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Tema:   Biblia. Historia. Reino Unido. Estados Unidos. Religión. Género.
Autor:   Daniell, David
Año:   2003
Título:   The Bible in English. Its History and Influence
Lugar:   New Haven (Connecticut)
Editorial/Revista:   Yale University
Páginas:   962
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 0300099304 (hbk.)
Disponibilidad:   Alicante BG
Índice:   PART I BEFORE PRINTING. 1 The Bible in Britain from the Earliest Times to AD 850; 2. The Anglo-Saxon Bible, 850-1066; 3. Romance and Piety, 1066-1350; 4. The Wyclif (`Lollard') Bibles; 5. Before and After Wyclif The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries. PART 2 AFTER PRINTING. 6. The Greek New Testament of Erasmus, 1516 and After; 7. The Reformation in England; 8. William Tyndale?1494-1536; 9. After Tyndale; 10. Coverdale's Bible, 1535; 11. 'Matthew's' Bible, 1537; 12. The Great Bible, 1539; 13. Towards the Reign of Edward VI, 1547-1553; 14. An English Plain Style, and Bible Reading 15. The Geneva New Testament, 1557; 16. The Geneva Bible, 1560; 17. Reformation Psalms 18. The Bishops' Bible, 1568; 19. Laurence Tomson and the Revision of the Geneva New Testament, 1576 ; 20.The Rheims New Testament, 1582 ; 21.'Geneva-Tomson Junius', 1599; 22. Explorers of the Revelation: Spenser and Shakespeare; 23. The English Bible in America: From the Beginnings to 1640 ; 24. The King James Version, 1611; 25. Printing the King James Bible; 26. The Bible in England in the Seventeenth Century; 27. The Consolidation of KJV, 1660-1710 ; 28. The Bible in England and Ireland, 1710-1760 ; 29.More Psalms, and Hymns; 30. The Bible in America to 1776 ; 31. The English Bible against Fashionable Deism: Handel and Pope as Examples; 32. The English Bible in America, 1777 to the Early Nineteenth Century; 33. Towards 1769, and After; 34. Mathew Carey and the American Bible Flood; 35. The Nineteenth-Century Bible in Britain, and Two Artists; 36. The English Revised Version, 1870-85; 37. The English Bible in America, 1841-1899; 38. Bible Translation into English in the Twentieth Century.
Resumen:   The book explains the work of major translators, the history of influential translations following Tyndale, including Coverdale's, the Geneva Bibles and the King James Bible, and how greatly Americans have contributed in the late twentieth century, especially after the American Revised Standard Version. Encompassing centuries of change -from a time when no one except priests had knowledge of the Bible beyond a few traditional stories mixed with saints' lives, through later years when ordinary people were steeped in Biblical doctrine and language, to the present, when popular knowledge of the Bible, we are told, has disappeared- this [...] book reveals how the endeavor of translating the Bible into English has changed religious practice, the arts, society, and the English language itself. [Source: Publisher]
Impacto:   1i- Moir, Catherine. 2009. 2500cit
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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