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Tema:   Infantil. Literatura. Género.
Autor:   Oittinen, Riitta (ed.)
Año:   2003
Título:   Traduction pour les enfants [Translating for children]
Editorial/Revista:   Meta 48:1-2
Páginas:   327
Idioma:   Francés. Inglés.
Tipo:   Monografía.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISSN: 00260452
Disponibilidad:   Acceso abierto.
Índice:   1. Lia Wyler: “Harry Potter for Children, Teenagers and Adults”, 5-14; 2. Sandra L. Beckett: "When Modern Little Red Riding Hoods Cross Borders or Don't", 15-30; 3. Jean-Marc Gouanvic: "De la traduction à l'adaptation pour les jeunes: Socioanalyse du 'Dernier des Mohicans' de James Fenimore Cooper en français", 31-46; 4. Claire Le Brun: "De 'Little Women' de Louisa May Alcott aux 'Quatre filles du docteur March': Les traductions françaises d'un roman de formation au féminin", 47-67; 5. Claude Romney: "De quelques aspects de la traduction en anglais des textes de Gabrielle Roy publiés pour les enfants", 68-80; 6. Cay Dollerup: "Translation for Reading Aloud", 81-103; 7. Anette Øster Steffensen: "Two Versions of the Same Narrative: Astrid Lindgren's 'Mio, min Mio' in Swedish and Danish", 104-114; 8. Irma Hagfors: "The Translation of Culture-Bound Elements into Finnish in the Post-War Period", 115-127; 9. Riitta Oittinen: "Where the Wild Things Are: Translating Picture Books", 128-141; 10. Paula Rossi: "Translated and Adapted: The Influence of Time on Translation", 142-153; 11. Isabelle Nières-Chevrel: "Traduire 'In the Night Kitchen', ou de la difficile lecture d'un album", 154-164; 12. Isabelle Desmidt: "Jetzt bist du in Deutschland, Däumling: Nils Holgersson on Foreign Soil: Subject to New Norms", 165-181; 13. Christiane Nord: "Proper Names in Translations for Children: 'Alice in Wonderland' as a Case in Point", 182-196; 14. Emer O'Sullivan: "Narratology meets Translation Studies, or, The Voice of the Translator in Children's Literature", 197-207; 15. Radegundis Stolze: "Translating for Children: World View or Pedagogics?", 208-221; 16. Eithne O'Connell: "What Dubbers of Children's Television Programmes Can Learn from Translators of Children's Books?", 222-232; 17. Gillian Lathey: "Time, Narrative Intimacy and the Child: Implications of the Transition from the Present to the Past Tense in the Translation into English of Children's Texts", 233-240; 18. Gabriele Thomson-Wohlgemuth: "Children's Literature and Translation Under the East German Regime", 241-249; 19. Darja Mazi-Leskovar: "Domestication and Foreignization in Translating American Prose for Slovenian Children", 250-265; 20. Cecilia Alvstad: "Publishing Strategies of Translated Children's Literature in Argentina: A Combined Approach", 266-275; 21. Isabel Pascua: "Translation and Intercultural Education", 276-284; 22. Judith Inggs: "From Harry to Garri: Strategies for the Transfer of Culture and Ideology in Russian Translations of Two English Fantasy Stories", 285-297; 23. Sabeur Mdallel: "Translating Children's Literature in the Arab World: The State of the Art", 298-306; 24. Douglas A. Kibbee: "When Children's Literature Transcends its Genre: Translating 'Alice in Wonderland'", 307-321; 25. Eva-Maria Metcalf: "Exploring Cultural Difference through Translating Children's Literature", 322-327.
Resumen:   This volume of the Canadian translation journal Meta, edited by Riitta Oittinen, concentrates on translating children's literature and translating for children. It consists of a vast variety of topics, ranging from reading aloud and the visual in comics and picture book translation to the roles played by publishers and the different child images translators have. Individual authors, such as Lewis Carroll, Astrid Lindgren, Gabrielle Roy and Maurice Sendak, are discussed as well. The 25 contributors come not just from different parts of Europe, America and Africa, but also from different disciplines, e.g. children's literature, linguistics and translation studies. [Source: Paula López Tarrío]
Impacto:   1i- Beard, Luna & Jacqueline S. Du Toit. 2006. 203cit; 2i- Alvstad, Cecilia. 2010. 5250cit; 3i- Yuste Frías, José. 2014. 5765cit; 4i- Constantinescu, Muguras. 2016. 6306cit
Agradecimientos:   Table of contents and abstract supplied by Paula López Tarrío (Programa de estructuración de unidades de investigación en humanidades e ciencias sociais, Xunta de Galicia).
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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