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Tema:   Teoría.
Autor:   Rabassa, Gregory (ed.)
Año:   1971
Título:   The World of Translation and its Teaching: A Seminar for Thinking Students
Lugar:   New York
Editorial/Revista:   Pen American Center
Páginas:   382
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 0934638063.
Disponibilidad:   Alicante BG
Índice:   1. Introduction, Lewis Galantiere xi-2. 2. The Proceedings. 2.1. Opening Remarks, Charles Bracelen Flood 3-6. 2.2. Dedication, Robert Payne 7-8. 2.3. Bill of Rights. The Publisher's Dilemma, Theodore M. Purdy 8-9. 2.4. On Translating from Renaissance Italian, Sidney Alexander 15-26. 2.5. For the Embattled Reader, Frances Keene 27-32. 2.6. The Publisher as Obstacle, John MacRae III 33-38. 2.7. The Interaction of Literary and Technical Translators, Dale S. Cunningham 39-52. 2.8. The Art of Translationg, Elsa Gress 53-64. 2.9. The Necessity of Translation, B.J. Chute 65-74. 2.10. The World of Translation, Thomas Lask 75-80. 2.11. The Ear in Translation, Gregory Rabassa 81-86. 2.12. The Place of Translation in Literature, Juliusz Zulawski 87-90. 2.13. On Translating from Gaelic, Brendan Kennelly 91-108. 2.14. On Translating My Books, Isaac Bashevis Singer 109-114. 2.15. Translation, Modernization, and Related Problems in the Spanish Language, Víctor Alba (Pedro Pages) 115-120. 2.16. Languages Are Comparable Yet Unique, Helmut Braem 121-134. 2.17. Translating from Yiddish, Irving Howe 135-144. 2.18. On Translating from Russian, Moura Budberg 145-153. 2.19. On Publishers and Translators, Gerald Gross 154-160. 2.20. On the Poetry of Négritude, Leon Damas 161-166. 2.21. The Lot of the Translator, Guy Daniels 167-174. 2.22. Certain Difficulties in Translating Poetry, Ivan Elagin 175-186. 2.23. The Music of Translation, Muriel Rukeyser 187-194. 2.24. Translation and Complicity, Clara Malraux 195-202. 2.25. New Aspects of Translation, George Quasha 203-222. 2.26. Translation as Experience, George Reavey 223-230. 2.27. The Teaching of Translation, Frank MacShane 231-240. 2.28. The World as Language, John L. Mish 241-246. 2.29. The Old Man's Toys, Richard Howard 247-252. 2.30. Re-creation of the Chinese Image, Shih-Hsiang Chen 253-266. 2.31. On Translating Genji, Ivan Morris 267-280. 3.32. On Translating from Sanskrit, Raja Rao 281-290. 2.33. The Flight of Dragon-Cloud in the Land of Morning Calm: The Poetry of Han Yong Woon (1879-1944), Younghill Kang 291-296. 2.34. Russian Poetry and Methods of Translation, Helen Muchnic 297-306. 2.35. The Problem Seen from England, Geroge Astley 307-312. 2.36. On Translating from Bengali, Amiya Chakravarty 313-320. 2.37. Modern Translations into Italian, Fernanda Sottsass Pivano 321-334. 2.38. “Traduit de l'Américain”, Pierre Brodin 335-342. 2.39. Translating into Polish, Krystyna Tarnowska 343-350. 2.40. Translation in Russian: the Politics of Translation, Mirra Ginsburg 351-360. 2.41. On the Impossibility of Translation, Robert Payne 361-fin/end.
Comentarios:   Reprinted in 1987. Proceedings a Conference on literary translation, held in New York City in May 1970.
Impacto:   1i- Venuti, Lawrence. 1995. 9cit; 2i- Vidal Claramonte, María del Carmen Africa. 1995. 63cit; 3i- Carbonell i Cortés, Ovidi. 1998. 62cit; 4i- Landers, Clifford E. 2001. 5811cit
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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