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Tema:   Interpretación. Legal. Manual. Género. Técnico. Pedagogía.
Autor:   Mikkelson, Holly
Año:   2000
Título:   Introduction to Court Interpreting
Lugar:   Manchester
Editorial/Revista:   St. Jerome
Páginas:   106
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 1900650304.
Colección:   Translation practices explained, 1.
Disponibilidad:   Alicante BG
Índice:   1: Introduction; 2: The Law; 3: Legal Traditions of the World; 4: Criminal and Civil; 5: The Code of Ethics; 6: Interpreting Techniques; 7: Specialized Topics, Resources and References; 8: Appendix A: Instructions to Parties in Interpreted Proceedings; Appendix B: Best Practice in Court Interpreting and Code of Conduct for Court Interpreters.
Resumen:   Court interpreting is becoming increasingly professionalized as the number of practitioners grows and judicial systems and legislatures throughout the world focus more on language rights as an element of due process. Introduction to Court Interpreting is the first course book for court interpreter training that is not oriented toward the judicial system of a particular country, but can be used in any country for training interpreters in any language combination. It covers the history of the profession, the legal basis for the interpreter's presence in the courtroom, criminal and civil procedure, comparative law, the role of the interpreter in the judiciary setting, ethical principles, techniques of interpreting, and resources for continuing education and research. Designed to be accessible to both teachers and students, it contains numerous practical exercises and suggestions for further reading, as well as a comprehensive bibliography.
Many changes have taken place in the court interpreting profession and in the judicial systems of many countries in recent years. Introduction to Court Interpreting reflects these developments and addresses the need for an up-to-date, globalized approach to preparing an increasingly diverse student population to enter this challenging profession. [Source: Publisher]
Impacto:   1i- Almeida, Lúcia de & Silva Nascimento. 2000. Review in: Cadernos de Tradução 5, pp. 251-255; 2i- Moeketsi, Rosemary M. H. & Kim Wallmach. 2005. 2063cit; 3i- Mette, Rudvin. 2006. 5129cit; 4i- Jiang, Lihua. 2007. 652cit; 5i- Mullamaa, Kristina. 2008. 2795cit; 6i- Paulsen Christensen, Tina. 2008. 2911cit; 7i- Jacobsen, Bente. 2009. 2202cit; 8i- Lee, Jieun. 2009. 2915cit; 9i- Tobia, Simona. 2010. 3408cit; 10i- Donovan, Clare. 2011. 3421cit; 11i- Sandrelli, Annalisa. 2011. 4173cit; 12i- Cheung, Andrew K. F. 2012. 4462cit; 13i- Ginezi, Luciana Latarini. 2012. 6034cit; 14i- Russell, Debra. 2012. 6900cit; 15i- Vidal Claramonte, Maria Carmen África. 2013. 5052cit; 16i- Cheung, Andrew Kay-fan. 2014. 5746cit; 17i- Martín Ruano, María Rosario. 2014. 5385cit; 18i- Martín Ruano, María Rosario. 2015. 7189cit; 19i- Delgado Luchner, Carmen & Leila Kherbiche. 2018. 8124cit; 20i- Lázaro Gutiérrez, Raquel. 2018. 8438cit; 21i- Lázaro Gutiérrez, Raquel. 2018. 8471cit
2001-2021 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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