A catalog of British devotional and religious books in German translation from the Reformation to 1750
A Different Poem: Rainer Maria Rilke's American Translators Randall Jarrell, Robert Lowell, and Robert Bly
A Guide to Ezra Pound and Ernest Fenollosa's Classic Noh Theatre of Japan
A lover's complaint: deutsche Übersetzungen von 1787 bis 1894. Festgabe für Dieter Mehl zum 60. Geburtstag [A lover's complaint: German translations from 1787 to 1894. A present for Dieter Mehl in his 60th birthday]
A New English Horace: Die Übersetzung d. horaz. Ars poetica in d. Restaurationszeit [A new English Horace: The translation of Horace's Ars Poetica in the Restoration]
A Study of German Hymns in Current English Hymnals
A Study of the English and the German Translations of Alexander I. Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago, Volume I
A (Dis)United Kingdom: the Discourse of British Tourist Promotion and its Translation into Spanish / Un Reino (Des)Unido. El Discurso de la Promoción Turística Británica y su Traducción al Español
A (Self-)Critical Perspective of Translation Theories / Una visión (auto)crítica de los estudios de traducción
A arte de traduzir [The art of translating]
A arte de traduzir [The art of translating]
A audiodescrição da mini série policial Luna Caliente: uma proposta de tradução à luz da narratologia [The audio description of the crime mini series Luna Caliente: a translation proposal in the light of narratology]
A audiodescrição na mediação de alunos com deficiência visual no ensino médio. Um estudo com a disciplina de Geografia [Audio description as mediation for visually-impaired secondary education students, A study within the subject Geography]
A Basis for Scientific and Engineering Translation. English-German-English
A Bible for Wales
A Bíblia e suas traduções [The Bible and its translations]
A bibliography of American literature translated into Romanian: with selected Romanian commentary
A Bibliography of Foreign Developments in Machine Translation and Information Processing
A Bibliography of German Literature in English Translation
A Bibliography of Pedagogy & Research in Interpretation & Translation
A Bibliography of Studies and Translations of Modern Chinese Literature, 1918-1942 = Zhongguo xiandaiwenxue mulu
A Bookseller's Hobby-Horse, and the Rhetoric of Translation. Anthony Ernst Munnikhuisen and Bernardus Brunius, and the First Dutch Edition of 'Tristram Shandy' (1776-1779)
A Brief History of English Bible Translations
A Candle in the Dark
A Career in Language Translation: Insightful Information to Guide You in Your Journey as a Professional Translator
A Case Study of an American Sign Language Course Taught via Videoconferencing
A celebração do outro: arquivo, memória e identidade. Línguas (materna e estrangeira), plurilingüismo e tradução [The celebration of the other: archive, memory and identity. Languages (mother and foreign tongues), plurilingualism and translation]
A Checklist of Errors in Hazel Barnes' English Translation of Jean-Paul Sartre 'L'être et le néant'
A Cognitive Approach to Equivalence in Literary Translation — Illustrated by an Analysis of Images of Women in Henry James's Portrait of a Lady and its Polish Translation Portret Damy
A Cognitive Approach to Translation Shifts: using an LDC Arabic-English parallel corpus
A cognitive study of sight translation – with implications for undergraduate interpreting training
A Cognitive Theory of Professional Translation
A commented terminology file of basic terms used in translation studies, English and French
A Companion to Economic Translation: thèmes et versions économiques
A Companion to Translation Studies
A Companion to Translation Studies
A Comparative Analysis of a Direct Interpretation and an Intermediary Interpretation in American Sign Language
A Comparative Analysis of Formal Shifts in English Bible Translations with a View towards Defining and Describing Paradigms
A Comparative Study of Audio Description Guidelines Prevalent in Different Countries
A comparative study of gender representations in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials and its Chinese translation
A comparative study of some English translations of parts of three Mu'allaqat
A Comparative Typology of English and German. Unifying the Contrasts
A Comprehensive Course Book of English-Chinese Translation
A Confluence of Diverse Relationships: Proceedings of the 13th National Convention of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, August 10-14, 1993
A Contrastive Analysis of English and Persian: (Grammar, Vocabulary and Phonology)
A Contrastive Linguistic Study of the Influence of English-Arabic Translation on Journalistic Models in Arabic, with a Special Emphasis on the Egyptian Press
A Contrastive Study in Rhetoric: An Analysis of the Organization of English and Spanish Paragraphs Written by Native Speakers of Each Language
A contrastive study of relativization in English and Arabic with reference to translation pedagogy
A corpus based genre analysis of institutional translation in Korea
A corpus of consecutive interpreting comprising Danish, Dutch, English, French, German and Italian
A Corpus-based Analysis of the Passive in the Translating of the Detective Genre
A corpus-based contrastive analysis of English “on/up,” Dutch “op” and French “sur” within a cognitive framework
A Corpus-Based Investigation of Lexical Cohesion in English and Italian Non-Translated Texts and in Italian Translated Texts
A Corpus-based Study on the Compression Strategy in Chinese (Cantonese)-English Simultaneous Interpreting
A corpus-based study on the naturalness of the Spanish dubbing language: The analysis of discourse markers in the dubbed translation of 'Friends'
A Course in Semantics and Translation for Spanish Learners of English
A Coursebook for English-Chinese Translation
A Coursebook on Technical Texts: Contrastive Activities in English-Spanish
A Critical Introduction to Translation Studies
A Critical Re-Evaluation of the Target-Oriented Approach to Interpreting and Translation
A Critical Study of Bilingual Dictionaries from the Point of View of their Usefulness to Translators, with Specific Reference to English and Arabic
A critical study of Lin Yutang as a translation theorist, translation critic and translator
A critical study of selected English translations of the Holy Qur'an
A Critical Study of the Chinese Translations of Oliver Twist and David Copperfield
A Cross-linguistic Study of Perception and Cognition Verb Complements: A Cognitive Perspective
A Cultura entre Tradução e Etnografia [Culture between translation and ethnography]
A Dependency-Based Analysis of English for the Purpose of Machine Translation
A Dictionary of translation and interpreting: English-Arabic
A Dictionary of Translation Technology
A directory of community interpreting services and resources in the Greater London area
A Directory of Exegetical Aids for Bible Translators
A discourse based study on THEME in Korean and textual meaning in translation
A Discursive-Semiotic Approach to Translating Cultural Aspects in Persuasive Advertisements
A dobragem em Portugal. Novos paradigmas na tradução audiovisual [Dubbing in Portugal. New paradigms in audiovisual translation]
A Escola Tradutológica de Leipzig [The Lepizig School of Translation Studies]
A esperanza bretona. Á luz dos estudios de traducción [Britanny's hope. In the light of translation studies]
A fordítás mint közvetítés [Translation as mediation]
A forditás muvészete [The art of translation]
A fordítás tudománya [The science of translation]
A fordítói gondolkodás iskolája [Pending]
A foreignising or a domesticating approach in translating dialects? Andrea Camilleri's detective novels in English and 'The Simpsons' in Italian
A formação do tradutor em nível universitário [The university training of a translator]
A French-English Grammar. A Contrastive Grammar on Translation Principles
A función da traducción no desenvolvemento do mapa teatral galego: unha achega, 1960-1978 [The function of translation in the development of the Galician drama map: an approach 1960-1978]
A gara con l'autore. Aspetti della traduzione nel settecento [Pending]
A gênese de um processo tradutório: os manuscritos de Rina Sara Virgillito [The genesis of a translational process: Rina Sara Virgilito's manuscripts]
A gênese do processo tradutório [The genetics of the translational process]
A Greek and Arabic Lexicon: Materials for a Dictionary of the Medieval Translations from Greek into Arabic
A Guide to English Translations of the Quran
A Guide to the Odyssey: A Commentary on the English Translation of Robert Fitzgerald
A Handbook for Simultaneous Interpreting Training from English, French and Spanish to Arabic
A Handbook for Trainers: Language Interpreting in the Healthcare Sector
A Handbook for Translating from English into Russian
A Handbook for Translator Trainers. A Guide to Reflective Practice
A Handbook for Translators (with Special Reference to International Conference Translation)
A Handbook of Translation
A Handbook on the Book of Ruth
A Handbook on the Sign-Theoretic Foundations of Nature and Culture
A History of Bible Translation
A History of Bible Translation and the North American Contribution
A History of Foreign-Language Dictionaries
A History of the Scots Bible
A History of Verse Translation from the Irish 1789-1897
A Hybrid Modular Machine Translation System
A Instrumentalidade do modelo descritivo para a análise de traduçoes: O caso dos 'Hamlets' brasileiros [The instrumentality of the descriptive model for the analysis of translations: The case of the Brazilian 'Hamlets']
A Interpretação de Conferências no Brasil: história de sua prática profissional e a formação de intérpretes brasileiros [Conference interpreting in Brazil: a history of its professional practice and the training of Brazilian interpreters]
A interpretação para a Língua de Sinais Brasileira: efeitos de modalidade e processos inferenciais [Interpreting for Brazilian sign language: effects of this mode and inferential processes]
A la lisière des mots: sur la traduction poétique [At the edge of the words: on poetic translation]
A la recherche du sens perdu: Choices in Translation
A las órdenes de Vuecencia. Autobiografía del intérprete de los generales Muñoz Grandes y Esteban-Infantes [At your Excellency service. The autobiography of the interpreter of the Generals Muñoz Grandes and Esteban-Infantes]
A layered approach to ontology translation with knowledge representation
A Letter to a Bishop, Concerning some Important Discoveries in Philosophy and Theology + Some Thoughts Concerning Religion, Natural and Revealed
A Lexical-Functional Grammar-Based Machine Translation System for Medical Abstracts
A lingua galega do dereito. Unha achega á súa definición e calidade a partir da traducción xurídica en Galicia [The Galician legal language. An approach to its definition and quality starting from legal translation in Galicia]
A Linguistic Analysis of some Problems of Arabic to English Translation
A Linguistic Analysis of some Syntactic and Semantic Problems of English-Arabic Translation
A Linguistic Theory of Translation: An Essay in Applied Linguistics
A Literatura Alemã em Traduções Portuguesas: Ensaio Bibliográfico [German literature in Portuguese translation. A bibliographic essay]
A literatura italiana no Brasil e a literatura brasileira na Itália: sob o olhar da tradução [Italian literature in Brazil and Brazilian literature in Italy: from the perspective of translation]
A Machine Learning Approach to the Identification of Translational Language: An Inquiry Into Translationese Learning Models
A magyar muforditás töténete: 1772-1831 [History of Hungarian Literary Translation]
A magyarországi fordító- és tolmácsképzés 25 éve. [Pending]
A Manual for Translators of Mathematical Russian
A Model for Translation Quality Assessment
A Mufordítás [Literary translation]
A Mufordítás ma: tanulmányok [Literary translation today]
A Multilingual Community at Work: The European Commission's Translation Service
A national code of ethics for interpreters in health care
A New Approach to the Vedas: An Essay in Translation and Exegesis
A New Spectrum of Translation Studies
A Nineteenth-Century Adventure Revisited: The Account of the Young Charles Darwin on Board H. M. S. Beagle. A Comparative Analysis of Chapters III to XVII of Charles Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle and Four Translations into Spanish
A novel dependency-based evaluation metric for machine translation
A novelística estrangeira em versão portuguesa no período pré-romântico [Foreign novels in Portuguese version during the pre-Romantic period]
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words for Blind and Visually Impaired Persons Too! An Introduction to Audiodescription
A picture is worth a thousand words for blind and visually impaired persons too! An introduction to audiodescription
A Poetics of Translation in Twentieth-Century Writing
A Poetics of Translation. Between Chinese and English Literature
A polifonia contemplada como construtora do interminável saber por meio do ato tradutório na tradução comentada e anotada do Sri Tamanuja Gita Bhasya [Polyphony considered as a builder of the interminable knowledge by means of the translational act in the annotated translation of the Sri Tamanuja Gita Bhasya]
A Polysystem Approach to British New Wave Film Adaptation, Screenwriting and Dialogue
A Practical Course in Terminology Processing
A Practical Guide for Translators
A Practical Guide to Bilingual Revision
A Practical Guide to Software Localization
A Pragmatic Model of Simultaneous Interpretation
A Preliminary Investigation into Discursive Models of Interpreting as a Means of Enhancing Construct Validity in Interpreter Certification
A Preparatory Course in Bilateral Interpreting: An Exercise in Interaction
A Profession on the Move: Translating and the Computer 8
A Profissionalização do Tradutor
A Project-based Syllabus Design. Innovative Pedagogy in Translation Studies
A prolegomenon to theory of translation
A Psycholinguistic Model for Simultaneous Translation, and Proficiency Assessment by Automated Acoustic Analysis of Discourse
A Psycholinguistic Perspective on Finnish and Japanese Prosody Perception, Production and Child Acquisition of Consonantal Quantity Distinctions
A qualitative study of refugee interpreters' experiences of interpreting for refugees and asylum seekers in mental health contexts
A Quantitative and Qualitative Inquiry into Translators' Visibility and Job-related Happiness: The Case of Greater China
A quantitative study of translation difficulty based on an analysis of text features in Japanese-to-English short-passage translation tests
A questão do Fausto pela última vez [The Faust issue for the last time]
A Reflective Approach to Teacher Development in Interpretation Classroom [fan si fa shi jiao xia de kou yi ke tang jiao xue jiao shi fa zhan yan jiu]
A Register Approach to Translation with Practical Implications
A Relevance Approach to Irony in La Celestina and Its Earliest English Versions
A Relevance Framework for Constraints on Cinema Subtitling
A relevance-theoretic account of the translation of ideological assumptions in the language of the news with specific reference to translation from English into Arabic
A Retrospective View on Public Service Translation and Interpreting over the Last Decade as well as the Progress and Challenges that Lie Ahead
A Semiotic Approach to Literary Translation – with Emphasis on Motivations Underlying Literary Language
A Septuagint Translation Technique in the Book of Job
A singularidade na escrita tradutora: linguagem e subjetividade nos estudos da tradução, na lingüística e na psicanálise [Specificity in writing for translation. Language and subjectivity in translation studies, linguistics and psychoanalysis]
A Skopos Theory of Translation (Some Arguments For and Against)
A Social-Constructivist Approach to Translator Education. Empowerment from Theory to Practice
A Sociocultural Analysis of Chinese Retranslations of Classic English Novels in Mainland China 1949–2009
A Sociolinguistic Analysis of the Interpreter's Role in the Turn Exchanges of an Interpreted Event
A Spanish-English, English-Spanish Translation Companion for Spanish Learners of English
A Spectrum of Translation Studies
A Study for the Design of an Automatic Dictionary
A study into the challenges of subtitling English into Arabic
A study into the motivations of internet users contributing to translation crowdsourcing: the case of Polish Facebook user-translators
A Study of Invariance under Transformation in a German-English Translation
A Study of Simultaneous Interpretation
A Study of the Korean Translations of the Bible
A Study of the Literary Translations of the Hong Lou Meng: With Special Reference to David Hawkes's English Version
A Study of the Translations of Lin Shu, 1852-1924
A study of translation strategies in Guillaume Oyono Mbia's plays
A Study on Nida's Translation Theory
A study on the computer-aided translation for Chinese academic monographs
A Survey on Transfer-Based Approaches to MT Using Feature Structures
A Syntax-Oriented Translator
A System for Simultaneous Translation of Lectures and Speeches
A systemic approach to translating style: a comparative study of four Chinese translations of Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea
A Tale of Two Cities in Arabic Translation
A taxonomy of translation problems in translating from English to Arabic
A text-based model for the disambiguation of the temporal inerpretation of the verb in modern standard Arabic
A Textbook of Translation
A Textual Key to the New Testament. A List of Omissions and Changes
A Think-aloud Protocol (TAP)-Based Study of Japanese-into-Korean Translation Process: Focusing on the Relation Between Translation Units and Readability
A Tool for Social Integration? Audiovisual Translation from Different Angles
A Topical Bibliography of Computer(-Aided) Translation
A Topical Bibliography of Translation & Interpretation: Chinese-English - English-Chinese
A tradução como um outro original: Como é de Samuel Beckett []
A Tradução da grande obra literária [Translating great literary works]
A tradução da literatura espanhola em Portugal (1940-1990) [The translation of Spanish literature in Portugal (1940-1990)]
A tradução de rótulos de comestiveis e cosméticos [The translation of labels from foods and cosmetics]
A traduçao do poema entre poetas do Modernismo: Bandeira, Guilherme de Almeida, Abgar Renault [The translation of poetry among modernist poets: Bandeira, Guilherme de Almeida, Abgar Renault]
A tradução em Portugal 1495-1834. Vol. 1 [Translation in Portugal 1495-1834. Vol. 1]
A tradução em Portugal 1835-1850. Vol. 2 [Translation in Portugal 1835-1850. Vol. 2]
A tradução em Portugal 1851-1870. Vol. 3 [Translation in Portugal 1851-1870. Vol. 3]
A tradução em Portugal 1871-1900. Vol. 4 [Translation in Portugal 1871-1900. Vol. 4]
A tradução em Portugal 1901-1930. Vol. 5 [Translation in Portugal 1901-1930. Vol. 5]
A Tradução Literária [Literary translation]
A Tradução nas Encruzilhadas da Cultura = Translation as/at the Crossroads of Culture = La Traduction aux Carrefours de la Culture
A tradução no Brasil: história, sociedade e política. Homenagem a Irene Hirsch [Translation in Brazil: history, society and politics. In Honour of Irene Hirsch]
A Tradução para Edição: Viagem ao mundo de tradutores e editores em Portugal (1974-2009) [Translation for Publishing: a journey into the world of translators and publishers in Portugal (1974-2009)]
A traducão para o português de expressões idiomáticas em francês [The Portuguese translation of French idioms]
A tradução pedagógica como estratégia à produção escrita em LE a partir do gênero publicidade [Pedagogical translation as a strategy for written production in foreign language in advertising]
A tradução técnica e os seus problemas [Technical translation and its problems]
A Tradução Vivida [Lived translation]
A tradução: dados para uma abordagem psicanalítica [Translation: Data towards a psychoanalytic approach]
A tradução-substituição [Translation-substitution]
A traducción do inglés ó galego: proposta de Estilística Comparada [Translating from English into Galician: proposal for a compared stylistics]
A tradución da metafora inglesa no galego: estudio basado nun corpus de literatura infantil / xuvenil contemporanea [Translating English metaphor into Galician: a study based on a corpus of children's contemporary literature]
A Tradutologia Contemporânea: Tendências e Perspectivas no Espaço de Língua Alemã [Current translatology: trends and perspectives in the German-speaking domain]
A translated critical edition of Maïssa Bey's Entendez-vous dans les montagnes
A Translation and Cultural Adaptation of the Japanese Version of the Outcome Questionnaire 45 (OQ)
A translation course in Esperanto for advanced students
A translation manual for the Caribbean (English-Spanish) / Un manual de traducción para el Caribe (Inglés-Español)
A Translation Textbook
A Translational Journey: Orhan Pamuk in English
A Translator's Freedom. Modern English Bibles and their Language
A Translators Handbook on the Book of Jonah
A Translator's Handbook on the Books of Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah
A Translator's Handbook on the Gospel of Luke
A Translator's Handbook on the Gospel of Mark
A Translator's Handbook on The Letter to the Hebrews
A Travers le Jabberwocky de Lewis Carroll: Onze mots-valises dans huit traductions [Through Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky: eleven portmanteau words in eight translations]
A University Handbook on Terminology and Specialized Translation
A user-centred study of the norms for subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing on French television
A user's guide to Bible Translations: Making the most of different versions
A voice of its citizens or a modern tower of Babel? The Quality of Interpreting as a Function of Political Rhetoric in the European Parliament
A World of Difference
A world of English a world of Translation: Estudios interdisciplinares sobre traducción y lengua inglesa [A world of English a world of Translation: Interdisciplinary studies on translation and English language]
A. S. Puskin im Übersetzungswerk Henry von Heiselers: (1875-1928); ein europäischer Wirkungsraum der Petersburger Kultur [Pending]
A. W. Schlegels Shakespeare-Übersetzung. Untersuchungen zu seinem Übersetzungsverfahren am Beispiel des Hamlet [A. W. Schlegel's Shakespeare translation. An analysis of his method in translating, with Hamlet as a case in point]
ABC della traduzione letteraria [The principles of literary translation]
Abd al-Malik b. Habib y el Kitab wasf al-firdaws: nueva edición, introducción, traducción, notas e índices [Abd al-Malik b. Habib and Kitab wasf al-firdaws: new edition, introduction, translation, notes and table of contents]
Abductive translation studies: The art of marshalling signs
Abécédaire partiel et partial de la traduction professionnelle [Partial (incomplete and biased) primer of professional translation]
Abenteuer des Übersetzens [The adventure of translation]
Aber, denn, doch, eben und ihre spanischen Entsprechungen: eine funktional-pragmatische Studie zur Übersetzung deutscher Partikeln [Aber, denn, doch, eben and their Spanish equivalents: a functional-pragmatic study into the translation of German particles]
ABIL - Autoaprendizaje de interpretación bilateral (alemán-español) [ABIL - Self-learning bilateral (German-Spanish) interpreting]
ABIL - Autoaprendizaje de interpretación bilateral (francés-español) [ABIL - Self-learning bilateral (French-Spanish) interpreting]
ABIL - Autoaprendizaje de interpretación bilateral (inglés-español) [ABIL - Self-learning bilateral (English-Spanish) interpreting]
Abordagens teóricas da tradução [Theoretical approaches to translation]
About Translation
Abstracts of the International Symposium on Linguistics and Translation: University of Hamburg, 20th - 21st November 2000
Abu Mas'har and Latin Aristotelianism in the Twelfth Century: The Recovery of Aristotle's Natural Philosophy trhough Arabic Astrology
Abziehbilder, heimgeholt [Transfers, back home]
Accents now known: Shakespeare's drama in translation
Accesibilidad a los medios audiovisuales para personas con discapacidad Amadis '06 [Media accessibility for disabled people. Amadis '06]
Accesibilidad a los medios audiovisuales para personas con discapacidad Amadis '07 [Media accessibility for disabled people. Amadis '07]
Accesibilidad en la nueva era de las comunicaciones. Profesionales y universidad: un diálogo imprescindible [Accessibility in the new age of communications. Professionals and the university: an indispensable dialogue]
Access to services with interpreters. User views
Accessibility for the scenic arts
Accessible technologies in translation and interpreting
Accessible Web for Deaf and Hard of Hearing with Transparent Multimodal Sign Language Interpreter Module
Acculturating Shakespeare. The tactics of translating his works under Stalin in the light of recent theoretical advances in translation studies
Acculturation of the Other. Irish Milieux in Finnish Drama Translation
Accuracy of Translation: The Primary Criterion in Evaluating Bible Versions with Special Reference to the New International Version
Acerca de la traducción y la interpretación [On translation and interpreting]
Acerca de los aspectos traductológicos de la fraseología española [On the translation aspects of the Spanish phraseology]
Acercamiento a la traducción de textos de naturaleza jurídica italiano-español: un caso practico: el arbitraje [An approach to the translation of legal texts (Italian-Spanish): a practical case: arbitration]
Acercamiento metodológico a la traducción literaria con textos bilingües comentados [A methodological approach to literary translation with annotated bilingual texts]
Achieving Consilience. Translation Theories and Practice
Acortar distancias: las TIC en la clase de traducción y de lenguas extranjeras [Bridging the gaps: IT in translation and foreign-language training]
Acotaciones escénicas de las obras de Shakespeare en las traducciones españolas: Macpherson, Astrana, Valverde [Stage directions of the works of Shakespeare in Spanish translations: Macpherson, Astrana, Valverde]
Acquiring Translation Competence through the Use of Subtitling. Enhancing Language Learning through Translation and Translating
Across Boundaries: International Perspectives on Translation Studies
Across Languages and Cultures
Across Screens Across Boundaries
Across the Frontier: a Dialogic Approach to Literary Translation, Poetry, Language and Identity in Contemporary Irish and Scottish Literature
Across the Language Gap: Proceedings of the 28th Annual ATA (American Translators Association) Conference
Across the Lines: Travel Language and Translation
Acta Universitatis Carolinae Philologica / Translatologica Pragensia
Actas del I Congreso Internacional de la Asociación Ibérica de Estudios de Traducción e Interpretación [Proceedings of the 1st International Congress of the AIETI (Iberian Association of Translation and Intepreting Studies)]
Actas de la Jornada La traducción y la interpretación contra la exclusión social [Proceedings of the Seminar on Translation and Interpreting against social exclusion]
Actas de las I Jornadas de jovenes traductores (1997. Las Palmas) [Proceedings of the 1st conference of young translators (1997, Las Palmas)]
Actas de las I Jornadas sobre diseño curricular del traductor e intérprete [Proceedings of the First Conference on syllabus design for the translators and interpreters]
Actas de las II Jornadas de Jóvenes Traductores [Proceedings of the 2nd conference of young translators]
Actas de las Jornadas de estudio suizo-italianas de Lugano (22-24 de febrero de 1980) [Proceedings of the Swiss-Italian conference held in Lugano (February 22-24, 1980)]
Actas de las Jornadas de Traducción (28-31 de octubre 1986) [Proceedings of the Translation Conference (28-31 October, 1986)]
Actas del Congreso Mundial de Traducción Especializada: Lenguas y diálogo intercultural en un mundo en globalización. La Habana, Cuba, 8-13 diciembre 2008 [Proceedings of the World Congress on Specialized translation: Languages and intercultural dialogue in a globalized world. Havana, Cuba, 8-13 December 2008]
Actas del II Congreso Internacional AIETI - Formación, Investigación y Profesión, 9.-11.02.2005 [Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference of AIETI - Training, research and profession. 9-11 of February, 2005]
Actas del II Congreso Latinoamericano de Traducción e Interpretación [Proceedings of the 2nd Latin American Congress of Translation and Intepreting]
Actas del II Encuentro Internacional de Intérpretes y I Encuentro Regional de Sordos y I Congreso Regional de Investigadores de Lenguas de señas y Culturas Sordas [Proceedings of the 2nd. international meeting of interpreters and 1st regiional meeting of deaf and First regional conference of researchers of sign languages and deaf cultures]
Actas del III Congreso Latinoamericano de Traducción e Interpretación. Volumen 1 [Proceedings of the 3rd Latin-American Congress of Translation and Interpreting]
Actas del III Congreso Latinoamericano de Traducción e Interpretación. Volumen 2 [Proceedings of the 3rd Latin-American Congress of Translation and Interpreting]
Actas del IV Congreso 'El Español, Lengua de Traducción'. El español, lengua de traducción para la cooperación y el diálogo [Proceedings of the 4th congress 'Spanish, translation language'. Spanish. translation language for cooperation and dialogue]
Actas del primer coloquio internacional de traductología (2-4 mayo, 1989) [Proceedings of the first international symposium on translatology (May 2-4, 1989)
Actas del primer encuentro nacional de traductores : Lima 29 de setiembre al 4 de octubre de 1986 [Proceedings of the first national meeting of translators: Lima from September 29 to October 4, 1986]
Actas del Primer Simposio de Traducción Literaria [Proceedings of the first symposium on literary translation]
Actas del primer simposio internacional sobre el traductor y la traducción [Proceedings of the first international symposium on translators and translation]
Actas del primer simposium de localización multimedia [Proceedings of the first symposium on multimedia localization]
Actas del segundo coloquio internacional de traductología [Proceedings of the second international symposium on translatology]
Actas del Segundo Simposio de Traducción Literaria y Técnica-Científica [Proceedings of the second symposium on literary and technical-scientific translation]
Actas del Simposio Intersemiótica y Traducción [Proceedings of the symposium on Inter-semiotics and Translation]
Actas do I Congreso Internacional de Lingüística Contrastiva, Bilingüísmo, Traducción e a súa Aplicación ó Ensino das Linguas: Facultade de Humanidades, Universidade de Vigo, 6 ó 8 de maio de 1998 [Proceedings of the 1st international congress of contrastive linguistics, bilingualism, translation and their application to language teaching, University of Vigo, May 6-8, 1998]
Actas do III Seminário de tradução Científica e Técnica em Língua Portuguesa - 2000 - Tradução, Tradutores e Traição na Comunicação Social: problemas específicos da tradução no jornalismo e nos media [Proceedings of the third seminar of scientific and technical translation in Portuguese - 2000 - Translation, translators and betrayal in social communication: specific problems of translation in journalism and in mass media]
Actas do Primeiro simposio galego de traducción [Proceedings of the first Galician symposium on translation]
Actas SETAM: Estado Actual del Estudio de la Traducción Audiovisual en España. 27 de abril de 2001 [SETAM Proceedings: The state of the art in the study of audiovisual translation in Spain. April 27, 2001]
Actas XI Congreso AEDEAN. Translation across cultures: la traducción entre el mundo hispánico y anglosajón: relaciones lingüísticas culturales y literarias [Proceedings of the eleventh congress of AEDEAN. Translation across cultures: Translation in the Spanish and English worlds: cultural and literary links]
Actes / II Congrés Internacional sobre Traducció, abril 1994 [Proceedings / Second international congress on translation, April 1994]
Actes / III Congrés Internacional sobre Traducció [Proceedings / Third international congress on translation]
Actes del I Congrés Internacional sobre Traducció [Proceedings of the First International Congress on Translation]
Actes del primer simposi sobre l'ensenyament a distància i semipresencial de la tradumàtica. Bellaterra, 6 i 7 de juny de 2002 [Proceedings of the first symposium on distance and semi-presence-based teaching of new technologies applied to translation. Bellaterra, 6 and 7 of June, 2002]
Actes des deuxièmes assises de la traduction littéraire (Arles 1985) [Proceedings of the 2nd conference on literary translation (Arles, 1985)]
Actes des premières assises de la traduction littéraire (Arles, 1984) [Proceedings of the 1st conference on literary translation (Arles, 1984)]
Actes des quatrièmes Assises de la traduction littéraire (Arles, 1987) [Proceedings of the 4th conference on literary translation (Arles 1987)]
Actes des troisièmes Assises de la traduction littéraire, Arles, 1986 [Proceedings of the 3rd conference on literary translation (Arles 1986)]
Actes du 6e Colloque franco-finlandais de linguistique contrastive [Proceedings of the sixth French-Finnish colloquium on contrastive linguistics]
Actes du colloque international "La traduction, l'interpretation de conference et les defis de la mondialisation. (Cluj-Napoca, 10 octobre 2008) [Proceedings of the international conference: Translation, conference interpreting and the challenges of globalization (Cluj-Napoca, 10 October 2008)]
Actes du Colloque 'Methodologie de la traduction, de l'Antiquité à la Renaissance'. Rencontres Scientifiques de Luxembourg 1992 [Proceedings of the conference 'Methodology of translation, from Classical times to Renaissance]
Actes du Colloque sur la traduction littéraire, Colloquium Helveticum 3
Actes du Colloque Traduction et qualité de langue [Proceedings of the colloquim Translation and language quality]
Actes du sixième colloque Office de la Langue Française/Societé des traducteurs du Québec de la terminologie. L'ère nouvelle de la terminologie [Proceedings of the 6th colloquium Office de la LAngue Française/Societé des traducteurs du Québec on terminology. The new era of terminology]
Actes: Colloque national sur les services linguistiques : "Les services linguistiques au Canada, bilan et prospective", Ottawa, du 9 au 12 octobre, 1984 = Proceedings : National Symposium on Linguistic Services : "Linguistic services in Canada, insight and outlook" : Ottawa, October 9 to 12, 1984
Acts of Translation
Actualidad del XVIII francés en España. Catálogo de las traducciones, 1975–2013 [The presence of the French 18th century in Spain. A catalogue of translations, 1975-2013]
Actualisation du système canadien d'appréciation de la qualité linguistique (Sical) [An update of the Canadian system of assessmentg of language quality (Sical)]
Adam's Dream: A Preface to Translation
Adaptació al castellà del Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire - 4+: Propietats psicomètriques en població clínica i en estudiants [The Spanish adaptation of the Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire - 4+: Psychometric characteristics in the clinical population and in students]
Adaptación cinematográfica de obras literarias latinoamericanas y su traducción [Film adaptation of Latin-American literary works and their translation]
Adaptación cinematográfica y traducción intersemiótica. Estudio de “El nombre de la Rosa” a partir de las versiones italiana, francesa, inglesa y española [Film adaptation and intersemiotic translation. A study of 'Il nome della rosa' starting from its Italian, French, English and Spanish versions]
Adapting Educational and Psychological Tests for Cross-Cultural Assessment
Adaptions of Western Literature in Meiji Japan
Adding Amharic to a Unification-Based Machine Translation System. An Experiment
Adelard of Bath, an English Scientist and Arabist of the Early Twelfth Century
Adjektive bei Vollverben im Deutschen und ihre Übersetzung im Polnischen [Adjectives with full verbs in German and its translation into Polish]
Administrative and consumer perceptions of interpreting services at postsecondary programs for deaf students
Adquisición, enseñanza y contraste de lenguas, bilingüismo y traducción [Acquiring, teaching and contrasting languages, bilingualism and translation]
Adressatenorientierung in englischen und deutschen Texten [Addressee's orientation in English and German texts]
Advanced English for Translation
Advanced English-Arabic Translation: A Practical Guide
Advanced Issues in Arabic-English Translation Studies
Advanced Translation from Russian Prose
Advances in Corpus-based Contrastive Linguistics. Studies in honour of Stig Johansson
Advances in Interpreting Research. Inquiry in action
Advances in Teaching Sign Language Interpreters
Advantages and Disadvantages of Translation Memory: A Cost/Benefit Analysis
Advertising as Multilingual Communication
Advertising in translation: the translation of cosmetics and perfume advertisements into Portuguese
Advertising Translation Theory and Practice (In Chinese)
Advice to Students Wishing to Become Conference Interpreters
Aequilibrium. Instruments for Lifting Language Barriers in Intercultural Legal Proceedings. EU project JAI/2003/AGIS/048
Aequitas: Access to Justice across Language and Culture in the EU
Aequitas: Access to Justice across Language and Culture in the EU. Grotius project 2001/GRP/015
Aesthetic Progression in Literary Translation: Image-G Actualization
Affinités respectives de l'anglais et du français en matière d'argumentation: étude comparative dans la perspective de la traduction [Respective affinities of English and French concerning argumentation: a contrastive study from the point of view of translation]
Afrique et parole: Études et enquêtes sur la traduction de la Parole de Dieu dans les langues négro-africaines [Africa and the word: Studies and research on the translation of the Word of God in Black-African languages]
Afsatt pa Swensko. 1600-talets tryckta oversattningslitteratur [Translated into Swedish. Printed translated literature in 17th century Sweden]
After Babel. Aspects of Language and Translation
Against World Literature: On the Politics of Untranslatability
Agamemnon in Performance. 458 BC to AD 2004
Agatha Christie's The Mysterious Affair at Styles in German and Dutch Translation. The Remarkable Case of the Six Poirots
Agency in the Translation and Production of Novels from English in Modern Iran
Agents of Translation
Ahmad B. Muhammad B. Hayyay alisbili: Al-Mugni fi L-Filaha: Introducción, estudio y traducción con glosario [Ahmad B. Muhammad B. Hayyay alisbili: Al-Mugni fi L-Filaha: Introduction, study and translation with glossary]
Aide-mémoire d'autoperfectionnement à l'intention des traducteurs et des rédacteurs [A guide to self-improvement for the information of translators and editors]
Aika painaa. Oopperan tekstilaitekäännöksen toiminnalliset rajat [The functional boundaries of opera surtitles]
Aika painaa. Oopperan tekstilaitekäännöksen toiminnnalliset rajat [Time counts. The functional restrictions of the translation by a texting equipment in opera]
Akademik Çeviri Egitimi [Academic Translator Training]
Akage no An no hon'yaku monogatari [A Story of Translating Anne of Green Gables]
Aksit Gokturk'e saygi [Pending]
Akten des VIII. Internationalen Germanisten-Kongresses, Tokyo 1990. Vol. 5. Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Linguistische und literarische Übersetzung. Kontrastive Rhetorik, Poetik, Stilistik, Textlinguistik [Proceedings of the 8th International Congress on Germanistics, Tokyo 1990. Vol. 5 German as a foreign language. Linguistics and literary translation. Contrastive rhetoric, poetics, stylistics and text linguistics]
Akten des XI. Internationalen Germanistenkongresses Paris 2005. Germanistik im Konflikt der Kulturen. Band 3 [Proceedings of the 11th international congress of Germanistics. Paris 2005. Study of German in the conflict of Cultures. Volume 3]
Aktiv und Passiv im Deutschen und Chinesischen: eine konfrontativ - übersetzungswissenschaftliche Studie [Active and passive in German and in Chinese: a translation-oriented contrastive study]
Aktualnye problemy sovremennoj interlingvistiki [Pending]
Aktualnye problemy teorii khudozhestvennogo perevoda [Current problems of the theory of literary translation]
Aktuelle Probleme der angewandten Übersetzungswissenschaft: sprachliche und aussersprachliche Faktoren der Fachübersetzung [Current problems of the applied science of translation: linguistic and extralinguistic issues in technical translation]
Al humanista, traductor y maestro Miguel Angel Vega Cernuda [To the humanist, translator and master Miguel Angel Vega Cernuda]
Al Tarjama Qadiman wa Hadithan [Translation past and present]
al Tarjamat al Arabiyah li Rubaiyat al Khayyam: dirasah naqdiyah [The Arabic translations of Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat: a critical study]
Albanian Literature
Albert Jané i la traducció de còmics per a Cavall Fort [Albert Jané and the translation of comics for Cavall Fort]
Alcune considerazioni sul rapporto lingua-cultura: il processo traduttivo [Some reflections on the relationship between language and culture: the translation process]
Aldous Huxley in Romania
Alemanetik euskaratutako haur- eta gazte-literatura: zuzeneko nahiz zeharkako itzulpenen azterketa corpus baten bidez / Übersetzung deutschsprachiger Kinder- und Jugendliteratur ins Baskische: Vergleich direkter und indirekter Übersetzungen mithilfe eines Korpus [Translation of German children's literature into Basque: A corpus-based comparison of direct and indirect translations]
Alfons Maseras: intel·lectual d'acció i literat. Biografia. Obra periodística. Traduccions [Alfons Maseras: an intellectual of action and a man of letters. Biography. His articles. His translations]
Alfonso X el Sabio y la lingüística de su tiempo [Alfonso the Wise and linguistics in his times]
Alfonso X of Castile. Patron of Literature and Learning
Alfred Döblins Roman "Die drei Sprünge des Wang-lun" als Spiegel des Interesses moderner deutscher Autoren an China [Alfred Döblin's novel 'Die drei Sprünge des Wang-lun' as an instance of the interest in modern German authors in China]
Alfred Lord Tennyson y la literatura artúrica española de los siglos XIX y XX: traducción, manipulación e intertextualidad [Alfred Lord Tennyson and 19th- and 20th-century Spanish Arthurian literature: translation, manipulation and intertextuality]
Algunas partículas escalares del español y su traducción al inglés [Some degree particles in Spanish and their English translation]
Algunos conceptos básicos de la ciencia de la traducción [Some basic concepts in the science of translation]
al-Haraf is = Al Harafisch: Beiträge zur arabischen und deutschen Literatur eund Sprache. Festschrift für Moustafa Maher [al-Haraf is = Al Harafisch: Contributions to Arabic and German literature and language. Festschrift for Moustafa Maher]
Alice imedemaal" ja "Karupoeg Puhhi" retseptsioon Eesti laste seas: tõlke ja tõlgitavuse probleemid [The reception of Alice in Wonderland and Winnie-the-Pooh by Estonian children: issues of translation and translatability]
Alice in many Tongues: the Translations of 'Alice in Wonderland'
Alice's adventures in Wonderland: el estilo y las traducciones españolas [Alice's adventures in Wonderland: the style and the Spanish translations]
Alineació de textos jurídics paral·lels (català-castellà): alguns problemes [Alignment of (Catalan-Spanish) parallel legla texts: some problems]
Allemand thèmes et concours [Translating into German as a foreign language and exams]
Allemand version: méthode complète de travail avec 79 épreuves corrigées. Premiere et deuxieme langues [Translating from German: a complete working methodology with 79 exercises and their solutions. First and second languages]
Allemand, versions d'aujourd'hui: enseignement supérieur, première et deuxième langues [Translating from German nowadays: higher education, first and second languages]
Allemand: thème: premières et deuxième langues, rappels de grammaire, exploitation des connaissances [German: thème: first and second languages, recalling the grammar, exploiting knowledge]
Alles hängt mit allem zusammen. Translatologische Interdependenzen. Festschrift für Peter A. Schmitt [Everything is connected to everything. Translatological interdependencies. Festschrift for Peter A. Schmitt]
Allgemeine Übersetzungstheorie. Verstehen und Wiedergeben [A general theory of translation. Understanding and reformulating]
Allocation of Cognitive Resources in Translation: An Eye-Tracking and Key-Logging Study
Allocation of Working Memory and other Attentional Resources in Simultaneous Interpreting
All'ombra dell'altra lingua. Per una poetica della traduzione [Under the shadow of the other language. Towards a poetics of translation]
Alltagssprache und religiöse Sprache in Luthers Briefen und in seiner Bibelübersetzung: eine satzsemantische Untersuchung am Beispiel von Aufforderungssätzen und Fragesätzen [Everyday language and religious language in Luther's letters and in his Bible translation: a sentence-semantic research in imperative and interrogative sentences as a case in point]
Almanach zur italienischen Literatur der Gegenwart [Pending]
Alonso de Cartagena: edición y estudio de sus traducciones de Cicerón [Alonso de Cartagena: An edition and analysis of his translations of Cicero]
Al-Tarjama fi l-‘alam al-‘arabi, al-waqi‘ wa-l-tahaddi [Translation in the Arab World: Realities and Challenges]
Alterität, Übersetzung und Kultur: Cechovs Prosa zwischen Russland und Deutschland [Alterity, translation and culture: Chekhov's prose between Russia and Germany]
Alternative modernities and Bible translation
Altfranzösischer und mittelhochdeutscher Prosa-Lancelot: Übersetzungs- und quellenkritische Studien [Old French and Middle High German Prose Lancelot: Critical studies of translation and sources]
Altwaldensische Bibelübersetzungen [Pending]
Am Schnittpunkt von Philologie und Translationswissenschaft. Festschrift zu Ehren von Martin Forstner [In the meeting-point of philology and the theory of translation. Festschrift to honour Martin Forstner]
Amadis de Gaula: Hebrew Translation by the Physician Jacob de Algaba. First Published in Constatinopla, c. 1541
Amateur translation and the development of a participatory culture in China. A netnographic study of The Last Fantasy fansubbing group
América Latina, espacio de traducciones / 1 [Latin America, a space of translations / 1]
América Latina, espacio de traducciones / 2 [Latin America, a space of translations / 2]
American Journal of Translation Studies
American Modernism's Expatriate Scene: The Labour of Translation
Ammaestramenti degli antichi Latini e Toscani [Domesticating the ancient Romans and Tuscans]
Amo dunque sono, traducción al español. Sibilla Aleramo: renacer a traves de la escritura [Amo dunque sono, Spanish translation. Sibilla Aleramo: being reborn through writing]
AMTA 2006. Proceedings of the 7th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation of the Americas: Visions for the Future of Machine Translation
AMTA 2008. Proceedings of the Eighth Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas
AMTA 2012. Proceedings of the 10th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas, San Diego, California, 28 October – 1 November 2012
An Analysis and Testing of Socio-Linguistic Translation Theory as Found in Nida, Pergnier and Roberts
An analytical study of some aspects of literary translation: two Arabic translations of Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea
An Analytical Study of Some Problems of Translation: A Study of Two Arabic Translations of K. Gibran's The Prophet
An annotated bibliography on interpretation
An Anthology of Chinese Discourse on Translation. Volume 1: From Earliest Times to the Buddhist Project
An Anthropology of Reading
An Approach to Technical Translation: An Introductory Guide for Scientific Readers
An Approach to Translating Politeness (La politesse traduite)
An Approach to Translation Criticism. Emma and Madame Bovary in translation
An den Quellen der Kommunikation [On the sources of communication]
An Elizabethan Puritan; Arthur Golding, the Translator of Ovid's Metamorphoses and also of John Calvin's Sermons
An Empirical Investigation into the Effects of Personality on the Performance of French to English Student Translators
An Empirical Study of Dictionary Use in Version
An empirical study of problems faced by English-Arabic translation professionals: a corpus based analysis
An Encyclopedia of Translation. Chinese-English-English-Chinese
An English Reader's Guide to the French Legal System
An Essay on Mr. Pope's Odyssey. In Five Dialogues
An Essay on Translation
An ethnographic study of sign language interpreter education
An Ethnographic Study of the Use of Translation Tools in a Translation Agency: Implications for Translation Tool Design
An experiment in translation selection and word sense discrimination using the metalinguistic apparatus of two computeraized dictionaries
An insider evaluation of the translation process in use in the BSL Bible Translation Project: explorations in textuality, intermediality and sacrament
An Introduction to Court Interpreting. Theory and Practice
An Introduction to Machine Translation
An Introduction to Machine Translation
An Introduction to Principles of Translation
An Introduction to the Revised Standard Version of the New Testament, by Members of the Revision Committee
An Introduction to Translation
An Introduction to Translation for French College Students
An Introduction to Translation for French College Students: Livre du Maître [An Introduction to Translation for French College Students: Teacher's book]
An Introduction to Translation Studies
An Introduction to Translation Studies
An Introduction to Translation Studies
An introductory course in the theory and practice of translation
An introductory English-Polish contrastive grammar
An Investigation into Automatic Translation of Prepositions in IT Technical Documentation from English to Chinese
An investigation into subtitling in French and Spanish heritage cinema
An Investigation into the Impact of Controlled English Rules on the Comprehensibility, Usefulness, and Acceptability of Machine-Translated Technical Documentation for French and German Users
An Investigation of Methodological Issues in Descriptive Translation Research Drawing on a Case Study of the English Translations of Texts by Jean-François Lyotard
An Investigation of the Theory and Practice of Literary Translation Based on Arabic and English as Source and Target Languages and on Modern Arabic Prose Fiction Exemplified by Taha Husayn's Shajarat al-Bu's and Du'a al-Karawan
Anacreon Redivivus: A Study of Anacreontic Translation in Mid-Sixteenth-Century France
Anais do II Congreso Iberoamericano de Tradução e Interpretação (CIATI) [Proceedings of the 2nd Latin American congress of translation and interpreting (CIATI)]
Anais do V Encontro Nacional de Tradutores / Proceedings of the V Brazilian Translators' Forum
Anais do VI Encontro Nacional de Tradutores. Integração via tradução [Proceedings of the V Brazilian Translators' Forum. Integration via translation]
Analisi comparativa Francese/Italiano: ricerca linguistica-insegnamento delle lingue [A French/Italian comparative analysis: linguistic research - language teaching]
Anàlisi estilística i traducció literària: el cas de 'The Sea and the Mirror', de W. H. Auden [Stylistic analysis and literary translation: W. H. Auden's The Sea and the Mirror as a case in point]
Analisi interlinguistica ed interdisciplinare delle Carte costituzionali italiana e spagnola [A cross-linguistic and interdisciplinary analysis of the Italian and Spanish constitutions]
Analisi linguistica del parlato nel film 'Rocco e i suoi fratelli' di Luchino Visconti. Versione originale e doppiaggio allo spagnolo e all'inglese [A linguistic analysis of speech in the film 'Rocco e i suoi fratelli' by Luchino Visconti: original version and dubbed versions into Spanish and English]
Analisi linguistica e traduzione [Linguistic analysis and translation]
Análisis acústico discursivo de la entonación en la interpretación simultánea inglés británico-español peninsular [A discourse and acoustic analysis of intonation in British English-European Spanish simultaneous interpreting]
Análisis contrastivo de la terminología de la teledetección [A contrastive analysis of remote sensing terminology]
Análisis contrastivo de la variación denominativa en textos especializados: del texto original al texto meta [A contrastive analysis of denominative variation in specialized texts: from the source to the target text]
Análisis contrastivo de los géneros del derecho marítimo para la traducción (inglés-español) [A contrastive analysis for (English-Spanish) translation of maritime law genres]
Análisis contrastivo español/inglés de la atenuación retórica en el discurso médico: el artículo de investigación y el caso clínico [A Spanish-English contrastive analysis of rhetoric attenuation in the medical discourse: original articles and short papers]
Análisis contrastivo y estudio de una base de datos paremiológica temática: hispano- francés-árabe. Problemas de traducción y de equivalencia [Contrastive analysis and study of a thematic proverbs database: "Spanish-French-Arabic". Translation and equivalence problems]
Análisis contrastivo y traductológico de textos médicos (inglés-español). El género Caso Clínico [Contrastive and Translational Analyses of Medical Texts (English-Spanish). The genre Case Report]
Análisis contrastivo, análisis de errores e interlengua en el marco de la lingüística contrastiva [Contrastive analysis, error analysis and interlanguage in the framework of contrastive linguistics]
Análisis curricular de los estudios de Traducción e Interpretación en España. Perspectiva del estudiantado [A curriculum analysis of the Translation and Interpreting degree in Spain. The students' perspective]
Análisis de fuentes de información de estudios de traducción: creación de una base de datos [An analysis of information sources for translation studies: the creation of a database]
Análisis de la obra “Bushido: The Soul of Japan,” de Inazo Nitobe, desde la triple perspectiva traductológica, cultural y jurídica [An analysis of the Inazo Nitobe's work 'Bushido: The Soul of Japan' from a triple translatological, cultural and legal perspective]
Análisis de la práctica de la interpretación judicial en España: el intérprete frente a su papel profesional [An analysis of the practice of court interpreting in Spain: the interpreter and his professional role]
Análisis de la recepción y la traducción de Almas muertas de N. V. Gógol al español [Analysis of the reception and the Spanish translation of Almas muertas, by N.V. Gógol]
Análisis de la terminología a través de la producción científica: estudio experimental de la disciplina [Terminology analysis by means of scientific production: an experimental study of the discipline]
Análisis de las traducciones de Érase una vez... el hombre al español [An analysis of the translations of Il était une fois… l'Homme]
Análisis de los errores de la traducción en la subtitulación de la pelicula Freedom writers [recurso electrónico] [An analysis of translation errors in the subtitles of the film Freedom writers (electronic resource)]
Análisis del japonismo en Cataluña 1888-1950. La percepción y la recepción en el ámbito intercultural [Analysis on the japonism in Catalonia 1888-1950. The perception and reception in an intercultural field]
Análisis descriptivo de la traducción de las onomatopeyas del chino al español [A descriptive analysis of the Chinese-Spanish translation of onomatopoeias]
Análisis descriptivo de la traducción de los culturemas árabe-español [A descriptive analysis of the Arabic-Spanish translation of cultural items]
Análisis descriptivo de la traducción jurídica (francés-español). Aportes para una mayor sistematización de su enseñanza [A descriptive analysis of (French-Spanish) legal translation. Contributions to a greater systematization of its teaching]
Análisis discursivo y traductología (las novelas de Louis-Ferdinand Celine y sus traducciones en lengua española) [Discourse analysis and translatology (Louis-Ferdinand Celine's novels and their translations into Spanish)]
Análisis estilístico de las traducciones al español de 'Four Quartets' de T. S. Eliot [A stylistic analysis of the Spanish translations of T. S. Eliot's 'Four Quartets']
Análisis genético del doblaje con especial atención a la traducción de las unidades fraseológicas [A genetic analysis of dubbing, with special attention to the translation of phrase units]
Análisis lingüístico contrastivo de textos especializados en español y alemán [Contrastive linguistic analyses of specialized texts in Spanish and German]
Análisis Lingüístico de la Traducción Natural: Datos de Producción de dos Niños Gemelos Bilingües Inglés/Español [A linguistic analysis of natural translation: production data of two twin English/Spanish bilingual children]
Análisis paremiológico de El Quijote de Cervantes en la versión de Ludwig Tieck [A paroemiological analysis of Cervantes' Quixote y Ludwig Tieck's version]
Análisis semiótico-cognitivo de la traducción de referentes culturales en la subtitulación del español y el francés al japonés: Belle Epoque y Laissez-Passez [A semiotic-cognitive analysis of the translation of cultural items in Japanese subtitling from Spanish and French: Belle Epocque and Laissez-Passez ]
Análisis textual aplicado a la traducción [Text analysis applied to translation]
Análisis y estudio comparativo de tres traducciones españolas de Pride and Prejudice [An analysis and contrastive study of three Spanish translations of Pride and Prejudice]
Análisis y traducción del texto económico (inglés-español) [Analysis and translation of the business text (English-Spanish)]
Analyse comparative de la transposition de certains faits de culture dans les traductions française et anglaise de Bayn al-Qasrayn de Naguib Mahfouz [A comparative analysis of the transposition of certain cultural items in the French and English translations of 'Bayn al-Qasrayn', by Naguib Mahfouz]
Analyse deutscher und thailändischer Fachtexte und ihre Relevanz für das Fachübersetzen Thailändisch-Deutsch: eine exemplarische Untersuchung auf der Basis der textlinguistischen Parameter Kohärenz, Thema-Rhema-Struktur und Isotopie [An analysis of German and Thai specialized texts and their relevance for Thai-German specialized translation: an instance of research based on the textlinguistics parameters: coherence, theme-rheme-structure and isotopy]
Analysing approaches to interpreting and translating texts from Auslan to English
Analysing Audiovisual Dialogue. Linguistic and translational insights
Analyzing Intercultural Communication
Anaphernresolution und -übersetzung in der Sprachrichtung Russisch-Deutsch [Resolution and translation of anaphoras from Russian into German]
Anaphora: A Cross-linguistic Study
Anaphoric resolution of zero pronouns in Chinese in translation and reading comprehension
Anaphorisches it in der maschinellen Übersetzung: ein syntaktischer Ansatz zur Optimierung der Antezedenssuche [Pending]
And the Word Came with Power. How God Met and Changed a People Forever
André Gide und Deutschland: eine internationale Bibliographie [André Gide and Germany: an international bibliography]
Andrej M. Kurbskij als Übersetzer: zur kirchenslavischen Übersetzungstechnik im 16. Jahrhundert [Andrej M. Kursbkij as a translator: on the Slavic Church translation technique in the 16th century]
Anforderungsprofile für Übersetzer und Dolmetscher [Pending]
Angewandte Übersetzungwissenschaft [Studies in Applied Translation]
Anglicismo en el lenguaje de las ciencias de la salud [Anglicisms in the language of health sciences]
Anglicismos en la prensa económica española [Anglicisms in the Spanish financial press]
Anglicismos hispánicos [Anglicisms in Spanish]
Angliiskaia bezekvivalentnaia leksika i ee perevod na russkii iazyk: uchebnoe posobie [Non-equivalent English lexicon and its Russian translation: a handbook]
Anglo / Yolngu communication in the criminal justice system
Anglophone Literatures In The Asian Diaspora: Literary Transnationalism And Tranlingual Migrations
Anhitz: sistema diccionarial multilingüe de ayuda en la traducción [Anhitz: a multilingual dictionary system for assisted translation]
Annotated Texts for Translation. English-German: Functionalist Approaches Illustrated
Annotated Texts for Translation: English-French
Annotated Texts for Translation: French-English
Annuaire Mondial des Centres de Formation à la Traduction [World yearbook of the translation training centres]
Anovar / anosar. Estudios de traducción e interpretación [Innovate/domesticate. Translation and interpretation studies]
Anthologie de la manière de traduire. Domaine Français [An anthology of how to translate. The French domain]
Anthologie und interkulturelle Rezeption [Anthologies and cross-cultural reception]
Anticipation in German to Greek Simultaneous Interpreting: A Corpus-based Approach
Antipodean: the Australian translation journal
Antoine Berman aujourd'hui = Antoine Berman Today
Antoine Bermans 'produktive' Übersetzungskritik. Entwurf und Erprobung einer Methode [Antoine Berman's 'productive' translation criticism. Designing and testing a model]
Antoine Vitez - le devoir de traduire [Antoine Vitez - the duty to translation]
Antologia bilingüe. Clássicos da Teoria da Tradução. Vol. 4. Renascimento [A bilingual anthology. Classics of the theory of translation. Vol. 4. The Renaissance]
Antología de El Trujamán: selección de textos sobre traducción [An anthology from 'El Trujamán': selected articles on translation]
Antología y traducción de la poesía de Marianne Moore: una propuesta parala reescritura del discurso modernista [An anthology and translation of the poetry of Marianne Moore: a parallel proposal for the re-writing of modernist discourse]
Antoni Febrer i Cardona, un humanista il.lustrat a Menorca (1761-1841) [Antoni Febrer i Cardona, an enlightened humanist on Menorca (1761-1841)]
Antoni Pous, poeta i traductor [Antoni Pous, poet and translator]
Antonio Colinas, traductor [Antonio Colinas, translator]
Antonio de Capmany, una visión original del problema de la traducción y del aprendizaje del francés en la España del siglo XVIII [Antonio de Capmany, an original approach to the problem of translation and of learning French in 18th-century Spain]
António Feliciano de Castilho. O tradutor e a teoria da tradução [António Feliciano de Castilho. The translator and the theory of translation]
Antroponimia y connotación: la traducción al español de los nombres de persona en la obra de Molière [Person names and connotation: the Spanish translation of person names in Molière's oeuvre]
Anuari TRILCAT. Estudis de traducció, recepció i literatura catalana contemporània [TRILCAT Yearly. Studies in translation, reception and contemporary Catalan literature]
Anuvada sahityamuoka parisilana / Bhargaviravu [Pending]
Anuvada, siddhanta aura samasyaem / sampadaka Ravindranatha Srivastava, Krshnakumara Gosvami [Pending]
Anuvada: kala aura samasyaem [Pending]
Anuvada-kala [Pending]
Anuvadavijñana [Pending]
Anuvadiñcadam ela? [Pending]
Ao hugsa á íslenzku [Pending]
APAC3-2: an English-to-Czech Machine Translation System
Aplicaciones de la traducción audiovisual para mejorar la comprensión oral del inglés [Applications of audiovisual translation to improve listening comprehension in English]
Apocryphal Lorca: Translation, Parody, Kitsch
Apocryphes arméniens, transmission, traduction, création, iconographie. Actes du Colloque international sur la littérature apocryphe en langue arménienne, Genève, 18-20 septembre 1997 [Armenian apocryphs, transmission, translation, creation, iconography. Proceedings of the International Colloquium on apocryphal literature in Armenian, Geneva, 18-20 September 1997]
Apologéticus. En defensa de su traducción [Aplogeticus. In defense of its translation]
Aportació lèxica de Josep Carner a la llengua literària catalana [Josep Carner's lexical contributions to the Catalan literary language]
Aportaciones al estudio de la documentación aplicada a la traducción jurídica y a la mediación cultural: teoría y propuesta de un repertorio bibliográfico jurídico multilingüe [Contributions to the study on the documentation applied to legal translation and cultural mediation: theory and proposal of a bibliographic repertory]
Aportaciones al modelado conexionista de lenguaje y su aplicación al reconocimiento de secuencias y traducción automática [Contributions to the connectionist model of language and its application to the recognition of sequences and to machine translation]
Applications of Demand Control Schema in Interpreter Education
Applied Sociology in Translation Studies / Sociologia aplicada a la traducció
Applying Luhmann to Translation Studies: Translation in Society
Applying Technology to the Translation Process. Translating and the Computer 12
Applying translation theories and pedagogy: a multiple case study exploring postgraduate translation programmes in China and the UK
Apprendre à traduire. Cahier d'exercises pour l'apprentissage de la traduction français-anglais, anglais-français [Learning how to translate. An exercise book for learning French-English and English-French translation]
Apprendre à traduire. Typologie d'exercises de traduction [Learning how to translate. A typology of translation exercises]
Apprendre à traduire: prérequis et tests [Learning to translate: requirements and tests]
Apprentissage de la traduction par l'oralisation [Learning translation through the oral method]
Approaches to literary translation
Approaches to Traditional Chinese Medical Literature
Approaches to Translation
Approche de la traduction littéraire - ou l'interprétation de l'arrière-fond des mots [An approach to literary translation - or the interpretation of what lies behind words]
Approche formelle de problèmes liés à la sémantique des langues naturelles [A formal approach to the problems posed by the semantics of natural languages]
Approche linguistique des problèmes de traduction anglais-français [A linguistic approach to the problems of English-French translation]
Approches contrastives en lexicographie bilingue [Contrastive approaches to bilingual lexicography]
Approches directes et par traduction en logiques modales: nouvelles stratégies et traduction inverse de preuves [Direct and translational approaches in modal logics: new strategies and back-translation of tests]
Approches diverses du FLE: Traduction et littérature [Various approaches to French as a foreign language: Translation and literature]
Approches psycholinguistiques de l'interprétation [Psycholinguistic approaches to interpreting]
Appropriations of Irish drama by modern Korean nationalist theatre : a focus on the influence of Sean O'Casey in a colonial context
Aprehendiendo al leer: Eduardo de Mendoza y la traducción literaria. Un manual para el traductor novel [Apprehending reading: Eduardo de Mendoza and literary translation. A handbook for the fledgling translator]
Aprender a traducir del francés al español [Learning to translate from French into Spanish]
Aprender el francés y el español traduciendo la prensa: entrenamiento a la traducción [Learning French and Spanish by translating from the press: training in translation]
Aprendiendo y enseñando a traducir = Learning and teaching to translate = Aprendendo e ensinando a traducir
Aprendizaje de transductores estocásticos de estados finitos y su aplicación en traducción automática [Learning of stochastic finite-state transducers and their application in machine translation]
Apropos of Ideology: Translation Studies on Ideology, Ideologies in Translation Studies
Aproximación a la metodología didáctica de la traducción jurídica: teoría y práctica [An approach to the didactic methodology of legal translation: theory and practice]
Aproximación a la poesía de Emily Dickinson. Aplicaciones didácticas : traducción y musicalización de una selección de poemas mínimos de 1862 []
Aproximación a la situación actual de la traducción y la interpretación [An approach to the current situation of translation and interpreting]
Aproximación a la traducción del humor y su aplicación a la enseñanza de segundas lenguas: The annals of improbable research y los premios Ig Nobel [Approaching humour translation and its application to second language teaching: The annals of improbable research and Ig Nobel prizes]
Aproximación a la traducción translectal de un corpus audiovisual de películas hispanoamericanas [Approaching interdialectal translation with an audiovisual corpus of Hispanic American films]
Aproximación a una historia de la traducción en España [An approach to a history of translation in Spain]
Aproximación al análisis de traducciones. Ejemplo práctico: la traducción árabe de Cuaderno de Sarajevo, de Juan Goytisolo [Approach to the analysis of translations. Practical example: Arabic translation of Cuaderno de Sarajevo, by Juan Goytisolo]
Aproximación al lenguaje médico desde la pragmática de la traducción francés / español [An approach to medical language from the pragmatics of French-Spanish translation]
Aproximación pragmática a la traducción de la ironía: Problemas traductológicos en la traslación al castellano de los relatos de M. Zóschenko y M. Bulgákov [Pragmatic approach to the translation of irony: Problems in the Spanish translation of M. Zóschenko and M. Bulgákov's stories]
Aproximación teórica a la crítica de la traducción poética. Le Cimetière marin de Paul Valéry [A theoretical approach to criticism of poetic translation. Paul Valéry's Le Cimetière marin]
Aproximación terminográfica al lenguaje de la piedra natural. Propuesta de sistematización para la elaboración de un diccionario traductológico [A terminographic approach to the language of natural stone. A proposal of systematization for the compilation of a translatological dictionary]
Aproximaciones a la autotraducción [Approaches to self-translation]
Aproximaciones a la traducción [Approaches to translation]
Aproximaciones a los estudios de traducción [Approaches to translation studies]
Aproximaciones cognitivas al estudio de la traducción e interpretación [Cognitive approaches to the study of translation and interpreting]
Aproximaciones diversas al texto literario [Diverse approaches to the literary text]
Aproximaciones estratégicas a la traducción de los culturemas chino-español en el subtitulado televisivo. Estudio empírico-inductivo de un corpus paralelo [Strategic approaches to the translation of Chinese-Spanish culturemes in TV subtitling. An empirical-inductive study of a parallel corpus]
Aptitude for interpreting
Apuntes de Historia de la Traducción Portuguesa [Some notes on the history of Portuguese translation]
Apuntes para una teoría hermenéutica de la traducción [Notes towards a hermeneutic theory of translation]
Apuntes sobre la traducción italiana de textos de literatura de lengua española [Some notes on the Italian translation of Spanish literary texts]
Apuntes sobre traducción literaria y análisis contrastivo de textos literarios traducidos [Notes on literary translation and contrastive analysis of translated literary texts]
Arabic Astronomical and Astrological Sciences in Latin Translations. A Critical Bibliography
Arabic into Latin in the Middle Ages. The Translators and their Intellectual and Social Context
Arabic literature unveiled: Challenges of translation
Arabic Poetry in English Translation: A Bibliography
Arabic Text Recognition and Machine Translation
Arabic text to Arabic sign language example-based translation system
Arabic-English-Arabic Translation
Arabismo y traducción. Entrevistas con J. M. Fórneas, J. Cortés, M. Cruz Hernández, J. Vernet, L. Martínez, P. Martínez Montávez, M. L. Serrano [Arabism and translation. Interviews with J. M. Fórneas, J. Cortés, M. Cruz Hernández, J. Vernet, L. Martínez, P. Martínez Montávez, M. L. Serrano]
Arbeitsbuch Semantik [A textbook of semantics]
Arbeitsbuch Übersetzung: Deutsch-Italienisch [Exercise book for translation: German-Italian]
Arbeitstexte für den Übersetzer: Deutsch-Spanish, español-alemán [Exercises for translators: German-Spanish, Spanish-German]
Archivo y edición digital de textos literarios y ensayísticos traducidos al español y tratados sobre traducción del siglo XIX [Archive and digital edition of 19th-century literary texts and essays translated into Spanish and of essays on translation]
Arduous Tasks. Primo Levi, Translation, and the Transmission of Holocaust Testimony
Argomenti per una lingüística della traduzione = Notes pour una linguistique de la traduction = On linguistic aspects of translation
Argumentative Text Structure and Translation
Arí - Sí - Yes. Análisis lingüístico y evaluación de las traducciones de Huasipungo al inglés
Arigos Decameron; Übersetzungsstrategie und poetologisches Konzept [Arigos Decameron: Translation strategies and poetic concept]
Arising from the depths (Kupala). A study of Belarusian literature in English translation
Aristote en syriaque. Paul le Perse, logicien du VIe siècle [Aristotle in Syriac. Paul the Persian, a 6th-century logician]
Aristoteles Arabus. The oriental translations and commentaries of the Aristotelian Corpus
Aristotelisches Erbe im arabisch-lateinischen Mittelalter: Übersetzungen, Kommentare, Interpretationen [Pending]
Aristotle in China. Languages, Categories, and Translation
Ars & ingenium: Studien zum Übersetzen: Festgabe für Frans Stoks zum sechzigsten Geburtstag [Ars & ingenium: Studies in translation: A present for Frans Stoks in his 60th birthday]
Ars Traductoris - Questões de leitura-tradução da Ars Põetica de Horácio [Ars Traductoris - Issues of reading-translation in Horace's Ars Põetica]
Ars transferendi. Sprache, Übersetzung, Interkulturalität. Festschrift für Nikolai Salnikow zum 65 Geburtstag [Ars transferendi. Language, translation, interculturality. Festschrift for Nikolai Salnikow in his 65 birthday]
Art and Science of Translation
Art poétique [The art of poetry]
Art, Implementation and Future of Audiodescription Conference, August 2-3, 1994
Arte de traducir del idioma francés al castellano [The art of translating from French into Spanish]
Arte de traducir el inglés [The art of translating from English]
Arte de Traduzir de Latim para Portuguez, reduzida a princípios: oferecida ao Illustrissimo Senhor D. Francisco de Sales e Lencastre [The Art of Translating from Latin into Portuguese, reduced to principles: dedicated to the most honourable D. Francisco de Sales e Lencastre]
Articles, Speeches and Presentations about Translation Tools
As (in)fidelidades da tradução: servidões e autonomia do tradutor [The (in)fidelities of translation: the servitudes and the autonomy of the translator]
As faces de Jano: Contributos para uma cartografia identitária e socioprofissional dos tradutores da região norte de Portugal [Jano's faces: Contributions to an identity and socio-professional mapping of translators in the northern region of Portugal]
As good as your word: a guide to community interpreting and translation in public services
As margens da tradução [The margins of translation]
Así se crean doblajes para cine y TV [Dubbing for film and TV]
Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies
Asian Babel: Proceedings - the 2nd Asian Translators' Forum
Asian Translation Traditions
Asiya - An Open Toolkit for Automatic Machine Translation (Meta-)Evaluation. Technical Manual Version 2.0
ASLIB Conference Proceedings, Translating and the Computer 26
ASL-to-English Interpretation: Say it like they mean it
Aspect, temporalité et modalité en polonais et en français [Aspect, time and mode in Polish and in French]
Aspectes de la reflexió i de la praxi interlingüística [Aspects of interlingual reflections and practice]
Aspectes de terminologia, neologia i traducció [Aspects of terminology, neology and translation]
Aspectes del sintagma nominal en català des de la perspectiva de la traducció automàtica [Some aspects of the noun syntagm in Catalan from the point of view of machine translation]
Aspectos de fraseología contrastiva (alemán-español) en el sistema y en el texto [Issues in (German-Spanish) contrastive phraseology in the system and in the text]
Aspectos de la didáctica del inglés para fines específicos: la traducción especializada como método de evaluación formativa y de autoevaluación [Aspects of the teaching of English for specific purposes: specialized translation as a method of formative evaluation and self-assessment]
Aspectos de la estructura de tema y rema en la traducción de los artículos biomédicos del inglés al español: Estudio contrastivo basado en la lingüística de corpus [Issues in the theme-rheme structure in the English-Spanish translation of biomedical articles: a contrastive study based on corpus linguistics]
Aspectos de la historia de la traducción en Hispanoamérica. Autores, traducciones y traductores [Issues in the history of translation in Latin America. Authors, translations and translators]
Aspectos de la traducción inglés / español: Segundo curso superior de traducción [Aspects of English-Spanish translation: Second advanced course in translation]
Aspectos de la traducción y de la novela The Scarlet Letter de N. Hawthorne (propuesta metodológica de evaluación crítica de sus traducciones y aplicacion) [Issues in translation and in fiction. 'The Scarlet Letter' by N. Hawthorne (a methodological and applied proposal for the critical assessment of its translations)]
Aspectos del léxico económico-empresarial (español-francés; francés-español) [Aspectos of (Spanish-French, French-Spanish) business and corporate lexicon]
Aspectos deontológicos y profesionales de la traducción jurídica, jurada y judicial [Deontological and professional issues in legal, sworn and judicial translation]
Aspectos empíricos de la traducción artesana y automática del verbo get [Empirical issues in the human and machine translation of the verb get]
Aspectos epistemológicos de la traducción [Epistemological issues in translation]
Aspectos fundamentales de la teoría de la traducción [Main issues in translation theory]
Aspectos lingüísticos del descubrimiento y de la Conquista [Linguistic issues in the discovery and conquest of America]
Aspectos lingüísticos y técnicos de la traducción audiovisual (TAV) [Linguistic and technical issues in audiovisual translation (AVT)]
Aspectos lingüísticos y traductológicos de la traducción de la ironía entre el árabe y el español [Linguistic and translation aspects of the translation of irony between Arabic and Spanish]
Aspectos semánticos de la hipérbole en algunos textos árabes traducidos al castellano [Semantic aspects of the hyperbole in some Arabian texts translated to Spanish]
Aspectos Teóricos e Práticos da Traduçom Científico-Técnica (Inglês > Galego) [Theoretical and practical issues in (English-Galician) technical and scientific translation]
Aspectos teóricos y prácticos de la traducción [Theoretical and practical issues in translation]
Aspectos textuales y terminológicos de documentos mercantiles del comercio internacional. Herramientas aplicables a la formación de traductores [Textual and terminological issues of trade documents in foreign trade. Tools which can be applied to translator training]
Aspects de la negation en traduction automatique [Aspects of negation in machine translation]
Aspects de la traduction littéraire [Aspects of literary translation]
Aspects du vocabulaire [Issues in vocabulary]
Aspects linguistiques de la traduction
Aspects of Applied and Experimental Research on Conference Interpretation
Aspects of cohesion in web site translation: a translator's perspective
Aspects of Language and Translation: Approaches for Italian-English Translation
Aspects of Legal Language and Legal Translation
Aspects of Lexical Cohesion in EU Texts: A Critical Study of Greek Translations and English Hybrid Texts
Aspects of Linguistic Contrast and Translation
Aspects of literary translation. Building Linguistic and Cultural Bridge in Past and Present
Aspects of Mistranslation in the 1951 Lulogooli Bible
Aspects of Simultaneous Interpretation and Human Information Processing
Aspects of Specialised Translation
Aspects of Specialised Translation
Aspects of Translation
Aspects of Translation
Aspects of Translation and Paraphrase: a Cognitive Approach
Aspects of Translation Pedagogy
Aspectus varii translationis I [On various issues in translation 1]
Aspectus varii translationis II [On various issues in translation 2]
Aspekt, Aktionsart, Tempus. eine Untersuchung zur Wiedergabe russischer Verbkategorien im Französischen [Pending]
Aspekte der Textübersetzung Deutsch-Türkisch
Aspekte der theoretischen sprachenpaarbezogenen und angewandten Sprachwissenschaft [Issues in applied linguistics regarding language pairs]
Aspekte der Übersetzung: (hauptsächlich anhand deutscher, englischer, französischer und lateinischer Beispiele): Prolegomena einer Paenidenthematik: multa et multum [Pending]
Aspekter av litterär översättning från franska. Kollokvium vid Växjö universitet 11-12 maj 2000 [Aspects of literary translation from French. Colloquium held at Växjö University, 11-12 May 2000]
Aspektualität im Polnischen und Deutschen: eine praktische Untersuchung am Beispiel der Übersetzungen beider Richtungen [Aspectuality in Polish and German: a practical research using translations in both directions as an example.]
Aspetti della qualità in interpretazione [Quality issues in interpreting]
Aspetti dell'organizzazione cerebrale del linguaggio. Dal monolinguismo all'interpretazione simultanea [Issues in the cerebral organization of language. From monolingualism to simultaneous interpreting]
Aspetti didattici della traduzione in tedesco dall'italiano [Teaching issues of German-Italian translation]
Assemblers, Compilers, and Program Translation
Assessing Legal Interpreter Quality through Testing and Certification: The Qualitas Project
Assessing simultaneous interpreting: A study on test reliability and examiners' assessment behavior
Assessment Issues in Language Translation and Interpreting
Assuring accessibility during web localisation. An empirical investigation on the achievement of appropriate text alternatives for images
At Stalin's Side. His Interpreter's Memoirs from the October Revolution to the Fall of the Dictator's Empire
ATA '94: Vistas - Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the American Translators Association, 1994
Atelier de traduction [Translation workshop]
Att få reda på vad andra säger: Utvärdering av Kammarkollegiets tolkprov [Finding out what others are saying: An assessment of the interpreting test by the Kammarkollegiet]
Att översätta barn- och ungdomsböcker. Empiriska studier och rekommendationer [On the translation of children's books... Empirical study and recommendations]
Att översätta komik: en undersökning av funktionsförändringar i tyska översättningar av svensk skönlitteratur [Pending]
Attention! Un livre peut en cacher un autre... (traduction et adaptation en littérature d'enfance et de jeunesse) [Beware! A book may conceal another... (translation and adaptation in children's literature)]
Atti del secondo Convegno sui problemi della traduzione letteraria, (Monselice, 1973) [Proceedings of the second conference on the problems of literary translation (Monselice, 1973)]
Atti della conferenza L'Assicurazione della Qualità nella Traduzione (maggio 1993) [Proceedings of the conference 'Ensuring quality in translation,' May 1993]
Atti della Fiera Internazionale della Traduzione, Riccione 19 – 21 dicembre 1990 [Proceedings of the International translation fair, Riccione 19-21 December 1990]
Atti della Fiera internazionale della traduzione: forum di Forlì, 3-6 dicembre 1992 [Proceedings of the international translation fair: forum of Forli, 3-6 December 1992]
Atti Seminario Linguatel: Progetto telematico di lingua e mediazione interlinguistica, 9-10 maggio 2002 [Proceedings of the Seminar Linguatel: A Telematic project of language and cross-lingual mediation]
Attitudes towards the use of subtitles and sign language inserts for the deaf and hard of hearing on television
Attitudes, Innuendo, and Regulators. Challenges of Interpretation
Attribute Grammar Inversion and Source-to-Source Translation
Au coeur de la démarche traductive: débat entre concepts et sujets [At the heart of the translational process: a discussion between concepts and topics]
Au coeur du trialogue canadien: croissance et évolution du Bureau des traductions du gouvernement canadien 1934-1984 = Bridging the Language Solitudes: Growth and Development of the Translation Bureau of the Government of Canada 1934-84
Auch eine kopernikanische Wende? Übersetzungsbegriffe französisch, englisch, deutsch – 1740er bis 1830er Jahre [Also a Copernican revolution? Translation terms in French, English, German - 1740s to 1830s]
Audio Description and Semiotics: The Translation of Films for Visually-Impaired Audiences
Audio description background paper
Audio Description, A Visual Assistive Discourse: An Investigation into Language Used to Provide the Visually Disabled Access to Information in Electronic Texts
Audio Description, Audio Narration - A New era in AVT
Audio Description. New perspectives illustrated
Audio description: Seeing with the mind's eye- A comprehensive training manual and guide to the history and applications of audio description
Audio Sweetening for Film and TV
Audiodescrição em filmes: história, discussão conceitual e pesquisa de recepção [Audio description in films: history, conceptual discussion and reception-oriented research]
Audiodescrição em filmes: história, discussão conceitual e pesquisa de recepção [Audio description in films: history, conceptual discussion and research on reception]
Audiodescripció i recepció. Efecte de la velocitat de narració, l'entonació i l'explicitació en la comprensió fílmica [Audiodescription and reception. Effect of AD narrationspeed, intonation and explicitationon film comprehension]
Audiodeskription - Entstehung und Wesen einer Textsorte [Audio description - Creation and essentials of a text type]
Audiodeskription als partielle Translation. Modell und Methode [Audio description as partial translation. Model and method]
Audiovisual Translation across Europe. An Ever-changing Landscape
Audiovisual translation and media accessibility at the crossroads. Media for all 3
Audiovisual Translation in a Global Context: Mapping an Ever-changing Landscape
Audiovisual Translation in Close-up. Practical and Theoretical Approaches
Audiovisual Translation in the Digital Age: The Italian Fansubbing Phenomenon
Audiovisual Translation through a Gender Lens
Audiovisual Translation. Dubbing
Audiovisual Translation. Language Transfer on the Screen
Audiovisual Translation. Taking Stock
Audiovisual Translation. Theoretical and methodological challenges
Audiovisual Translation: Subtitles and Subtitling. Theory and Practice
Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling
Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing
Audiovisual Translation: Theories, Methods and Issues
Audiovisuelle Übersetzung. Filmuntertitelung in Deutschland, Portugal und Tschechien [Audiovisual translation. Subtitling in Germany, Portugal and the Czech republic]
Audiovisuelles Übersetzen. Ein Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch [Audiovisual translation. A handbook and an exercise book]
Aufbaukurs Übersetzen Deutsch-Englisch [Intermediate course in German-English translation]
Aufsätze zur Translationstheorie [A study on translation theory]
August Wilhelm Schlegel as a Translator of Shakespeare; a Comparison of Three Plays with the Original
Aus Tradition in die Zukunft. Perspektiven der Translationswissenschaft. Festschrift für Christiane Nord [From tradition to the future. Perspectives of translation studies. A festschrift for Christiane Nord]
Ausblicke: Übersetzungskritische und Literaturgeschichtliche Studien [Pending]
Ausgewählte Vorträge zur Translation und anderen Themen / Selected Papers on Translation and other Subjects
AUSIT (Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators). Proceedings of the First Practitioners' Seminar
Auteurs brésiliens en français = Autores brasileiros em francés [Brazilian authors in French]
Authorial and Editorial Voices in Translation 1. Collaborative Relationships between Authors, Translators, and Performers
Authorial and Editorial Voices in Translation 2. Editorial and Publishing Practices
Authors- Translators - Authors
Automated Language Processing
Automated Metrics for Machine Translation Evaluation
Automatic Language Translation: Lexical and Technical Aspects, with Particular Reference to Russian
Automatic Speech Translation: Fundamental Technology for Future Cross-Language Communications
Automatic Translation
Automatic Translation in Specific Domains: Weather (Weathra) and Stock Market (Stocktra, Vectra)
Automatic Translation of Languages
Automatic Translation: Seminar Proceedings
Automation in Language Translation and Theorem Proving; some Applications of Mathematical Logic
Automatische Extraktion von bilingualen Valenzwörterbüchern aus deutschenglischen Parallelkorpora: eine Pilotstudie [Automatic extraction of bilingual valence dictionaries from Anglo-German parallel corpora: a pilot study]
Automatische Sprachübersetzung [Machine translation]
Automatische Transkription französischer Texte [Automatic transcription of French texts]
Automatische Übersertzung englischer Fachtexte ins Persische [The machine translation of English specialized texts into Persian]
Automatische Übersetzung von Texten des Deutschen in gesprochene Sprache [Pending]
Automatische Übersetzung: Untersuchungen am Beispiel der Sprachen Englisch und Deutsch [Machine translation: English and German as a case in point]
Autori e libri inglesi tradotti in Italia nel ventennio 1920 - 1940: Elio Vittorini traduttore di D. H. Lawrence [English authors and books translated in Italy between 1920 - 1940: Elio Vittorini, translator of D. H. Lawrence]
Autori Portoghesi Tradotti ed Editi in Italia. Narrativa Poesia Saggistica (1898–1998) [Portuguese authors translated and published in Italy. Fiction, poetry, essays (1898-1998)]
Autotradução / Self-Translation
Autotraduçao: Autoridade, Privilegio e modelo [Self-translation: Authority, privilege and model]
Autotraducció i Sebastià Juan Arbó. El cas de Terres de l'Ebre [Self-translation and Sebastià Arbó. Terres de l'Ebre as a case in point]
Autotraducció. De la teoria a la pràctica [Self-translation. From theory to practice]
Autotraduzione e riscrittura [Self-translation and rewriting]
Autour de Ferron. Littérature, traduction, altérité [On Ferron. Literature, translation, alterity]
Autour de la retraduction. Perspectives littéraires européennes. Avec un texte inédit de Jean-Réné Ladmiral [On retranslation. European literary perspectives. Including an unpublished text by Jean-Réné Ladmiral]
Autour des prédicats. Variables aspectuo-temporelles et sémantiques [On predicates. Aspect-time and semantic issues]
Autour d'Olive Senior: hétérolinguisme et traduction [Autour d'Olive Senior: heterolingualism and translation]
Avainsanoja ja ideologiaa. Käännettyjen ja ei-käännettyjen historiatekstien korpuslingvistinen analyysi [Keywords and ideology: a corpus-based analysis of translated and non-translated history texts]
Avances en la investigación sobre interpretación [Steps forward in research into interpreting]
Avatares de la poesía costarricense traducida durante el siglo XX. La traducción de literaturas periféricas [Avatars of translated Costa Rican poetry in the 20th century. The translaton of peripheral literatures]
Avatares del Quijote en Europa [The avatars of Don Quixote in Europe]
Avel·lí Artís-Gener, traducció i alteralitat. El com i el perquè de la praxi traductora de Tísner [Avel·lí Artís-Gener, translation and otherness. The how and why of Tísner's translational praxis]
Avis au ministre responsable de l'application des lois professionnelles sur la demande de constitution en corporation de la Société des traducteurs du Québec [Report to the minister responsible for the application of professional laws on the demand for the creation of the corporation of the Society of Translators of Quebec]
Avviamento alla traduzione inglese. Italiano-inglese, inglese-italiano [An introduction to English translation. Italian-English, English-Italian]
Azorín y Miró en traducción [Azorín and Miró in translation]