literatura italiana traduzida no sistema literário nacional: um percurso entre 1900 e 1950" [Italian literature translated in the national literary system: an overview between 1900 and 1950]
"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing..."
"A Live Dog: Some Pointers on Translation"
"A live interpreter channel in Norway: NRK1 Tegnsprak/NRK1 Sign Language"
"A Localização de Páginas Web na Formação de Tradutores" [Localization of Websites in translator training]
"A localização em jogo na tradução de Games" [Game localization in game translation]
"A Lollard tract: on translating the Bible into English"
"A Long and Winding Road. Mapping Translated Literature in 20th-Century Portugal"
"A Look at Implicit Information in Rabbinical Argumentation"
"A Look at Simultaneous Translation"
"A Look at Terminology Adapted to the Requirements of Interpretation"
"A Look Inside the Translators’ Workspace: Discussions Around a Large Nursing Text Translation"
"A Look 'into' Simplification and the Translation of Motion Events in Science"
"A Look into the 'Black Box' - EEG Probability Mapping during Mental Simultaneous Interpreting"
"A lot to think about. Online monitoring in dialogue interpreting"
"A Lover’s Quarrel: The Original, the Translator, and the Lose-Lose Situation"
"A Machine Translates from one Language to Another"
"A Machine Translation System from English to American Sign Language"
"A machine(-aided) translation bibliography, generally restricted to currently accessible documents written in English, French, or German during the years 1973-1986"
"A macroscopic perspective on translation of knowledge in China"
"'A Man with Connections'. Adapting Gelman's 'Naedine so vsmemi' for Radio"
"A Manuscript Document On theTranslations from Spanish by Captain John Stevens"
"A map and a Compass for Navigating through Translation"
"A Map of Semiotics for Translation Studies"
"A mapping exercise: Eye tracking and translation"
"A Marginal(ized) Perspective on Translation History: Women and Translation in the Eighteenth Century"
"A Markham Contribution to the Leyenda Negra"
"A Marriage with Science: Corpora and Translation and Interpretation Research"
"A máscara reveladora da pseudotradução" [The revealing mask of pseudotranslation: pagu as a case in point]
"A massively parallel corpus: the Bible in 100 languages"
"A Matter of Definition"
"A matter of justice: integrating comparative law methods into the decision-making process in legal translation"
"A Matter of Life and Death: Gender Stereotypes in some Modern Dutch Bible Translations"
"A matter of politeness? A contrastive study of phatic talk in teenage conversation"
"A Matter of Principles: Empirical Treatments of Translation Principles – A Case Study"
"A Matter of Terminology, When Terminology Matters. Naming Common Genetic Diseases"
"A Matter of Voice"
"A Maze of TEnTs"
"A mediação de culturas nas traduções de obras de escritoras de origem afro" [Cultural mediation in the translation of works written by women writers with an African origin]
"A Medical Interpreter's Guide to Telephone Interpreting"
"A mensagem publicitária no ensino da tradução" [Advertising in translation teaching]
"A Mentor Program for Danish Translators"
"A Mermaid in Disneyland"
"A Mermaid Translated: An analysis of some English versions of Hans Christian Andersen's 'Den Lille Havfrue"
"A Message in Terms That Most People Can Understand"
"A Metacognitive Approach to Evaluating Consecutive Interpretation for Novice Learners"
"A metafora mint az alternative konceptualizáció eszköze a fordításban" [Metaphor as a means of alternative conceptualization in translation]
"A metalexicografia pedagógica" [Pedagogical meta-lexicography]
"A metaphorical map of subtitling. Idiom vs. explicit meaning in translated filmic texts"
"A method for analysing multimodal research material: audio description in focus"
"A method for checking discourse structure in Bible translation"
"A method for investigating coreference in translations and originals"
"A Method for Measuring the Effects of Translation on Readability"
"A method for recording formal elicitation"
"A Method for the Evaluation of Recipient Response"
"A method for translating narrative text"
"A method for upgrading the naturalness and style of New Testament translation"
"A method of creating new valency entries"
"A method to select an instrument for measurement of HR-QOL for cross-cultural adaptation applied to dermatology"
"A Methodological Proposal for the Assessment of Translated Literary Works: A Case Study, 'The Scarlet Letter' by N. Hawthorne into Spanish"
"A Methodological Proposal for the Study of Semantic Functions across Languages"
"A Methodology for a Semi-Automatic Evaluation of the Lexicons of Machine Translation Systems"
"A methodology for building a translator- and translation-oriented terminological resource"
"A Methodology for Building Translator-oriented Dictionary Systems"
"A Methodology for Evaluating Arabic Machine Translation Systems"
"A Methodology for the Analysis of Interpretation Corpora"
"A methodology of overview"
"A Metonymic Translation: Bertolt Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle"
"A microanalysis of the sophomore and senior translation students’ uncertainty management in the process of translation. A complex dynamic approach"
"A Middle English translator at work: 'The Weye of Paradys'"
"A Milestone in New Guinea"
"A Millennium Translation Based on the Ge'ez and LXX. A New Bible Translation in the Ethiopian Church and Its Controversy"
"A minha experiência como tradutora" [My experience as a translator]
"A Mini-Guide to New Testament Textual Criticism"
"A minimal cognitive model for translating and post-editing"
"A Mirror up to 'Human' Nature: the Case of the Chinese Translator Liang Shi Qiu"
"A misinterpreted word worth $71 million"
"A Missão do Tradutor - Aspectos da Concepção Benjaminiana de Linguagem e Tradução" [The task of the translator - Issues in Benjamin's notion of language and translation]
"A missing link in Itamar Even-Zohar's theoretical thinking"
"'A mitad de camino entre aquí y allá, en medio de quién sabe dónde': Traducir la / desde la frontera" ['A mitad de camino entre aquí y allá, en medio de quién sabe dónde': Translating the / from the Borderland]
"A mixed-method approach to the use of Colloquial Belgian Dutch in intralingual subtitling on Flemish television"
"A mixed-methods approach in Corpus-Based Interpreting Studies: quality of interpreting in criminal proceedings in Spain"
"A mixed-methods approach to characterize Knowledge-Rich Contexts for specialized translation"
"A mobilidade da tradução na Idade Média" [The mobility of translation in the Middle Ages]
"A model and a methodology for the study of pragmatic markers: the semantic field of expectation"
"A model contract for literary translators"
"A model for assessing the non-linguistic framing of conflict narratives. The case of interpreters in the Libyan warzone 2011"
"A Model for Assessing Translation Quality"
"A Model for Cognitive Process of Neologisms Translation"
"A Model for Defining the Concept and Practice of Translation, from the Perspective of Greimassian Semiotics"
"A model for Hebrew translation of British humor: Amplification and overstatement"
"A Model for Matching Semantic Maps between Languages (French/English, English/French)"
"A Model for Metaphor Translation: Evidence from the Holy Quran"
"A Model for the Analysis of Translation Processes within a Framework of Systemic Linguistics"
"A model for the construction of conversational common ground in interpreted discourse"
"A Model for the Interpreters' Practice of Intercultural Communication"
"A Model for the Translation of News Agency Texts (Sapa) for Radio (OFM) News"
"A Model for Translation of Legal Texts"
"A model for using the reflective learning journal in the postgraduate translation practice classroom"
"A Model of a Bi-Directional Transfer Mechanism Using Rule Combinations"
"A model of appraisal. Spanish interpretations of President Trump’s inaugural address 2017"
"A Model of Comparative Stylistics for Machine Translation"
"A model of conference interpretation"
"A model of equivalence in the cultural adaptation of HRQoL instruments: the universalist approach"
"A model of live interlingual subtitling using respeaking technology"
"A Model of Structuralist Constructivism in Translation Studies"
"A Model of Training Translators / Interpreters at Academic Level in Poland in the Light of the Research Conducted and the Latest Legal Regulations"
"A Model of Translator’s Competence from an Educational Perspective"
"A model solution for English-Arabic-English translation students: A case study from the Lebanese University"
"A modo de conclusión: propuestas de mejora desde la Red COMUNICA" [Conclusions: proposals of improvement from the network COMUNICA]
"A Modular Approach to Spoken Language Translation for Large Domains"
"A mono-cultural approach to translating classical Chinese poetry"
"A monoglot abroad: Working through problems of translation"
"'A Montezuma', poema de Engelbert Mveng" ["'A Montezuma', poem by Engelbert Mveng]
"'A more Familiar Straine': Puppetry and Burlesque, or, Translation as Debasement in Ben Jonson's Bartholomew Fair"
"A Morphological Analyzer for Machine Translation Based on Finite-State Transducers"
"A Morphological Tagger for Korean: Statistical Tagging Combined with Corpus-Based Morphological Rule Application"
"A morphosemantic investigation of term formation processes in English and Spanish"
"A Mu-1 View of the CAT Framework in EUROTRA"
"A multidimensional analysis of the translational Chinese genre system"
"A Multidisciplinary Approach to Specialized Writing and Translation"
"A Multifaceted Evaluation of Neural versus Phrase-Based Machine Translation for 9 Language Directions"
"A multifactorial analysis of explicitation in translation"
"A multi-factorial approach to the development and analysis of professional expertise in SI"
"A Multilayered Approach to Translation Practice from a Linguistic Perspective"
"A 'Multilingual' and 'International' Translation Studies?"
"A Multilingual Contrastive Approach to Translating EU Legal Acts"
"A multilingual gold standard for translation spotting of German compounds and their corresponding multiword units in English, French, Italian and Spanish"
"A Multilingual Workshop in Poetry and Prose Translation"
"A Multimedia Database for the Training of Audiovisual Translators"
"A multimedia parallel corpus of English-Galician film subtitling"
"A multi-methodological approach to studying time-pressure in written translation. Manipulation and measurement"
"A multimodal analysis of political satire: Webcomics and GIFs in Post-Arab Spring Egypt"
"A multimodal approach in a multilingual context: Interpretation from English to Italian to Italian sign language"
"A Multivariate Approach to Lexical Diversity in Constrained Language"
"A Multivariate Study of T/V Forms in European Languages Based on a Parallel Corpus of Film Subtitles"
"A music of translation"
"A música da prosa. Traduzindo os recursos sonoro-semânticos da Utopia, de Thomas Morus (livro II)" [The music of prose. Translating phonetic-semantic resources of Thomas More's Utopia (Book II)]
"A Nagasaki Translator of Chinese and the Making of a Literary Genre"
"A Name on a Page"
"A Narrative Account of the Babels vs. Naumann Controversy. Competing Perspectives on Activism in Conference Interpreting"
"A narrative approach to media reporting of the Arab-Israeli conflict 2000-2010. An analytic study"
"A Narrative Enquiry into Mental Health Interpreting in Ireland: The responsibilities of quality service provision"
"A Narrative Theory Perspective on the Turkish Translation of The Bastard of Istanbul"
"A Narratological Approach to Content Selection in Audio Description. Towards a Strategy for the Description of Narratological Time"
"A National Center and Think Tank for Translation"
"A National Perspective on Entry-to-practice Competencies"
"A natureza, os antigos: Leopardi tradutor" [Nature, the classics: Leopardi as a translator]
"A Need for Reorientation: Creative Strategies for the Teaching of Translation into a Foreing language"
"A neoloxía terminolóxica informática en castelán, catalán e galego" [Neology in IT terminology in Spanish, Catalan and Galician]
"A Netnographic Approach to Amateur Subtitling Networks"
"A neural approach to language variety translation"
"A neuroscientific toolkit for translation studies"
"A Neutralidade em Audiodescrições de Pinturas: Resultados Preliminares de um Descrição via Teoria da Avaliatividade" [Neutrality in audio descriptions of paintings: Preliminary results os a description by means the theory of accessibility]
"A névmások fordításának kérdései angol—magyar és magyar—angol fordításokban" [The questions of translating pronouns in English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English translations]
"A New (Mis)Conception in the Face of the (Un)Translatable: ‘Terscüme’"
"A New Approach to the Analysis of Explicitation in Translation: Multiple (Learner) Translation Corpora"
"A New Approach to the Study of Translation: from Stage to Screen"
"A new approach to the study of translationese: machine-learning the difference between original and translated text"
"A New Approach to the Use of Translation in the Teaching of L2"
"A new approach to translating culture in subtitles"
"A New Approach to Translation: The Transposition or Transcription System of Sub-Saharan African Writers"
"A New Bible Translation for Sweden - Ten Years of Preparation"
"A New Bilingual Dictionary for Medical Profession"
"A New Breed of Interpreter for Immigrants. Community Interpreting in Sweden"
"A New Catholic Version in Dutch"
"A New Computational Tool for Analyzing Translation Processes: The TransCorrect Project"
"A new curriculum for the teaching of translation technology: The teaching of a translation project"
"A New Development in Audiovisual Translation Studies: Focus on Target Audience Perception"
"A New Dominion: Three Indo-Anglian Women Novelists"
"A New Dutch Translation"
"A new ecology for translation? Collaboration and resilience"
"A New Eighteenth-Century Juvenal Translator: William Popple’s Satires VI and X"
"A new English translation of the Septuagint"
"A new era in machine translation"
"A New Factor in Translation Theory, an Old Factor in Translation Practice: The Client"
"A New Family of the PARS Translation Systems"
"A New Family of the PARS Translation Systems"
"A New Generation of Arabic Dictionaries: The Corpus Linguistic Approach"
"A New Great Wall: Why the Crisis in Translation Matters"
"A new hybrid approach enabling MT for languages with little resources"
"A New Line in the Geometry"
"A New Look at Classical Chinese Poetry in Translation: Thoughts on Form, Structure, and Expression"
"A New Look at Modulation"
"A New Look at Recital Song Translation"
"A New Look at Section Headings in West African Translations"
"A new look at the concept of the Kingdom of God"
"A New Look for the PAHO MT System"
"A New Look upon the Use of Borrowings in Brazil: The Linguistic / Cultural Border"
"A new method for evaluating the quality of medical interpretation"
"A new method for the study of correlations between MT evaluation metrics"
"A New Methodology in Bible Exegesis"
"A New Model of a Translation-Oriented Dictionary"
"A new multilingual authoring tool of semistructured legal documents"
"A new pair of glasses: Translation skills in secondary school"
"A New Series of European Classics in Translation for American College Students"
"A New Spanish Translation of the Septuagint"
"A New Text Type Methodology for Translator Training: Text Analysis beyond the Communicative Intention"
"A New Theory of Translation and its Application"
"A new theory of translation"
"A New Translation of Luke 1: 20"
"A new translation of the English Bible"
"A New Translation of the Torah: A Review"
"A New Type of Help for Translators"
"A New Version in Simplified Dutch"
"A New Wind of Quality from Europe: Implications of the Court Case Cited by Holz-Mänttäri for the US Translation Industry"
"A new window on translators’ cognitive activity: Methodological issues in the combined use of eye tracking, key logging and retrospective protocols"
"A Nice Little Suffix"
"A Nigerian Version of a Greek Classic: Soyinka’s Transformation of The Bacchae"
"A Nilufar by any other Name: The Implications of Reading Sadegh Hedayat in Translation"
"A Nineteenth Century Free-Lance Translator"
"A noção de equivalência aplicada à situação tradutória" [The notion of equivalence as applied to the translation situation]
"A noção de equivalência de Koller: universalismo relativizado?" [Koller’s concept of equivalence. Relativised universalism?]
"A noção de equivalência e a sua especificidade na tradução especializada" [The notion of equivalence and its specificity in specialized translation]
"A noção de equivalência para os estudos da tradução, lexicografia e sociolinguística variacionista" [The notion of equivalence in translation studies, lexicography and variationist sociolinguistics]
"A noção de equivalência quando se traduz marcas gramaticais: o caso de mas e suas traduções para o francês e o inglês" [The notion of equivalence when translating grammar maks: the case of 'mas' and its French and English translations]
"A noção de folksonomia: uma abordagem terminológica" [The notion of folksonomy: a terminological approach]
"A noção de Literalidade: Metafora Primordial" [The notion of literariness: a fundamental metaphor]
"A noção de retradução nos estudos da tradução. Um percurso teórico" [The concept of retranslation in translation studies. A theoretical overview]
"'A nod's as good as a wink to a blind horse': An analysis of the process of documentary film interpreting"
"A non-academic view of Peter Newmark"
"A nonlinear approach to translation"
"A Norma UNE-EN 15038" [The Norm UNE-EN 15038]
"A Norm-Based Analysis of Swearing Rendition in Professional Dubbing and Non-Professional Subtitling from English into Persian"
"A Norwegian Progressive Marker and the Level of Grammaticalization"
"A Nostalgic Look at the TCs before the Age of PCs"
"A Not Infrequent Construction: Litotes in the Book of Acts"
"A Note on a Transemantic Game"
"A Note on Goethe as a Translator of English Prose, 1820-1832"
"A note on Jonah 2.8: Idolatry and inhumanity in Israel"
"A note on 'knowledge'"
"A Note on Mark XI:3"
"A Note on MEMRI & Translations"
"A note on my experience as a student, a teacher and an interpreter of English in China"
"A Note on Norms and Evidence"
"A note on phrasemic calquing"
"A note on Quine's theory of radical translation"
"A Note on the Origins of the 'Physica Vaticana' and 'Metaphyisica Media'"
"A Notional Approach to the Teaching of English Grammar"
"A nova edição dos contos de Perrault: Regina Zilberman ressignifica Walcyr Carrasco" [A new edition of Perrault’s Tales: Regina Zilberman resignifies Walcyr Carrasco]
"A novel and robust approach for pro-drop language translation"
"A Novel Approach to Computer-Assisted Translation Based on Finite-State Transducers"
"A Novel Approach to Translation Theory"
"A Novel String-to-String Distance Measure with Applications to Machine Translation Evaluation"
"A numerical survey of Elizabethan translations"
"A O(-G-n6) time extension of inversion transduction grammars"
"A obra literária entre a tradução directa e a tradução indirecta ou a importância da arqueologia crítico-textual" [Literary works between direct translation and indirect transltion or the importance of critical-textual archeology]
"A one line text is not half a two line text"
"A palavra vermelha de Hoelderlin" [Hölderlin's red word]
"A Palimpsest, or an Image of a Mutilated Statue: The Experience of Translating Shakespeare"
"A parable of swimmers"
"A parallel corpus as a terminology resource for Xhosa: A study of strategies used to translate financial statements"
"A Parallel Corpus-based Study of Translational Chinese"
"A Parallel Machine Translation System for Indian Languages"
"A Paratextual analysis of I Promessi Sposi"
"A Paratextual Look at the Greek Translations of Turkish Novels"
"A partial but positive representation"
"À partir de Georges Mounin: esquisse archéologique" [From Georges Mounin and Beyond: an Archeological Draft]
"A Patriotic Mistranslation in the Arabic of the London Polyglot"
"A pattern-based machine translation system extended by example-based processing"
"A Peculiar Burden. Some Technical Problems of Translating Opera for Performance in English"
"A pedagogic model of translating expository texts"
"A pedagogical model for integrating film education and audio description in foreign language acquisition"
"A Percepção das Diferenças de Registro e a Função do Texto na Tradução" [The perception of differences in register and the function of the text in translation]
"A Perfect Work of Art. A propósito de las primeras traducciones al inglés de Pepita Jiménez” [APerfectWorkofArt.Apropos theFirstEnglishTranslations of Pepita Jiménez]
"A 'Performative Turn' in Translation Studies? Reflections from a sociological perspective"
"A perro viejo no cuz cuz: criteris de traducció paremiològica en quatre versions de La Celestina" [A perro viejo no cuz cuz: criteria for the translation of paroemias in four versions of 'La Celestina']
"A 'Personal Attitude Construct' Analysis from the Experiences of Japanese Translators"
"A Personal Message from Andrew Chesterman"
"A Personal Perspective on Translations"
"A 'Personal Touch' to Interpreter Training"
"A Perspective on Humane Editing"
"A Perspective on the Study of the New Testament Text"
"A pertinencia da situação no ato tradutório" [The pertinence of situation in the translation act]
"A Pesquisa em Tradução Literária na UFJF" [Research in literary translation at the Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora]
"A Philosophical Interpretation of Traditional Chinese Translation Theory"
"A philosophy and ethics of international classroom translation: Communicative implications of oral mediation in Haiti"
"A Philosophy of Translating as a Literary Subject"
"A philosophy of translation"
"A Philosophy of Translation"
"A Phrase-Based, Joint Probability Model for Statistical Machine Translation"
"A Pilgrim's Progress: Translation Towards New Identities"
"A Pilot Interpreter Project"
"A pilot study into an aspect of the translation process"
"A pilot study on the undefined role of court interpreters in South Africa"
"A Pilot Study on Translation Equivalence between English and Spanish"
"A pilot study towards a corpus-based approach to investigate universal features of translation in Xhosa"
"A Pintura de Aldemir Martins Para Cegos: Audiodescrevendo Cangaceiros" [Aldermir Martins' painting for blind people: audio describing Cangaceiros]
"A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place: The Role of Range and Sense in Bible Translation"
"A place for film dialogue analysis in subtitling courses"
"A place for oral history within Translation Studies?"
"A Plain and Literal Translation (From Introduction to 'The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night')"
"A plank missing or a screw loose? On translating Serbo-Croat poetry"
"A Plea for a Policy"
"A plea for structural international cooperation and the development of a policy for translation"
"A plea to do discourse analysis now"
"A pluralistic approach to the theory and practice in the teaching of translation"
"A plus for Plurals in Writing Liberian Krahn"
"A poem of Jibanananda"
"A poesia inglesa de Pessoa" [Pessoa's English poetry]
"A Poet in Search of a Medium? An Analysis of the Graphological Structure of Tabanlo Liyong's 'Another Nigger Dead'"
"A poética da tradução" [The poetics of translation]
"A poética de Nelly Sachs" [Nelly Sachs' poetics]
"A Poética de O CORVO em Fernando Pessoa e Milton Amado" [The poetics of 'The Raven' in Fernando Pessoa and Milton Amado]
"A poetics of evasion: the queer translations of Aleksei Apukhtin"
"A Point about the Quality of the English Translation of Gulistan of Saadi by Rehatsek"
"A Point of Irony"
"A Polish translator's perspective. An interview with Adam Podstawczynski"
"A política editorial en Kalandraka Editora" [ The editorial policy in Kalandraka Editora]
"A política lingüística e tradutiva nas sociedades multilingües. Algunhas observacións preliminares" [Language and translation policies in multilingual societies. Some preliminary considerations]
"A Politics of Feminist Translation: Using Translation to Understand Gendered Meaning-Making in Research"
"A polysystemist’s response to prescriptive cultural relativism and postcolonialism"
"A Polysystems Reader"
"A poore preasant off Ytalyan costume: The Interplay of Travel and Translation in William Barker's Dyssputacion off the Nobylytye off Wymen"
"A Portable Algorithm for Mapping Bitext Correspondence"
"A Portal into the Unknown: Designing, Building, and Processing a Parallel Corpus"
"A Portion of Slippery Stones. Wordplay in Four Twentieth-Century Translations of the Hebrew Bible"
"A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man traducido al español" [A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man translated into Spanish]
"'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man'. Su traducción y Rosa Chacel" [A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, its translation and Rosa Chacel]
"A Portrait of the Translator as Laborer. A Reflection on Rodolfo Walsh’s “Nota al pie”"
"A Portuguese Bible Translator in Java"
"A Pós-Graduação em Estudos da Tradução da UFSC: trajetórias e projeções" [Graduate studies in Translation Studies at the Universidade Federal Santa Catarina: specializations and possibilities]
"A posição da literatura traduzida diante da expansão das literaturas em língua inglesa" [The position of translated literature in the framework of the expansion of English-language literatures]
"A Posición da literatura traducida no sistema literario galego" [The position of translated literature in the Galician literary system]
"A positive approach to the assessment of translation errors"
"A Positive Multi-Directional Approach to 'Difficulty': Translating the Afro-Cuban Stories of Lydia Cabrera"
"A positive use for the negative"
"A Possible Author of the Arabic Translation of Orosius' Historiae"
"A Postbilingual Zone? Language and Translation Policy in Toronto"
"A Postcript. Fans of Holmes"
"A postman's journey / Il viaggio di un postino - The transformation of Antonio Skármeta's Ardiente Paciencia"
"A Postmodern Approach towards Legal Translation: A Critical Review"
"A postmodern translational aesthetics in Brazil"
"A Post-Mortem of Note-Taking"
"A pouca visibilidade das escritoras brasileiras traduzidas na França no século XX" [The scarce visibility of Brazilian women authors translated in 20th-century France]
"A Practical Approach to Using Machine Translation Software. 'Post-editing' the Source Text"
"A practical case for managing source-language terminology"
"A Practical Development Problem"
"A Practical Proposal for the Training of Respeakers"
"A Practical Proposal to Use Venuti’s 'Minoritizing Translation' for Native American Literature"
"A Practice-Theory Analysis of Scientific Editing by Translators"
"A pragmalinguistic way of looking at humour"
"A Pragmastylistic Aspect of Literary Translation"
"'A pragmatic approach to the contrastive analysis of a literary work and two of its translations"
"A Pragmatic Approach to the Description of Phraseology in Biomedical Texts"
"A Pragmatic Classification of LSP Texts in Science and Technology"
"A pragmatic demonstration of the importance of the correct handling of LSP elements in LGP translation"
"A Pragmatic Examination of Translation of Implied Meaning"
"A pragmatic framework to note-taking in consecutive interpretation"
"A Pragmatic Translation Approach to Dubbing"
"A pragmatic, multi-dimensional model of the interpreting process"
"A prática da diferença - Introdução" [The practice of difference - Introduction]
"A prática da tradução por teóricos tradutores" [Translation practice by translator theoreticians]
"A Prayer Framework in Mark 11"
"A preface to the Hebrew Bible. The Old Testament: King James Version"
"A Preliminary Analysis of Collocational Differences in Monolingual Comparable Corpora"
"A preliminary guide to comprehension checking"
"A preliminary investigation of textual strategies to enhance audience memory in advertisement translation – With reference to English-Chinese translation"
"A preliminary pragmatic model to evaluate poetry translation"
"A preliminary scale for assessing translators’ self-efficacy"
"A preliminary semantic classification of temporal concepts"
"A Preliminary Study on Humour Translation Based on a Chinese-English Bilingual Parallel Corpus"
"A preliminary theoretical investigation into [online] social self-translation. The real, the illusory, and the hyperreal"
"A presença do intérprete de língua de sinais na mediação entre surdos e ouvintes" [The presence of the sign language interpreter in the mediation between the deaf and the hearing]
"A presença do sagrado em duas traduções do conto 'The Hammer of God', de Gilbert K. Chesterton. Uma análise à luz da linguística de corpus" [Sacredness presented in two translations of Gilbert K. Chesterton’s short story The Hammer of God. A corpus-based
"A presença italiana nas revistas literárias brasileiras da primeira metade do século XX" [The Italian presence in Brazilian literary journals in the first half of the 20th century]
"'A pretty village is a welcome sight': A contrastive study of the promotion of physical space in official tourism websites"
"A Primary Approach to Hills in an English Translation of Chinese Poems"
"A primeira tradução do 'Grande Sertão: Veredas'" [The first translation of "Grande Sertão: Veredas']
"A primeira tradução portuguesa da Eneida" [The first Portuguese translation of the Aeneid]
"A Proactive Approach to the Translation of Bible Stories for Children"
"A Probe into the Double Standards for Translation"
"A problem of communication? Diabetes care among Bangladeshi people in Bradford"
"A Problem of Pragmatic Equivalence in Intercultural Communication: Translating Requests and Suggestions"
"A Problem of Russian-to-English Translation: Aspectual Opposition in Infinitival Constructions"
"A Problemática das distintas equivalencias na traducción dos extranxeirismos alemáns" [The problematics of the different equivalents in the translations of German foreignisms]
"A problemática dos dicionários bilíngües" [The problematics of bilingual dictionaries]
"A Problem-Solving and Student-Centred Approach to the Translation of Cultural References"
"A Procedure for Self-Revision"
"A procedure for the evaluation and improvement of an MT system by the end-user"
"A process study of computer-aided translation"
"A Process View of Translation"
"A process-analytical approach to translation and implications for translations teaching"
"A Process-based Study of the Reformulation Strategies of Culture-bound Humorous Discourse"
"A process-oriented approach for documenting and gauging intercultural competence in translation"
"À procura de traduções da literatura polaca em Portugal: Algumas questões sobre o uso de fontes bibliográficas na história da tradução" [In search of translations from Polish literature in Portugal: Some remarks on the use of bibliographical sources in t
"A product and process analysis of post-editor corrections on neural, statistical and rule-based machine translation output"
"A Product-Based Approach to Translation Training"
"A Productivity Test of Statistical Machine Translation. Post-Editing in a Typical Localisation Context"
"A profesión de traductor nas organizacións internacionais" [The translation profession in international organizations]
"A profession in the making: Self-descriptions of liaison interpreters in Estonia"
"A Professional Approach to Translator Training (PATT)"
"A professional development initiative for interpreters in Queensland"
"A Professional Framework for Linguists Working in the UK Legal System"
"A professional ideology in the making. Bilingual youngsters interpreting for their communities and the notion of (no) choice"
"A Professional’s Perspective"
"A Profile of Copper Canyon Press"
"A profissionalização de intérpretes de línguas de sinais na esfera jurídica" [The professionalization of sign interpreters in the legal domain]
"A Program for Aligning Sentences in Bilingual Corpora"
"A Program for Automatically Selecting the Best Output from Multiple Machine Translation Engines"
"A Program for the Machine Translation of Languages"
"A Programming Language for Mechanical Translation"
"A project in bilingual terminography: Where lexicography, terminology and translation studies meet"
"A Project to Boost and Improve Employability Chances among Translation and Interpreting Graduates in Spain"
"A project-based approach to subtitler training"
"A project-based methodology in translator training"
"A Promising Research Ground: Translation Historiography in Brazil"
"A promoção e o ensino do português na Dinamarca" [Promoting and teaching Portuguese in Denmark]
"A promoção e o ensino do português na Europa: o caso da Espanha" [Promoting and teaching Portuguese in Europe: Spain as a case in point]
"A promoção e o ensino do português na Grécia" [Promoting and teaching Portuguese in Greece]
"A Pronominal Approach to Valency in Translation"
"A Pronominal Basis for Computer-Assisted Translation. The Proton Project"
"A proper approach to exegesis"
"A Prophecy for the Jews: Isaiah in Yiddish and German"
"À propos d’une nouvelle édition avec traduction de Shakespeare" [On a new edition of a translation of Shakespeare]
"A propos de 'de': Réflexions de pédagotrad sur la notion d'idiomaticité" [On 'de': translational pedagogy reflections on the notion of idiomaticness]
"À propos de deux points controversés en traductologie" [On two moot points in the theory of translation]
"A propos de 'Do'" [On 'Do']
"A propos de Gertrude Stein: la traduction rêvée" [About Gertrude Stein: the Dreamed Translation]
"A propos de la classification internationale type des professions de 1988 (CITP 88)" [On the international classification of professions in 1988 (CITP 88)]
"À propos de la critique de la traduction" [On translation criticism]
"A propos de la lexicographie terminologique" [On terminological lexicography]
"A propos de la monosémie en terminologie" [On monosemic terms in terminology]
"A propos de la paraphrase dans le cours de traduction" [On paraphrase in translation teaching]
"À propos de la traduction automatique des déterminants de l'espagnol et du français" [On the machine translation of Spanish and French determinatives]
"A propos de la traduction de la bible en créole: analyse de quelques problèmes linguistiques et sociolinguistiques" [About the translation of the Bible in Creole: analysis of some linguistic and sociolinguistic problems]
"À propos de la traduction des Traducteurs dans l’histoire / Translators through History" [On the translation of Traducteurs dans l’histoire / Translators through History]
"À propos de la traduction dite spécialisée: réflexions sur la 'gestion' du sens, entre traducteur et traductaire" [On the so-called specialized translation: some remarks on the ‘management' of sense, between translator and would-be translator]
"À propos de la traduction du coréen à l'ÉSIT" [On translating Korean at the ESIT]
"A propos de la traduction du 'Tombeau des rois'" [On the translation of 'Tombeau des rois']
"À propos de la traduction d'un poème d'Auden" [On the translation of a poem by Auden]
"À propos de la traduction médicale et pharmaceutique" [On medical and pharmaceutical translation]
"A propos de la traduction poétique" [On poetic translation]
"A propos de langues..." [On languages...]
"A propos de l'erreur en traduction" [On translation errors]
"A propos de l'interprétation consécutive - Traduction orale" [On consecutive interpreting - Oral translation]
"A propos de mes traductions" [On my translations]
"À propos de quelques 'dérapages' dans la version espagnole du Cornet à dés de Max Jacob" [On some 'errors' in the Spanish version of Max Jacob's Cornet à dés]
"A propos de traductologie" [On translatology]
"A propos des oppositions suffixales entre langues proches: le français face à l'espagnol et à l'italien" [On suffixal oppositions between close languages: French vs. Spanish and Italian]
"A propos des problèmes théoriques de la traduction" [On the theoretical problems of translation]
"À propos des procédés de traduction" [On translation strategies]
"A propos des traductions de Giacomo Zanella" [On Giacomo Zanella's translations]
"Á propos des traductions de La Fille du régiment de Gaetano Donizetti" [On the translations of Gaetano Donizetti's 'La Fille du régiment']
"A propos des traductions en Turc Osmanli des textes religieux chrétiens" [On translations into Osmanli Turkish of Christian religious texts]
"À propos des versions doublées en français de New York-Miami" [On the French dubbed versions of New York-Miami]
"A propos du bicentenaire de la Révolution Française. Trois poètes-traducteurs hongrois enthusiastes de la Révolution Française" [On the bicentennial of the French Revolution. Three Hungarian poet-translators enthusiastic over the French Revolution]
"A propos du roman Curial e Guelfa: remarques sur l'elaboration d'une edition contemporaine multilingue" [On the novel Curial e Güelfa: some considerations on the making of a multilingual modern edition]
"À propos du service de traduction" [On the translation service]
"A propos du signal non verbal en interprétation simultanée" [On non-verbal signs in simultaneous interpreting]
"A propos d'un onéreux devoir du citoyen" [On an onerous citizen's duty]
"À propos d'une expérience de traduction: Désir sous les ormes d'Eugène O'Neill" [On a translation experience: 'Desire Under the Elms', by Eugene O'Neill]
"A propos d'une nouvelle traduction des 'Sonnets à Orphée'" [On a new translation of 'Sonnets to Orpheus']
"A propos d'unités de tarif" [About unit prices]
"A proposal for an assessment of voice quality in tv broadcast simultaneous interpreting through a gestaltic approach: theoretical paradigm for a new questionnaire"
"A Proposal for Dictionarization of an Indian Language"
"A Proposal for Globally Competitive Graduate Level Translation and Interpretation Curriculum Based on a Comparison of Existing Curricula of Graduate Schools in Korea and Abroad"
"A Proposal for Language Teaching in Translator Training Programmes Using Data-Driven Learning in a Task-Based Approach"
"A Proposal for Translation Research Strategy for Africa"
"A Proposal in the Field of Bible Translation"
"A Proposal to Include Book History in Translation Studies. Illustrated with German Translations of Scott and Flaubert"
"A Proposed Commentary on the Septuagint"
"A proposed curriculum roadmap for 'marketable' undergraduate degrees in translation: it all begins with a digital sciences information session"
"A proposed method of displaying the collocational structure of texts"
"A proposed methodology for analysing the translation of prose fiction texts with a narratively bound ironic component"
"A proposed model and procedure for studying message distortion in translation"
"A proposed set of placement strategies for integrated titles. Based on an analysis of existing strategies in commercial films"
"A Proposed Set of Subtitling Standards in Europe"
"A proposed strategy for computer-aided translation education: A brief summary for the teaching practice of the CAT Master's program at Peking University"
"A proposed workflow for the creation of integrated titles – Based on eye tracking data"
"A propòsit de l’edició de Tintín en alguerès i dels problemes de codificació" [On the edition of Tintin in Algherese and its codification problems]
"A propòsit de la traducció del Misantrop" [About the translation of The Misantrophe]
"A Propositional Representation Theory of Consecutive Notes and Notetaking"
"A propósito da literatura traducida" [On translated literature]
"A propósito de “L’initiation à la traduction économique” de Jean Delisle (1988)" [Reflections on Jean Delisle's “L’initiation à la traduction économique” (1988)]
"A propósito de la desambiguación del antropónimo Francisco Ximénez OP” [Regarding the disambiguation of the anthroponym Francisco Ximénez OP]
"A propósito de la edición de la primera traducción griega del 'Quijote' y el hallazgo de un nuevo manuscrito" [On the edition of the first Greek translation of the 'Quixote' and the finding of a new mansucript]
"A propósito de la homogeneidad de algunas categorías del proceso de comunicación" [On the homogeneity of some categories in the communication process]
"A propósito de la traducción de compuestos alemanes al español: algunos ejemplos paradigmáticos en el discurso de la educación superior" [On the translation of German compounds into Spanish: some paradigmatic examples in the discourse of higher education
"A propósito de la traducción de 'Herodías' por Rosa Chacel" [On Rosa Chacel's translation of 'Herodias']
"A propósito de la traducción de resúmenes al inglés" [On the Spanish-English translation of abstracts]
"A propósito de las memorias de Schmidt, intérprete de Hitler" [On the memoirs written by Schmidt, Hitler's interpreter]
"A propósito de léxico y cultura" [On lexicon and culture]
"A propósito de 'Marie Tudor' de Victor Hugo: los problemas de traducción del texto teatral" [On Victor Hugo's 'Marie Tudor': the problems of translating drama]
"A propósito de um congresso national de tradução (Portugal)" [On a national congress on translation (Portugal)]
"A propósito de una traducción castellana cuatrocentista: las 'Vidas y costumbres de los viejos filósofos'" [On a 15th-century Spanish translation of the 'Lives and ways of the old philosophers']
"A propósito de una traducción de Henry David Thoreau a principios de siglo XX" [On a translation of Henry David Thoreau in the beginnings of the 20th century]
"A propósito de una traducción de 'In a German Pension', de Katherine Mansfield" [On a translation of 'In a German Pension', by Katherine Mansfield]
"A propósito del centenario de Miguel Hernández: El paisaje en las letras valencianas como problema de recepción" [On the centenary of Miguel Hernández: Landscape in Valencian literature as a problem of reception]
"A propósito del lenguaje jurídico y de su traducción" [On legal language and its translation]
"A propósito del término 'translema'" [On the term: 'transleme']
"A proposito del tradurre" [On translation]
"A propósito dunha tradución dos 'Carmina Burana'" [On a translation of the 'Carmina Burana']
"A Prototype Based Approach to the Translation of Malay and English Idioms"
"A Prototype System for Machine Interpretation"
"A Prototype Term Bank of Health and Social Welfare Terms"
"A Prototypical Approach within Descriptive Translation Studies? Colliding Norms in Translated Children's Literature"
"A prototypical model of translation types"
"A Provisional Bibliography of Published Translations of Voltaire"
"A pshychological assessment of simultaneous interpretation: The interaction of individual differences and mental workload"
"A Psychoanalytic Translation of Freud"
"A Psycholinguistic Analysis of the Translation Process"
"A Psycholinguistic Analysis of Translation Processes"
"A Psycholinguistic Approach to Theatre Translation"
"A Psycholinguistic Model of Simultaneous Interpretation"
"A Psycholinguistic Perspective on Simultaneous Interpretation"
"A psychological analysis of translation as a type of speech activity"
"A Psychological Approach to Consecutive Interpretation"
"A Psychological Approach to Simultaneous Interpretation"
"A psychometric approach to the selection of translation and interpreting students in Taiwan"
"A Psychometric Theory of Evaluations of Item and Scale Translations: Fidelity Across Languages"
"A Publisher's Perspective"
"A Quadruple Quote in the Triumphal Entry Account in Warao"
"A Qualitative Teacher-Student Oriented Approach to Translation Teaching"
"A Quality Assurance Model for Remote Language Mediation"
"A Quality Model for the Evaluation of Open Translation Technologies"
"A quality standard for translations"
"A Quality–Assurance Model for Language Projects"
"A Quantitative Approach to Compare Collocational Patterns in Translated and Non-translated Texts"
"A quantitative approach to compounds in translated Finnish: the unique items hypothesis"
"A quantitative discourse analysis of community interpreting”
"A quantitative enquiry into the translator’s job-related happiness: Does visibility correlate with happiness?"
"A Quasi-Arithmetical Notation for Syntactic Description"
"A Quasi-experimental Research Project on Subtitling and Foreign Language Acquisition"
"A Quebec-Canada Constitutional Law Lexicon (French to English)"
"A Queer Glaswegian Voice"
"A Queer Trade"
"A quest for effective and inclusive design of Chinese characters in subtitling"
"A quest for web search optimisation: an evidence-based approach to trainee translators’ behaviour"
"A Questão da Equivalência entre os Advérbios em –ly e –mente no par de Línguas Inglês-Português: como Funciona em Linguagens Especializadas?" [The equivalence issue between adverbs with -ly and -mente in the English-Portuguese language pair: how does thi
"A questão da equivalência funcional em tradução juramentada - O caso do francês da Suíça" [The issue of functional equivalence in sworn translation - The case of French in Switzerland]
"A questão da metalinguagem em uma disciplina de introdução aos estudos da tradução: uma proposta de unidade didática" [The question of metalanguage in an introductory course to Translation Studies. A Didactic Unit proposition]
"A questão da tradução em versões brasileiras de canções anglófonas" [The issue of translation in Brazilian versions of English-language songs]
"A 'questão do Fausto' (Goethe)" [The Faust issue (Goethe)]
"A Question of Peak"
"A Question of Standing"
"A Question of Taste: Translating the Flavour of Italy"
"A Question of Tenses: Hebrews 11:15"
"A Question of Values. Translation Preferences Among Polish Readers of Science Fiction and Fantasy"
"A Question on Translation"
"A qui parlons-nous? Et en quelle langue? La réception de l’Autre étranger. Le cas de 'commmunity' (anglais britannique) déchiré par la multiplicité de ses traductions en langue française" [Who are we speaking to? And in which language? The reception of t
"A quoi bon enseigner la traduction technique?" [What's the use of teaching well technical translation?]
"A Rag, But of Silk"
"A raposa d'O Principiño' non quería ser domesticada senón cativada: comparación das traducións castelá e galega d'O Principiño" [The fox of The Little Prince did not want to be tamed but captivated: a comparison of the Spanish and Galician translations o
"A Rasch-based Validation of the Evaluation Rubric for Consecutive Interpreting Performance
"A Rationale for a Translator-Centered, Process-Oriented Methodology for Translation Quality Assessment"
"A rationale for adaptation"
"A Rationale for Descriptive Translation Studies"
"A Rationale for Interactive Translation"
"A Raw French Film Survives Translation"
"A reacción contra o modernismo: a poesía italiana moderna e a súa tradución anglo-americana" [The reaction against modernism: Italian modern poetry and its English-American translation]
"A Real Approach to Virtual Teams"
"A reáliák fordítása a fordító kulturális kompetenciája szemszögébõl" [Pending]
"A recepção da obra de Franz Kafka no Brasil" [The reception of Franz Kafka's works in Brazil]
"A recepção do Fausto de Goethe na Literatura Portuguesa do século XIX" [The reception of Goethe's Faust in 19th-century Portuguese literature]
"A recepção do sertão brasileiro pela cultura italiana: traduções das obras rosiana e euclidiana" [The reception of the Brazilian sertão by Italian culture: the translations of Rosa's and Euclides' works]
"A reception study of machine translated subtitles for MOOCs"
"A reception study on non-professional subtitling. Do audiences notice any difference?"
"A Recommended Reading Program for Developing the Skills Needed in Old Testament Translation"
"A Reconsideration of Natural Translation for a Theory of Translation"
"A Reconsideration of Translation Quality and Standards"
"A recriação poética e o silêncio. Eugénio de Andrade, tradutor de Lorca" [Poetic re-creation and silence. Eugenio de Andrade, translator or Lorca]
"A reescrita cultural do passado como processo tradutório" [The cultural rewriting of the past as a translational process]
"A Reescritura da Tragédia Grega: "Electra", de Sófocles, e "El Reñidero", de Sergio de Cecco" [Rewriting the Greek tragedy: 'Electra', by Sophocles, and 'El Reñidero', by Segio de Cecco]
"A Reflection on Action Research Processes in Translator Training"
"A Reflection on Adaptations of Gulliver's Travels for Children and Teenagers in Spain during the Last Half of the 20th Century"
"A reflection on the translation of sex-related language in audio-visual texts: the Spanish version of J.K. Rowling's 'The Casual Vacancy'"
"A Reflection on Translation Issues in User-Centred Design"
"A Register of Translators. Application of a New Card-Index System"
"A Register-Based Translation Evaluation: An Advertisement as a Case in Point"
"A relação da tradução com a escrita em Psicanálise" [The relationships of translation with psychoanalitical works]
"A relação entre cor e identidade étnica em traduções brasileiras de um romance norteamericano" [The relationship between coloru and ethnic identity in Brazilian translations of an American novel]
"A relação entre modalidades, línguas e cultura na versão de Macunaíma para o francês" [The relationship between modalities, languages and culture in the French version of Macunaima]
"A relação exemplar entre autor e revisor (e outros trabalhadores textuais semelhantes) e o mito de Babel: alguns comentários sobre História do Cerco de Lisboa, de José Saramago" [The exemplary relationship between author and proofreader (as well as other
"A Relative of the Original"
"A Relevance Theory Approach to the Investigation of Inferential Processes in Translation"
"A Relevance-Based Approach to Poetry in Translation"
"A Relevance-based Framework for Explicitation and Implicitation in Translation. An Alternative Typology"
"A Relevance-theoretic account of simultaneous interpretation"
"A relevance-theoretic account of the use of the discourse marker well in translation from Chinese into English"
"A relevance-theoretic account of the way we use and understand the English temporal adverb again and its Norwegian counterpart igjen"
"A relevance-theoretic analysis of concept narrowing and broadening in English and Norwegian original texts and translations"
"A Relevance-Theoretic Approach to Effort and Effect in Translation: Discussing the Cognitive Interface between Inferential Processing, Problem-solving and Decision-making"
"A Relevance-Theoretic Approach to Translating Advertisements"
"A relevância da vagueza para a tradução, ilustrada com exemplos de inglês para português" / "The relevance of vagueness for translation: examples from English to Portuguese"
"A relevancia-elmélet alkalmazása a kultúra-specifikus kifejezések fordításának vizsgálatában" [Applying relevance theory to culture-specific items in translation studies]
"A relevancy approach to cultural competence in translation curricula"
"A report of the American translation consultants' seminar, 1981 (with abstracts of papers presented)"
"A Report on Research into the Functions of Relative Clauses in Languages of Cameroon"
"A Report on the Arctic College Interpreter-translators Program"
"A Report on the Deposition Interpreting Class at the Monterey Institute of International Studies"
"A Report on the Experiences of Implementing an MT System for Use in a Commercial Environment"
"A Reporte of the Kingdom of Congo: Framing and Translating African Travel Writing for an Early Modern Readership"
"A Representação do Participante 'Tradutor / Translator' em Translators Through History e Os Tradutores na História" [The depiction of participant 'tradutor / translator' in Translators Through History and in Os Tradutores na História]
"'A república dos soños', de Nélida Piñon, en galego" ['A república dos soños', by Nélida Piñon, in Galician]
"A responsabilidade de traduzir o in-traduzível: Jacques Derrida e o desejo de [la] tradução" [The responsibility of translating the un-translatable: Jacques Derrida and the desire for [la] translation]
"A response to "The case of the missing Russian translation theories""
"A response to Barbara Moser-Mercer on simultaneous interpreting"
"A Response to Lars Lode"
"A response to the response to The case of the missing Russian translation theories"
"A Response: What Does 'Source Language' Mean?"
"A retextualização interlingual de fábulas: um estudo de caso" [The inter-lingual retextualization of fables: a case study]
"A retradução do poema a Fumetti de Dino Buzzati: Uma reescritura pós-ideológica?" [The retranslation of Dino Buzzati's Poema a Fumetti. A post-ideological rewriting?]
"A retrospective and prospective view of translation research from an empirical, experimental, and cognitive perspective: the TREC network"
"A review of 40 years of interpreting research in China (1978-2018)"
"A Review of Conference Interpretation: Practice and Training"
"A review of guidelines for cross-cultural adaptation of questionnaires could not bring out a consensus"
"A Review of Health Interpreter Services in a Rural Community: a Total Quality Management Approach"
"A Review of Interviews With Spanish Writers by Marie-Lise Gazarian Gautier"
"A Review of Recent Shih Chi Translations"
"A Review of 'Relevance Theory' in Relation to Bible Translation in South-Central Africa [Part I]"
"A Review of 'Relevance Theory' in Relation to Bible Translation in South-Central Africa [Part II]"
"A Review of Textbooks in Translation Studies"
"A review of Thai-English machine translation"
"A review of the concept of “functional equivalent” in translation: business entity types in Spain and in the United States"
"A Review of the Introduction, Application and Study of Functionalist Skopos Theory in China (1987–2005)"
"A review of the state-of-the-art in automatic post-editing"
"A review on Chinese translation reference books (1970-2009)"
"A Review on Textless Back Translation of China-Themed Works Written in English"
"A review on Translation Studies books in China"
"A Revised Design for an Understanding Machine"
"A Revised Model for the Professionalization of Court Interpreting in Taiwan"
"A Revision of a Revision"
"A Revision or a New Translation?"
"A Revista Grial, introductora da literaturas alleas, panorama das traduccións ó galego (ámbito francófono)" [The journal Grial, importer of foreign literatures; a general view of translations into Galician (French-speaking domain)]
"A Revolution in Consecutive Interpretation: Digital Voice Recorder-Assisted CI"
"A rhetorical approach to translation: The Chinese 'Report on the Work of the Government' as a case study"
"A Rhetorical Paradigm Shift in Media Arabic: From Preaching to the Converted to Devil's Advocacy"
"'A río revuelto…' o la traducción del protocolo de un ensayo clínico y sus meandros" ['Take your chance...' or the translation of clinical trial protocols and its byways]
"A roadmap to neural automatic post-editing: an empirical approach"
"A robust design of the translator's skill set. Evidence for transfer of metacognitive skills to intralingual paraphrasing"
"A Role for Communicative Competence and the Acquisition-Learning Distinction in Translator Training"
"A Roman Catholic Testament"
"A roof is an umbrella: Metaphor, culture and translation"
"A Room of One’s Own in Spanish: from Borges to a Feminist Translation"
"A Room of One's Own, Un Cuarto propio, Une chambre à soi. Circulations, déplacements, réévaluations" [A Room of One's Own, Un Cuarto propio, Une chambre à soi. Circulations, displacements, reassessments]
"A rough guide to subtitling"
"A Rule Based Approach for Japanese-Uyghur Machine Translation System"
"A Russian Translation of 'Paradise Lost'"
"A Samovar is a Samovar is a Samovar. Hopes and Failures of the Author as the Object and Subject of Translation"
"'A Sample Set of Principles', Eugene Nida’s proposals for 'organising a translation project in the light of the Spanish translation of the Kitáb-i-Aqdas'"
"A Saracen Princess in Three Translations"
"A satellite translation project"
"A satisfying condition: an interview with Norman R. Shapiro"
"A Scene of Intimate Entanglements, or, Reckoning with the 'Fuck' of Translation"
"A School for Translators"
"A Second Look at the United Bible Societies' Greek New Testament"
"A Second Pair of Eyes: Revision, Editing, and Proofreading"
"A segmentação linguística das legendas para surdos e ensurdecidos (LSE) de telenovelas: Uma pesquisa baseada em corpus" [The linguistic segmentation of subtitles for the death and the hard-of-hearing (SDH) of soap operas: A corpus-based research]
"A Selected Bibliography of Latin-American Literature in English Translation"
"A Self-Learning Method of Parallel Texts Alignment"
"A semantic approach to noun phrase structure and the definite - indefinite distinction in Germanic and Romance"