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Tema:   Interpretación.
Autor:   Bowen, David & Margareta Bowen (eds.)
Año:   1990
Título:   Interpreting - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Lugar:   Amsterdam & Binghamton
Editorial/Revista:   John Benjamins & SUNY (State University of New York)
Páginas:   184
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 9789992381687.
Colección:   American Translators Association (ATA) scholarly m
Índice:   Section I: The history of interpreting . 1. Summary history of language services in the U.S. department of state - Harry Obst and Ruth Harwood Cline, 8-13; 2. Working conditions at the Nuremberg Trials - William Skinner and Thomas F. Carson, 14-22; 3. The life of a diplomatic interpreter: An interview with Irena Dobosz - David Bowen, Margareta Bowen and Irena Dobosz, 23-33; 4. History and role of interpreting in Africa - Anna Niang 34-36; 5. Diplomatic interpeting in Czechoslovakia Hana Kucerová, 37-39.
Section II: Interpreter training 5. The sense of situation in conference interpreting, Christopher Thiéry 40-43; 6. The importance of sight translation in an interpreter training program Wilhelm K. Weber 44-52; 7. The role of cognitive complements in interpreting - Marianne Lederer, 53-60; 8. Curriculum Review at the ISIT (Mexico City) - Raquel Dubrovsky and Georganne Weller, 61-69. Secion III: Court interpreting 9. Development of legal interpreter education in New Jersey - Roda P. Roberts and Marilyn Tayler, 70-80; 10. How American court view defendants’ rights to interpreters - Ronald C. Chapman, 81-90; 11. The challenge for the court interpreter in Southern Florida - Elena M. de Jongh, 91-95; 12. The intricate Witness-interpreter relationship - W. Brian Altano, 96-100; 12. Interpretation at the Demjanjuk Trial - Ruth Morris, 101-107; 13. Court interpreting in a multiracial society — the malaysian experience - Wong Fook Khoon, 108-116.
Section IV: Community interpreting 14. Interpreting in multicultural settings - Ruth Levy-Berlowitz, 117-130; 15. Interpreters and social workers: contemporary Professional challenges - Francis Turner, 122-130; 15. Community interpreting in the curriculum - Monika Gehrke, 131-135; 16. Consecutive note-taking for community interpretation - Nancy Schweda Nicholson, 136-145; 17. Community interpreting in Australia - Patrizia Burley, 146-153.
Section V: Future Developments 18. Some thoughts on the evaluation of simultaneous interpretation - Karla Dejean Le Féal, 154-160; 19. Should conference interpreters specialize? - Erich Feldweg, 161-167; 20. Overcoming language barriers in european television - Ingrid Kurz, 168-175.
Resumen:   This volume is concerned with the profession and discipline of interpretation. The range of perspectives presented in this collection of essays exemplifies the rich diversity of the profession as we know it today. Interpreting has been known to exist through the ages, though it was not necessarily considered a profession as such. We can attribute the current standing of the practice, in large part, to the historical circumstances which determined it and the efforts of those who responded to the need for communication within these circumstances. In the same way, our anticipation of future needs and the measures we are taking to prepare our next generation of interpreters to meet them will undoubtedly shape the direction our profession takes in the 21st century. The contributors to this volume are practicing interpreters, teachers of interpretation, and administrators. [Source: Publisher]
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2001-2021 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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