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Tema:   Terminología. Automática. Documentación. Internet. Profesión. Teoría.
Autor:   Kugler, Marianne; Khurshid Ahmad & Gregor Thurmair (eds.)
Año:   1996
Título:   The Translator's Workbench: Tools & Terminology for Translation & Text Preprocessing in Europe
Lugar:   Berlin & New York
Editorial/Revista:   Springer
Páginas:   181
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 3540576452 (Europe) ISBN: 0387576452 (USA).
Colección:   Research reports ESPRIT: Project 2315, WTB, 1.
Disponibilidad:   Alicante BG
Índice:   1. Multilingual Documentation and Communication; 2. Translation pre-processes - The "Imput" Resources; 3. Translation Processes - Tools and Techniques; 4. Translation Post-Processes - The "Output" Resources; 5. Towards Operationality - A European Translator's Workbench.
Resumen:   This book presents an integrated toolset as a solution to problems in translation and documentation. [...] English, German, Greek and Spaish are addressed in the contributions, however, some of the techniques are inherently language-independent and can thus be extended to cover other languages as well. Trasnslation can be viewed broadly as the execution of three cognitive processes, and this book has been structured along these lines: First, the translation pre-process, understanding the target language text [...] and making sense of the source language document [...] The tools for the pre-translation process include access to electronic networks, conversion of documents from one format to another, creation of terminology data banks and access to existing data banks, and terminology dictionaries. Second, the translation process, rendering sentences in the source language into equivalent target sentences. The translation process refers to the potential of conventional machine-translation systems, like METAL, and of the statistically oriented translation memory. Third, the translation post-processes, making the target language readable [...] The translation post-processes include the discussion of computer-based solutions to proof-reading, spelling checkers, and grammar checkers in English, German, Greek and Spanish. [Source: Editors]
Comentarios:   Other authors are: Michaela Albl; Andrea Davies; Jaime Delgado; Friedrich Dudda; Heather Fulford; Peter Hellwig; Gerhard Heyer; Monika Höge; Andrea Hohmann; Paul Holmes-Higgin; Toon van Hoof; Stratis Karamanlakis; Benhard Keck; Ralf Kese; Beate von Kleist-Retzow; Kurt Kohn; Khai le Hong; Renate Mayer; Cornelia Menzel; Montserrat Meya Llopart; Margaret Rogers; Gabriele Stallwitz; Kloemens Wadhör; Günther Winkelmann & Alexios Zavras.
Impacto:   1i- Hutchins, W. John. 1998. 5681cit; 2i- Somers, Harold L. 2003. 6930cit; 3i- Caro Cedillo, Ana. 2004. 19cit; 4i- Dragsted, Barbara & Benjamin Kjeldsen. 2004. 6795cit; 5i- Alcina Caudet, María Amparo. 2008. 680cit; 6i- Lim, Lily. 2013. 4753cit
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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