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Tema:   Autor. Guillaume Oyono Mbia. Cameroon. Cameroun. Africa. Teatro. Literatura. Género.
Autor:   Suh, Joseph Che
Año:   2005
Título:   A study of translation strategies in Guillaume Oyono Mbia's plays
Lugar:   Pretoria
Editorial/Revista:   UNISA (University of South Africa)
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Tesis.
Resumen:   This thesis is focused on a study of translation strategies in Guillaume Oyono Mbia's plays. By using the sociological, formalistic and semiotic approaches to literary criticism to inform the analysis of the source texts and by applying descriptive models outlined within the framework of descriptive translation studies (DTS) to compare the source and target texts, the study establishes the fact that in his target texts Oyono Mbia, self-translating author, has produced a realistic and convincing portrait of his native Bulu culture and society depicted in his source texts by adopting the same default preservation and foreignizing strategy employed in his source texts. Oyono Mbia's works, his translation strategies and translational behaviour are situated in the context of the prevailing trend and attitude (from the sixties to date) of African writers writing in European languages and it is posited that this category of writers are in effect creative translators and that the strategies they use in their original compositions are the same as those outlined by translation scholars or effectively used by practitioners. These strategies enable the writer and the translator of this category of African literature to preserve the "Africanness" which is the essence and main distinguishing feature of that literature. Contrary to some scholars (cf. Bandia 1993:58) who regard the translation phenomenon evident in the creative writings of African writers writing in European languages as a process which is covert, semantic and secondary, the present study of Oyono Mbia's translation strategies clearly reveals the process as overt, communicative and primary. Taking Oyono Mbia's strategies as a case in point, this study postulates that since for the most part, the African writer writing in a European language has captured the African content and form in his original creative translation, what the translator simply needs to do is to carry over such content and form to the other European language. [Source: Author]
Impacto:   1i- Espasa Borrás, Eva. 2009. 3033cit
Agradecimientos:   Record supplied by Roxana Antochi (February, 2011).
2001-2021 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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