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Tema:   Literatura. Reino Unido. Estados Unidos. Historia. Antigua. XIX. Romanticismo. Distribución. Teoría. Género.
Autor:   France, Peter & Kenneth Haynes (eds.)
Año:   2006
Título:   The Oxford History of Literary Translation in English. Volume 4: 1790-1900
Lugar:   Oxford
Editorial/Revista:   Oxford University Press
Páginas:   616
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 0199246238 (hbk.)
Disponibilidad:   Alicante BG
Índice:   1. Translation in Britain and America. 1.1. Translation and British Literary Culture, Kenneth Haynes; 1.2. Translation in the United States, Colleen Boggs; 1.3. Readers and Publishers of Translations, Terry Hale; 1.4. Translation, Politics, and the Law, Susan Bassnett and Peter France. 2. Principles and Norms of Translation Matthew Reynolds. 3. The Translator. 3.1. Professionals, Margaret Lesser; 3.2. Amateurs and Enthusiasts, Peter France; 3.3. Writers, Stephen Prickett and Peter France; 3.4. Academics, Adrian Poole; 3.5. Women, Susanne Stark. 4. The Publication of Literary Translation: an Overview, Peter France and Kenneth Haynes 5. Greek and Latin Literature. 5.1. Introduction, Kenneth Haynes; 5.2. Homer, David Ricks; 5.3. Greek Drama, Adrian Poole; 5.4. Latin Poetry, John Talbot; 5.5. Greek and Latin Prose, Stuart Gillespie. 6. Literatures of Medieval and Modern Europe. 6.1. German, David Constantine; 6.2. French, Peter France; 6.3. Italian, Ralph Pite; 6.4. Spanish and Portuguese, Anthony Pym and John Style; 6.5. Early Literature of the North, Andrew Wawn; 6.6. Modern Scandinavian, Robert Bjork 6.7. Celtic, Mary-Ann Constantine; 6.8. Literatures of Central and Eastern Europe, Peter France 7. Eastern Literatures. 7.1. Arabic, Wen-chin Ouyang; 7.2. Persian, Dick Davis; 7.3. Literatures of the Indian Sub-Continent, Harish Trivedi; 7.4. Chinese, Lauren Pfister; 7.5. Japanese, Anne Commons. 8: Popular Culture. 8.1. Popular Fiction, Terry Hale; 8.2. Popular Theatre, Terry Hale 8.3. Children's Literature, David Blamires. 9. Texts for Music and Oral Literature. 9.1. Hymns, J. R. Watson; 9.2. Opera, Oratorio, Song, Denise Gallo; 9.3. Oral Literature, Kenneth Haynes. 10: Sacred and Religious Texts; 10.1. Christian Texts, Kenneth Haynes; 10.2. The Revised Version of the Bible, David Norton; 10.3. Sacred Books of the East, Richard Fynes. 11. Philosophy, History, and Travel Writing. 11.1. Classical Philosophy and History, Alexandra Lianieri; 11.2. Modern Philosophy, Theology, Criticism, Susanne Stark; 11.3. Modern History and Socio-Political Theory, Ian Patterson; 11.4. Exploring the World, Laura D. Walls. 12. The Translators: Biographical Sketches
Resumen:   This [...] five-volume history runs from the Middle Ages to the year 2000. It is a critical history, treating translations wherever appropriate as literary works in their own right, and reveals the vital part played by translators and translation in shaping the literary culture of the English-speaking world, both for writers and readers. [...] As well as examining the translations and their wider impact, it explores the processes by which they came into being and were disseminated, and provides extensive bibliographical and biographical reference material. In the one hundred and ten years covered by volume four of The Oxford History of Literary Translation in English , what characterized translation was above all the move to encompass what Goethe called "world literature." This occurred, paradoxically, at a time when English literature is often seen as increasingly self-sufficient. In Europe, the culture of Germany was a new source of inspiration, as were the medieval literatures and the popular ballads of many lands, from Spain to Serbia. From the mid-century, the other literatures of the North, both ancient and modern, were extensively translated, and the last third of the century saw the beginning of the Russian vogue. Meanwhile, as the British presence in the East was consolidated, translation helped readers to take possession of "exotic" non-European cultures, from Persian and Arabic to Sanskrit and Chinese. [Source: Publisher]
Impacto:   1i- Munday, Jeremy. 2001. 35cit; 2i- Paul Frank, Armin. 2008. Review in: Target 20:1, pp.191-194; 3i- Roberts, Deborah H. 2008. 3454cit; 4i- Turner, Allan. 2008. Review in: The Modern Language Review 103:1, pp. 183.184; 5i- Hulst, Lieven D'. 2010. 5311cit; 6i- Delabastita, Dirk. 2011. 5331cit; 7i- El-dali, Hosni Mostafa. 2011. 4043cit; 8i- Milan, Michèle. 2012. 4492cit; 9i- Olohan, Maeve. 2014. 5482cit; 10i- Costa, Walter Carlos. 2015. 5880cit
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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