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Tema:   Pedagogía. Alemania.
Autor:   Pöckl, Wolfgang (ed.)
Año:   2004
Título:   Übersetzungswissenschaft. Dolmetschwissenschaft. Wege in eine neue Disziplin [Translation studies. Interpreting studies. Ways in a new discipline]
Lugar:   Wien
Editorial/Revista:   Präsens
Páginas:   435
Idioma:   Alemán.
Tipo:   Libro.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 3706902389.
Disponibilidad:   Alicante BG
Resumen:   The collaborators belong to all age groups and come initially from neighbour disciplines. They all contribute in their own way to the construction of the big building of translation studies. It may be that not everyone shares this integrating perspective, but those interested in the creation and development of the subject should not succumb to the temptation of exclusion. The history of translation studies -to which this book should serve as a small building stone- will probably draw the lines of tradition, connection and borders differently as we suspect today. By the way, the question of if we truly have the right to speak or not of an own discipline called Translation Studies in the whole meaning of the word still gives rise to debate: more than a contributor, this book is a modest representative of translation research. [Source: Author]
Impacto:   1i- Snell-Hornby, Mary. 2006. 59cit; 2i- Snell-Hornby, Mary. 2007. 1431cit; 3i- Zybatow, Lew N. 2008. 3561cit
Agradecimientos:   Abstract supplied by Héctor Bolorinos Ruiz.
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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