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Tema:   Polisistemas. Descriptivismo. Teoría. Investigación.
Autor:   Toury, Gideon
Año:   1980
Título:   In Search of a Theory of Translation
Lugar:   Tel Aviv
Editorial/Revista:   The Porter Institute for Poetics and Semiotics - The University of Tel Aviv
Páginas:   159
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISSN: 03337367.
Colección:   Meaning & Art, 2. / Targum, Studies in Translation
Índice:   I. A semiotic approach to translation. 1. Communication in Translated Texts: A Semiotic Approach 2. Contrastive Linguistics and Translation Studies: Toward a Tripartite Model 3. Translated Literature: System, Norm, Performance: Toward a TT-Oriented Approach to Literary Translation.
II. Translation and Translational Norms. 4. The Nature and Role of Norms in Literary Translation 5. Equivalence and Non-Equivalence as a Function of Norms 6. Interlanguage and Its Manifestations in Translation
III. Descriptive Translation Studies. 7. Toward Descriptive Translation Studies: Goals, Procedures, and Some Basic Notions 8. Translational Solutions and Translational Relationships: Toward the Description of Translated Texts 9. The Adequate Translation as an Intermediating Construct: A Model for the Comparison of a Literary Text and Its Translation.
IV. Case Studies. 10. Norms of Literary Translation into Hebrew, 1930-1945 11. German Children's Literature in Hebrew Translation: The Case of 'Max und Moritz'.
Resumen:   The chapters [...] are unified by one and the same approach, which focuses on existing translations rather than hypothetical ones, on actual products rather than on the process of translation on the one hand, and on a priori 'translatability' on the other. Thus, the discussions throughout the book are target- (rather than source-), solution- (rather than problem-) oriented. [...]
Written over a period of five years (1975-1980) [...] The book is divided into four parts:
The first part focuses on the nature of translation studies, with an eye to the object itself. The three papers which it brings are thus meta-theoretical, although the fact that the entire meta-theoretical discussion grew out of the immediate needs of the theory is never concealed. The second part focuses on the nature of translation, with a special emphasis on the nature of translational norms and their role, both in the formation and formulation of translated texts and in their 'correct' classification as translations within definite (target) linguistic and/or literary polysystems. The third part deals in a more specific and detailed way with the inherent problems of the most neglected branch of the discipline of translation studies, namely, descriptive translation studies: its goals, its methodology, some of its focal concepts and basic terms, and finally, some of the procedures which may yield an actual description of translated phenomena, especially a model for the comparative analysis of a text and its translation. Two descriptions of this type comprise the fourth and final part of the book. [...] [Source: Author’s Foreword]
Comentarios:   Seminal work of the 'polysystems or manipulation school.' Out of print (2002). All chapters are individually included in BITRA.
Revised in: Toury, Gideon. 1995. 'Descriptive Translation Studies - and Beyond.' Amsterdam: John Benjamins (cf. in BITRA).
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2001-2021 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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