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Tema:   Profesión. Documentación. Automática. Unión Europea.
Autor:   Varios autores. Various authors.
Año:   2005
Título:   Articles, Speeches and Presentations about Translation Tools
Editorial/Revista:   European Union
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Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
Disponibilidad:   Acceso abierto.
Resumen:   Part of the DG for Translation's work is to explain to interested members of the public and specialist audiences how it operates and what methods it uses to speed the workflow. Others are curious to know how we will deal with the language consequences of admitting new countries to the Union over the next few years, and there is an academic audience for discussions of the theory and practice of translation.
Our staff regularly publish articles and deliver speeches on these subjects, as you can see from the links given below. These articles are only available in their original language. [Source: European Union]
Comentarios:   Also translated into other languages.
2001-2021 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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