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Tema:   Automática.
Autor:   Carl, Michael & Andy Way (eds.)
Año:   2003
Título:   Recent Advances in Example-Based Machine Translation
Lugar:   Dordrecht
Editorial/Revista:   Kluwer
Páginas:   482
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 1402014015.
Colección:   Text, speech and language technology, 21.
Disponibilidad:   Alicante POE
Índice:   I. Part I: Foundations of EBMT. 1. Harold Sommers - An Overview of EBMT, 3-58; 2. Davide Turcato & Fred Popovich - What is Example-Based Machine Translation?, 59-82; 3. Reinhard Schäler, Andy Way & Michael Carl, Example-Based Machine Translation in a Controlled Environment, 83-114; 4. Bróna Collins & Harold Sommers - EBMT Seen as Case-Based Reasoning, 115-156. Part II: Run-Time Approaches to EBMT. 5. Emmanuel Planas & Osamu Furuse - Formalizing Translation Memory, 157-188; 6. Eiichiro Sumita - EBMT Using DP-Matching Between Word Sequences, 189-210; 7. Francis Bond & Satoshi Shirai - A Hybrid Rule and Example-Based Method for Machine Translation, 211-224; 8. Tantely Andriamanankasina, Kenji Araki & Koji Tochinai - EBMT of POS-Tagged Sentences via Inductive Learning, 225-254. Part III: Template-Driven EBMT. 9. Ilyas Cicekli & H. Altay Güvenir - Learning Translation Templates from Bilingual Translation Examples, 255-286; 10. Ralf D. Brown - Clustered Transfer Rule Induction for Example-Based Translation, 287-306; 11. Kevin McTait - Translation Patterns, Linguistic Knowledge and Complexity in EBMT, 307-338; 12. Michael Carl - Inducing Translation Grammars from Bracketed Alignments, 339-364. Part IV: EBMT and Derivation Trees. 13. Kaoru Yamamoto & Yuji Matsumoto - Extracting Translation Knowledge from Parallel Corpora, 365-396; 14. Hideo Watanabe, Sadao Kurohashi & Eiji Aramaki - Finding Translation Patterns from Dependency Structures, 397-420; 15. Arul Menezes & Stephen D. Richardson - A Best-First Alignment Algorithm for Extraction Transfer Mappings, 421-442; 16. Andy Way - Translating with Examples: The LFG-DOT Models of Translation, 443-472.
Resumen:   Recent Advances in Example-Based Machine Translation is of relevance to researchers and program developers in the field of Machine Translation and especially Example-Based Machine Translation, bilingual text processing and cross-linguistic information retrieval. It is also of interest to translation technologists and localisation professionals. Recent Advances in Example-Based Machine Translation fills a void, because it is the first book to tackle the issue of EBMT in depth. It gives a state-of-the-art overview of EBMT techniques and provides a coherent structure in which all aspects of EBMT are embedded. Its contributions are written by long-standing researchers in the field of MT in general, and EBMT in particular. This book can be used in graduate-level courses in machine translation and statistical NLP. [Source: Publisher]
Impacto:   1i- Vandeghinste, Vincent. 2009. 2252cit; 2i- Forcada Zubizarreta, Mikel. 2010. 5280cit; 3i- Hutchins, W. John. 2010. 4382cit; 4i- Macken, Lieve; Orphée De Clercq & Hans Paulussen. 2011. 4530cit
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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