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Tema:   Automática.
Autor:   Lawson, Veronica (ed.)
Año:   1981
Título:   Machine Aids for Translators
Editorial/Revista:   Aslib Proceedings 33:7-8
Páginas:   265-323
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Monografía.
Disponibilidad:   Acceso abierto.
Índice:   1. Machine aids for translators: a review - A.D.Stiegler; 2. Machine aids: a small user's reaction - Robert Clark; 3. Translating and online - Pauline Duckitt; 4. Terminological Data Banks: a model for a British Linguistic Data Bank (LDB) - John McNaught; 5. Aids unlimited: the scope for machine aids in a large organization - P.J.Arthern; 6. New developments in information technology for interlingual communication - J.C.Sager.
Resumen:   Whereas the 1978 event had introduced both of the twin subjects of machine translation and computer aids, the 1980 one concentrated on the latter. ‘The added attraction of an exhibition,' suggested our chairman, ‘is significant. It shows that we are keeping our feet firmly on the ground, concentrating on what translators can do to increase their scope with the aid of modern technology.' Tony Stiegler (Application Programming Techniques) looked at office costs and the likely effects of present and future machine aids. Robert Clark (freelance translator) reported his experience of a word processor (‘terrific, but .. .'), and called for a users' group to press for standard media formats and commands. Pauline Duckitt (Pharmaceutical Society) gave a deft and thought-provoking explanation of how translators could use online information retrieval to tap distant sources of information—not only Eurodicautom, the EEC term bank, but all over the world. John McNaught (Centre for Computational Linguistics, UMIST) talked of the proposed British term bank, multilingual, multidisciplinary and sorely needed. Peter Arthern (Council of the European Communities) discussed machine aids for the large European institutions, particularly his own, in which 45 per cent of the translation output is existing text which has been amended. Finally, Professor Juan Sager (UMIST) gave an illuminating summary of the changes in the translation market. [Source: Editor]
Comentarios:   Papers presented at a conference sponsored by Aslib and held in London in November, 1980.
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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