Maailman kielten erilaisuus ja samuus [Differences and similarities in the languages of the World]
Maailmankirjallisuuden ja sen klassikkojen suomentamisesta, Osat 1-3 [The Finnish translation of world literary classics Pending]
Maallikkokaantamisen ja [Non-professional Translation and Interpreting]
Mabani-i tarjamah [Principles of translation]
Machado de Assis & Tradução [Machado de Assis and translation]
Machado de Assis Tradutor [Machado de Assis, translator]
Machado de Assis tradutor: o labirinto da representação [Machado de Assis translator: labyrinth of representation]
Machado de Assis, Literatura e Tradução [Machado de Assis, literature and translation]
Mâcher du coton. Joies, visages d'un métier jeune: l'interprétation de conférence [Chewing cotton. Pleasures, facets of a young profession: conference interpreting]
Machine Aids for Translators
Machine Assisted Translation. A Proposal for IBM EMEA Areas Division
Machine learning approaches for dealing with limited bilingual training data in statistical machine translation
Machine translation
Machine Translation
Machine Translation
Machine Translation
Machine Translation
Machine Translation
Machine Translation & the Information Soup: Third Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas AMTA '98
Machine Translation & the Lexicon: Proceedings of the Third International EAMT Workshop, Held in Heidelberg, Germany, April 26-28, 1993
Machine Translation & Translation Theory
Machine Translation (2)
Machine Translation [Previously Computers and Translation]
Machine Translation and Applied Linguistics
Machine Translation and Global Research. Towards Improved Machine Translation Literacy in the Scholarly Community
Machine Translation and Natural Language Processing: Opportunities for Artificial intelligence in Canada / La traduction automatique et le traitement des langues naturelles. Anglais
Machine translation and the virtual museum of Canada (VMC)
Machine Translation and Translation Memory Systems. An Ethnographic Study of Translators' Satisfaction
Machine Translation for Arabic
Machine Translation for Human Translators
Machine Translation for Low-Resource Languages
Machine Translation for Low-Resource Languages 2
Machine Translation in Japan
Machine Translation in the Information Age. Machine Translation Summit VIII Proceedings. EAMT / European Association for Machine Translation
Machine Translation in the Information Age. Machine Translation Summit VIII Proceedings. IAMT / European Association for Machine Translation
Machine Translation of Languages. Fourteen Essays
Machine Translation of On-Line Searches in Japanese Databases: a Way to Facilitate Access to Japanese Techno-Economic Information
Machine translation of proper names from English and French into Vietnamese. An error analysis and some proposed solutions
Machine translation post-editing and effort. Empirical studies on the post-editing process
Machine Translation Review
Machine Translation Studies of Semantic Techniques
Machine Translation Summit VI: Past, Present, Future
Machine Translation Summit VII, 13th-17th September 1999, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore. Proceedings of MT Summit VII: MT in the Great Translation Era
Machine Translation Summit XI
Machine Translation Systems
Machine Translation Theory and Practice
Machine Translation Today
Machine Translation Today: The State of the Art
Machine Translation, a Knowledge-Based Approach
Machine Translation, Controlled Languages and Specialised Languages
Machine Translation. What Language Professionals Need to Know
Machine Translation. An Introductory Guide
Machine Translation. Ten Years on
Machine Translation: A View from the Lexicon
Machine Translation: Bibliography
Machine Translation: Capabilities and Limitations
Machine Translation: from Real Users to Research
Machine Translation: from Research to Real Users
Machine Translation: How Far Can It Go?
Machine Translation: Its Scope and Limits
Machine Translation: Linguistic Characteristics of MT Systems and General Methodology of Evaluation
Machine Translation: Past, Present, Future
Machine Translation: pre-ALPAC History, post-ALPAC Overview
Machine translation: statistical approach with additional linguistic knowledge
Machine Translation: Theoretical and Methodological Issues
Machine Translation: Theory, Applications, and Evaluation: an Assessment of the State-of-the Art
Machine Translationness: a Concept for Machine Translation Evaluation and Detection
Machine-Translatability and Post-Editing Effort: an empirical study using Translog and Choice Network Analysis
Machtlos, selbstlos, meinungslos? Interdisziplinare Analysen von UbersetzerInnen und DolmetscherInnen in belletristischen Werken [Powerless, selfless, meaningless? Interdisciplinary analyses of translators and interpreters in fiction]
Macro-Approach of the Tunen Bible Translation. An Application of the Key Biblical Technical Termini
Madame de Lambert y sus tratados de educación (Avis d'une mère à son fils, avis d'une mère a sa fille). Recepción y estudio traductológico de la traducción española de la condesa de Lalaing [Madame de Lambert and her education treaties (Avis d'une mère à
Made in Kanada? The perception and construction of Canadian-ness in English Canadian drama on German state
Made under Pressure: Literary Translation in the Soviet Union, 1960-1991
Maeterlinck y España [Maeterlinck and Spain]
Maeterlinck y España [Maeterlinck and Spain]
Magnificat und Benedictus Deutsch: Martin Luthers bibelhumanistische Übersetzung in der Rezeption des Erasmus von Rotterdam [German Magnificat and Benedictus: Martin Luther's humanistic Bible translation in the reception of Erasmus of Rotterdam]
Mahayana Texts Translated into Western Languages: a Bibliographical Guide
Majmueh maghalate nakhostin hamayeshe tarjomeh adabi dar iran [Proceedings of the First Literary Translation Conference in Iran]
Make It Simple with Paraphrases: Automated Paraphrases for Authoring Aids and Machine Translation
Makers of the English Bible
Making a Difference: Stories of the Translator at the Turn of the Century
Making Knowledge Move: translation and the travel of technical textbooks in Meiji-era Japan (1868-1894)
Making Meaningful Choices in English: On Dimensions, Perspectives, Methodology and Evidence
Making Television Accessible
Making the Connection: Translators and Interpreters as Cross-cultural Communicators
Making the Scene. La traduction du théâtre d’une langue officielle à l’autre au Canada [Dramatic licence: translating theatre from one official language to the other in Canada]
Making Way in Corpus-based Interpreting Studies
Makrostrukturen der Argumentation im Deutschen, Französischen und Italienischen [Macrostructures for argumentation in German, French and Italian]
Mala encyklopedia przekladoznawstwa [A brief encyclopedia of translation studies]
Malcolm Lowry, Clemens TenHolder, Briefwechsel [Malcolm Lowry, Clemens TenHolder, correspondence]
Mallarmé, Valéry et Claudel traducteurs [Mallarmé, Valéry and Claudel, translators]
Mamá, quiero ser intérprete [Mom, I want to be an interpreter]
Man and Message
Man vs. Machine? The Future of Translators, Interpreters and Terminologists
Managing Language Problems: A Court Interpreting Education Program For Judges, Lawyers, & Court Managers
Managing Terminology for Translation Using Translation Environment Tools: Towards a Definition of Best Practices
Managing Translation Projects: Practices and quality in production networks
Managing Translation Services
Manga in America. Transnational Book Publishing and the Domestication of Japanese Comics
Manipulation in translation
Manipulation of semantics and syntax: the use of emotive language in English and Arabic news reports and editorials with reference to translation
Männer, die mit der Bibel lebten: Martin Luther, Hermann Menge, Erich Sauer, Elias Schrenk [Men who lived with the Bible: Martin Luther, Hermann Menge, Erich Sauer, Elias Schrenk]
Manolito por el mundo: análisis intercultural de las traducciones al inglés, francés, alemán e italiano [Manolito around the world: an intercultural analysis of translations into English, French, German and Italian]
Manual de bibliografía española de traducción e interpretación: Diez años de historia, 1985-1995 [A handbook of Spanish bibliography on translation and interpreting. Ten years of history, 1985-1995]
Manual de documentación para la traducción literaria [A handbook of documentation for literary translation]
Manual de documentación y terminología para la traducción especializada [A handbook of documentation and terminology for specialized translation]
Manual de español urgente [A handbook of urgent Spanish]
Manual de Galego Científico. Orientaçons Lingüísticas [A handbook of Scientific Galician. A linguistic guide]
Manual de gestión terminológica
Manual de gramática inglesa comparada [A handbook of comparative English grammar]
Manual de informática aplicada a la traducción [A handbook of computer science applied to translation]
Manual de instrucciones para los traductores [A handbook of instructions for translators]
Manual de interpretación bilateral [A handbook of bilateral interpreting]
Manual de interpretación consecutiva y simultánea [A handbook of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting]
Manual de interpretación y traducción [A handbook of interpreting and translation]
Manual de introducción a la traducción e interpretación en centros penitenciarios. Curso básico [An introductory handbook to translating and interpreting in prisons. A basic course]
Manual de traducció alemany - català [German - Catalan translation manual]
Manual de traducció anglès-català [An English-Catalan handbook of translation]
Manual de traducció científicotècnica [A handbook of technical and scientific translation]
Manual de Traducción / A Manual of Translation. Textos españoles e ingleses traducidos y comentados [A handbook of translation. Spanish and English texts translated and annotated]
Manual de traducción alemán-castellano [A handbook of German-Spanish translation]
Manual de traducción chino-castellano [A handbook of Chinese-Spanish translation]
Manual de traducción de jerogríficos egipcios [A handbook of translation of Egyptian hieroglyphics]
Manual de traducción de videojuegos [A handbook of video-game translation]
Manual de traducción del discurso religioso islámico (árabe-español): la jutba [A textbook of the translation of Islamic religious discourse - the jutba]
Manual de traducción español-francés de textos periodísticos [A textbook of Spanish-French translation of newspaper articles]
Manual de traducción especializada jurídica español-alemán [A handbook of Spanish-German specialized legal translation]
Manual de traducción inglés-castellano: teoría y práctica [A handbook of English-Spanish translation: theory and practice]
Manual de traducción inglés-español de protocolos de ensayos clínicos [English-Spanish handbook for the translation of clinical trial protocols]
Manual de traducción inversa [A handbook of théme translation]
Manual de traducción jurada de documentos notariales en materia de sucesiones entre los sistemas jurídicos francés y español [A handbook of sworn translation of notarial documents regarding last wills between the French and Spanish legal systems]
Manual de traducción periodística (del español al árabe): textos e introducción teórica [A handbook of (Spanish-Arabic) journalistic translation: texts and theoretical introduction]
Manual de traducción periodística árabe-español [A handbook of Arabic-Spanish journalism translation]
Manual de Traducción, francés-castellano / castellano-francés [A handbook of translation, French-Spanish / Spanish-French]
Manual de traducción: francés-castellano [A handbook of translation: French-Spanish]
Manual del traductor público [A handbook for the sworn translator]
Manual del traductor público, castellano-inglés [A handbook for the Spanish-English sworn translator]
Manual del Traductor. Vol. I: La Traducción [The translator’s handbook. Vol. I: Translation]
Manual del Traductor. Vol. II: La Traducción al español [The Translators' Handbook. Vol. II. Translation into Spanish]
Manual del Traductor. Vol. III: La Traducción de inglés a español [The translator's handbook. Vol. III. Translation from English into Spanish]
Manual for Beginning Interpreters. A Comprehensive Guide to Interpreting in Immigration Courts
Manual for Court Interpreters
Manual for Interpreters and Clerks of Courts
Manual for Judiciary Interpreters
Manual for Problem Solving
Manual of Spanish-English Translation
Manual of Specialized Lexicography. The Preparation of Specialised Dictionaires
Manual para la redacción, traducción y publicación de textos médicos [A handbook for the writing, translation and publishing of medical texts]
Manual práctico de estilo [A practical stylebook]
Manual práctico de traducción directa inglés - español = A practical handbook of English - Spanish translation
Manual práctico de traducción español-francés con ejercicios [A practical handbook of Spanish-French translation, with drills]
Manual práctico para iniciarse como doblador de cine y televisión. Reglas, normas y técnicas de gran utilidad para el principiante [Practical guide to first steps in cinema and television dubbing. Very useful rules, norms and techniques for beginners]
Manuale del traduttore [A handbook for translators]
Manuale del traduttore. Guida pratica con glossario [The translator's handbook: A practical guide with a glossary]
Manuale di teoria della interpretazione consecutiva: per l'insegnamento della consecutiva e della teoria dell'interpretazione [A handbook of the theory of consecutive interpreting: for the teaching of consecutive interpreting and the theory of interpretin
Manuale di terminologia: aspetti teorici, metodologici e applicativi [Terminology textbook: theoretical, pedagogical and applied issues]
Manuale di traduzione e teorie e figure professionali [Handbook of translation and professional theories and figures]
Manuale di Traduzioni dall'inglese [A handbook of translation into English]
Manuale per aspiranti audio descrittori di audiofilm per non vedenti [A handbook for those who wish to be audio describers of audiofilms for the blind]
Manuel à l'usage des traducteurs [A handbook for translators]
Manuel de Pedrolo, traductor de poesia [Manuel de Pedrolo, poetry translator]
Manuel de sémantique et de traduction [A textbook of semantics and translation]
Manuel de thème italien: premier cycle de l'enseignement supérieur et classes préparatoires [A handbook of translation from French into Italian as a foreign language: first cycle of higher learning and preparatory lessons]
Manuel de traduction anglais-arabe [A handbook of English-Arabic translation]
Manuel de traduction avec exercices [A handbook of translation with exercises]
Manuel de traduction de l'arabe technique [A handbook for translating technical Arabic]
Manuel de traduction français-arabe-arabe-français: thème, version et rédaction: exemples, exercises, textes corrigés [A handbook of French-Arabic-Arabic-French translation: translation into the mother tongue and into the foreign language and composition:
Manuel de traduction italien LEA [LEA handbook of Italian translation]
Manuel de Traductologie [Handbook of translation studies]
Manuel de version anglaise: textes, traductions, commentaires [A handbook of English-French translation: texts, translations, commentaries]
Manuel des interprètes judiciaires des Territoires du Nord-Ouest [A handbook for court interpreters in the Northwest Territories]
Manuel d'interprétation et traduction juridique [A handbook of legal interpreting and translation]
Manuel Philes und seine Psalmenmetaphrase [Manuel Philes and his metaphrase of the Psalms]
Manuel pratique de traduction [A practical handbook of translation]
Manuel pratique de traduction anglaise, exercices de révision et d'entraînement à la traduction [A practical guide to English translation. Exercises in revision and training for translation]
Manuel Vázquez Montalbán auf Deutsch: ein Autor und vier Übersetzer. Das Andere in den Zieltexten [Manuel Vázquez Montalbán in German: one author and four translators. The other in the target texts]
Manzonis Napoleon-Ode: in deutschen Übersetzungen [Manzoni's ode to Napoleon: translations into German]
Mapping Contemporary Audiovisual Translation in East Asia
Mapping Literature: The Art and Politics of Translation
Mapping medieval translation. Methodological problems and a case study
Mapping Memory in Translation
Mapping our course: A collaborative venture. Proceedings of the Tenth National Convention, Conference of Interpreter Trainers
Mapping the Dubbing Scene. Audiovisual Translation in Basque Television
Mapping the field of children's literature translation in Saudi Arabia: translation flow in accordance with socio-cultural norms
Mapping Translation Equivalence
Maragall i Goethe. Les traduccions del Faust [Maragall and Goethe. The translations of Faust]
Marcadores de modalidad epistémica. Un estudio lingüístico y traductológico (francés-español) en el texto ensayístico [Markers of epistemic modality. A (French-Spanish) linguistic and translatological study of the essay text type]
Marcas cohesivas y construcción del sentido: Análisis y comparación de estrategias traductoras [Cohesion markers and the building of meaning: an analysis and comparison of translation strategies]
Marcel Schwob, escritor y traductor [Marcel Schwob, writer and translator]
Marcial brasileiro [Brazilian Marcial]
Marco Polo au Moyen Age. Traduction, diffusion et réception du Devisement du monde [Marco Polo in the Middle Ages. Translation, dissemination and reception of his world outlook]
Marguerite Yourcenar, traductora de Konstantinos Kavafis [Marguerite Yourcenar, Konstantinos Kavafis’ translator]
Marguerite Yourcenar: écriture, réécriture, traduction [Marguerite Yourcenar: writing, rewriting, translation]
María La Mosca by the Spanish Playwright Miguel Sierra: A Translation with Critical Introduction
Marià Manent i la traducció [Marià Manent and translation]
Marià Manent, traductor de John Keats: anàlisi comparada de les versions de 1919 (Sonets i odes) i 1955-1985 (Poemes de John Keats) [Marià Manent, translator of John Keats: comparative analysis of the versions in 1919 (Sonnets and odes) and in 1955-1985 (
Marivaux' Romane in Deutschland: ein Beitrag zur Rezeption d. französisch Romans in Deutschland im 18. Jahrhundert [Marivaux' novels in Germany: a contribution to the reception of French novels in 18th-century Germany]
Mark Twain et la parole noire [Mark Twain and the black word]
Marked Word Order in the Quran and Its English Translations. Patterns and Motivations
Markets of English: linguistic capital and language policy in a globalizing world
Marsile Ficin et les Ennéades. La genèse de la traduction et du commentaire de Plotin [Marsilio Ficino and the Enneads. The genesis of the translation and commentary of Plotinus]
Martí, traductor [Martí, translator]
Martin Heidegger: filosofia della traduzione [Martin Heidegger: the philosophy of translation]
Martin Luther: Creative Translator
Martin Luther: Eine Einführung in germanistische Literaturstudien [Martin Luther: an introduction to Germanistic literary studies]
Martin Luthers Rhetorik des Herzens [Martin Luther's rhetoric of the heart]
Marxism, Communism, and Translation
Mary Stuart: a tragedy (1801) von Joseph Charles Mellish: die autorisierte englische Blankversübersetzung von Schillers Maria Stuart. Analyse und Text, nebst einer Biographie des Übersetzers und handschriftlichem Dokumentationsmaterial [Pending]
Mary Wollstonecraft zwischen Feminismus und Opportunismus. Die diskursiven Strategien in deutschen Übersetzungen von 'A Vindication of the Rights of Woman' [Mary Wollstonecraft between feminism and opportunism. The discursive strategies in the German tran
Más allá del espejo. Estudios culturales sobre traducción y literatura infantil en el nuevo milenio [Beyond the mirror. Cultural studies on translation and children's literature in the new millennium]
Maschinelle Phonem-Graphem-Umsetzung für unbegrenzten deutschen Wortschatz [Phoneme-grapheme machine transfer for an unlimited German vocabulary]
Maschinelle Übersetzung - Methoden und Werkzeuge [Machine translation - Methods and tools]
Maschinelle Übersetzung – von der Theorie zur Anwendung / Machine Translation – Theory and Applications
Maschinelle Übersetzung und XML im Übersetzungsprozess. Prozesse der Translation und Lokalisierung im Wandel [Machine translation and XML in the translation process. Processes of translation and localization in Transition]
Maschinelle Übersetzung von Verben in Fachtexten anhand des maschinellen Übersetzungssystems LOGOS [Machine translation of verbs in specialized texts by the machine translation system LOGOS]
Maschinelle Übersetzung, Lexikographie und Analyse [Machine translation, lexicography and analysis]
Maschinelle Übersetzung. Komplexer französischer Nominalsyntagmen ins Deutsche [Machine translation. French complex noun phrases in German]
Maschinelle Übersetzung: ein Überblick über Theorie und Praxis [Machine translation: an overview of its theory and practice]
Maschinelle Übersetzungssysteme [Machine translation systems]
Maschinelles Übersetzen: Ein Vergleich der maschinellen Übersetzungssysteme LOGOS und METAL unter Berücksichtigung der lexicalischen Kodierung [Machine translation: a comparsion of the machine translation systems LOGOS and METAL - Pending]
Masinnyj perevod i prikladnaja lingvistika: vyp. 19 [Machine translation and applied linguistics: vyp. 19]
Masterskaia, o poezii i poetakh [A workshop on poets and poetry]
Masterstvo perevoda [The art of translation]
Masterstvo perevoda [The art of translation]
Masterstvo perevoda [The art of translation]
Masterstvo perevoda [The art of translation]
Materia de trujamanes
Materiales didácticos para la enseñanza de la interpretación en el ámbito social (Alemán - francés - inglés - italiano - español) [Didactic materials for the teaching of interpreting in community contexts (German - French - English - Italian - Spanish)]
Materiales multimedia para todos. Inclusión y accesibilidad en educación [Mutimedia materials for all. Inclusin and accessibility in education]
Materiales para interpretación consecutiva y simultánea (alemán, francés e inglés) I [Materials for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting (German, French and English) I]
Materiales para interpretación consecutiva y simultánea (alemán, francés e inglés) II [Materials for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting (German, French and English) II]
Materiales para la traducción económico-financiera francé-español [Materials for French-Spanish economic and financial translation]
Materiali, variazioni, invenzioni [Materials, variations, inventions]
Matérialités de la traduction. Le livre, la ville, le corps / Materialities of Translation - The Book, the City, the Body
Mathematical Linguistics and Automatic Translation. Report no. NSF-13 to the National Science Foundation
Matthias Claudius als Übersetzer französischsprachiger Schriftsteller: eine translationskritische Analyse der vom Wandsbecker Boten ins Deutsche übertragenen religionsphilosophischen Werke und utopischen Reiseromanen unter Anwendung eines Rahmenmodells de
Maupassant contista traduzido em antologias brasileiras: paratextos [Maupassant, a translated writer in Brazilian anthologies: paratexts]
Maurice Maeterlinck en Allemagne [Maurice Maeterlinck in Germany]
Mavo le-te'orya sel ha-tirgum ha-sifruti [Introduction to a Theory of Literary Translation]
MDÜ (Mitteilungen für Dolmetscher und Übersetzer) [Previously: Mitteilungsblatt für Dolmetscher und Übersetzer]
Me gusta traducir del francés: curso de traducción general [I like to translate from French: a course in general translation]
Meaning Across Cultures: A Study on Bible Translating
Meaning and back translation
Meaning and Translation: Philosophical and Linguistic Approaches
Meaning in Context: The Role of Context and Language in Narratives of Disclosure of Sibling Sexual Assault
Meaning in Subtitling. Toward a Contrastive Cognitive Semantic Model
Meaning in Translation
Meaning, Linguistic Structures and Storage and Retrieval Systems
Meaning-Based Translation Workbook: Biblical Exercises
Meaning-based Translation. A Guide to Cross-Language Equivalence
Meaningful Translation: its Implications for the Reader
Measuring and weighing terms in the Qur'an: their meaning with reference to six English translations
Measuring attitudes in translation: a study of Nokia business reports
Measuring Consistency in Translation Memories: A Mixed-Methods Case Study
Measuring difficulty in English-Chinese translation. Towards a general model of translation difficulty
Mechanical Resolution of Linguistic Problems
Mechanical Translation
Mechanical Translation. Devoted to the Translation of Languages with the Aid of Machines
Med andra ord. Texter om litterär översättning [In other words. Texts on literary translation]
Med izvirnikom in prevodi = Between Original and Translations
Media accessibility training
Media across Borders: Localising TV, Film and Video Games
Media and translation: An interdisciplinary approach
Media Arabic
Media for All. Subtitling for the Deaf, Audio Description, and Sign Language
Mediación lingüística de lenguas afines: español / italiano [Language mediation in closely related languages: Spanish-Italian]
Mediación lingüística y enseñanza del español / LE [Linguistic mediation and Didactics of Spanish as a foreign language]
Mediación Lingüístico Cultural en tiempos de Guerra. Cruce de miradas desde España y América [Wartime culture and language mediation. Exchange of gazes from Spain and America]
Mediación, recepción y marginalidad: las traducciones de literatura china moderna y contemporánea en España [Mediation, reception and marginality: The translations of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature in Spain]
Mediare culture. Nuove professioni tra comunicazione e intervento [Mediating between cultures. New professions between communication and intervention]
Mediating American and South Korean News Discourses about North Korea through Translation: a corpus-based critical discourse analysis
Mediating Emergencies and Conflicts. Frontline Translating and Interpreting
Mediating lingua-cultural scenarios in audiovisual translation
Mediating Practices in Translating Children's Literature. Tackling Controversial Topics
Mediation in English-Persian News Translation. A Critical Discourse Approach
Mediazione Culturale – Esperienze e Percorsi Formativi [Cross-cultural mediation - Experiences and training]
Mediazione linguistica e interpretariato. Regolamentazione, problematiche presenti e prospettive future in ambito giuridico [Language mediation and interpreting. Ruling, present problematics and future perspectives in the legal domain]
Mediazione linguistica tedesco-italiano. Aspetti teorici e applicativi. Esempi di strategie traduttive. Casi di testi tradotti [German-Italian language mediation. Theoretical and application issues. Examples of translational strategies. The case of transl
Medical Interpreting - Improving Communication with Your Patients
Medical interpreting and cross-cultural communication
Medical interpreting standards of practice
Medical Spanish in Pediatrics. An Instant Translator
Medical Spanish: A Conversational Approach
Medical Spanish; An Instant Translator
Medical Translation and Interpreting. A Resource Guide
Medical Translation Step by Step. Learning by Drafting
Medieval anxieties: translation and authorial self-representation in the vernacular beast fable
Medieval Codicology, Iconography, Literature, and Translation: Studies for Keith Val Sinclair
Medieval Insular Romance: Translation and Innovation
Medieval Textual Cultures: Agents of Transmission, Translation and Transformation (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Tension, Transmission, Transformation)
Medieval Translators and their Craft
Meer Bowstenen voor het begrijpen en vertalen van Franse teksten [More fundamentals for the understanding and translation of French texts]
Megamot beTargum Siporet meAnglit leIvrit, 1958-1980 [Trends in the Translation of Prose Fiction from English into Hebrew, 1958-1980]
Mehrdeutigkeit übersetzen. Englische und französische Kinderbuchklassiker der Nachkriegszeit in deutscher Übertragung [Translating ambiguity. English and French children's classics of the post-war period in German translation]
Meiji Shoki Hon-yaku Bungaku No Kenkyû [Studies on Translated Literature in the Early Meiji Period]
Meiji, Taisho no Honyaku-shi [A history of translation in the Meiji and Taisho periods]
Mejora de la comprensión auditiva del inglés como segunda lengua mediante material audiovisual subtitulado [Improved listening comprehension of English as a second language through the use of subtitled audiovisual material]
Melancolia e tradução: Walter Benjamin e "a tarefa do tradutor" [Melancholy and translation: Walter Benjamin and "the task of the translator"]
Mélanges offerts à Jacqueline Guillemin-Flescher [A miscellany offered to Jacqueline Guillemin-Flescher]
Mélanges. Vertalers en verwanten [Mélanges. Translators and akin]
Melchior von Diepenbrock als Übersetzer spanischer Dichtungen [Melchior von Diepenbrock as a translator of Spanish poetry]
Meletes pano se themata metaphrases [Studies in translation issues]
Memes of Translation. The Spread of Ideas in Translation Theory
Mémoires de traduction sous-phrastiques [Translation memories below the sentence level]
Mémoires d'un traducteur. Entretiens avec Christian Giudicelli [Memories of a translator. Discussions with Christian Giudicelli]
Memoìrias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz from the age of Empire to the Post-Gutenberg World: Lingua Franca and the Culture of Tropical Medicine
Memoirs of an Interpreter
Memorability in the Translation of Advertising Texts: Analysis from the Perspective of Presupposition
Memoria de trabajo y funciones de control en la interpretación de lenguas [Working memory and control functions in language interpreting]
Memoria del II Congreso de Interpretación y Traducción en La Antigua de AGIT y I Encuentro Internacional del Centro Regional América Latina de la FIT [Proceedings of the 2nd Congerence of Interpreting and Translation in La Antigua by AGIT and of the 1st I
Memória e estranhamento em poemas, traduções e ensaios de José Paulo Paes [Memory and strangeness in poems, translations and essays by José Paulo Paes]
Memoria y traducción: conversación con Piero Menarini. García Lorca y otras experiencias de traducción español-italiano [Memory and translation: a conversation with Piero Menarini. García Lorca and other experiences of Spanish-Italian translation]
Memoria, Lingua, Traduzione [Memory, language, translation]
Memórias de um Tradutor de Poesia [Memoirs of a translator of poetry]
Memorias de un traductor simultáneo [Memoirs of a simultaneous translator]
Memorias del Primer Congreso Multidisciplinario en torno a la traducción [Proceedings of the 1st multidisciplinary congress on translation]
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz from the age of empire to the post-gutenberg world: lingua franca and the culture of tropical medicine
Memories in Translation. A Life between the Lines of Arabic Literature
Mencius on the Mind. Experiments in Multiple Definition
Meninio vertimo problemos [Pending]
Mens en machine in de vertaalopleiding: Bijdragen tot de Vertaaldidactiek [Man and machine in the training of translators: The contribution of translation teaching]
Mensch oder Maschine? Dolmetscher und maschinelles Dolmetschsystem im Vergleich [Man or machine? A comparison of interpreting and machine interpreting systems]
Mensch und Technik: literarische Phantasie und Textmaschine [Man and technique: literary fantasy and machine texts]
Mental Health Interpreting: A Mentored Curriculum
Mentorship: A Sign of the Times - A Guide to Mentorship in the Field of Sign Language Interpretation
Message and Mission: The Communication of the Christian Faith
Messaggi in codice. Analisi del discorso e strategie per prendere appunti [Coded messages. Discourse analysis and strategies in note taking]
Métacognition, apprentissage actif et traduction: L'apprenant de traduction, agent de sa propre formation [Metacognition, active learning and translation: The learner of translation, agent of his / her own training]
Metadiscourse in German History Writing and English Translation: A Study of Interaction between Writers and Readers
Metáfora lorquiana en traducciones inglesas [Lorca's metaphors in English translations]
Metàfora, fraseologia i traducció. Aplicació als somatismes en una obra de Bertolt Brecht [Metaphor, phraseology and translation. Application to the somatisms in a play by Bertolt Brecht]
Metáforas en la traductología funcionalista [Metaphors in functionalist translatology]
Metaforicitat i traductologia: Anàlisi d'un corpus de traduccions de l'alemany (L-origen) a diverses llengües romàniques (L-meta) [Metaphoricalness and translatology: An analysis of a corpus of translations from German (SL) into several romance languages
Metafrasis mithistorimaton kai diigiimaton 1830-1880 [Novels and short stories translated between 1830-1880]
Metalinguaggi e metatesti. Lingua, letteratura e traduzione. Atti del XXIV Congresso AISPI (Padova, 23-26 maggio 2007) [Meta-languages and meta-texts. Language, literature and translation. Proceedings of the 24th AISPI conference (Padova, 23-26 May, 2007)
Metalingvisticka kompetencija u nastavi prevodenja na univerzitetskom nivou (na materijalu engleskog i srpskog jezika) [Metalinguistic competence in teaching translation at university level (English and Serbian)]
Metamorfosi del Cunto di Basile. Traduzioni, riscritture, adattamenti [Metamorphosis of Basile's 'Cunto.' Translations, rewritings, adaptations]
Metamorphoses: poetry and translation
Metapher: Übersetzung [Metaphor: translation]
Metaphernübersetzung: dargestellt an grotesken Metaphern im Frühwerk Charles Dickens in der Wiedergabe deutscher Übersetzungen [Metaphor translation: represented through grotesque metaphors in the German translation of Charles Dickens‘ early works]
Metaphor and translation
Metaphor and Translation
Metaphor in (Arabic-into-English) Translation with Specific Reference to Metaphorical Concepts and Expressions in Political Discourse
Metaphor in biblical translation. A study of the translation of metaphorical concepts in the Fourth Gospel in modern Italian Bibles
Metaphor in Culture: Universality and Variation
Metaphor in Specialised Language: an English-Spanish comparative study in Marine Biology
Metaphor in Translation: A Multilingual Investigation into Language Use at the Frontiers of Scientific Knowledge
Metaphor, metonymy, language learning and translation
Métaphore et Traduction : pour une étude épistémologique de la traductologie [Metaphor and translation. Towards an epistemological study of translation studies]
Metaphorical Thought and Translation. Taking a Stand on P. Newmark
Metaphors of Dispossession. American Beginnings and the Translation of Empire, 1492-1637
Metarrepresentação em tradução: uma análise relevantista dos processos inferenciais de tradutores expertos na tradução de textos sensíveis (sagrados) [Metarrepresentation in translation: an outstanding analysis of the inferential processes of expert trans
Metataxis in Practice: Dependency Syntax for Multilingual Machine Translation
Metataxis: Contrastive Dependency Syntax for Machine Translation
Metatext in Professional Writing: A Contrastive Study of English, German, and Swedish
Method in Translation History
Méthode et pratique du thème anglais [Methods and practice in translation from French into English as a foreign language]
Methoden des wissenschaftlichen Übersetzens [The methods of scientific translation]
Méthodes et outils pour les problèmes faibles de traduction [Methods and Tools for Weak Problems of Translation]
Méthodes solidaires de version latine et de thème latin [Solidary methods in translating from and into Latin]
Méthodologie de la recherche en traductologie: applications / Applied Research Methods in Translation Studies
Méthodologie de l'analyse et de la traduction littéraires: de la lettre à l'esprit [Methodology for literary analysis and translation: from the letter to the spirit]
Méthodologie de l'évaluation de la traduction assistée par ordinateur. Application au traducteur professionnel en français-anglais et vice versa [Computer-Aided Translation Evaluation Methodology. Application to the Independent Professional Translator of
Methodology for Editing & Translating a Source Material on History of Science & the Text of the Abhidammatthasangahasarupa
Methodology, Technology and Innovation in Translation Process Research. A Tribute to Arnt Lykke Jakobsen
Methods and strategies of process research. Integrative approaches in Translation Studies
Methods for the Study of Multimodality in Translation
Metoda practica de traducere pentru limba franceza [A practical method for French language translations]
Metodika obucenija perevodu na sluch [Pending]
Metodika obucheniia perevodu na slukh [Methodology of the teaching of interpreting]
Metodika obucheniya perevodcheskoi geyatelnosti [Methodology of translation teaching]
Metodika obutcheniya ustnomuperevodu: I-y etap (na materiale frantsuzskogo yazyka) [Interpretation didactics: the 1st step (on the basis of French texts)]
Método para aprender a traducir del inglés al castellano, sin necesidad de maestro [A handbook of translation from English into Spanish without any need for a teacher]
Metodologia de la traducción directa del inglés al español: Materiales didácticos para traducción general y especializada [The methodology of the translation from English into Spanish as a mother tongue: didactic materials for general and specialized]
Metodología de la traducción poética: ¿traducir a prosa o a verso? [The methodology of poetic translation: should we translate in prose or in verse?]
Metodologia de pesquisa em tradução [Research methodology in translation]
Metodologia de pesquisa em tradução e lingüística de corpus [Methodology for research in translation and in corpus linguistics]
Metodologías en la enseñanza de la traducción literaria [Methodologies in the teaching of literary translation]
Metodologías y aplicaciones en la investigación en traducción e interpretación con corpus / Methodologies and applications in corpus-based and corpus-driven Translation and Interpreting research
Metody modelirovaniia perevoda [Methods of translation modelling]
Metología y aplicaciones en la investigación en traducción e interpretación con corpus = Methologies and applications in corpus-based an corpus-driven translation and interpreting rersearch
Métrica e rítmica nas Odes Píticas de Píndaro [Metric and rhythmic in Pindar's Pythian Odes]
Mi traduci una storia? Riflessioni sulla traduzione per l´infanzia e per ragazzi [Will you translate me a tale? Considerations about translating for children and young people]
Mic dictionar de termeni utilizati in teoria, practica si didactica traducerii [Small dictionary of terms used in the theory, practice and didactics of translation]
Michael Hamburger: Dichter und Übersetzer [Michael Hamburger: poet and translator]
Michel Tremblay, traducteur et adaptateur. Une étude en trois temps [Michel Tremblay, translator and adaptator. A study in triple time]
Midrás Tanhuma Buber a Génesis: traducción, notas y análisis estructural-hermenéutico [Midrás Tanhuma Buber to Genesis: translation; notes and structural-hermeneutic analysis]
Miedzy oryginalem a przekladem [Between the original and the translation]
Mieux traduire pour mieux communiquer. étude prospective du marché de la traduction [Better Translation for Better Communication: A Survey of the Translation Market]
Migration, exil et traduction. Espaces francophone et germanophone XVIII-XX siècle [Migration, exile and translation. French- and German-speaking spaces in the 18th-20th centuries]
MikaEL – Kääntämisen ja tulkkauksen tutkimuksen symposiumin verkkojulkaisu – Electronic proceedings of the KäTu symposium on translation and interpreting studies, volume 1
MikaEL – Kääntämisen ja tulkkauksen tutkimuksen symposiumin verkkojulkaisu – Electronic proceedings of the KäTu symposium on translation and interpreting studies, volume 2
MikaEL – Kääntämisen ja tulkkauksen tutkimuksen symposiumin verkkojulkaisu – Electronic proceedings of the KäTu symposium on translation and interpreting studies, volume 3
MikaEL – Kääntämisen ja tulkkauksen tutkimuksen symposiumin verkkojulkaisu – Electronic proceedings of the KäTu symposium on translation and interpreting studies, volume 4
Miksi näkökulma muuttuu käännöksessä. Eksplisiittistämisen ja normaalistamisen selitysvoima ja seuraukset [Why does point of view shift in translation? The explanatory power and effects of explicitation and normalization]
Milio R. Cueto: Der Romantiker. Mit einer kurzen Geschichte der asturianischen Literatur, einer Nachbemerkung des Übersetzers sowie einem Kurzinterview [Milio R. Cueto: The romantic. With a short history of Asturian literature, a translator's comment as w
Milton in Translation
Milton's monistic faith: tradition and translation in the minor poetry
Minding Translation = Con la traducción en mente
Ming jia fan yi yan jiu yu shang xi [Pending]
Mingzuo Jingyi [Quality Translation of Classics]
Minimización de problem triggers y optimización de la calidad en interpretación simultánea. El impacto de la gestión de las pausas por el orador sobre la transmisión de sentido [Minimizing problem triggers and optimizing quality in simultaneous interpreti
Minorité, migration et rencontres interculturelles. Du binarisme à la complexité / Minority and Migrant Intercultural Encounters. From Binarisms to Complexity
Minority Language Dubbing for Children
Minority Language Dubbing for Children. Screen Translation from German to Irish
Minority Languages in Europe. Frameworks, Status, Prospects
Minulost, prítomnost a budoucnost ceské translatologie [Past, present and future of Czech translatology]
Mir perevoda 2 Practicum [The world of translation 2. Practicum]
Mir perevoda 2000 [The world of translation 2000]
Mir perevoda, ili vechnyi poisk vzamoponimaniya [The world of translation or the never-ending search for mutual understanding]
Miroir de l’altérité. La traduction [A mirror of alterity. Translation]
Mirror on Mirror: Translation, Imitation, Parody
Miscellanea 3
Miscellanea Antverpiensia
Miscellanea di studi in occasione del ventennale della Scuola, 1962-1982 [Miscellanea on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Scuola 1962-1982]
Miscellany on Translation Criticism
Mise au point d'un système de traduction automatique italien-français [Tuning up an Italian-French machine translation system]
Mise en prose’ et ‘translation’, la traduction intralinguale des romans de Chrétien de Troyes en moyen français [Prosifying and "translation". Intralingual translation of Chrétien de Troyes romances in Middle French]
Mise en roman et mise en image. Les manuscrits du Roman d'Alexandre en prose [Translation and illustration in the Middle Ages. The manuscripts of the Roman d'Alexandre in prose]
Mise en roman et mise en image. Les manuscrits du Roman d'Alexandre en prose. Pour une stylistique de la traduction [Translation and illustration in the Middle Ages. The manuscripts of the Roman d'Alexandre in prose. Towards a stylistics of translation]
Miseria y esplendor de la traducción. La influencia de Ortega en la traductología contemporánea [The Misery and the Splendor of Translation. The influence of Ortega on contemporary translatology]
Misérias e esplendores da tradução no Portugal do Estado Novo [Myseries and splendours of translation in the Portugal of the Estado Novo]
Misliti prevod: izbrana besedila iz teorije prevajanja od Cicerona do Derridaja [Thinking Translation: Selected texts on translation theory from Cicero to Derrida]
Misrepresentation and construction of meaning in translation of news texts in the context of conflict and intervention: the application of systemic-functional linguistics
Mission, Vision, Strategies, and Values: A Celebration of Translator Training and Translation Studies in Kouvola
Missionary Linguistics V / Lingüística Misionera V. Translation Theories and Practices
Mit Adenauer in Moskau: Erinnerungen eines Dolmetschers [With Adenauer in Moscow: Memories of an interpreter]
Mit Dienstleistungen Zukunft schreiben: Dolmetschen und Übersetzen [Pending]
Mite Kremnitz (1852 - 1916): eine Vermittlerin der rumänischen Kultur in Deutschland [Mite Kremnitz: (1852 - 1916); a mediator of the Romanian culture in Germany.]
Miten vapaa on vapa käännös. Erikoiskielet ja käännösteoria [Pending]
Mitotradução em Grande sertão: veredas: enfoque descritivo e receptivo da interculturalidade ítalo-brasileira [Mythtranslatiion in Grande Sertão: veredas: a descriptive and receptive approach to Italo-Brazilian’interculturality]
Mitre traductor de Dante [Mitre translates Dante]
Mittlerin zwischen den Kulturen - Mittlerin zwischen den Geschlechtern. Studie zu Theorie und Praxis feministischer Übersetzung [Pending]
Ml-tasc: systeme de conversion de formalismes de langages techniques et scientifiques dans un environnement a syntaxe controlee et a contexte limite. Traduction automatique multilingue [Ml-tasc. a conversion systemof formalisms in technical and scientific
Mobilidades culturais e alteridades em Relato de um certo oriente e sua pré-tradução árabe [Mobilities and alterities in Tail of a Certain Orient and its Arabic pre-translation]
Modalidades de tradução na interpretação simultánea da liìngua portuguesa para a liìngua de sinais brasileira: investigando questoes de género (gender) [Translation modalities in simultaneous interpretation of the Portuguese language into Brazilian sign l
Modalität im Kontrast: ein Beitrag zur übersetzungsorientierten Modalpartikelforschung anhand des Deutschen und des Französischen [Modality in contrast: a contribution to translation-oriented research into modal particles in German and French]
Modalität und Übersetzung / Modality and translation
Modalité épistémique et discours scientifique Une étude contrastive des modalisateurs épistémiques dans des articles de recherche français, norvégiens et anglais, en linguistique et médecine [Epistemic modality and scientific discourse. A contrastive stud
Modalpartikeln als Übersetzungsproblem: eine kontrastive Studie zum Sprachenpaar Deutsch-Spanisch [Modal particles as a translation problem: a contrastive study of the language pair German-Spanish]
Model adaptation techniques in machine translation
Model contract for the publication of a reproduction of an edition of a work. Model contract for the publication of the translation of a work
Modèle de traduction statistique à fragments enrichi par la syntaxe [Syntax-augmented phrase-based machine translation model]
Modèles de traduction évolutifs [Evolutive translation models]
Modèles et algorithmes pour la traduction automatique [Models and algorithms for machine translation]
Modèles et interprétation [Models and interpretation]
Modèles et outils pour des bases lexicales "métier" multilingues et contributives de grande taille, utilisables tant en traduction automatique et automatisée que pour des services dictionnairiques variés [Methods and tools for large multilingual and contr
Modèles exponentiels et contraintes sur les espaces de recherche en traduction automatique et pour le transfert cross-lingue [Log-linear Models and Search Space Constraints in Statistical Machine Translation and Cross-lingual Transfer]
Modell einer Übersetzungskritik am Beispiel des klassischen chinesischen Romans "Am Ufer des Flusses" (Shuihu zhuan) [A model for translation criticism. The classic Chinese novel 'Am Ufer des Flusses' (Shuihu zhuan) as a case in point]
Modell zur Produktion von Online-Hilfen [A model for the production of online help]
Modelle der Translation / Models of Translation. Festschrift für Albrecht Neubert zum 65 Geburstag
Modelle der Translation. Grundlagen fur Methodik, Bewertung, Computermodellierung [Models of translation. Fundamentals of a computer methodology, assessment and design]
Modelling Competence in Community Interpreting. Expectancies, impressions and implications for accreditation
Modelling the field of community interpreting: questions of methodology in research and training
Modelo de evaluación de obras literarias traducidas [A model for the assessment of literary translated works]
Modelo funcional de la evaluación de la traducción [Functional model of the evaluation of translation]
Modelos de calidad de traducción de empresas y de profesionales en la República Popular de China [Transltion-quality models in firms and professionals in the People's Republic of china]
Models for the Teaching of Technical Translation
Modern Algerian theatre: translations and critical analysis of three plays by Kateb Yacine, Abdelkader Alloula and Slimane Benaissa
Modern Bible Translations. Should We Trust Them?
Modern China and the West: Translation and Cultural Mediation
Modern Greek Translation for G.C.E. 'O' and 'A' Level
Modern Italian Poets: Translators of the Impossible
Modern Translation
Moderne deutsch-französische Stilistik auf der Basis des Übersetzungsvergleichs / Teil 1., Ordnungsliebe und logisierende Präzision als Übersetzungsdominanten [Modern German-French stylistics as the basis of translation comparison / Part 1, Orderliness
Moderne deutsch-französische Stilistik auf der Basis des Übersetzungsvergleichs. Teil II. Konzision als Übersetzungsdominante / Teil III. Harmonie als Übersetzungsdominante [Modern German-French stylistics based on translation comparison. Part II. Concis
Moderne japanische Literatur in deutscher Übersetzung: eine Bibliographie der Jahre 1868-1994 [Modern Japanese literature translated into German: a bibliography 1868-1994]
Moderne japanische Literatur in deutscher Übersetzung: eine Bibliogrphie der Jahre 1868-1987 [Modern Japanese literature translated into German: a bibliography 1868-1987]
Modernisierung und Europäisierung der klassischen chinesischen Prosadichtung: Untersuchungen zum Übersetzungswerk von Franz Kuhn (1884-1961) [The Modernisation and Europeanisation of classical Chinese prose poetry: A research in Franz Kuhn’s (1884-1961)
Modernist repositionings of Rousseau's ideal childhood. Place and space in English modernist children's literature and its French translations
Modes of Censorship and Translation. National Contexts and Diverse Media
Modes of Interpretation: Essays Presented to Ernst Leisi
Modest Mussorgskijs "Boris Godunov" in deutschen Übersetzungen. Ein Beitrag zur Frage der Übersetzungen fremdsprachiger Opernlibretti [Modest Mussorgskij's "Boris Godunov" in German translation. A contribution to issues in the translation of foreign opera
Modificaciones discursivas y pragmáticas de la fase de traducción en el doblaje cinematográfico del francés al español. El caso de Cyrano de Bergerac (Jean-Paul Rappeneau) [Discursive and pragmatic modifications in the translation phase in film dubbing fr
Modismos, locuciones y expresiones idiomaticas: estudio contrastivo Italiano-castellano [Idioms, locutions and idiomatic phrases: a contrastive Italian-Spanish analysis]
Mogen - Moeten - Kunnen. Texten over aspekten van het vertalen [Pending]
Mögen Sie Zistrosen? Scenes & frames & channels im translatorischen Handeln [Do you like rockroses? Scenes & frames & channels in the translation process]
Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Übersetzbarkeit serbokroatischer literarischer Prosa: dargestellt an deutschen Übersetzungen von Ivo Andri´c und Miroslav Krleza [Possibilities and limitations in the translatability of Serbo-Croatian literary prose: an analy
Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Übersetzung klassischer chinesischer Lyrik ins Deutsche: ein Beitrag zur Übersetzungswissenschaft und zur Übersetzungskritik [Possibilities and limitations of the translation of classical Chinese poetry into German: a contrib
Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Übersetzungskritik [Translation Criticism. The Potentials and Limitations. Categories and Criteria for Translation Quality Assessment]
Möglichkeiten und Realisationsformen der Übersetzung von progressive aspect in der englischen Übersetzung deutscher Literatur [Possibilities and realization forms of the translation of the progressive aspect in the English translation of German literature
Molière auf Deutsch: eine Bibliographie deutscher Übersetzungen und Bearbeitungen der Komödien Molières; mit Kurzbeschreibungen [Molière in German: a bibliography of German translations and adaptations of Molière's plays; with short descriptions]
Molière en català. Les reflexions dels traductors [Molière in Catalan. Considerations by the translators]
Molière en Chine - Étude de l’histoire de la Traduction et de l’adaptation de ses Pièces de Théâtre [Molière in China - Study of the History of Translation and Adaptation of His Plays]
Molière in Scotland 1945-1990
Molinos de viento [Windmills]
Momenti della traduzione fra Settecento e Ottocento [Moments in translation between the 18th and 19th centuries]
Monitoring eye-movements While watching subtitled television programmes - a feasibility study
Montaigne bilingue: le latin des Essais [A bilingual Montaigne: the Latin of his essays]
Montaigne et Sebond: l'art de la traduction [Montaigne and Sabunde: the art of translation]
Montaigne traducteur de la 'Théologie naturelle', Plaisantes et sainctes imaginations [Montaigne, translator of 'Théologie naturelle', Pleasant and holy imaginations]
Montaigne: traducteur de Raymond Sebond [Montaigne translates Raymond Sebond]
Montale's Mestiere Vile. The Elective Translations from English of the 1930s and 1940s
MonTI (Monografías de Traducción e Interpretación / Monografies de Traducció i Interpretació / Monographs in Translation and Interpreting / Monographies de Traduction et d'Interprétation / Monographien zur Translation)
Moratín, o, El arte nuevo de hacer teatro [Moratín or the new art of drama]
Moratín's Hamlet
More Paragraphs on Translation
More than meets the eye. Revealing the complexities of K-12 interpreting
More than Meets the Eye: A Reception Study on the Effects of Translation on Noticing and Memorisation of L2 Reverse Subtitles
Morphology modeling for statistical machine translation
Morphology: The Descriptive Analysis of Words
Morpho-syntactic expansions in translation from English into Slovenian as a prototypical response to the complexity of the original
Mosty. Zhurnal Perevodchikov
Motherless Tongues. The Insurgency of Language amid Wars of Translation
Motivation and method in Scots translations, versions and adaptations of plays from the historic repertoire of continental European drama
Mots / Représentations. Enjeux dans les contacts interethniques et interculturels [Words / Representations. Challenges in interethnic and cross-cultural contacts]
Mots, termes et contextes. Actes des septièmes Journées scientifiques du réseau de chercheurs Lexicologie, terminologie et traduction [Words, terms and contexts. Proceedings of the 7th scientific symposium of the research network Lexicology, terminology a
Mouse or Rat? Translation as Negotiation
Moving Bodies across Transland
Moving Boundaries in Translation Studies
Moving Target. Theatre Translation and Cultural Relocation
Moving Towards Meaning: Interpreting Techniques
Mox II What they don’t tell you about translation
Mox's illustrated guide to freelance translation
MT Evaluation: Basis for Future Directions
MT Summit IX: proceedings of the Ninth Machine Translation Summit, New Orleans, USA, September 23-27, 2003
mTm - Minor Translating Major - Major Translating Minor - Minor Translating Minor
Mujer e identidad, distintas voces: ensayos de literatura y traducción [Woman and identity, different voices: essays on literature and translation]
Mujeres y traducción en América Latina y el Caribe [Women and translation in Latin America and the Caribbean]
Muki perevodcheskie: praktika perevoda [A translator's torments: on the practice of translation]
Multicultural Health Translation, Interpreting and Communication
Multicultural Shakespeare: Translation, Appropriation and Performance = Shakespeare Worldwide: Translation and Adaptation = Shakespeare Translation
Multiculturalità e plurilinguismo in Europa. Percorsi alla Francese? [Multiculturalism and plurilingualism in Europe. French style courses?]
Multidisciplinarity in Audiovisual Translation / Multidisciplinarietat en traducció audiovisual
Multiletramentos e (re)inclusão social: convergências entre o cânone shakespeariano e a telenovela na formação crítica do leitor da terceira idade via tradução [Pending]
Multilingual [Previously: Multilingual: Computing & Technology - ISSN: 15230309]
Multilingual Communication
Multilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis
Multilingual Corpora in Teaching and Research
Multilingual Currents in Literature, Translation, and Culture
Multilingual Discourse Production. Diachronic and Synchronic Perspectives
Multilingual Films in Translation: A Sociolinguistic and Intercultural Study of Diasporic Films
Multilingual Information Management: Information, technology and translators
Multilingual information processing
Multilingual Interpretation of European Union Law
Multilingual Interpreter Education Curriculum Design and Evaluation
Multilingual Knowledge Production and Dissemination in Wikipedia: A spatial narrative analysis of the collaborative construction of city-related articles within the user-generated encyclopaedia
Multilingual Machine Translation. A Case Study of Spanish-English Reflexives
Multilingual Mediated Communication and Cognition
Multilingual Practices in Contemporary and Historical Contexts: Interfaces between Code-switching and Translation
Multilinguale Corpora: Codierung, Strukturierung, Analyse [Multilingual corpora: coding, structuring,analysis]
Multilinguale Kommunikation. Linguistische und translatorische Ansätze [Multilingual communication. Linguistic and translational approaches]
Multilingualism and applied comparative linguistics
Multilingualism and educational interpreting: Innovation and delivery
Multilingualism and the Harmonisation of European Law
Multilingualism at the cinema and on stage: A translation perspective
Multilingualism for Empowerment: Studies in Language Policy in South Africa
Multilingualism in International Law and Institutions
Multilingualism on the Web = Le multilinguisme sur le Web
Multilingualism, the Judiciary and Security Services: Belgium, Europe, South Africa, Southern Africa
Multilingualism, Translation and Language Teaching
Multilinguisme, traduction et créativité littéraire [Multilingualism, translation and literary creativity]
Multilinguismo e terminologia nell'Unione Europea. Problematiche e prospettive [Multilingualism and terminology in the European Union. Problematics and perspectives]
Multilinguismo e Transferência Cultural [Multilingualism and cultural transfer]
Multilingüismo y representación de las identidades en textos audiovisuales = Multilingualism and representation of identities in audiovisual texts
Multimodal Approaches to Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting
Multimodal Pragmatics and Translation. A new model for source text analysis
Multimodal representation and intermodal similarity - Cues of space in the audio description of film
Multimodalidade e Traduções Funcionais Para Investigar A Aquisição de Segunda Língua em Gamers [Multimodality and Functional Translations to Investigate Second Language Acquisition in Gamers]
Multimodalität’ in gedolmetschten Aufklärungsgesprächen, Graphische Abbildungen in der Wissensvermittlung [Multimodality 'in interpreter-patient interaction, graphical illustrations]
Multimodality and Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling Humor
Multimodality and Translation in Embassy Websites: A Comparative Approach
Multiperspektivische Fragestellungen der Translation in der Romania. Hommage an Wolfram Wilss zu seinem 80. Geburtstag [Multi-perspective translational issues in Romance. A tribute to Wolfram Wilss in his 80th Birthday]
Multiple Correspondence in Automatic Translation. Progress Report AF-44. Design and Operation of Digtital Calculating Machinery
Multiple Translation Communities in Contemporary Japan
Multiple Voices in the Translation Classroom. Activities, Tasks and Projects
Multi-word Items in Dictionaries from a Translator's Perspective
Multi-Word Unit Processing in Machine Translation
Multiword Units in Machine Translation and Translation Technology
Mündliche Übertragungsfertigkeiten Bilingualer [Oral skills in bilingual transmission]
Mündlichkeit in literarischen Erzählungen. Sprachund Dialoggestaltung in modernen deutschen und finnischen Romanen und deren Übersetzungen [Orality in literary narrative. Voice and dialogue in shaping modern German and Finnish novels and their translation
Mundos en conflicto: representación de ideologías, enfrentamientos sociales y guerras en la literatura infantil y juvenil [Worlds in Conflict: Representation of Ideologies, Social Confrontations and Wars in Children's Literature]
Mundos en palabras: Learning Advanced Spanish through Translation
Muraida: A tradição literária de viagens em questão [Muraida: The literary travel tradition in question]
Muratori di Babele [The walls of Babel]
Music and Translation. New Mediations in the Digital Age
Music Discourse from Classical to Early Modern Times. Editing and Translating Texts
Music, Text and Translation
Música prosaica. Cuatro piezas sobre traducción [Commonplace music. Four pieces on translation]
Musical Performance and Simultaneous Interpretation. Multitasking Processes in Musical Accompaniment and Simultaneous Interpretation
Mutatis Mutandis
Mutiladas e proibidas: para a história da censura literária em Portugal nos tempos do Estado Novo [Mutilated and forbidden: towards a history of literary censorship in Portugal during the Estado Novo]
MuTra 2006 – Audiovisual Translation Scenarios: Conference Proceedings
MuTra 2007 – LSP Translation Scenarios
Muttersprachliche Ansprache als Integrationsstrategie. Eine translatologische Studie zu türkischsprachigen Informationsangeboten [Mother-tongue address as an integration strategy. A translational study of Turkish offers of information]
Muyu Wenhua xia de Yizhe Fengge [Translator’s Style as a Product of the Native Language Culture]
Muzy i sowa Minerwy [The muses and Minerva's owl]
My blagodarny liubeznoisochinitel'nitse…: proza i perevody russkikh pisatel'nits kontsa XVIII veka [Prose and Translations by Russian Women of the Late Eighteenth Century]
My Fair Lady pä skandinaviska. En studie i funktionell sängöversättning [My Fair Lady in Scandinavian. A functional model for analysis of song translation]
My Mother Cooked Me; My Father Ate Me: the treatment of taboos in English translations of the Grimms’ Kinder- und Hausmärchen (1823-2005)
My uchimsia perevodit [Learning to translate]
My years with Gorbachev and Shevarnazde. The Memoir of a Soviet Interpreter
Myslenie o preklade na Slovensku [Thinking on Translation in Slovakia]
Mythes, traduction et création: la littérature de jeunesse en Europe: actes du colloque organisé en hommage à Marc Soriano le 25 mars 1996 [Myths, translation and creation: children's literature in Europe: Proccedings of the colloquium in honour of Marc S
Myty a fakty o preklade a tlmocení na Slovensku [Myths and Facts about Translation and Interpreting in Slovakia]