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Tema:   Doblaje. Audiovisual. Género.
Autor:   Chaume Varela, Frederic
Año:   2012
Título:   Audiovisual Translation. Dubbing
Lugar:   Manchester
Editorial/Revista:   St. Jerome
Páginas:   208
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 9781905763917.
Colección:   Translation Practices Explained.
Disponibilidad:   Alicante BG
Índice:   1. Translation for dubbing; 2. The professional environment; 3. Text segmenting and dubbing symbols; 4. Synchronization or lip-sync: Read my lips; 5. The language of dubbing: A matter of compromise; 6. The specific nature of AVT: Acoustic and visual dimensions; 7. Translation Issues; 8. Research in dubbing; 9. A glossary of terms used in dubbing and AVT.
Resumen:   Audiovisual Translation: Dubbing is an introductory textbook that provides a solid overview of the world of dubbing and is fundamentally interactive in approach. A companion to Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling, it follows a similar structure and is accompanied by a DVD.
Based on first-hand experience in the field, the book combines translation practice with other related tasks – usually commissioned to dialogue writers and dubbing assistants – thus offering a complete introduction to the field of dubbing. It develops diversified skills, presents a broad picture of the industry, engages with the various controversies in the field, and challenges prevailing stereotypes. The individual chapters cover the map of dubbing in the world, the dubbing market and professional environment, text segmentation into takes or loops, lip-syncing, the challenge of emulating oral discourse, the semiotic nature of audiovisual texts, and specific audiovisual translation issues. The book further raises a number of research questions and looks at some of the unresolved challenges of this very specific form of translation. It includes graded exercises covering core skills that can be practised in class or at home, individually or collectively. The accompanying DVD contains sample film material in Dutch, English, French, Italian and Spanish, as well as a range of useful material related to professional practice. [Source: Publisher]
Comentarios:   2nd. ed. in London: Routledge, 2014.
Impacto:   1i- Juan José Martínez Sierra. 2013. Review in: Jostrans - The Journal of Specialised Translation 20, pp. 232-234; 2i- Bonis, Giuseppe De. 2014. 5854cit; 3i- Higes Andino, Irene De. 2014. 5856cit; 4i- Bonis, Giuseppe De. 2015. 6196cit; 5i- Kajzer-Wietrzny, Marta & Maria Tymczynska. 2015. 7197cit; 6i- Reyes Lozano, Julio de los. 2015. 6341cit; 7i- Sánchez Mompeán, Sofía. 2015. 5801cit; 8i- Bruti, Silvia. 2016. 7340cit; 9i- Giovanni, Elena Di. 2016. 6723cit; 10i- Jiménez Carra, Maria Nieves. 2016. 7103cit; 11i- Perego, Elisa; Monika Laskowska; Anna Matamala; Aline Remael; Isabelle S. Robert; Agnieszka Szarkowska; Anna Vilaró Soler & Sara Bottiroli. 2016. 7366cit; 12i- López González, Rebeca Cristina. 2017. 7254cit; 13i- Matamala, Anna; Elisa Perego & Sara Bottiroli. 2017. 7290cit; 14i- Cómitre Narváez, Isabel. 2018. 8436cit; 15i- Leszczynska, Urszula & Agnieszka Szarkowska. 2018. 7471cit; 16i- Mejías Climent, Laura. 2018. 8007cit; 17i- Baños Piñero, Rocío. 2019. 7833cit; 18i- Blumczynski, Piotr & Ghodrat Hassani. 2019. 8141cit; 19i- Conde Ruano, José Tomás. 2019. 7961cit; 20i- Greco, Gian Maria. 2019. 8017cit; 21i- Méndez Silvosa, Natalia & Alicia Bolaños Medina. 2019. 8044cit; 22i- Parra López, Guillermo & Eduard Bartoll Teixidor. 2019. 7970cit; 23i- Pieper, Katrin. 2019. 8293cit; 24i- Ranzato, Irene. 2019. 8636cit; 25i- Reus, Tim. 2019. 8047cit; 26i- Sánchez Mompeán, Sofía. 2019. 8058cit; 27i- Flis, Gabriela; Adam Sikorski & Agnieszka Szarkowska. 2020. 8156cit; 28i- Reus, Tim. 2020. 8483cit; 29i- Romero Fresco, Pablo. 2020. 8155cit
2001-2021 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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