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Tema:   Lingüística. Poesía. Género. Teoría. Literatura.
Autor:   Malone, Joseph L.
Año:   1988
Título:   The Science of Linguistics in the Art of Translation: Some Tools from Linguistics for the Analysis and Practice of Translation
Lugar:   Albany (New York)
Editorial/Revista:   SUNY (State University of New York)
Páginas:   241
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 0887066534 (hbk.) 0887066542 (pbk.)
Colección:   SUNY series in linguistics.
Índice:   1. Trajections; Matching (Equation and Substitution); 2. Zigzagging (Divergence and Convergence); 3. Recrescence (Amplification and Reduction); 4. Repackaging (Diffusion and Condensation); 5. Reordering; 6. Some Dimensions of Trajectional Analysis; 7. Some Trajectional Parameters; 8. Systemic and Formalistic Techniques; 9. Taxonomies; 10. Zeroes; 11. Abstract Syntactic Representations; 12. Bridge Technique; 13. Phonetics, Phonology, and Poetic Form; 14. Transduction; 15. Transjacence; 16. Parallax.
Resumen:   Drawing from more than two hundred examples representing twenty-two languages of wide genetic and typological variety, the author guides the reader through a broad collection of situations encountered in the analysis and practice of translation. This enterprise gains structure and rigor from the methods and findings of contemporary linguistic theory, while realism and relevance are served by the choice of "naturalistic" examples from published translations. Coverage draws from a variety of genres and text-types (literary works, the Bible, newspaper articles, legal and philosophical writings, for examples), and addresses a thorough selection of structural-functional aspects. These range from discrepancies between source and target languages in sentence construction, to dfiferences between source and target poetic traditions with respect to meter and rhyme. [Source: Publisher]
Impacto:   1i- Koller, Werner. 1979. 4038cit; 2i- Bell, Roger Thomas. 1991. 2503cit; 3i- Campbell, Stuart. 1991. 5603cit; 4i- Nida, Eugene Albert. 1994. 1573cit; 5i- Vidal Claramonte, María del Carmen Africa. 1995. 63cit; 6i- Chesterman, Andrew. 1997. 28cit; 7i- Fawcett, Peter. 1997. 6756cit; 8i- Baker, Mona (ed.) 1998. 2506cit; 9i- Munday, Jeremy. 1998. 5581cit; 10i- Della Libera, Sonia. 1999. 2633cit; 11i- Katan, David. 1999. 4036cit; 12i- Venuti, Lawrence (ed.) 2000. 4878cit; 13i- Salter Iglesias, Andrés Xosé. 2004. 1574cit; 14i- Pym, Anthony David. 2007. 1459cit; 15i- Sharkas, Hala. 2011. 4333cit; 16i- Chen, Yi-Chiao. 2014. 5498cit; 17i- Jamoussi, Rafik. 2017. 7361cit; 18i- Canepari, Michela. 2018. 7647cit
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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