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Tema:   Teoría.
Autor:   St-Pierre, Paul & Prafulla C. Kar (eds.)
Año:   2005
Título:   In Translation. Reflections, Refractions, Transformations
Lugar:   New Delhi
Editorial/Revista:   Pencraft International
Páginas:   313
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 8185753679.
Disponibilidad:   Alicante BG
Índice:   [From John Benjamins' edition:]
I. Translation studies in context. 1. Translation and society: The emergence of a conceptual relationship - Daniel Simeoni, 13–26; 2. Language and translation: Contesting conventions - R. Anthony Lewis, 27–37; 3. Translation studies, ethnography and the production of knowledge - Hélène Buzelin, 39–56; 4. Trafficking in words: Languages, missionaries and translators - Probal Dasgupta, 57–72; 5. Unsafe at any speed? Some unfinished reflections on the 'cultural turn' in translation studies - Rajendra Singh, 73–84.
II. Writing and translation. 6. Translation and displacement: The life and works of Pierre Menard - Sukanta Chaudhuri, 87–94; 7. Mark Twain vs. William-Little Hughes: The transformation of a great American novel - Judith Lavoie, 95–106; 8. 'A Single Brushstroke', writing through translation: Anne Carson - Sherry Simon, 107–116; 9. Translation rights and the philosophy of translation: Remembering the debts of the original - Salah Basalamah, 117–132; 10. Seeds of discontent: Re-creation and the bounds of ownership - Christi A. Merrill, 133–149.
III. Contexts of translation. 11. Translation and social praxis in ancient and medieval India (with special reference to Orissa) - Debendra K. Dash & Dipti R. Pattanaik, 153–173; 12. From regional into pan-Indian: Towards a heterographic praxis for postcolonial translation - Saji Mathew, 175–186; 13. Revealing the 'soul of which nation?': Translated literature as cultural diplomacy - Luise von Flotow, 187–200; 14. Language as sharp as a knife: Translation in ecological context - Mark Fettes, 201–211.
IV. Culture(s) in translation. 15. Literally ambiguous: Issues of ambiguity and identity in the French translations of Lazarillo de Tormes - Marc Charron, 215–228; 16. Translation terminable, interminable: Freud and Schleiermacher - Gabriel Louis Moyal, 229–244; 17. Translation and métissage - Alexis Nouss, 245–252; 18. Double take: Figuring the other and the politics of translation - Michael Cronin, 253–262; 19. Translation as culture - Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, 263–276; 20. Translating culture vs. cultural translation - Harish Trivedi, 277–287.
Resumen:   A wide ranging volume on Translations Studies, probes this discipline's approaches to society and language, to cultural hybridity and identity construction, to minority languages and globalization; and its over-lapping relationships with the disciplines of Comparative aliterature, Cultural studies, and World Literature. [Source: Publisher Pencraft I.]
With contributions by researchers from India, Europe, North America and the Caribbean, this book touches on questions of method and on topics – including copyright, cultural hybridity, globalization, identity construction, and minority languages – which are important for the disciplinary development of translation studies but also of interest to other fields as well, most notably comparative literature, cultural studies and world literature. The volume provides a forum for new voices to be heard alongside those of well-established scholars and for current concerns to express themselves, often focusing on practices in areas of the world other than Europe or North America, which have until now tended to dominate the field. Acknowledging difference and celebrating it, the contributions conceive of translation as a process which reconstitutes and transforms, which brings renewal and growth, an interaction in a new context, a new reading, a new writing. [Source: Publisher J. Benjamins]
Comentarios:   Also, same title and contents, reprinted in Amsterdam in 2007 by John Benjamins. ISBN: 9789027216793. Series: Benjamins Translation Library, 71.
Impacto:   1i- Buzelin, Hélène. 2005. 701cit; 2i- Bastin, Georges L. 2007. Review in: Meta 52:2, pp.352-357; 3i- Duarte, João Ferreira. 2007. Review in: Target 19:1, pp.183-185; 4i- Stratford, Madeleine. 2007. Review in TTR 20:2. pp 331-338; 5i- Sarma, Madan M. 2008. 3718cit; 6i- Aveling, Harry. 2010. Review in: The Translator 16:1, pp. 156-160; 7i- O’Toole, Emer. 2013. 5712cit; 8i- Dowaidar, Ibrahim M. 2018. 7602cit
2001-2021 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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