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[A Course in English-Chinese Translation] (In Chinese)
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[A few suggestions for the development of theoretical discourse on translation] (in Chinese)
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[A functionalist critique of two Chinese translations of "Gone with the Wind"] (in Chinese)
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[A Letter on the Chinese Versions of the Red and Black (Part 1): Xu Jun’s Letter to Xu Yuanchong] (In Chinese)
[A Letter on the Chinese Versions of the Red and Black (Part 4): Hao Yun’s Letter to Xu Jun] (In Chinese)
[A Letter on the Chinese Versions of the Red and Black (Part 7): Luo Xinzhang’s Letter to Xu Yuanchong] (In Chinese)
[A Letter on the Chinese Versions of The Red and the Black (Part 2): Xu Yuanchong's Letter to Xu Jun] (In Chinese)
[A linguistic approach to the theory and didactics of translation] (in Greek)
[A more objective approach to interpretation evaluation: Exploring the use of scoring rubrics] (in Chinese)
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[A Study on Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility for Court Interpreters and its Legal Implication] (In Korean)
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[A Study on the Role and Status of News Translators in South Korea: Focusing on the Case of English News] (In Korean)
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[A survey of recent research in translation in China] (in Chinese)
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[A translator's manual] (In Chinese)
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[Adaptive Translation of International News from English to Chinese: An Exploration of Methods] (In Chinese)
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[After the Hump Flight: The report by a military interpreter] (In Chinese)
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[An Annotated Critical Bibliography of Chinese Translations of Twentieth-Century Drama in English] (In Chinese)
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[An Exploration on Translation Teacher Training Routes and Modes – Take ‘National Training Programs for Translation Teachers in Institutions of Higher Learning” as an example] (In Chinese)
[An information processing approach to the construction of a cognitive-psychological model for understanding the translational process] (in Chinese)
[An initial discussion on the interpreter’s keeping consistency with the speaker’s ways of thinking in interpreting in industrial settings] (In Chinese)
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[An Intercultural Approach to the Translation of Metaphorical Phrases] (In Chinese)
[An interpretation of major writings in traditional Chinese Translation Studies] (in Chinese)
[An Interpretation of Pen / IRL Report on the International Situation of Literary Translation] (In Chinese)
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[An Interview with Prof. Jin Di] (In Chinese)
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[An Overview of Interpreting Theories] (In Chinese)
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[Artistic Translation: Some Theoretical Issues Investigated] (In Chinese)
[Aspectos discursivos de la traducción de la correspondencia comercial chino-español: movimientos retóricos y estrategias de cortesía] Aspects of Discourse in Translating Commercial Correspondence (Chinese-Spanish): rhetorical moves and politeness strateg
[Aspects of English Translation of Lu Xun’s Fiction: An Interview with Julia Lovell] (In Chinese)
[Aspects of Translation: An Interview with Chi Pan-yuan] (In Chinese)
[Aspects of Translation: An Interview with Kwang-chung Yu] (In Chinese)
[Assessment of Chinese-English Conference Interpreting: A Functional Perspective] (In Chinese)
[Assessment of interpreting quality: viewpoints of the users: a survey of real-life interpreting] (In Chinese)
[Associative Sight Translation: A Pedagogical Method to Avoid Interference] (In Korean]
[Automatic Word Segmentation Methods for Chinese Language] (in Chinese)
[Be Careful with Political Meanings of Diplomatic Usage] (In Chinese)
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['Ben-Hur' in the Holy Land: The Story of a Christian adventure novel and its Hebrew translations] (in Hebrew)
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[China’s External-Oriented Propaganda Translation: A Rewriting Manipulated by Ideology] (In Chinese)
[China's Own System of Theory of Translation] (In Chinese)
[China's tradition of religious translation as a mirror for its fiction translation] (in Chinese)
[Chinese culture-specific expressions in translation teaching] (in Chinese)
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[Chinese-English Translation in Business: A Special Study] (in Chinese)
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[Cognitive research into interpreting. Relationship between simultaneous and working memory] (In Chinese)
[Collected essays on translation] (In Chinese)
[Comments on a Chinese Version of 'Tess of the D’Urbervilles'] (in Chinese)
[Comments on Cao Minglun’s Chinese Version of Bacon’s 'Essays'] (in Chinese)
[Comments on Different Versions of 'Interpretation of Dreams'] (in Chinese)
[Community-based interpreter] (In Japanese)
[Comparative Literature and Contemporary Cultural Criticism] (In Chinese)
[Comparative Study on Punctuations Used in Chinese and Punctuations Used in English and Their Translating Strategies] (In Chinese)
[Comparison and translation of the textual functions of English and Chinese punctuation] (In Chinese)
[Computational stylistics in the translator’s work (on the basis of the author’s own translations)] (in Polish)
[Computer-aided Business Translation Teaching: The Use of MT and TM as Aids to Translation] (In Chinese)
[Computer-aided quality assessment in scientific and technical translation - The pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China as a case study] (in Chinese)
[Computer-aided translation: MT & TM] (in Chinese)
[Conceptual Approach Used in the Development of a Glossary of Medical Terms Russian-Spanish]
[Conciseness as the Soul of English Translation of Advertisements] (in Chinese)
[Conference Interpreting: Theories, Skills & Practice] (in Chinese)
[Connotative Construction of China’s Professional Translation Education under the New Situations – Reflections on and explorations of the establishment of Doctor of Translation and Interpreting (DTI) programs] (In Chinese)
[Consecutive notes: An artist's tool] (In Chinese)
[Considered translation or sane translation: Spoken Hebrew as a language of literary translation] (in Hebrew)
[Constructing a corpus technology-based model for advance preparation in interpreting] (In Chinese)
[Constructing meanings and authority in bilingual health care] (in Chinese)
[Constructing the Diaspora Translator Model for Translation and Dissemination of Chinese Literature — A Case Study of Toming Jun Liu’s Translation of Mu Xin’s Short Story Collection An Empty Room] (In Chinese)
[Construction of Interpreting Teaching System – Theory and Practice of Interpreting Teaching System of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (I)] (In Chinese)
[Contemporary Translation Theories in France] (in Chinese)
[Context Analysis and Semantic Choice of Commendatory Terms and Derogatory Terms] (In Chinese)
[Conversion Practices for Foreign Place Names -- Romanization to Chinese] (In Chinese)
[Corpus Linguistics and Translation Studies] (In Chinese)
[Corpus-Based Analysis for English-Chinese Translation of Passives in VOA News] (In Chinese)
[Corpus-based interpreting studies. The state of the art] (in Chinese)
[Criteria and objectives of translation] (in Chinese)
[Criticism of Chinese and Western Translation Theories] (in Chinese)
[Critique of Translation Theories in Chinese Tradition - From Dao An to Fu Lei] (in Chinese)
[Cultural Awareness and Chinese Classics Translation] (In Chinese)
[Cultural Determinants in Advertising Slogans Translation] (in Polish)
[Cultural differences in the translation of metaphors] (in Chinese)
[Cultural Globalisation and Translation from Chinese to Foreign Languages] (In Chinese)
[Cultural Position of Translated Literature and Translator’s Cultural Attitude] (in Chinese)
[Cultural Translation and Elaboration on Canon Works] (in Chinese)
[Culture and Translation] (in Chinese)
[Current Practices of Court Interpreting in Taiwan: Challenges and Possible Solutions] (In Chinese)
[Current situation of Chinese-English public sign translation and strategies of communicative translation] (In Chinese)
[Curriculum Design and Compilation of Teaching Materials for Interpretation Studies] (In Chinese)
[Debate on Chinese Literary Translation in the 20th Century] (in Chinese)
[Debate on Retranslation and Translation Not from the Original Text in 20th Century’s Literary Translation in China] (in Chinese)
[Deborah Smith’s Approach to Translation and A Reanalysis of The Vegetarian With Reference to Two Retranslation Approaches] (In Korean)
[Decisions in Translating Poetry] (In Hebrew)
[Describing the target language communication norms in Chinese-English interpreting] (in Chinese)
[Design and Implementation of Chinese-English Parallel Corpus for Translation Teaching and Research] (In Chinese)
[Designing Syllabus for Undergraduate Translation Major] (in Chinese)
[Designing the Master Program in Business Translation: An Exploratory Study] (In Chinese)
[Detailed Analysis of Ye Junjian’s Philosophy of Translation] (In Chinese)
[Developing and Improving the System of Translation Studies in Our Country: On the Establishment of a Chinese Translatology] (In Chinese)
[Deverbalization in conference and simultaneous interpretation: A cognitive view] (in Chinese)
[Diagnosing Korea’s Undergraduate T&I Training and Education: Through an Investigation of HUFS, Dongguk University and Kyung Hee University] (In Korean)
[Dialogue Between "The Other and I": Two Forms of Aesthetic Stimulus-response in Translation of Poems from Chinese to English] (In Chinese)
[Differences of Quality Assessment Criteria Between Simultaneous Interpreting and Consecutive Interpreting] (In Chinese)
[Difficult Decisions] (In Chinese)
[Difficulties in translation of official documents] (in Polish)
[Discourse on Affection and National Crisis in Lin Shu's Translation of Nami-ko] (In Chinese)
[Discussing the Purposes, Processes and Evaluation Criteria for the Translation of Foreign Vocal Lyrics] (In Chinese)
[Discussion about Communication Model Teaching in Consecutive Interpretation] (In Chinese)
[Discussion of two translations of the names in 'Cien años de soledad' in Taiwan] (in Chinese)
[Discussion on Translation Criticism] (In Chinese)
[Discussions and reflections on translation of “Eight Honours and Eight Shames”] (In Chinese)
[Distortion of a text through narrative framing in translation. A case study of controversy surrounding the Korean translation of Angus Deaton's The Great Escape] (In Korean)
[Diverged Roads: On the Two Earliest Chinese Translations of Jane Eyre] (In Chinese)
[Do You Know What this Bird is Saying? Translating Animal Language as Spiritual Knowledge] (In Arabic)
[Documents and Correspondence Translation] (In Persian)
[Domestication and Foreignization in China's Literary Translation during the 1950s and 1960s] (In Chinese)
[Domestication: A Wrong Track in Translation] (In Chinese)
[Early Translations of Aristotle's 'Poetics.' Wasted Opportunity or Creative Adaptation?] (In Arabic)
[Eco-Translatology. Construction & Interpretation] (in Chinese)
[Effects of logical connectives on cognitive efforts in Chinese-English sight translation. An eye-tracking experiment] (In Chinese)
[Electronic translators in the process of translation. Help or an obstacle?] (in Polish)
[Endeavour to improve public signs and gradually develop reference translations] (In Chinese)
[English / Chinese Translation Textbooks in China (1949-1998)] (in Chinese)
[English and German as pivot languages in Chinese-Polish and Polish-Chinese translation of contracts of lease] (in Polish)
[English Translation of Chinese Empty Words] (In Chinese)
[English-Chinese Interpretation Note-taking Course] (In Chinese)
[English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpreting] (In Chinese)
[English-to-Korean Translation on Body Language] (In Korean)
[Enhancing the Quality of Court Interpretation – A Functionalist Approach] (In Chinese)
[erving the Reform and Opening Up for 4 Decades – Translation practice and education usher in transformation in the new era] (In Chinese)
[Essays on Translation] (In Chinese)
[Essays on Translation] (In Chinese)
[Ethnic Ideology and Translation of Ethnic-themed Novels: A Case Study of the English Version of the Last Quarter of the Moon] (in Chinese)
[Evaluating interpreting quality and effect] (in Chinese)
[Everyone thinks one knows how to translate] (in Hebrew)
[Examples of interpretive approaches: cultural elements seen in the settings of medical interpreting] (In Japanese)
[Experiments on Improving Sight-Interpretation Memorization for Simultaneous Interpretation] (in Chinese)
[Explicitation in Chinese-English Consecutive Interpreting. A Comparative Study of Professional and Student Interpreters] (in Chinese)
[Explicitation in Chinese-to-English Consecutive Interpreting: A Case Study] (In Chinese)
[Exploration, construction and development. 60 years of Translation Studies in New China] (in Chinese)
[Explorations into Translation Issues] (In Chinese)
[Exploring Equivalent-Effect Translation - Revised Edition] (In Chinese)
[Exploring foreign language teaching of Siyi Guan of the Ming Dynasty] (in Chinese)
[Exploring Literary Translation Between English and Chinese] (in Chinese)
[Exploring Translation Behavior Regarding Sentence Length and Sentence Constituents: A Descriptive Study Based on a Chinese-Japanese Bidirectional Parallel Corpus] (In Chinese)
[Extensional dimensions of Translation Studies] (in Chinese)
[Faux amis and compound nouns as a didactic and translation challenge] (in Polish)
[Female Translation Styles in Literary Works. With a focus on the usage of Chinese Characters] (In Korean)
[Field interpreting] (In Chinese)
[Filial Piety, the Imperial Works and Tranalation: Pierre-Martial Cibot and Hiao-King] (In Chinese)
[Flexible transference of culture image in translation of brand name] (In Chinese)
[Focus and methods of interpreting studies in the 21st century] (in Chinese)
[Follow-up Exercises at the Entry Stage of Simultaneous Interpretation Training] (In Chinese)
[For the Same Undertaking: A Summary of the Readers’ Response] (In Chinese)
[For Whom is the Doctor of Translation and Interpreting (DTI) Established?] (In Chinese)
[Foreign Language Editors Should Draw a Clear Line of Demarcation between Translating and Translating Compiling] (In Chinese)
[Foreignization and Domestication in Intercultural Translation] (In Chinese)
[Forms of address in English-Polish translation] (in Polish)
[Fou Lai's Letters to Drzewiecki, Fou Ts'ong's Piano Teacher in Poland (Translation from French into Chinese)] (In Chinese)
[Four Generations of Translators of The Red and the Black] (In Chinese)
[François Noël’s Translation of the Confucian Classics and Writings on China: A Preliminary Documental Survey] (In Chinese)
[Free software for a translator – myth or reality?] (in Polish)
[From descriptive translation studies to constructivism: researching and teaching interpretation] (In Chinese)
[From dream to reality: On Translation Studies as an Academic Discipline East and West] (in Chinese)
[From fidelity to absurdity. Some remarks on translation of the names of Polish higher schools into English, especially those that contain the phrase “Wyzsza Szkola” (Higher School) in their name] (in Polish)
[From Interpreting Competence to Interpreter Competence – A Tentative Model for Objective Assessment of Interpreting] (in Chinese)
[From Realism to Romanticism – Cao Yu's Early Translation of Strife] (In Chinese)
[From Rubai to Canterbury – Views on Chinese translation of English verse] (In Chinese)
[From the Right of “the Superior” to the Right of “General Public”: The Translation of “Right” in the Wanguogongfa] (In Chinese)
[From the right of translators to foreign promotion translation] (In Chinese)
[Function of Modal Verbs in Legal Documents and their Translation] (In Chinese)
[Functions and Contents of Translator’s Preface: Focusing on Translator’s Visibility] (In Korean)
[Further studies in fuzzy set theory and evaluation of translations] (in Chinese)
[Fusion of horizons: new perspectives on Zhu Xiang’s poetry translation] (In Chinese)
[Fuzzy Language in Literature and Translation: a case study of The Da Vinci Code and its two Chinese versions] (In Chinese)
[Gaps in the Way of Thinking between West and East and Interpretation] (In Chinese)
[Gender differences in interpreting for Chinese government press conferences: a case study of parenthetical ‘I think’ and ‘I believe’] (In Chinese)
[General publisher's note: To Borrow and to Create] (In Chinese)
[German in Hebrew: Translations from German into Hebrew in Jewish Palestine - 1882-1948] (in Hebrew)
[Google platform in service for translators. Terminology search in the Internet] (in Polish)
[Greek translations of French literature] (In Greek)
[Helping Students to Achieve Fidelity in Interpretation: The Application of Memory Psychology in Interpretation Teaching Practice] (In Chinese)
[Herbert Spencer Came to China: A Discussion of Translation History] (In Chinese)
[History of World’s Translations of Chinese Writings] (In Chinese)
[Horizon of the ROC Military from Perspectives of Foreignization and Domestication] (In Chinese)
[How does one get to be an interpreter?] (in Russian)
[How Government-Patronized Translation of Chinese Literature is Received – A Case Study of the Panda Books Series] (In Chinese)
[How much you sweat for a good line. On the art of translation in an era of eternal amnesia] (in Hebrew)
[How Should Andersen’s Tales be Translated?] (In Chinese)
[How student and professional interpreters in Chinese-English consecutive interpreting differ in their choice of interpreting strategies]
[How to transmit vocative function in C-E translation of Chinese public signs] (In Chinese)
[How Translation Has Been Defined and Conceptualized in China. The Status Quo, the Existing Problems, and Some Reflections] (In Chinese)
[Hu Shih and the Translation of English Poetry] (In Chinese)
[I Am to Wear a Vice-consul's Coat, with King's Buttons. The Political Translation of Robert Morrison] (In Chinese)
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[Importance of discourse markers in conference interpretation and the related interpreting strategies] (in Chinese)
[Imported Books Call for Rationality and Management] (In Chinese)
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[Influence of formal training on interpreting learners’ reading comprehension] (In Chinese)
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[Language teaching vis-á-vis didactic approach to translation]
[Leaving Some Room for Readers’ Imagination – On Imagery Translation] (In Chinese)
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[My Experience on Defeat] (in Chinese)
[My Opinion on Literary Translation] (In Chinese)
[My opinion on Translation Studies] (in Chinese)
[My view on ideal translation] (In Chinese)
[My view on Translatology] (in Chinese)
[My Views on Literary Translation] (In Chinese)
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[On Sci-Tech Translatology] (In Chinese)
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[On the Chinese Versions of the Red and the Black] (In Chinese)
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[On The Information Units in Interpretation quality Evaluation] (In Chinese)
[On the Issue of Norms in Translating: the Function of Web as Corpus] (In Chinese)
[On the IVY virtual reality interpreting training model] (in Chinese)
[On the Misconceptions in Translation Studies and Theories in Our Country] (in Chinese)
[On the Necessity and Feasibility of Establishing a Diversified Translation Education and Training System] (In Chinese)
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[On the question of translating ancient poetry and prose] (in Chinese)
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[On the Translation of Titles] (In Chinese)
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[On Translation of Famous Foreign Classics] (in Chinese)
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[On Translation Variation] (in Chinese)
[On translation] (in Chinese)
[On translation] (In Chinese)
[On translation] (In Chinese)
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[One, two.. - can the symbolism of the numbers influence the translation process?] (in Polish)
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['Orientalization' in Western translators' rendering of Chinese Classics] (in Chinese)
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[Poetry translation and Sinolization] (In Chinese)
[Political identification and translation of literary works] (In Chinese)
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[Positioning Undergraduate Interpreter Training] (In Chinese)
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[Practical Guide of English Interpretation Note-Taking] (In Chinese)
[Predicament Faced by Global Diffusion of Chinese Literature] (In Chinese)
[Preface to the Translation of Fa Ju Jing (Scriptural Texts / Dhammapada)] (In Chinese)
[Prescriptive Nature of The Code of the Sworn Translator] (in Polish)
[Present-day Translation Studies] (In Chinese)
[Principles and Strategies of Trans-editing for the News Media] (In Chinese)
[Principles of Translation from English to Chinese] (In Chinese)
[Problems and Countermeasures of China’s Professional Translation Education] (In Chinese)
[Professional Training & Certification of Competent Translators and the Development of Localized Translation Industry] (in Chinese)
[Professionalization in interpreting.Current development of interpreting in Shanghai and Jiangsu Province] (In Chinese)
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[Proper Consideration of the Target Readers in Soft News Translation] (In Chinese)
[Prospects of Theoretical Studies on Translation] (in Chinese)
[Quality criteria in interpreting evaluation] (in Polish)
[Quality vs. Quantity in Interpreting research articles] (In Chinese)
[Questionnaire on the Chinese Versions of The Red and the Black] (In Chinese)
[Quotation as a Key to the Investigation of Ideology-related Norms in English-Chinese News Trans-editing] (In Chinese)
[Random thoughts on translating English poetry into Chinese] (in Chinese)
[Random thoughts on translation] (In Chinese)
[Reading guide to Corpora in Translator Education] (In Chinese)
[Reading guide to Translated!] (In Chinese)
[Reading guide to Translation and Language] (In Chinese)
[Reading guide to Translation Studies] (In Chinese)
[Recent renditions of Confucius's 'The Analects' and their impact on contemporary development of sinology in the West] (in Chinese)
[Recognize the Status, Improve the Quality and Forge Ahead – Future development of translation programs] (In Chinese)
[Reconstructing the Other-worldly Imagination:A Preliminary Study of the Late-Qing Translated Christian Novel An Le jia (1882)] (In Chinese)
[Re-contextualization of digital materials for interpreting teaching--taking IVY resources for example] (in Chinese)
[Re-examining Howard Goldblatt's Translation – from a Perspective of Translation Process] (in Chinese)
[Reflection on practicum programs in international medical interpreter training programs] (In Chinese)
[Reflections on Designing Doctor of Translation and Interpreting] (In Chinese)
[Reflections on English translations of the '16th Chinese Communist Party Congress Report'] (in Chinese)
[Reflections on Establishing Chinese Translatology] (In Chinese)
[Reflections on the cultural factors of translating into and from Chinese] (in Chinese)
[Reinforcing the Programme of Master of Translation and Interpreting to Suit the Demand of the Translation Industry] (in Chinese)
[Reinterpretation of "Xin-Da-Ya": Translation in 20th century China] (in Chinese)
[Reinterpretation of Qian Zhongshu's Realm of Transformation] (in Chinese)
[Reinterpreting the interpreters' role: a discourse analytical perspective] (in Chinese)
[Related Issues in Taiwan’s Translation Development] (In Chinese)
[Remembering the translating/interpreting work in the Korean Armistice Negotiations] (In Chinese)
[Reminiscences of translating 'Selected Works of Mao Tsetung, Vols. I-V'] (in Chinese)
[Renowned translators: Their theory and practice] (in Chinese)
[Repetition, Transcendence-Analysis on Retranslation of Classic Works] (in Chinese)
[Research methods in Translation Studies] (in Chinese)
[Research on Certification for Medical Interpreters] (In Korean)
[Research on Chinese Sign Language] (in Chinese)
[Research on Interpretation of the Miranda Warnings. Focused on telephone interpreting cases by BBB Korea] (In Korean)
[Research on Interpreter Training: Theory and Practice] (In Chinese)
[Research on Interpreting and Translation Theories] (In Chinese)
[Research on Korean Medical Interpreting: Based on Market Needs Analysis] (In Korean)
[Research on the reform of interpretation teaching based on MOOC environment] (In Chinese)
[Research on Translation and Interpretation Services for Foreign Suspects under Investigation and on Trial] (In Korean)
[Re-shaping Appraisal Stance towards Self and Others in Chinese-English Translation of Political Discourse. A Corpus-Based Discourse Analysis Approach] (In Chinese)
[Resurrection of forms: Rethinking literary translation from a poetic perspective] (in Chinese)
[Rethinking public sign translation] (In Chinese)
[Review and Prospects of Ten-Year MTI Education] (In Chinese)
[Reviewing A Fifty-Year Long Debate] (in Chinese)
[Revision Strategies in the Process of Dubbing. Translating the Characters] (In Korean)
[Revisiting processing time for metaphorical expressions: An eye-tracking study on eye-voice span during sight translation] (in Chinese)
[Rewriting Liaozbai Ziyi: Samuel Wells Williams's Constructing of Chinese Literary with Translating-editing] (In Chinese)
[Rhetoric devices and the translation of English news headlines] (in Chinese)
[Rhetoric peculiarity in Chinese-English translations of political language and its treatment] (In Chinese)
[Rhetoric skills in Sci-tech translation] (in Chinese)
[Romance with the Past: The Nineteenth-Century German–Jewish Historical Novel and the Creation of a National Literature] (In Hebrew)
[Scandinavian Literatures in Hebrew Translation, 1894-1980] (in Hebrew)
[Scientific Works and Translations by French People Coming to China through the Ages] (In Chinese)
[Selected problems of translation of German and Polish documents concerning the law of succession] (in Polish)
[Semantic Transliteration: the Best Strategy for Translating Foreign Words into Chinese] (in Chinese)
[Semiotics of translation, translation of semiotics] (In Russian)
[Shifts of cohesive devices in Chinese-English interpretation: the scripts of a consecutive interpretation as an example] (in Chinese)
[Shifts within lexical cohesive patterns in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting] (in Polish)
[Sight Translation as a Tool of Training in the Undergraduate Training for Interpretation] (in Chinese)
[Significance of Translation of EU’s Legislative Acts to Polish Cultural Context and Sociopolitical Discourse] (in Polish)
[Simplification in Japanese - Chinese Translation] (In Chinese)
[Simultaneous interpretation and ITS professionalization in China] (In Chinese)
[Simultaneous Interpretation in Television Programs] (In Chinese)
[Simultaneous Interpretation Training Method] (In Chinese)
[Six views on translating poetry] (in Chinese)
[Sixteen Hebrew translations of a poem by Heine] (in Hebrew)
[SLI: professional status and its social impact] (in Chinese)
[Some Aspects of Translations of Israeli Arabic Literature into Hebrew] (In Hebrew)
[Some comments on translating as a culturally contingent action on the example of idioms with ethnic labels] (in Polish)
[Some Important Links in Professional Interpreting Training - The Comparison and Analysis of Three Professional Interpreting Training Projects and Institutions at Home and Abroad] (In Chinese)
[Some linguistic problems in translations of modern Arabic prose into Hebrew] (In Hebrew)
[Some principles in the criticism of literary translation] (in Chinese)
[Some problems in Chinese-English translation] (in Chinese)
[Some Problems in the Chinese Translation and Hong Kong Legal Provisions] (In Chinese)
[Some register characteristics of journalistic language in French and Hebrew and applications to translation: Utterances in quotation marks] (in Hebrew)
[Some Thorny Problems with Translation Education at the Universities in Korea] (In Korean)
[Some thoughts on evaluating interpreting efficacy] (In Chinese)
[Some thoughts on translation] (In Chinese)
[Some Twists and Turns in Publication of Foreign Literature] (In Chinese)
[Song Translation Research and Practice] (In Chinese)
[Source-text Acting as Stimuli. A Text-processing Account for Translational Contrasts] (In Chinese)
[Space of Translation: On Fu Lei’s Theory of Spiritual Similarity] (In Chinese)
[Speciality and Generality: on the Relationship between Chinese Translation Studies and Translatology] (In Chinese)
[Speech repositories for interpreter training: content, mechanisms and outlook] (In Chinese)
[Spiritual Exercises: Emmanuel Diaz’s Chinese Translation of the Contemptus mundi in Ming China] (In Chinese)
[Split attention in the processing of texts from English into Hebrew] (in Hebrew)
[St. George and the Translator] (In Japanese)
[Status Quo, Problems and Future Development of Medical Interpreting in China: A Study of Medical Interpreting Activities in Guangzhou Area] (in Chinese)
[Strategies for Highlighting the Red Culture in the Ideology-Controlled Red Tourism English Translation] (In Chinese)
[Strategies for translating from Spanish into Chinese] (in Chinese)
[Strategies of transferring cultural images in brand names with reference to functionalistic translation theories] (In Chinese)
[Strategies of translating brand names: A cultural image perspective] (In Chinese)
[Strengthen Training of Public Speaking Skills in University Interpreting Training] (In Chinese)
[Structure and meaning of syntagmatic compounds in Polish and French legal terminology] (in Polish)
[Studies of interpreting and working memory] (in Chinese)
[Studies on computer aided translation] (in Chinese)
[Studies on machine translation] (in Chinese)
[Studies on term translation in the terminological perspective] (in Chinese)
[Studies on the Translation Unit] (In Chinese)
[Study of characteristics of simultaneous interpretation by the method of paired comparisons] (in Bulgarian)
[Study of Retranslation] (in Chinese)
[Study on Genre conventions of Newspaper headline and Korea-Japanese Translations] (In Korean)
[Study on simultaneous interpretation as portrayed in news media] (In Korean)
[Style, Exaggeration and Others] (In Chinese)
[Supplementary Types and Rules of Simultaneous Interpreting] (In Chinese)
[Supplying a Missing System — Between Official and Unofficial Popular Culture in Hebrew National Culture in Eretz-Israel] (In Hebrew)
[Survey and analysis of English translation of public signs in the medical and health field] (In Chinese)
[Survey Report of Interpreting in China] (In Chinese)
[Syntactic Linearity in simultaneous interpretation – an exploration study of its operation through the use of the minimalist program] (in Chinese)
[Syntactic operational norms of press conference interpreting (Chinese-English)] (in Chinese)
[Taiwanese Language Textbooks Used During the Early Period of Japanese Rule: An Historical Analysis] (In Chinese)
[Tasks of Modern Translation Theory in China] (In Chinese)
[Teaching Consecutive Interpretation Note-Taking Strategies to Improve Taiwanese Senior High School Students’ English Listening Comprehension] (In Chinese)
[Teaching interpretation with a multimodal interpreting corpus] (In Chinese)
[Techniques in Chinese to English Translation] (In Chinese)
[Television Broadcasting Law (Subtitles and Sign Language), 5765-2005] (In Hebrew)
[Temporal aspects of live simultaneous interpretation on TV: A case of Academy Award ceremonies] (In Korean)
[Temporary employment in the Taiwanese translation industry: evidence from current hiring practices of translation agencies] (In Chinese)
[Terminology in Canada] (In Chinese)
[Terminology Should be Translated Correctly] (In Chinese)
[Text Structure and English to Korean Translation of Conjunctive Adjuncts] (In Korean)
[Textless Back Translation Reviewed and Reconsidered – with Examples from a Judge Dee Mystery and Other Works] (In Chinese)
[The Aesthetic Dialectical Movement in Translating Chinese Classical Poetry into English] (In Chinese)
[The Analysis of Grammatical Metaphor in Translation Studies] (In Chinese)
[The analysis of the phenomenon of adding and reducing words when interpreting from Chinese to Japanese] (in Japanese)
[The Anthology of the Moroccan Dream for the Translation of Short Stories] (In Arabic)
[The application of CAIL tool Black Box in autonomous learning of interpretation] (in Chinese)
[The Bible in the Light of the Aramaic Translation] (In Hebrew)
[The Bible of Techniques for English to Chinese Translation] (In Chinese)
[The Bogue Incident Translator, 1637] (In Chinese)
[The Braised Head and Tail] (In Chinese)
[The characteristics of interpreting and interpreting pedagogy] (in Chinese)
[The Chinese Language and China's Cultural Exchange with Other Countries – A Talk on the Translation and Interpretation of Buddhist Terms] (In Chinese)
[The comic translation of children's fiction: On the Polish translation of 'Pippi Longstocking'] (in Polish)
[The compilation and use of multimodal interpreting corpora] (in Chinese)
[The Contextual Connotations and English Translation of Buzheng] (In Chinese)
[The Contrastive Study of English and Chinese Personal Pronouns: A Preliminary Pragmatic Analysis] (In Chinese)
[The Convergence of the Art of Translation with the Art of Drama] (In Chinese)
[The Crescent School's Ideas on Translation] (In Chinese)
[The cultural turn in Translation Studies] (in Chinese)
[The Current Situation of Court Interpreter Services in Korea. Suggestions for Better Services] (In Korean)
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[The development of Translation Studies] (in Chinese)
[The Dissemination of Chinese Literature: More on the Modes of Translating Chinese Classics into English] (In Chinese)
[The Educational Significance of Interpretation Training] (In Chinese)
[The Effectiveness of Shadowing - a European Debate] (in Japanese)
[The Effectiveness of Using International Mock Conference in Interpreting Courses] (In Chinese)
[The Effects of Background Knowledge on the Translation Process] (In Korean)
[The end and the means of translation teaching] (in Chinese)
[The English translation and the meaning of the Chinese empty word "ne"] (In Chinese)
[The Enlightenment of a Poem and Its Two English Translations] (In Chinese)
[The Establishment of Chinese Unique System of Translation Theory] (in Chinese)
[The Establishment of the Translation Department of the Jiangnan Arsenal and their Historical Role] (In Japanese)
[The extra-linguistic factors in simultaneous interpreting] (In Chinese)
[The Fidelity, Fluency and Felicity in Liang's Translation of Shakespeare's Plays] (In Chinese)
[The fighting by 800 students from National Southwest Associate University: Interpreters from the graduates of 1944] (In Chinese)
[The First Revision of Chinese Bible and the Controversy It Unleashed] (In Chinese)
[The Footprint of a Translator: On Dong Qiusi’s Translation] (in Chinese)
[The French Beefsteak with Blood is Better] (In Chinese)
[The Function of Background Knowledge in Interpreting on the Meaning Extraction] (In Chinese)
[The function of note-taking in interpreting] (In Chinese)
[The Future Development of Interpreting Studies in China] (in Chinese)
[The Georgian versions of the Pauline epistles] (in Georgian)
[The hermeneutics of translation] (in Hebrew)
[The Historical Experience and Contemporary Interpretations of Translation Education: The Case of the UN Training Program for Interpreters and Translators at the Beijing Institute of Foreign Languages] (In Chinese)
[The History of the Hebrew ‘Crime Story’ in Eretz Israel] (In Hebrew)
[The history of the translation into Hebrew of the Canon] (In Hebrew)
[The impact of omission on SI] (in Chinese)
[The impact of psychological differences and physiological conditions on interpreting] (In Chinese)
[The Implications and Implementation of Communicative Translation Teaching] (In Chinese)
[The Importance of Cannibalism: Montaigne's Essays as a Vehicle for the Cultural Translation of Chineseness in Lin Yutang's The Importance of Living] (In Chinese)
[The Importance of Liaison Interpreting in the Theoretical Development of Translation Studies] (in Chinese)
[The Influence of Patronage on the Development and Dissemination of English Translations of Taiwan’s Literature] (In Chinese)
[The Interaction between Ideology and Literary Translation] (In Chinese)
[The interactive compensatory relationship between speech situation and discourse information: from an interpretation perspective] (In Chinese)
[The interpreter as a listener/speaker: Observations from an interpreter-mediated business meeting] (in Japanese)
[The Interpreter’s Role and Knowledge Production: A Case Study of Ono Seishyu, Courtroom interpreter During the Japanese Colonial Period in Taiwan] (In Chinese)
[The Introduction of Western Science and Technology into China from the 1860s to the 1890s: Translation and Editing of Textbooks] (In Chinese)
[The Journal of Interpretation and Translation Education] (In Korean)
[The limitations of the Polysystem Theory for the study of ideology in translation] (in Chinese)
[The loss of cultural information in interpreting and the compensational model] (In Chinese)
[The main contributions of the Interpretive Theory to translation studies. In memory of Professor Danica Seleskovitch] (in Chinese)
[The Make-believe Patient's Doctoral Ceremony and Language Mixture in Moliere's Play and Altermann's Translation] (In Hebrew)
[The misuse and loss of cultural images in business translation] (In Chinese)
[The modal strength of epistemic verbs may and might in English-Chinese translation] (in Chinese)
[The muse travelled far: How Modern American Poetry had been changed by China?] (In Chinese)
[The Myth of Acultural Scientific Texts as Exemplified by Literature on Psychology] (in Polish)
[The nature of interpreting] (In Chinese)
[The notion of “translation” in the works of Juri Lotman] (In Russian)
[The old Georgian translations of the Book of Psalms] (in Georgian)
[The Orientalists and the translations of the Holy Qu'ran] (in Arabic)
[The Origin of the Class of Egyptian Interpreters] (In Old Greek)
[The original is not everything: On the simplistic tendency in literary criticism] (in Chinese)
[The Original Translation of 'Yi Guo Liang Zhi' Must Not Change Recklessly] (In Chinese)
[The Play between Presence and Absence and the Cognitive Construction of a Dual Context in Interpreting Process] (In Chinese)
[The Politics of Translation in Medieval China Translation Forum: Why did Dao An Change his Theories on Buddhist Sutra Translation?] (In Chinese)
[The Politics of Translation: J. R. Morrison and the First Opium War] (In Chinese)
[The Pragmatic Interference of Humorous Discourse in Two English Versions of the Hong Lou Meng] (In Chinese)
[The pragmatic thesholds of translation. Multilingualism as a case in point] (In Arabic)
[The Preface to the Translation] (In Chinese)
[The Present Situation and Prospect of Studies on Translation Theory in China ] (in Chinese)
[The Principles and Methods of Interpreting - On Interpreting Chinese and Japanese] (In Chinese)
[The principles and techniques of translation] (In Chinese)
[The Problem of Conversion for Foreign Place Names – Romanization to Chinese] (In Chinese)
[The problem of poem translation] (In Chinese)
[The process of consecutive interpreting and competence development: An empirical study of consecutive interpreting by Chinese-French interpreters and students of interpreting] (in Chinese)
[The Production and Consumption of Machine Translation: A Deconstructionist Perspective] (In Chinese)
[The Professionalization of Interpreting in Taiwan: A Critical Review of Tseng’s Model] (In Chinese)
[The quality of bilingual dictionaries needs improving: Taking the New Oxford English-Chinese dictionary as an example] (in Chinese)
[The Realization of Interpretation Standard "Xin"--The Application of Memory Psychology in Interpretation] (In Chinese)
[The Relationship between College Students’ Translation Learning Styles and Translation Competence] (In Chinese)
[The relationships between official and non-official translated narrative language in the 60s and the 70s] (in Hebrew)
[The review of current interpretation research publications in Taiwan] (In Chinese)
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[The Stylistics in the Translation of Sense and Sensibility] (In Chinese)
[The theory and practice of literary translation: A discussion on the translating of 'Yes Prime Minister'] (in Chinese)
[The training of memory, speaking and note-taking ability in interpreting teaching] (In Chinese)
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[The translation of European Commission texts as translation of special languages] (In Greek)
[The Translation of Titles for Literary Texts] (In Chinese)
[The Trend of Translation Studies in Korea and Some Related Topics on Korean Linguistics] (In Korean)
[The Twittering of Birds] (In Old Greek)
[The Use of Chunks and the Quality of Oral Interpretation. An Empirical Study] (In Chinese)
[The Use of English Proficiency Test Activities in Chinese-English Interpretation Proficiency Examination] (In Chinese)
[The Use of Parallel Corpora in Translator Training] (In Chinese)
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[Theoretical Approach and Suggestions for Problem Solving in the Translation of Specialized Texts] (In Greek)
[Theoretically Oriented Translation Studies in China: 1987-2017] (In Chinese)
[Theorizing interpretation advances and trends] (In Chinese)
[Theory and Practice of Translation] (in Greek)
[Thirty Years’ Translation and Publication] (In Chinese)
[Thought pattern displayed in Pearl S. Buck's translations] (in Chinese)
[Thoughts on my retranslation of 'Emma'] (in Chinese)
[Thoughts on research of translatology in China] (in Chinese)
[Thoughts on the New Chinese Version of Kafka’s Novel 'Die Verwandlung'] (in Chinese)
[Three Difficulties in Translation] (In Chinese)
[Three Ways of Translating Titles] (In Chinese)
[To Embrace Chinese? To De-Sinicize? The Translation of the Term 'Governor' in Late Qing Period and the Use of the Term 'Chief Executive' in Post-Colonial Hong Kong] (In Chinese)
[To Start with The Red and the Black] (In Chinese)
[Tracing the development of interpreting studies in China: a case study of 32 doctoral dissertations in the field] (In Chinese)
[Training Information Processing Ability in the Course of Introduction to Interpretation] (in Japanese)
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[Transformations in the translation process of the expanded attribute in German and Polish] (in Polish)
[Transforming Oriental classics into Western canon. Waley's translation of classical Chinese poems and its prevalence and canonization in Europe and America] (In Chinese and English)
[Translatability and Zero Translation] (in Chinese)
[Translatability of Style of Hwang Soon-won's Novels: - Focusing on "Shower"] (In Korean)
[Translated vs. Original Literature in the Creation of the Literary Center in Erez - Israel]
[Translating Chinese legal documents into English] (in Chinese)
[Translating Chinese Public Signs into English] (In Chinese)
[Translating Conceptual Metaphor from English into Indonesian: a case study of translating economics textbooks] (In Indonesian)
[Translating Culture. Translation and Cross-Cultural Communication. Stage 1: Word semantics] [In Russian]
[Translating Culture. Translation and Cross-Cultural Communication. Stage 2: Sentence and paragraph semantics] (In Russian)
[Translating direct quotation marks in Korean and English news reports] (In Korean)
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[Translating public signs: Some observations] (In Chinese)
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[Translation and Identity] (In Arabic)
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[Translation and the Re-Production of Knowledge: The Example of Edward Said] (In Arabic)
[Translation as a means of understanding culture and intercultural integration in the context of cognitive linguistics] (in Polish)
[Translation as Academic, Professional or Semi-professional Pursuit] (In Chinese)
[Translation as Meaning Assignment] (In Greek)
[Translation Can Be a Game] (In Chinese)
[Translation competence and translation teaching] (in Chinese)
[Translation Criticism: Analysis and Evaluation] (in Chinese)
[Translation discourse: A contemporary translation theory reader] (in Greek)
[Translation ecology] (In Chinese)
[Translation Geography] (In Chinese)
[Translation in Asia: Past and Present] (In Chinese)
[Translation in Cultural Context] (In Chinese)
[Translation in Macao: past and present] (In Chinese)
[Translation in teaching comparative literature] (in Polish)
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[Translation Studies and Linguistic Theories] (In Korean)
[Translation Studies in China. Present Situation and Tasks for the Future] (In Chinese)
[Translation Studies Should Focus on a Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Translation Theories] (in Chinese)
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[Translation Studies. Major problems, the state of the art and research prospects, interests of scholars] (in Polish)
[Translation Studies: A Dream that Will Hardly Ever Come True?) (in Chinese)
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[Translation Support by Retrieving Bilingual Texts] (in Japanese)
[Translation teaching and the disciplinary development of translatology] (in Chinese)
[Translation Technology in China: Past, Present, and Future] (In Chinese)
[Translation Theory and Practice of Seferis] (In Greek)
[Translation Universals in Translated CEO Letters in Sustainability Reports] (In Korean)
[Translation Workshop: An Analysis of Teaching Methods] (In Chinese)
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[Translation: A bridge for the Allied troops] (In Chinese)
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[Translation: Its Principles and Techniques (Book One)] (In Chinese)
[Translation: Its Principles and Techniques (Book Two)] (In Chinese)
[Translation: On Theory and Practice] (In Chinese)
['Translationese' or the Hebrew of translations] (In Hebrew)
[Translations in the Late Qing Dynasty and the Politics of Translation] (In Chinese)
[Translations of Erotic Passages in Incest: A Journal of Love] (In Chinese)
[Translations of phraseologisms in German-Polish lexicography] (in Polish)
[Translatology: A Dream that Has Not and Will Hardly Ever Come True] (in Chinese)
[Translator as Commentator: On the Translator`s Notes by Woo Kuang Kien] (In Chinese)
[Translator Manipulation: From Cuore to Xin’s Journal about School Life] (In Chinese)
[Translator’s creative nature: a cognitive model of formalization] (In Russian)
[Translator-centred untranslatability] (in Polish)
[Translator's preface] (In Chinese)
[Translator's preface] (In Farsi)
[Translator's preface] (In Farsi)
[Translators’ Role as Intermediaires in Comparative Literature] (In Chinese)
[Transplantation of cultural images in trademark words from the perspective of Skopos Theory] (In Chinese)
[Trends in Contemporary Research on Translation Studies in Korea (1999-2013)] (In Korean)
[Trends of Translation Development in Hong Kong] (in Chinese)
[Types and rules of syntactic linearity in simultaneous interpreting] (In Chinese)
[Universality versus Difference - On the Development of Contemporary Translation Studies in China] (In Chinese)
[Use of Interpretation Training in Enhancing Listening Comprehension] (in Japanese)
[Viewing soft news translation from the perspective of Skopos theory] (In Chinese)
[Waiting' in SI: an issue open to question] (In Chinese)
[War of Words: Translation and Textual Studies of Diplomatic Notes between Cushing and Ching before the Signing of the Treaty of Wang-Hiya] (In Chinese)
[Wenyan or Baihua : On the Issue of Translation Language Since the Late Qing] (In Chinese)
[Western Redology] (In Chinese)
[What China’s MTI Education Program is Being Plagued with?] (In Chinese)
[What could we learn from deconstructive theories in Translation Studies] (in Chinese)
[What Kind of Teachers are Needed for Doctor of Translation and Interpreting?”] (In Chinese)
[What makes a SL interpreter] (in Chinese)
[Who should introduce Chinese writings to the outside world?] (in Chinese)
[Why did Jews not translate writings into Hebrew while in Spain, but did so in France?] (In Hebrew)
[Word choice differences in two English versions of Sun-tzu's 'The art of war' and its translations of Ancient Chinese Classics in general: An empirical study] (in Chinese)
[Word Translation and Literary Translation – Random Thought on Fang Ping’s ‘Random Thought on Translation] (In Chinese)
[Working memory and simultaneous interpreting performance: A report on empirical research among Chinese interpreters of English] (in Chinese)
[Working memory in different directions of simultaneous interpreting] (in Chinese)
[Working Towards the Establishment of a Translatology with Chinese Characteristics] (in Chinese)
[Wuthering Heights in Taiwan: Translations, Adaptations and other Derivative Works] (In Chinese)
[Yan Fu’s Xin, Da, and Ya: A Foucauldian Reading] (In Chinese)
[Yijing Pia] (in Chinese) [On the translation of sutras]
[Zhang Guruo’s Translation of ‘Tess of the D’ Urbervilles’ and the Chinese National Literature] (in Chinese)
[Zhongguo Fanyi Shi Yanjiu de Xianzhuang Yu Zhanling] (In Chinese)