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Tema:   Poesía. Autor. Rolf Jacobsen. Göran Sonnevi. Goethe. Quasimodo. Francis Ponge. Pablo Neruda. Federico García Lorca. Guillaume IX de Poitiers. Noruega. Suecia. Alemania. Italia. Francia. Chile. España. Teoría. Género. Literatura.
Autor:   Bly, Robert
Año:   1983
Título:   The Eight Stages of Translation: with a Selection of Poems and Translations
Lugar:   Boston
Editorial/Revista:   Rowan Tree Books
Páginas:   107
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 0937672106 (hbk.) ISBN: 0937672211 (pbk.)
Colección:   Poetics series, 2.
Disponibilidad:   Alicante BG
Índice:   1. The Eight Stages of Translation. 2. Poems and Translations. 2.1 Norwegian: Old Age, by Rolf Jacobsen. 2.2 Swedish: The Island of Koster, 1973, by Göran Sonnevi. 2.3 Swedish: Zero, by Göran Sonnevi. 2.4 German: Holy Longing, by Johann Wolfgang Goethe. 2.5 Italian: Old Winter, by Salvatore Quasimodo . 2.6 French: Rain, by Francis Ponge. 2.6 Spanish: Letter to Miguel Otero Silva in Caracas (1938), by Pablo Neruda. 2.7 Spanish: Ode to My Socks, by Pablo Neruda. 2.8 Spanish: Preciosa and the Wind, by Federico García Lorca. 2.9 Provençal: In the Great Sweetness of the Spring, by Guillaume IX of Poitiers.
Resumen:   The Eight Stages of Translation by Robert Bly is a slim how-to manual for amateur translators or those just beginning to dip their toes into poetry translation. He breaks down the process into eight stages, which he illustrates using a René Maria Rilke poem, XXI. He translates the poem in several drafts from the German into American English. [Source: Serena]
Comentarios:   The first chapter, "The Eight Stages of Translation" seems to have been published first in Kenyon Review 4:2 (1982), pp. 68-89. This same chapter can also be found in: Frawley, William (ed.) 1984. 'Translation: Literary, Linguistic and Philosophical Perspectives.' Newark: University of Delaware Press, pp. 67-92.
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