Saarbrücker Studien zu Sprachdatenverarbeitung und Übersetzen [Säarbrücker studies in the processing of language data and translation]
Saarbrücker Studien zu Sprachdatenverarbeitung und Übersetzen [Säarbrücker studies in the processing of language data and translation]
Saarbrücker Studien zu Sprachdatenverarbeitung und Übersetzen [Säarbrücker studies in the processing of language data and translation]
Saarbrücker Studien zu Sprachdatenverarbeitung und Übersetzen [Säarbrücker studies in the processing of language data and translation]
Saarbrücker Studien zu Sprachdatenverarbeitung und Übersetzen [Säarbrücker studies in the processing of language data and translation]
Saarbrücker Studien zu Sprachdatenverarbeitung und Übersetzen [Säarbrücker studies in the processing of language data and translation]
Saarbrücker Studien zu Sprachdatenverarbeitung und Übersetzen [Säarbrücker studies in the processing of language data and translation]
Sabor e som: Sri Aurobindo, tradutor indiano (a busca de um centro em Auroville e Savitri) [Flavor and sound: Sri Aurobindo, Indian translator (the search for a center in Auroville and Savitri)]
Sacred Text Translation
Sadness Expressions in English and Chinese. Corpus Linguistic Contrastive Semantic Analysis
Saggi sull'interferenza linguistica [Essays on language interference]
Saggio di bibliografia sui problemi storici, teorici e pratici della traduzione [Towards a bibliography of the historical, theoretical and practical problems of translation]
Saint Peter Damian's 'Vita beati Romualdi': introduction, translation and analysis
Saint-Léger Léger traducteur de Pindare [Saint-Léger Léger translates Pindar]
Saisir l'insaisissable: les formes et les traductions du discours indirect libre dans des romans suédois et français [Capturing the elusive: forms and translations of free indirect speech in Swedish and French novels]
Salman Rushdie's Postcolonial Metaphors: Migration, Translation, Hybridity, Blasphemy, and Globalization
Salomón Usque, Traductor del 'Canzoniere' de Petrarca. Estudio y edición crítica [Salomón Usque, translator of Petrarch's 'Canzoniere'. A study and a critical edition]
Saltana: Revista de Literatura y Traducción [Saltana: A journal of literature and translation]
Samatradução. A dança num exercício de tradução do gazal de Rumi [Samatranslation. Dance in a translation exercise of the Jalal Uddin Rumis Gazal]
Samoten parus se belee: studiia [Pending]
Samoucitel perevoda s nemeckogo jazyka na russkij [Pending]
Samuel Beckett auto-traducteur ou l’art de l'empêchement' [Samuel Beckett, self-translator or the art of 'unforeseen difficulties']
Samuel Beckett, traducteur de lui-même: aspects de bilinguisme littéraire [Samuel Beckett, self-translator: aspects of literary bilingualism]
Samuel Tregelles, 1813-1875. Background to Modern Translations of the Bible
Sanjeshe tarjomeh [Translation assessment]
São Bernardo em língua francesa: uma tradução informada [São Bernardo in French: an informed translation]
Sapere Linguistico e Sapere Enciclopedico [Encyclopedic and linguistic knowledge]
Sarguzasht-i dublah-yi Iran va sadaha-yi mandigarash [The history of Iran's dubbing and its lasting voices]
Sariya al-taryamat al-magribiya [Pending]
Sata kirjaa, tuhat suomennosta [One hundred books, one thousand translations]
Satz und Text.: Untersuchungen zu vier romanischen Sprachen [Sentence and Text. Investigations of Four Romance Languages]
Satzspaltung und Informationsstruktur im Portugiesischen und im Deutschen. Ein Beitrag zur Kontrastiven Linguistik und Übersetzungswissenschaft [Sentence splitting and structure of information into Portuguese and into German. A contribution to contrastive
Satzstrukturen im Deutschen und Englischen. Typologie und Textrealisierung [Sentence structures in German and English. Typology and text realization]
Sayyab Translation Journal (STJ)
Scambi culturali tra Francia e Italia : questioni di traduzione, ricezione letteraria e politiche editoriali agli inizi del XXI° secolo [Cultural exchanges between France and Italy : questions of translation, literary reception and editorial policy at the
Scandinavian Literatures in Hebrew Translation 1894-1980
Scandinavian Subtitles: A Comparative Study of Subtitling Norms in Sweden and Denmark with a Focus on Extralinguistic Cultural References
Scenarios, Discourse, and Translation. The scenario theory of Cognitive Linguistics, its relevance for analysing New Testament Greek and modern Parkari texts, and its implications for translation theory
Scénographies de la pseudo-traduction
Schiller and Zhukovsky: Aesthetic Theory in Poetic Translation
Schimpfworte in der Bibelübersetzung des Hieronymus [Pending]
Schleiermacher's Icoses. Social Ecologies of the Different Methods of Translating
Schnittpunkt Frankreich. Ein Jahrtausend Übersetzen [Meeting point France: A thousand years of translation]
Schokolade / Chocolat / Cioccolata [Chocolate]
Schreiben in einer anderen Sprache: zur Internationalitat romanischer Sprachen und Literaturen [Writing in another language: On the international nature of Romance languages and literatures]
Schreiben und Übersetzen: Theorie allenfalls als Versuch einer Rechenschaft [Writing and translating: Theory at best as an approach to accountability]
Schreiben, Verstehen, Übersetzen, Lernen. Zu ein- und zweisprachigen Wörterbüchern mit Deutsch [Writing, understanding, translating, learning. On German mono- and bilingual dictionaries]
Schrift und ihre Verdeutschung [Scripture and translation]
Schriften zur Bibelübersetzung und mittelalterlichen Übersetzungstheorie [Writings on Bible translation and medieval theory of translation]
Schwedische Literatur in deutscher Übersetzung, 1830-1980: Eine Bibliographie [Swedish literature in German translation, 1830-1980: A Bibliography]
Science in Translation
Science in Translation: Movements of Knowledge through Cultures and Time
Science-Fiction and Fantasy in Translation
Sciences en traduction / Sciences in Translation
Sciences humaines en traduction. Les livres français aux États-Unis, au Royaume-Uni et en Argentine [Humanities in translation. French books in the United States, United Kingdom and Argentina]
Scientia Traductionis
Scientific and Technical Translating and other Aspects of the Language Problem
Scientific and Technical Translation
Scientific and Technical Translation
Scientific and Technical Translation
Scientific and Technical Translation
Scientific and Technical Translation Explained. A Nuts and Bolts Guide for Beginners
Scientific Babel. How Science was done Before and After Global English
Scientific issues in the Holy Qur'an: the meaning and translation of verses relating to the creation of the universe
Scientific translation. An exploration of the spiritual meaning and implications of the Scientific translation of immortal mind, and the Scientific translation of mortal mind, which are found in Science and health with key to the Scriptures
Screen Translation
Screen Translation. Eight Studies in Subtitling, Dubbing and Voice-Over
Screens We Live by: An Updated Insight into Audiovisual Translation Research
Scripta Volant: la RAI per i sordi [Scripta volant: Radio Televisione Italiana for the deaf]
Scritti in onore di Lidia Meak. Saggi sulle difficoltà di traduzione dal francese all'italiano e viceversa [Contributions in honour of Lidia Meak. Essays on the difficulty of translating from French into Italian and vice versa]
Scrittura e riscrittura: traduzioni, refundiciones, parodie e plagi [Writing and rewriting: translations, reworkings, parodies and plagiarisms]
SCTE 27 2011. Subtitling methods for broadcast cable
Scurta istorie a traducerii: repere traductologice [A short history of translation: translative landmarks]
SDL Trados Studio – A Practical Guide
Sea-Changes. Studies in Three Centuries of Anglo-Dutch Cultural Transmission
Sechstausend Jahre und ein Buch [Six thousand years and a book]
Second Finding: A Poetics of Translation
Second Hand. Papers on the Theory and Historical Study of Literary Translation
Secondary Parallelism. A Study of Translation Technique in LXX Proverbs
Secuencias marco en textos de índole transaccional: análisis contrastivo español-italiano [Framework sequences in transactional texts: an Italian-Spanish contrastive analysis]
Secuencias: Tareas para el aprendizaje interactivo de la traducción especializada [Sequences: Tasks in the interactive learning of specialized translation]
sed sensu exprimere de sensu. In memoriam hans J. Vermeer
Sedm tvárí translatologie [The seven faces of translatology]
Seeing beauty in a face: a framework for poetry translation and its criticism
Seeing films through your ears. A descriptive and comparative study of audio description for children in the UK and Spain
Seeing through multilingual corpora. On the use of corpora in contrastive studies
Sefer Tehillim in a Pakistani context: historical, translational and linguistic study of the Punjabi metrical psalms by Rev. Dr. Imam-ud-Din Shahbaz
Seferis and Elytis as Translators
Segmentation in translation and translation memory systems. An empirical investigation of cognitive segmentation and effects of integrating a TM system into the translation process
Seis estudios sobre la traducción en los siglos XVI y XVII (España, Francia, Italia, Portugal) [Six studies of 16th- and 17th-century translation (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal)]
Seizièmes assises de la traduction littéraire (Arles 1999) [16th conference on literary translation (Arles 1999)]
Sekundäre Formen des Foreigner Talk im Deutschen aus übersetzungswissenschaftlicher Sicht [Secondary forms of foreigner talk in German from a Translation-Studies perspective]
Sekundäre Subjektivierungen im Englischen und Deutschen: Vergleichende Untersuchungen zur Verb- und Adjektivsyntax [Secondary Subjectification in English and German: Comparative Investigations of Verb and Adjective Syntax]
Selbstporträts: Zum soziologischen Profil von Lieraturübersetzern aus dem Französischen [Self-portraits: on the sociological profile of literary translators in French]
Selección de artículos de Emilio Lorenzo [A selection of articles by Emilio Lorenzo]
Selected Essays on Translation Studies (1894-1948)
Selected Papers 1984-85
Selected Papers 1985-86
Selected Papers 1986-87
Selected Papers of the CETRA Research Seminar in Translation Studies 2006
Selecting a Translation of the Bible
Sélection de corpus en traduction automatique statistique [Corpus selection in statistical machine translation]
Self-Preservation in Simultaneous Interpreting. Surviving the role
Self-Translation and Power. Negotiating Identities in European Multilingual Contexts
Self-translation. Brokering originality in hybrid culture
Selling the sweatdrop. The translation of 'Japaneseness' in manga and anime fan fiction
Selvitys valtion käännöstoiminnasta [Report on the translation operations of the Finnish state administration]
Semantic differences in translation. Exploring the field of inchoativity
Semantic Structures in English and Atsugewi
Semántica cognitiva intercultural [Cognitive cross-cultural semantics]
Semantics and Pragmatics of False Friends
Semantics and Translation for Spanish Learners of English
Semantik und Übersetzungswissenschaft [Semantics and translation theory]
Semantik, Kognition und Äquivalenz [Semantics, cognition and equivalence]
Semantika teksta i problemy perevoda: sbornik statei [The semantics of texts and the problems of translation: a collection of papers]
Semantika texta i problemy perevoda [The semantics of texts and the problems of translation]
Semantikbasierter Transfer: maschinelle Übersetzung auf Mengen linguistischer Constraints [Semantic-based transfer: Machine translation and certain language constraints]
Sémantique et traduction : problèmes de polysémie et de synonymie à travers les traductions grecques des Misérables de Victor Hugo [Semantics and translation : problems of polysemy and synonymy through Greek translations of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables]
Sémantique(s), sémiotique(s) et traduction [Semantics, semiotics and translation]
Sémantique, codes, traductions: Quelques essais sur la sémantique des langues formelles et des langues naturelles [Semantics, codes, translations: some essays on the semantics of formal and natural languages]
Semantische Analyse juristischer Fachwörter am Beispiel der Terminologie des Handelsrechts. Eine deutsch-polnische kontrastive Studie [A semantic analysis of legal terms using the example of commercial law terminology. A German-Polish contrastive study]
Semejantes extraños: traducción comentada de O sujeito e seu texto, de Teresa Palazzo Nazar [Pending]
Sémen 3: la réécriture du texte littéraire [Sémen 3: rewriting the literary text]
Seminario de la traducción literaria de lenguas romances [A seminar on literary translation in Romance languages]
Semiotica traducerii poetice [The semiotics of poetic translation]
Semiotics and the Problem of Translation. With Special Reference to the Semiotics of Charles S. Peirce
Semiotics of International Law. Trade and Translation
Semiotics of Translation and Cultural Mediation
Semiotics of Translation, Translation in Semiotics
Semiotics, Translation and the Press
Semiotik und Übersetzen [Semiotics and translation]
Sémiotique comparée du territoire: les stratégies territoriales en publicité internationale [Contrastive semiotics of the territory: territorial strategies in international advertising]
Semiotranslating Peirce
Sempre poeta i traductor. Agustí Bartra i Rolfe Humphries: cartes i versions [Always a poet and a translator. Agustí Bartra and Rolfe Humphries - letters and versions]
Sendbrief vom Dolmetschen [Circular sobre la traducción] [Circular letter on translation]
Seneca e i greci: citazioni e traduzioni nelle opere filosofiche [Seneca and the Greeks: Citations and translations in the philosophical works]
Seneca in English
Sénèque le Tragique en France, (XVIe-XVIIe siècles). Imitation, traduction, adaptation [Seneca the tragic in France (16th-17th centuries). Imitation, translation, adaptation]
Sengseuy Wulimal Yenkwu [A study on Korean in Bible]
Sens e razos d'una escriptura. Edition et étude de la traduction occitane de l'Evangelium Nicodemi [Sens e razos d'una escriptura..Edition and study of the Occitan translation of The Evangelium Nicodemi]
Sens et doublage cinématographique - Etude du doublage de 'Gone with the wind', (David O. Selznick et Victor Fleming, 1939) d'après le roman de Margaret Mitchell, traduit et doublé en français sous le titre 'Autant en emporte le vent' [Sense and film dubb
Sens, fonction & traduction [Sense, function and translation]
Sense in nonsense: the 'Alice' books and their Japanese translators and illustrators
Sense mans. Metàfores i papers sobre la traducció [No hands. Metaphors and papers on translation]
Sensus de sensu. Estudios filológicos de traducción [Sensus de sensu. Philological studies in translation]
Sentence comprehension in expert and novice interpreters. An ERP study
Sententialität, Nominalität und Übersetzung: eine empirische Untersuchung deutscher Sachprosatexte und ihrer norwegischen Übersetzungen [Sententiality, nominality and translation: Pending]
Separate Stages: la traduction du théâtre dans le contexte Canada / Québec [Separate Stages: the translation of theatre in the Canada / Québec]
Sept traductions arabes de BenSira [Seven Arabic translations of Ben-Sira]
Septet. Des mots aux actes (2008-2016) Des mots aux actes (since 2017)
Septièmes assises de la traduction littéraire. (Arles 1990). Retraduire Dickens et Proust, Domaine japonais, La formation du traducteur littéraire [7th conference on literary translation (Arles, 1990). Retranslating Dickens and Proust, the Japanese domain
Ser ou não ser natural, eis a questão dos clichês de emoção na tradução audiovisual [To be or not to ne natural: that is the question of clichés of emotion in screen translation]
Serbokroatische Autoren in deutscher Übersetzung: bibliographische Materialien (1776-1993) [Serbo-croatian authors translated into German: bibliographical materials (1776-1993)]
Serguei Dovlátov: texto de cultura na literatura russa contemporânea [Sergei Dovlatov: cultural text in modern Russian literature]
Seria w przekladzie. Polskie warianty prozy Josepha Conrada [Series in translation. Polish variants of Joseph Conrad's prose]
Sermones in Genesim de San Juan Crisóstomo: estudio temático, estilístico y traducción [Sermones in Genesim by John Crysostom: a thematic and stylistic study and translation]
Servicios de accesibilidad para tod@s [Accessibility services for all]
Servidumbre y grandeza de la traducción [Servitude and greatness of translation]
Servons-nous du mot juste: les pièges tendus au traducteur par l'allemand des bâtisseurs [Let us use the right word: traps set for translators by the German builders]
Setting up A Master’s Programme in Conference Interpreting at the University of Nairobi. An Interdisciplinary Case Study of A Development Project Involving Universities and International Organisations
Sexuality and Translation in World Politics
Sexuality in Translation. Exploring the Troubled Seas of (Un)Official Censorship. James Joyce’s Ulysses in Serbo-Croatian
Shabbatai Donnolo's Sefer Hakhmoni: introduction, critical text, and annotated English translation
Shakespeare à Catalunya [Shakespeare in Catalonia]
Shakespeare a mal aux dents [Shakespeare has a toothache]
Shakespeare and Canada Essays on Production, Translation, and Adaptation
Shakespeare and Eastern Europe
Shakespeare and European Politics
Shakespeare and the Armenians
Shakespeare and the French Poet
Shakespeare and the German Stage
Shakespeare and the Language of Translation
Shakespeare and the Spanish Comedia. Translation, Interpretation, Performance. Essays in Honor of Susan L. Fischer
Shakespeare come vi piace. Manuale di traduzione [Shakespeare as you please. A handbook of translation]
Shakespeare drámái hazánkban, III: vallás-és közoktatásügyi M.K. minister anyagi támogatásával kiadja a kisfaludytársaság Shakespeare-bizottsága. [Shakespeare's dramas in our country Pending]
Shakespeare e Portugal [Shakespeare and Portugal]
Shakespeare en España. Críticas, traducciones y representaciones [Shakespeare in Spain. Criticism, translations and stagings]
Shakespeare en España: Textos 1764-1916 [Shakespeare in Spain: texts 1764-1916]
Shakespeare en España: Traducciones, imitaciones e influencia de las obras de Shakespeare en la literatura española [Shakespeare in Spain: Translations, imitations and the influence of Shakespeare's works on Spanish literature]
Shakespeare en España: Traducciones, imitaciones e influencia de las obras de Shakespeare en la literatura española [Shakespeare in Spain: Translations, imitations and the influence of Shakespeare's works on Spanish literature]
Shakespeare en la Argentina [Shakespeare in Argentina]
Shakespeare en la literatura española [Shakespeare in Spanish literature]
Shakespeare en Russie (1748-1840). Etude de littérature comparée [Shakespeare in Russia (1748-1840). A study in comparative literature]
Shakespeare in Catalan. Translating Imperialism
Shakespeare in cultura romana moderna [Shakespeare in the Romanian modern culture]
Shakespeare in Czechoslovakia
Shakespeare in Deutschland: der Fall Lenz [Shakespeare in Germany: Lenz as a case in point]
Shakespeare in Flanders. A study of the theatrical, critical and literary reception of Shakespeare's work
Shakespeare in Germany, 1740-1815
Shakespeare in Hungary: A history of the translation, presentation and reception of Shakespeare's dramas in Hungary, 1785-1878
Shakespeare in Nederland. Kroniek van vier eeuwen Shakespeare in Nderlandse vertalingen en op het Nederlands toneel [Shakespeare in the Netherlands. A chronicle of four centuries of Shakespeare in Dutch translation and on the Dutch stage]
Shakespeare in Nineteenth-century Romania
Shakespeare in Romania
Shakespeare in Romania: 1900-1950
Shakespeare in Romania: 1950 to the present
Shakespeare in Rumania. A bibliographical essay
Shakespeare in Thailand
Shakespeare in the Netherlands. A study of Dutch translations and Dutch performances of William Shakespeare's plays
Shakespeare in the New Europe
Shakespeare in the Romanian Cultural Memory
Shakespeare in the Soviet Union
Shakespeare na Itália: construção intersemiótica de Re Lear e La Tempesta em Giorgio Strehler [Shakespeare in Italy: intersemiotic construction of Re Lear and La Tempesta in Giorgio Strehler]
Shakespeare och Sverige intill 1800-talets mitt [Shakespeare and Sweden until the 1850s]
Shakespeare og Danmark indtil 1840 [Shakespeare and Denmark until 1840]
Shakespeare on the French Stage in the 18th Century
Shakespeare on the German stage. The Twentieth Century
Shakespeare on the German Stage. Volume 1, 1586-1914
Shakespeare on the Soviet Stage
Shakespeare paa Dansk [Shakespeare in Danish]
Shakespeare sechsundsechzig. Variationen über ein Sonnet. (Shakespeares Sonnet Nr. 66 in 88 deutschen Translationen) [Shakespeare 66. Variations on a sonnet. (Shakespeare's Sonnet Nr. 66 in 88 German translations]
Shakespeare und das deutsche Theater. Wanderung und Wandelung seines Werkes in drei und einhalb Jahrhunderten [Shakespeare and the German theatre. Migration and transformation of his work in three and a half centuries]
Shakespeare und ein deutscher Anfang: die von Borcksche Ubers. d. Julius Casar von 1751 im Streitfeld von Gottsched u. Johann Elias Schlegel [Shakespeare and a German beginning: Borcksche's 1751 translation of 'Julius Caesar' and the debate between Gottsc
Shakespeare y Moratín ante la fosa y traducción catalana de un cuadro de Shakespeare [Shakespeare and Moratin on the stage and a Catalan translation of one of Shakespeare's scenes]
Shakespeare y sus traductores. Análisis crítico de siete traducciones españolas de obras de Shakespeare [Shakespeare and his translators. A critical analysis of seven Spanish translations of works by Shakespeare]
Shakespeare, Reception and Translation. Germany and Japan
Shakespeares Coriolanus in deutscher Bearbeitung: Sieben Beispiele zum literarästhetischen Problem der Umsetzung und Vermittlung Shakespeares [Shakespeare's 'Coriolanus' adapted into German: The literary and aesthetic problems in seven examples of transl
Shakespeare's History Plays. Performance, Translation and Adaptation in Britain and Abroad
Shakespeares Macbeth und die Schillersche Bearbeitung [Shakespeare's Macbeth and Schiller's adaptation]
Shakespeares Romeo und Julia in Goethes Bearbeitung: Eine Stiluntersuchung [Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' in Goethe's adaptation: a stylistic analysis]
Shakespeares Sonett "When forty winters" ... und die deutschen Übersetzer; Untersuchungen zu den Problemen der Shakespeare-Übertragung [Shakespeare's Sonnet 'When forty winters...' and its German translation. Studies on the problems of translating Shakesp
Shakespeares Sonette auf deutsch: Übersetzungsprozesse zwischen Philologie und dichterischer Kreativität [Shakespeare's Sonnets in German: Translation process between philology and direct creativity]
Shakespeares Sonette in deutscher Übersetzung: Stefan George und Paul Celan [Shakespeare's Sonnets translated into German: Stefan George and Paul Celan]
Shakespeares Sonette in Deutschland: Versuch einer literarischen Typologie [Shakespeare's sonnets in Germany. Towards a literary typology]
Shakespeares Wortwiederholungen und Schlüsselwörter in deutschen Übersetzungen [German translation of Shakespeare’s word repetitions and keywords]
Shamrock & Chopsticks: James Joyce in China: A Tale of Two Encounters
Shanghai Fanyi = Shanghai Journal of Translators
Shanghai Keji Fanyi = Shanghai Journal of Translators of Science and Technology
Shangwu fanyi jiaocheng [Commercial English-Chinese Translation Course]
Shangwu peitong kouyi shixun jiaocheng [A practice book for business interpreting]
Shangwu xianchang kouyi [Business interpreting]
Shangwu yingyu fanyi jiaocheng (kouyi) [Business English interpretation]
Shangwu yingyu kouyi (shixun jiaocheng) [Business English interpreting: A practice course book]
Shangwu yingyu kouyi [A course book for business interpreting]
Shangye Fanyi Daolun [Translation as a Business]
Shashibiya zai Zhongguo wutai shang [Shakespeare on the Chinese stage]
Shèhuì yìshí xíngtài yu wàiguó wénxué yì jiè zhuanhuàn cèlüè - yi dígèngsî de "Dàwèi·Kaopôfçi" de sân gè yìbìn wéilì [The Influence of Social Ideology on Translation of Foreign Literature: A Case Study of Three Chinese Versions of David Copperfield]
Shekspir na sovetskoy stsene [Shakespeare on the Soviet Stage]
Shelley nella bottega di Pascoli [Shelley in Pascoli's bottle]
Shelving translation
Shengjing suyuan: Xiandai wu da Zhongwen Shengjing fanji shi (Tracing Bible translation: A history of five modern Chinese versions of the Bible)
Shensi yu Xingsi [Resemblance in Spirit Rather than in Form: Translation Theory since Yan Fu] (In Chinese)
Shici Fanyi de Yishu [The art of poem translation]
Shige Fanyi de Jige Wenti [Some Problems of Poetry Translation]
Shiho tsuyaku [Legal Interpreting]
Shikisbi-r fi Misr [Shakespeare in Egypt]
Short Story Translation: From Theory to Practice
Shu, fan yi, xing [Pending]
Shuangyu Duiying Yuliaoku. Yanzhi yu Yingyong [A parallel corpus. Research and application]
Shun the Pun, Rescue the Rhyme? The Dubbing and Subtitling of Language-Play in Film
Shun ying li lun zai kou yi zhong de ying yong yan jiu [An Analytical Study of the Application of Adaptation Theory in Interpreting]
Shuwa tsuyaku [Pending]
Sign in Europe: A study of Deaf people and sign language in the European Union
Sign Language and Linguistic universals
Sign Language and the Deaf Community: Essays in Honour of William C. Stokoe
Sign language interpretation under four interpreting conditions
Sign Language Interpreters and Interpreting
Sign language interpreters in court. Understanding best practices
Sign Language Interpreting
Sign Language Interpreting and Interpreter Education. Directions for Research and Practice
Sign language interpreting in Australia
Sign Language Interpreting in the Workplace
Sign Language Interpreting. Deconstructing the Myth of Neutrality
Sign Language Interpreting: A Basic Resource Book
Sign Language Interpreting: Its Art and Science
Sign Language Interpreting: Linguistic Coping Strategies
Sign Language Interpreting: Theory and practice in Australia and New Zealand
Sign language research and applications
Sign Language Research: Theoretical Issues
Sign Language Theatre and Deaf Theatre: New Definitions and Directions
Sign the Speech. An Introduction to Theatrical Interpreting
Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research. Selected Papers from the First International Symposium
Signed Language Interpreting and Translation
Signed Language Interpreting in Brazil
Signed language interpreting: Preparation, practice and performance
Significado situacional: problemas de equivalencia en la traducción inglés-español: estudio de la traducción de 'A Clockwork Orange' [Situational meaning: equivalence problems in English-Spanish translation: a study of the translation of 'A Clockwork Oran
Significations: essais en l'honneur d'Henry Schogt = Essays in Honour of Henry Schogt
Signs, Sense, Translation
Silence in Court? A Study of Itnerpreting in the Courts of England and Wales
Silent but for the Word: Tudor Women as Patrons, Translators, and Writers of Religious Works
Sille Beyers bearbejdelse af William Shakespeares Lystspil [Sille Beyer's adaptations of William Shakespeare's comedies]
Silver threads: A personal look at the first twenty-five years of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
Silver Tongues
Similarity and Difference in Translation. Proceedings of the International Conference on Similarity and Translation (New York, May 31 - June 1, 2001)
Simone de Beauvoir in Turkey: (her)story of a translational journey
Simplification as a recurrent translation feature: a corpus-based study of modern Chinese translated mystery fiction in Taiwan
Simposio Internacional en Soria sobre Interpretación de Conferencias, 6-8 abril 1998 [International symposium of Soria on Conference Interpreting, 6-8 April 1998]
Simultandolmetschen als Gegenstand der interdisziplinären Forschung [Simultaneous interpreting as a subject in interdisciplinary research]
Simultandolmetschen als komplexes Handeln [Simultaneous interpreting, a complex process]
Simultandolmetschen als komplexes Handeln. Ein Theorie- und Beschreibungsrahmen, dargestellt an einer Fachkonferenz [Simultaneous interpreting, a complex process. A theoretical and descriptive framework]
Simultandolmetschen in defizitären Situationen. Strategien der translatorischen Optimierung [Simultaneous interpretation in deficit situations. Strategies of translational optimization]
Simultandolmetschen in Erstbewährung: Der Nürnberger Prozess 1945 [Simultaneous interpreting in its probation period: the Nuremberg trials of 1945]
Simultane T p Çevirisi E itiminde Bellek Destekleyici Anahtar Sözcük Yönteminin Etkililik Derecesi [Effect of Mnemonic Keyword Method in the Training of Simultaneous Medical Interpreting]
Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation and Human Information Processing
Simultaneous Constructions in Signed Languages - Form and Function
Simultaneous interpretation on television: The case of the question / answer group in the 2004 U.S. Presidential debathon
Simultaneous Interpretation. A Cognitive-Pragmatic Analysis
Simultaneous Interpreting - A Practical Book
Simultaneous Interpreting: Empirical Investigations into Target-Text / Source-Text Relations
Simultaneous Translation: Linguistic, Psycholinguistic and Human Information Processing Aspects
Simultanes Konferenzdolmetschen - Anforderungen und Erwartungen der Benutzer = Survey on Expectations of Users of Conference Interpretation
Since when is Fran Drescher Jewish? Dubbing stereotypes in The Nanny, The Simpsons and The Sopranos
Sinchronnyi perevod: dejatel'nost' sinchronnogo perevodcika i metodika prepodavanija sinchronnogo perevoda [Pending]
Sinkhronnyi perevod: Deiatelnost sinkhron. perevodchika i metodika prepodavaniia sinkhron. perevoda [Simultaneous interpreting: The job of the simultaneous interpreter and the teaching methodology of simultaneous interpreting]
Sinología y traducción: El problema de la traducción de poesía china clásica en ocho poemas de Du Fu [Sinology and translation: The problem of the translation of classical Chinese poetry in eight poems by Du Fu]
Sinologists as Translators in the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries
Síntesis de voz aplicada a la traducción voz a voz [Speech synthesis applied to voice-to-voice translation]
Sirens of the Western shore. The westernesque femme fatale, translation, and vernacular style in modern Japanese literature
Sistema pronominal en inglés y castellano: análisis contrastivo [Pronun systems in English and Spanish: a contrastive analysis]
Siting Translation. History, Post-Structuralism and the Colonial Context
Situated in Translations. Cultural Communities and Media Practices
Situated learning in translator and interpreter training: bridging research and good practice
Situation Normal, All FAHQT Up. Language, Materiality & Machine Translation
Sixièmes assises de la traduction littéraire (Arles 1989): Traduire le théatre [6th conference on literary translation: Translating drama]
SKASE (Journal of Translation and Interpretation)
Skekspir: Bibliografiia Russkikh perevodov i kriticheskoi literatury na russkom iazyke. 1748-1962 [Shakespeare: a bibliography of Russian translations and critical literature in Russian 1748-1962]
Skizzen zu einer Geschichte der Translation [Sketches of a history of translation]
Skolko vesit slovo: stati raznykh let [How much does a word weight: papers from different years]
Skopos und Translationsauftrag [Skopos and translational commission]
Skopos. Revista internacional de traducción e interpretación
Skrifta på skjermen: korleis skjer teksting av fjernsynsfilm? [Writing on the screen: how are television movies subtitled?]
Slices of Life: From the Plate of a Bible Translator
Slovak Thinking on Translation 1970-2009. Bibliography
Slovenski literarni prevod: 1550-2000 [Slovenian literary translation: 1550-2000]
Slovenski prevodi skozi korpusno prizmo [Slovenian translations through a corpus prism]
Slovník slovenských prekladatelov umeleckej literatúry 20. storoèie (A-K) [A dictionary of Slovak 20th-century literary translators (A-K)]
Slovník slovenských prekladatelov umeleckej literatúry 20. storoèie (L-Z) [A dictionary of Slovak 20th-century literary translators (L-Z)]
Slovo i obraz; literaturno-krytychni statti [Word and image: papers on literary criticism]
Slovo o perevoda [A word about translation]
Slovo za slovem [Word for word]
Slovo zhivoe i mertvoe: iz opyta perevodchika i redaktora [Living and dead words: on the experience of a translator and editor]
Slowakische Hefte zur Übersetzungsdidaktik und -methodik 1. Übungsentwürfe [Slovak notebooks on translation didactics and methodology 1. Exercise drafts]
Smaller, faster and accurate models for statistical machine translation
Smollett et la France [Smollett and France]
Smollett's Hoax: Don Quixote in English
So you want to be an interpreter?: An introduction to sign language interpreting
Sob a invocação de Pierre Ménard – ensaios sobre tradução [An homage to Pierre Ménard - Essays on translation]
Sob o signo de Babel: literatura e poéticas da tradução [Under the sign of Babel: Literature and the poetics of translation]
Sob o signo dos signos: Uma biografia de Haroldo de Campos [Under the sign of the signs: a biography of Haroldo de Campos]
Sobre a forma, o poema e a tradução [On form, poetry and translation]
Sobre el uso de las perifrasis verbales en español y su traduccion al italiano [On the use of verbal periphrases in Spanish and their translation into Italian]
Sobre interpretación simultánea y toma de notas para la traducción consecutiva: árabe-español, español-árabe [On simultaneous interpreting and note-taking for consecutive interpreting: Arabic-Spanish, Spanish-Arabic]
Sobre la adquisición de metodologías de trabajo profesional y capacitación terminológica en el aula de traducción científico-técnica (francés-español): propuesta de elaboración de un diccionario de clase de apoyo a la enseñanza-aprendizaje de la traducció
Sobre la imposibilidad de la traducción [On the impossibility of translation]
Sobre la interpretación para los servicios públicos en los ámbitos judicial y policial en la provincia de Málaga: estudio de caso [On interpreting for public services in the court and police contexts in the province of Málaga: a case study]
Sobre la poesía de C. P. Cavafis y sus traducciones castellanas [On the poetry of C. P. Cavafy and its Spanish translations]
Sobre la traducción [On translation]
Sobre la traducción de textos médicos especializados (francés-español). Análisis terminológico, lingüístico y traductológico [On the (French-Spanish) translation of specialized medical texts. A terminological, linguistic and translational analysis]
Sobre la traducción jurídica y judicial. Estudio de la variación aplicado a la terminología del Derecho penal y procesal penal en español, francés y árabe [On legal and judicial translation. Study on variation applied to the terminology of the Criminal an
Sobre la traducción literaria en Hispanoamérica [On literary translation in Latin America]
Sobre la traducción. Ideas tradicionales y teorías contemporáneas [On translation. Traditional ideas and contemporary theories]
Sobre la traducción: textos clásicos y medievales [On translation: classical and medieval texts]
Sobre la transliteración del ruso y otras lenguas que se escriben con alfabeto cirílico [On transliteration from Russian and other languages which use the Cyrillic alphabet]
Sobre tradução intersemiótica [About intersemiotic translation]
Social work in a multilingual world: interpreter-mediated encounters
Sociedad, integración y TV en España [Society, integration and TV in Spain]
Socioconstructivismo, humanismo y plataformas pedagógicas: de la teoría al proyecto auténtico de traducción [Social-constructivim, humanism and didactic platforms: from theory to the real translation project]
Sociocritique de la traduction. Théatre et altérité au Québec (1968-1988) [A Sociocritique of Translation: Theatre and Alterity in Quebec, 1968-1988]
Socio-Cultural Approaches to Translation: Indian and European Perspectives
Sociocultural Aspects of Translating and Interpreting
Socio-cultural perspectives on translation activities in Saudi Arabia: a Bourdieusean account
Sociogénesis de las primeras generaciones de intérpretes de la cabina española en la Unión Europea [Socio-genesis of the first generations of interpreters in the Spanish booth of the European Union]
Sociolinguistic and Sociocultural Aspects of Translation: a Cross-Cultural Study in an African Context
Sociolinguística e tradução de português do Brasil: problemas de norma e repercussões didáticas [Sociolinguistics and translation of Brazilian Portuguese: regulation problems and didactic implications]
Sociolinguistics and Communication
Sociologie de l’adaptation et de la traduction. Le roman d’aventures anglo-américain dans l’espace littéraire français pour les jeunes (1826-1960) [The sociology of adaptation and of translation. Anglo-American adventure novel in the French literary space
Sociologie de la traduction. La science-fiction americaine dans l'espace culturel français des annees 1950 [Sociology of translation: American science fiction in the French cultural space in the 50s]
Sociologie de la traduction. Textes fondateurs
Sociologies of poetry translation. Emerging perspectives
Sociology of Translation
Sociopolitical Aspects of Interpreting at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (1946-1948)
SOCKA, A. Modalität/Temporalität in kontrastiver und typologischer Sicht
Software Internationalization and Localization
Software Localization Jissen Handbook [The Handbook of Software Localization]
Software Without Frontiers. A Multi-Platform, Multi-Cultural, Multi-Nation Approach
Softwarelokalisierung [Software localization]
Softwarelokalisierung und Übersetzung [Software localization and translation]
Soldando sal: Galician Studies in Translation and Paratranslation
Solidão e Encontro: prática e espaço da crítica de tradução literária [Solitude and encounter: the practice and space of criticism of literary translation]
Solitary apprenticeship. James Wright and German Poetry
Sombras y penumbras en la traducción. Análisis de pérdida de información en traducciones de narrativa argentina contemporánea [Shadows and half-lights in translation. An analysis of information loss in translations of modern Argentine fiction]
Some Aspects of Style in Twentieth-Century English Bible Translation. One-Man Versions of Mark and the Psalms
Some Aspects of Translating
Some English Translations of Virgil. An Inaugural Lecture
Some Lexical and Syntactic Problems in English-Arabic Translation
Some Problems in German to English Machine Translation
Some problems of translation: a linguistic comparison of texts in English and Hindi
Some Remarks on Translation and Translators
Something Understood. Studies in Anglo-Dutch Translation
Son et traduction dans l'oeuvre de Proust [Sound and translation in Proust's works]
Sondage sur les services linguistiques = Survey on Linguistic Services Operations
Sonderheft Translation Studies in Germany
Song and Significance. Virtues and Vices of Vocal Translation
Song Translation. Lyrics in Contexts
Sou do país superior: utopia e alegoria na libertina Terra Austral conhecida (1676), de Gabriel de Foigny : tradução e estudo [I come from the upper land. Utopia and allegory in the libertine The Southem land known (1676), by Gabriel de Foigny]
Soucasnost umeleckého prekladu [Pending]
Sound effect labelling in subtitling for the deaf and hard-of hearing: An experimental study on audience reception
Sound translation. Poetic and cinematic practices
Sounding lines: The art of translating poetry. Seamus Heaney and Robert Hass in conversation
Sourcier ou cibliste. Les profondeurs de la traduction [Source- or target-oriented. The depths of translation]
Sous l'invocation de Saint Jérôme [An Homage to Jerome: Patron Saint of Translators]
Southern African Bibliography of Translation, Interpreting, Lexicography and Terminology
Sovety perevodcikam: spravocnoe posobie po nemeckomu jazyku [Pending]
Soviet Developments in Machine Translation
Sovremennoye perevodovedenie [Modern Translation Science]
Sovremennye problemy leksikografii: sbornik nauchnykh trudov [Current problems in lexicography: a collection of scientific papers]
Sowing the Word: The Cultural Impact of the British and Foreign Bible Society, 1804-2004
Söylenceden Gerçeklige. Çeviri Eðitimine Ýliþkin Düþünce, Gözlem ve Uygulamalar [From myth to reality. Remarks, observations and practices on translator training]
Soziale und theatralische Konventionen als Problem der Dramenübersetzung [Social and drama conventions as problems in drama translation]
Sozialwissenschaftliches Übersetzen als interkulturelle Hermeneutik / Il tradurre nelle scienze sociali come ermeneutica interculturale
Soziokognitive prozesse beim übersetzen [Socio-cognitive processes in translation]
Soziologie der literarische Übersetzung [The sociology of literary translation]
Sözlü Çeviri: Çal malar ve Uygulamalar [Interpreting: Studies and Practices]
Spanien und Deutschland: Geschichte und Dokumentation der literarischen Beziehungen [Spain and Germany: The history and documentation of literary relationships]
Spanische Prosadichtung des Mittelalters in deutscher Übersetzung: Juan Manuels El Conde Lucanor [Spanish short stories of the Middle Ages translated into German: Juan Manuel's 'El conde Lucanor.']
Spanische Romanzen in der Übersetzung von Diez, Geibel und von Schack: Analyse und Vergleich [Spanish Romances in translation by Díez, Geibel and von Schack: an analysis and a comparison]
Spanish / English Contrasts: A Course in Spanish Linguistics
Spanish and Portuguese Translations of United States Books 1955-1962: a Bibliography
Spanish Key to New Passages for Translation from English
Spanish Loanwords in the English Language: a Tendency Towards Hegemony Reversal
Spanish Texts for Translation: A Practice Book for Advanced Students of English
Spanish-American Literature in Translation
Spass beiseite / Blague à part / Scherzi a parte [Joking aside]
Spatial demonstratives in English and Chinese. Text and cognition
Speak English or What? Codeswitching and Interpreter Use in New York City Courts
Speaking in Subtitles. Revaluing Screen Translation
Speaking in Tongues. Languages at Play in the Theatre
Speaking in Tongues: Language across Contexts and Users
Speaking like a Spanish Cow: Cultural Errors in Translation
Speaking Memory: How Translation Shapes City Life
Speaking through the voice of another. How can art practice be used to provoke new ways of thinking about the transformations and transitions that happen in linguistic translation
Specchi comunicanti: Traduzione, parodie, riscritture [Communicating mirrors: Translations, parodies, re-writings]
Specchi del senso 2: comunicazione e interpretazione [Mirrors of the senses, 2: communication and interpretation]
Special issue on certification
Special Issue on Hybrid Texts and Translation
Special issue on interpreting
Special Issue on Language Technologies for a Multilingual Europe
Special issue on Machine translation and the Working Methods of Translators
Special issue on Sign language
Special Issue. Interpreting Research
Special Language. From Human Thinking to Thinking Machines
Special Nueva York Issue
Special Problems in Translating Religious Texts
Specialised training for interpreters working with gender violence victims / survivors. A report on the Delphi survey carried out on interpreters during the Speak Out for Support (SOS-VICS) project = Formación especializada en interpretación para víctimas
Specialised translation 2
Specialised Translation in Spain. Institutional dimensions
Specialised Translation: Shedding the ‘Non-iterary' Tag
Specialized translation
Specialized Translation: theoretical issues, operational perspectives
Speech Acts, Directness and Politeness in Dubbing: American Television Series in Hungary
Speech and Natural Language Technology
Speech based machine aided human translation for a document translation task
Speech segmentation and speaker diarisation for transcription and translation
Speech-to-Speech Translation: A Massively Parallel Memory-Based Approach
Spettri del potere. Ideologia, identità, traduzione negli studi culturali [Spectres of power. Ideology, identity, translation in cultural studies]
Spezialprobleme der wissenschaftlichen und technischen Übersetzung [The special problems of scientific and technical of translation]
SPICE-PREP II: Export potential and linguistic customisation of digital products and services
Spielfilm-Synchronisation – eine translationskritische Analyse am Beispiel amerikanischer Historienfilme über den Zweiten Weltkrieg [Feature film dubbing - a translation-critical analysis using the example of American history films about the Second World
Spielfilmsynchronisation [Film dubbing]
Spielräume der Translation: Dolmetschen und Übersetzen in Theorie und Praxis [The scopes of translation. Interpreting and translating in theory and practice]
Spike Lee’s Bamboozled. A Contrastive Analysis of Compliments and Insults from English into Italian
Spleen e traduzione [Spleen and translation]
Spoken Language Translator
Sprach(en)kontakt - Mehrsprachigkeit - Translation [Language-contact - Multilingualism - Translation]
Sprachbewegung. Eine historische-poetologische Untersuchung zum Problem des Übersetzens [Language moving. A research into the history and poetics of the problems of translation]
Sprachdatenverarbeitung für Übersetzer und Dolmetscher [Processing language data for translators and interpreters]
Sprache – Recht – Übersetzen. Betrachtungen zur juristischen Fachkommunikation. Mit einer Darstellung am Beispiel von deutschen und spanischen Strafurteilen [Language - Law - Translation. Reflections on legal professional communication. With an example of
Sprache - Sprachen in konfrontation - Übersetzen [Language - Languages in confrontation - Translating]
Sprache und Entfremdung: Die Proust-Übersetzungen Walter Benjamins innerhalb seiner Sprach- und Übersetzungstheorie [Language and distance: Walter Benjamin’s translations of Proust within his theory of language and translation]
Sprache und Kultur in der interkulturellen Marketingkommunikation [Language and culture in cross-cultural marketing communication]
Sprache und Technik [Language and technique]
Sprache und Übersetzung [Language and translation]
Sprache und Wirtschaft in der europäischen Informationsgesellschaft: 21. Jahrestagung, Berlin, 13-14.10.1995 [Language and economics in the European information exchange: 21st anniversary, Berlin 13-14 October 1995]
Sprache, Literatur, Kultur. Romanistische Beiträge [Language, literature, culture: Contributions from Romanism]
Sprache, Verstehen, und Übertragung: hermeneutische Grundlage der philosophischen Übersetzung [Language, understanding and translation: hermeneutic fundamentals for philosophical translation]
Sprachen als Mittler [Language as a mediator]
Sprachen in den Wissenschaften. Deutsch und Englisch in der internationalen Kommunikation [Scientific languages. German and English in international communication]
Sprachenvielfalt im Kontext von Fachkommunikation, Übersetzung und Fremdsprachenunterricht [Language diversity in the context of specialized communication, translation and foreign language learning]
Sprachenvielfalt in der EU und Translation. Translationstheorie trifft Translationspraxis [Language diversity in the EU and translation. Translation Theory meets translation practice]
Sprachkunst und Übersetzung. Gedenkschrift Ernst Sander [Linguistics and translation. In memoriam Ernst Sander]
Sprachliche Gestaltung und Internationalisierung von Benutzeroberflächen. Erläutert an Beispielen aus dem Englischen, Deutschen und Italienischen [Pending]
Sprachliche Interferenz – Festschrift für Werner Betz zum 65. Geburtstag [Language interference - Festschrift for Werner Betz in his 65th birthday]
Sprachliche Steuerung in der Technischen Dokumentation mit Controlled-Language-Checkern und Authoring-Memory-Systemen. Untersuchungen zur Verbesserung der Effizienz von Schreib- und Übersetzungsprozessen [Language control in technical documentation with c
Sprachliche und geistige Metamorphosen bei Gedichtübersetzungen [Linguistic and intellectual metamorphosis of the translation of poems]
Sprachliche Varianzen in Martin Luthers Bibelübertragungen von 1522 - 1545: eine lexikalisch-syntaktische Untersuchung des Römerbriefes [Pending]
Sprachliches und Aussersprachliches in der Kommunikation [The linguistic and the extralinguistic in communication]
Sprachmacht auf engstem Raum. Die Inszenierung der Stadt in den Hörfilmen der Münchner Tatort-Filmserie - Eine korpusgeleitete Studie zur Audiodeskription [Language Power in a Confined Domain. The Staging of the City in the Audio Films of the Munich Tator
Sprachreflexion zwischen nationaler Identifikation und Entgrenzung. Der italienische Übersetzungsdiskurs im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert [Pending]
Sprachspezifische Aspekte der Informationsverteilung [Language-specific aspects of the distribution of information]
Sprachspiel und Übersetzung: eine Studie anhand der Comics-Serie 'Asterix' [Puns and translation: A study on the comics series 'Asterix']
Sprachtechnologie für eine dynamische Wirtschaft im Medienzeitalter [Pending]
Sprachtheorie und Sprachenpraxis: Festschrift für Henri Vernay zu seinem 60. Geburtstag [Linguistics and language practice: Festschrift for Henri Vernay in his 60th birthday]
Sprachtransfer-Kulturtransfer: Text, Kontext und Translation [Language transference and culture transference: Text, context and translation]
Sprachvergleich Deutsch-Französisch
Sprachvergleich und Übersetzen: Französisch und Deutsch: Akten der gleichnamigen Sektion des ersten Kongresses des Franko-Romanistenverbandes (Mainz, 24-26 September 1998) [Pending]
Sprachvergleich und Ubersetzung. Die romanischen Sprachen im Kontrast zum Deutschen [Language comparison and translation. The Romance languages in contrast to German]
Sprachvergleich und Übersetzungsvergleich. Leistung und Grenzen, Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten [Linguistic comparison and translation comparison. Achievements and borders, differences and similarities]
Sprachwissenschaft und Übersetzen [Linguistics and translation]
Språk i kontrast. En jämförande studie av svensk och fransk meningsstruktur [Pending]
Sprak som bro och barriär [Pending]
Spreading the Word: Fan Translations of Manga in a Global Context
Sprechfehler und Interferenzprozesse beim Dolmetschen [Errors and interference process in interpreting]
Spregiudicatezza e caricatura in Gadda traduttore [Unscrupulousness and caricature in Gadda as a translator]
Spürst Du, wie der Bauch rauf-runter? Fachdolmetschen im Gesundheitsbereich. Is everything all topsy turvy in your tummy? Healthcare Interpreting
Stages of the History of Translation
Stages of Translation: Translators on Translating for the Stage
Staging and Performing Translation: Text and Theatre Practice
Stakeholder expectations of interpreters: a multi-site, multi-method approach
Stanac po stronie tlumacza. Zarys poetyki opisowej przekladu [Standing on the side of the translator. An outline of descriptive poetics of translation]
Stance in political discourse: Arabic translations of American newspaper opinion articles on the 'Arab Spring'
Stand und Möglichkeiten der Übersetzungswissenschaft. Mit Beiträgen von K. Reiss, G. Thiel und W. Wilss [The state and possibilities of the theory of translation. With contributions by K. Reiss, G. Thiel and W. Wilss]
Standard Procedures for the Use of Interpreters
Standards for Health Care Interpreting
START (Selected Technical Articles Related to Translation)
Starting up as a Translator
Stationen: Kontinuität und Entwicklung in Paul Celans Übersetzungswerk [Stations: Continuity and evolution in Paul Celan's translation work]
Statist auf diplomatischer Bühne 1923-45: Erlebnisse des Chefdolmetschers im Auswärtigen Amt mit den Staatsmännern Europas [Hitler's interpreter]
Statistical approaches for natural language modelling and monotone statistical machine translation
Statistical computer assisted translation
Statistical Machine Translation
Statistical Machine Translation of the Arabic Language
Statistical machine translation with cascaded probabilistic transducers
Statistical pattern recognition approaches for retrieval-based machine translation systems
Status Quaestionis: Questionnaire on the Provision of Legal Interpreting and Translation in the EU
Stenvenderen: 11 essays om tolkning [Pending]
Step by Step. A Course in Contrastive Linguistics and Translation
Stéphane Mallarmé en castellano [Stéphane Mallarmé in Spanish]
Steps to Consecutive Interpretation
STIAL: Segundo simposio sobre la Traducción-Interpretación del-al Alemán [STIAL: Second symposium on translation and interpreting from and into German]
Stiinta sau / si arta traducerii [The science or / and art of translation]
Stil - und sprachkundliche Untersuchungen zum deutschen Schlager unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Vergleichs mit dem Volkslied [Stylistic and linguistic research on German hits with special reference to the comparison with folk songs]
Stil i perevod (na materiale e nemetskogo yazyka) [Style and translation (on material from German]
Stilübungen und Interpretation im Griechischen: zum Problem des Übersetzens an Universität und Gymnasium [Stylistic exercises and interpretation in Greek: on the problem of translation at the University and at Highschool]
Sto lat przekladów dla dzieci i mlodziezy w Polsce. Francuska literatura dla mlodych czytelników, jej polscy wydawcy i ich strategie (1918-2014) [One hundred years of translations for children and young people in Poland. French literature for young reader
Stockholm 87 – First EBU Conference On Dubbing And Subtitling
Storia della traduzione. Riflessioni sul linguaggio traduttivo dall'antichità ai contemporanei [A history of translation. Considerations on the translational language from antiquity to present time]
Storia e interpretazione di testi bizantini: saggi e ricerche [History and interpretations of the Byzantine texts: essays and research]
Storia e teoria della traduzione letteraria in Italia [On the history and theory of literary translation in Italy]
Stranded in Arabic: Tales of the Novel in Translation
Strange Names of God. The Missionary Translation of the Divine Name and the Chinese Responses to Matteo Ricci's 'Shangti' in Late Ming China, 1583-1644
Strategie der Übersetzung. Ein Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch [Translation strategies. A textbook and a workbook]
Strategie di Montale, poeta tradotto e traduttore, con un appendice su Montale in Spagna [Montale's strategies. A poet translated and a translator, with an appendix on Montale in Spain]
Strategie e metodi della traduzione poetica: Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare, Andrew Marvell, Edgar Allan Poe, Dylan Thomas, Iain Crichton Smith [Strategies and methods in poetic translation: Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare, Andrew Marve
Strategie translatorskie w przekladach 'Dziennika' Witolda Gombrowicza na jezyk niemiecki [Translation Strategies in the German translations of Witold Gombrowiczs 'Diary']
Strategie translatoryczne w tlumaczeniu tekstow specjalistycznych w biznesie [Translation strategies in the translation of specialized business texts]
Stratégies de la traduction [Strategies of translation]
Strategies de la traduction entre l'anglais et le francais - essai de construction d'un modele d'enseignement pour la formation des traducteurs [Strategies of English-French translation - An attempt to build a didactic model for translator training]
Stratégies de la traduction entre l'anglais et le français - Essai de définition d'un modèle de formation des traducteurs [Translation strategies between English and French - An attempt at defining a model for translator training]
Stratégies de traduction, les lettres hispaniques en langue française [Translation strategies: Spanish literature in French language]
Strategies for Simultaneous Interpreting: from Romance Languages into English
Strategies in Interlanguage Communication
Strategies in translation: a comparison of the Helen Lowe-Porter and David Luke translations of Thomas Mann's Tonio Kröger, Tristan and Der Tod in Venedig within the context of contemporary translation theory
Strategies of Cultural Transfer in Subtitling and Dubbing
Strategies of Simultaneous Interpreting from English into Polish and from Polish into English
Strategies of translation German-English
Strategii kulturnogo perevoda [Strategies in cultural translation]
Strategische Prozesse beim Dolmetschen. Theoretische Grundlagen, empirische Fallstudien, didaktische Konsequenzen [Strategic processes in interpreting: Theoretical principles, empirical field studies and their implications for teaching]
Stream-based statistical machine translation
Streifzüge im translatorischen Feld. Zur Soziologie der literarischen Übersetzung im deutschsprachigen Raum [Ramblers in the translation field. On the sociology of literary translation in German-speaking countries]
Streit um die Lutherbibel: sprachwissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zur neuhochdeutschen Standardisierung (Schwerpunkt Graphematik) anhand Wittenberger und Frankfurter Drucke [Controversy around Luther’s Bible: linguistic studies on standardisation in New H
Stres w wiety Babel [Stress in the Tower of Babel]
Strindberg och det franska språket. Föredrag från ett symposium vid Växjö universitet 22–23 maj 2003 [Strindberg and the French language. Proceedings of a symposium held at Växjö University. 22-23 May 2003]
Strindberg und Ernst Brausewetter: ein Beitrag zur Methodik der Übersetzungswissenschaft [Strindberg and Ernst Brausewetter: a contribution to the methodology of the theory of translation]
Structural interference from the source language: a psycholinguistic investigation of syntactic processes in non-professional translation
Structural Propensities. Translating nominal word groups from English into German
Structure of Meaning (SOM): towards a three-dimensional perspective on translating between Chinese and English
Structures et algorithmes pour la traduction fondee sur la memoire [Structures and algorithms for memory-based translation]
Struktura i soderzhanie podgotovki perevodtchikov v yazykovom vuze ([The Structure and content of interpreter training at the faculty of languages]
Studi di neerlandistica: traduzione, interpretazione, lingua [Dutch studies: translation, interpreting, language]
Studi di poetica e retorica [Studies in poetics and rhetoric]
Studi e ricerche sulle antiche traduzioni armene di testi greci [Studies and investigations on the antique Armenian translations of Greek texts]
Studi in ricordo di Carmen Sánchez Montero. Vol. 2 [Studies in homage of Carmen Sánchez Montero. Vol. 2]
Studi sulla traduzione nell'Inghilterra del Seicento e del Settecento [A study of translations in 17th- and 18th-centuries England]
Studi sulla traduzione tecnica e letteraria [Study on technical and literary translation]
Studia Translatorica [Translation Studies]
Studien zu den "volgarizzamenti" römischer Autoren in der italienischen Literatur des 13. und 14. Jahrhunderts [Studies in the 'dissemination' of Roman authors in 13th- and 14th-century Italian literature]
Studien zu den ältesten Bühnenverdeutschungen des Terenz [A study in the oldest German drama translations of Terence]
Studien zu den katholischen deutschen Bibelübersetzungen im 16., 17. und 18. Jahrhundert [Studies into the Catholic German translations of the Bible in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries]
Studien zu den Vorlagen des schwedischen Neuen Testaments vom Jahre 1526 [Studies about the production of the Swedish New Testament from year 1526]
Studien zu Infinitivkonstruktionen im mittelhochdeutschen Prosa-Lancelot [Studies in infinitive constructions in Middle-High-German Prosa-Lancelot]
Studien zu phonetischen und semantischen Merkmalsystemen [Studies in phonetic and semantic distinctive features]
Studien zu Rilkes Valéry-Übertragungen [Studies on Rilke's translations from Valéry]
Studien zum Dual: eine Darstellung am niedersorbischen Neuen Testament des Miklawus Jakubica (1548). Eine sprachwissenschaftliche Analyse [Pending]
Studien zum 'Rappoltsteiner Parzifal' [Studiesin 'Rappolsteiner Parzifal']
Studien zum romanisch-deutschen und innerromanischen Sprachvergleich [Studies in Romanic-German and intra-Romanic contrastive linguistics]
Studien zum Sprachvergleich [Studies in language comparison]
Studien zur Geschichte der balkanslavischen Volkspoesie in deutschen Übersetzungen [A study in the history of Balkan and Slavic popular poetry translated into German]
Studien zur kontrastiven Linguistik und literarischen Übersetzung [Studies on contrastive linguistics and literary translation]
Studien zur mittelalterlichen Geistesgeschichte und ihren Quellen [Pending]
Studien zur Sprachkonfrontation [Studies on language confrontation]
Studien zur Theorie des Übersetzens im Zeitalter der deutschen Aufklärung, 1730-1770 [Studies in the theory of translation in the period of the German Enlightenment, 1730-1770]
Studien zur Übersetzungswissenschaft [Studies in the theory of translation]
Studien zur Verbreitung von Übersetzungen arabischer philosophischer Werke in Westeuropa 1150-1400: das Zeugnis der Bibliotheken [Studies on the dissemination of translations of Arabic philosophical works in Western Europe 1150-1400: the testimony of the
Studien zur Wortstellung, Satzgliedstellung in der althochdeutschen Tatianübersetzung [Studies about word order and sentence order in the Old High German translation of Tatian]
Studienführer Dolmetschen und Übersetzen: mit beruflichen Möglichkeiten, Studentenleben vor Ort, Adressen [A guide to interpreting and translation training: Pending]
Studier i oversättningsvetenskap [Studies in Translation Science]
Studies from a Retranslation Culture. The Turkish Case
Studies in Comparison
Studies in Contemporary Arabic-English Socio-Linguistics
Studies in Contrastive Linguistics
Studies in Contrastive Linguistics
Studies in English and Hungarian Contrastive Linguistics
Studies in intercultural, cognitive and social pragmatics
Studies in Jewish Languages: Bible Translations and Spoken Dialects
Studies in Machine Translation and Natural Language Processing, 1: The Eurotra Linguistic Specifications
Studies in Swedish Sign Language: Reference, Real Space Blending, and Interpretation
Studies in the Development of Translation Competence
Studies in the text and language of three Syriac-Arabic versions of the Book of Judicum with special reference to the Middle Arabic Elements
Studies in the Translations of Juan Ramón and Zenobia Jiménez
Studies in Translation
Studies in Translation / Estudos de Tradução
Studies in Translation History = Fanyishi yanjiu
Studies over Nederlandse vertalingen. Een bibliografische lijst [Studies in Dutch translation. A bibliographical list]
Studio di varianti d’autore nella traduzione foscoliana di A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy [A study into author variations in the Foscolian translations of A Sentimenatl Journey through France and Italy]
Studio sulla traduzione letteraria [A study in literary translation]
Study on Public Service Translation in Cross-Border Healthcare: Final Report for the European Commission Directorate-General for Translation (Reference: DGT/2014/TPS)
Study on the Use of Subtitling: The Potential of Subtitling to Encourage Foreign Language Learning and Improve the Mastery of Foreign Languages
Studying Scientific Metaphor in Translation. An Inquiry into Cross-lingual Translation Practices
Stvdia Philologica et Lingvistica atqve Tradvctologica. In honorem Miguel Á. García Peinado Oblata
Styl i poetyka twórczo´sci dwujezycznej Brunona Jasie´nskiego; z zagadnie´n teorii przekladu [The style and poetics of Bruno Jasienski's bilingual creation: issues in the theory of translation]
Style and Discourse: With Special Reference to the Text of the Greek New Testament
Style and Ideology in Translation. Latin American Writing in English
Style and Narrative in Translations. The Contribution of Futabatei Shimei
Style as a translatable dimension of language: the applicability of the translation of style in animated films
Style in Translation. A Corpus-Based Perspective
Style of Translation: An exploration of stylistic patterns in the translations of Margaret Jull Costa and Peter Bush
Style, Wit and Word-Play. Essays in Translation Studies in Memory of David Hawkes
Stylistic approaches to literary translation. With particular reference to English-Chinese and Chinese-English translation
Stylistic Approaches to Translation
Stylistic Deceptions in Online News. Journalistic Style and the Translation of Culture
Stylistic issues in two Arabic translations of Hemingway's 'A Farewell to Arms
Stylistique comparée du français et de l'allemand. Essai de représentation linguistique comparée et étude de traduction [Compared stylistics of French and German. Towards a comparative linguistic representation and a study of translation]
Stylistique Comparée du Français et de l'Anglais. Cahiers d'exercises, no 1. Livre du maitre [Compared stylistics of French and English. An exercise book, number 1. Teacher's book]
Stylistique Comparée du Français et de l'Anglais. Méthode de traduction [Comparative stylistics of French and English. A translation method]
Stylistique comparée et traduction du français en coréen [Comparative stylistics and French-Korean translation]
Stylistique comparée et traduction. Etude descriptive d'un corpus littéraire Franco-vietnamien [A contrastive stylistics of translation. A descriptive study of a French-Vietnamese literary corpus]
Stylistique différentielle anglais-français, I, II [English-French differential stylistics, I, II]
Stylistique différentielle et traduction [Differential stylistics and translation]
Subjektive und objektive Faktoren im Übersetzungsprozess: Ein Beitrag zur Ermittlung objektiver Kriterien des Übersetzens als Voraussetzung für eine wissenschaftliche Lösung des Übersetzungsproblems [Subjective and Objective Factors in the Translation Pro
Subjektivität und Objektivität beim Übersetzen - dargestellt am Beispiel von Martin Andersen Nexos 'Lotterisvensken' [Subjectivity and objectivity in translation - Martin Andersen Nexos 'Lotterisvensken' as a case in point]
Subjetividade enunciativa e ethos do tradutor: Zadig de Voltaire e de seus tradutores [Enunciative subjectivity and ethos of the translator: Zadig de Voltaire and its translators]
Subjuntivo y polifonía (español, francés) [Subjunctive and polyphony (Spanish, French)]
Sublime, Tradução [Sublime, translation]
Sub-sentential alignment of translational correspondences
Substantiv-Verb-Kollokationen. Ein Beitrag zur Phraseologieforschung im Sprachvergleich Deutsch-Spanisch [Noun-verb collocations. A contribution to the research of phraseology in (German-Spanish) language comparison]
Subtitled television series inside the EFL classroom: Long-term effects upon colloquial language learning and oral production
Subtitles and Language Learning. Principles, strategies and practical experiences
Subtitles and the cultural referent in francophone cinema
Subtitles, Translation & Idioms
Subtitles. On the Foreignness of Film
Subtitling [Includes "Code of good subtitling practice"]
Subtitling African American English into French. Can We Do the Right Thing?
Subtitling and Intercultural Communication. European Languages and Beyond
Subtitling as an aid in academic literacy programmes: The University of Buea
Subtitling as culture planning and representations of foreign lands: Rotten suburbs, bucks and raw sugar in the English subtitles of 'Terra Estrangeira', 'Central do Brasil' and 'Abril Despedaçado'
Subtitling Chinese cinema: A case study of Zhang Yimou’s films
Subtitling culture: the reception of subtitles of fifth generation Chinese films by British viewers
Subtitling for deaf children. Granting accessibility to audiovisual programmes in an educational way
Subtitling for mission accomplishment. An experimental study of the effect of subtitling as a task on listening comprehension for learners of military English for specific purposes
Subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing: a corpus-based methodology for the analysis of subtitles with a focus on segmentation and deletion
Subtitling for the Deaf and the Hard-of-Hearing: Some parameters and their evaluation
Subtitling for the Media. A Handbook of an Art
Subtitling in immersive media. A user-centered study
Subtitling Matters. New Perspectives on Subtitling and Foreign Language Learning
Subtitling new media: Audiovisual translation and second language vocabulary acquisition
Subtitling Norms for Television. An exploration focusing on extralinguistic cultural references
Subtitling Norms in Greece and Spain. A comparative descriptive study on film subtitle omission and distribution
Subtitling South Asian Diasporic Films: a Sociolinguistic and Multimodal Perspective
Subtitling television for deaf children
Subtitling Television Series. A Corpus-Driven Study of Police Procedurals
Subtitling the Films of Volker Schlöndorff in English
Subtitling through Speech Recognition. Respeaking
Subtitling Today. Shapes and Their Meaning
Subtitling. Concepts and Practices
Subtitulació i referents culturals. La traducció com a mitjà d'adquisició de representacions socials [Subtitling and cultural items. Translation as a means for the acquisition of social representations]
Subtitulado del género documental. De la traducción audiovisual a la traducción especializada [Subtitling documentaries. From audiovisual translation to specialized translation]
Sub-tle sub-titling: media-ting culture and meaning through concision
Successful Polish-English Translation. Tricks of the Trade
Suche die Meinung: Karl Dedecius, dem Übersetzer und Mittler zum 65. Geburtstag [Look for the meaning: Karl Dedecius. To the translator and mediator in his 65th birthday]
Sudanese literature in English translation: an analytical study of the translation with a historical introduction to the literature
Sui vincoli del tradurre
Sujet de l'écriture et traduction autour de 1540 : la traduction française des quatre premiers livres de l'« Amadis de Gaule » : le discours sur la traduction en vulgaire [Translation and subject of 'writing' circa 1540: the French translation of the firs
Sujet de l'écriture et traduction autour de 1540 [Subjects of writing and translation on 1540]
Sul doppiaggio [On dubbing]
Sul tradurre. Esperienze e divagazioni militanti [On translation. Experiences and militant digressions]
Sulla traduzione intersemiotica [On intersemiotic translation]
Sulla traduzione letteraria. Contributi alla storia della ricezione e traduzione in lingua tedesca di opere letterarie italiane [On literary translation. Contributions to the history of the reception and translations of Italian literary works into German
Sulla traduzione letteraria: Figure del traduttore – Studi sulla traduzione – Modi del tradurre [On literary translation: Figures of the translator - Studies on translation - Modes of translating]
Sumezhzha: mova, peraklad, vytoki prozy [Pending]
Sündenspiegel im 15. Jahrhundert: Untersuchungen zum pseudo-augustinischen 'Speculum peccatoris' in deutscher Überlieferung [Pending]
Suom. huom. Kirjoituksia kääntämisestä [Translator's notes. Pending]
Suomennoskirja - suomalainen kirja. Raamutunkäännösten ja kansankielen merkityksestä kirjallisuudessamme [Translated book - Finnish book. The significance of Bible translations and the vernacular in Finnish literature]
Suomennoskirjallisuuden historia I–II [History of Translated Literature in Finland]
Superando límites en traducción e interpretación en los servicios públicos / Beyond limits in public service interpreting and translation
Superando límites en Traducción e Interpretation / Beyond limits in translation and interpreting
Suppression of the Erotic in Modern Hebrew Literature
Sur deux versants. La création chez Saint-John Perse d’après les versions anglaises de son œuvre poétique [On two sides. Creation in Saint-John Perse's work according to the English versions of his poetic works]
Sur la place de la traduction du passé composé et de l'imparfait des verbes français vers l'anglais. Une étude des écrits chez les étudiants ghanéens akanophones en licence de FLÉ [On the translation of the passé composé and the imparfait into English. A
Sur la these quineenne de l'indetermination de la traduction [On Quine's thesis on translation indeterminacy]
Sur la traduction [On translation]
Sur le bout de la langue. Anglicismes 1 [On the edges of language. Anglicisms 1]
Sur le fil: traducteurs et éthique, éthiques du traducteur / Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Translators and Ethics, Ethics in Translation
Sur le terrain de la traduction [On the translation field]
Sur le terrain de la traduction: Parcours traductologique au coeur du roman de Samuel Selvon, 'The lonely Londoners' [In the field of the translation: a translatological analysis of the core of Samuel Selvon's 'The Lonely Londoners']
Surprised in Translation
Surréalisme et traduction. Analyse de la version en langue espagnole de poèmes surréalistes français [Surrealism and translation. An analysis of the Spanish version of French surrealist poems]
Survey of Interpreting Practitioners
Survey of the Canadian Translation Industry
Survey of the Field of Mechanical Translation of Languages
Survey of the FIT Committee for Information on the Status of the Translation & Interpretation Profession
Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology
Survey of Twenty-Three Medical Interpreter Training Programs in the United States and Canada
Surviving in violent conflicts: Chinese interpreters in the second sino-Japanese war (1931-1945)
Surviving the role: A corpus-based study of self-regulation in simultaneous interpreting as perceived through participation framework and interactional politeness
SUSY-Handbuch für Transfer und Synthese [SUSY-handbook for transfer and synthesis]
Svenska som källspak och malsprak. Aspekter pa översättningsvetenskap. Artikler fran en forskarkurs vid Göteborgs universitet höstterminen 2005 [Swedish as a Source Language and Target Language. Aspects of TS. Papers from an Autumn seminar at Göteborg Uni
Swearing and Translation: A Study of the Insults in the Films of Quentin Tarantino
Swearing: A Cross-Cultural Linguistic Study
SWETRA. A Multilanguage Translation System for Special Purposes. Documentation and Progress Report
Swiat i dom: szkice i uwagi wybrane [The world and the house: drafts and some selected notes]
Swift en France. Essai sur la fortune et l'influence de Swift en France au XVIIIe Siecle [Swift in France. An essay on the fortunes and influence of Swift in 18th-century France]
Switched On: Deaf People's Views on Television Subtitling
Symbiogenesis and representation: A history of Greco-Turkish song translation 1908-2012
Sympathy for the Traitor. A Translation Manifesto
Synonymie et traduction [Synonymy and translation]
Syntactic alignment models for large-scale statistical machine translation
Syntactic Analysis in Automatic Translation
Syntactic Borrowing in Contemporary French. A Linguistic Analysis of News Translation
Syntactic movement in statistical translation
Syntactic Translation
Syntactic Tree Structures in DLT: a Syntactic Analysis of DLT's Intermediate Language, a Description of Tree Representations for Syntactic Structures and an Outline of their Connection to Source- and Target-Language Tree Structures
Syntagmatische Semantik im Kontext der fachsprachlichen Lokalisierung [Syntagmatic semantic in the context of specialized localization]
Syntaktische Ambiguität. Eine sprachübergreifende Typisierung auf der Basis des Französischen und Spanischen [Syntactic ambiguity. A cross-lingual classification with French and Spanish as a case in point]
Syntaktische Studien zur neueren russischen Literatursprache: die frühen Übersetzungen aus dem Französischen [Syntactic studies into the new Russian literary language: the early translations from French]
Syntax-based language models for statistical machine translation
Syntax-directed translations, tree transformations and bimorphisms
Syntaxe Comparée du français et de l'anglais. Problèmes de traduction [Contrastive syntax of French and English. Problems of translation]
Syntetisoivat rakenteet käännössuomessa. Suomennetun kaunokirjallisuuden ominaispiirteiden tarkastelua korpusmenetelmillä [Synthesising structures in translated Finnish. A corpus-based analysis of the special features of Finnish literary translations]
Système de traduction automatique français-chinois dans le domaine de la sécurité globale [French-Chinese machine translation system for global security]
Système d'évaluation positive des traductions [A system for the positive assessment of translations]
Systèmes de compréhension et de traduction de la parole : vers une approche unifiée dans le cadre de la portabilité multilingue des systèmes de dialogue [Spoken language understanding and translation systems : a unified approach in a multilingual dialogue
Systems In Translation: A Computer-Assisted Systemic Analysis of the Translation of García Márquez
Szép hutlenek [Belles infidèles]
Sztuka przekladu w pogladach literackich polskiego oswiecenia [The art of translation through literary opinions: Polish Enlightenment]