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Tema:   Distribución. Irlanda. Reino Unido.
Autor:   Donahaye, Jasmine
Año:   2012
Título:   Three percent? Publishing data and statistics on translated literature in the United Kingdom and Ireland
Lugar:   Aberystwyth
Editorial/Revista:   Mercator Institute for Media, Languages and Cultures - Aberystwyth University
Páginas:   50
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
Disponibilidad:   Acceso abierto.
Resumen:   This report is the outcome of a feasibility study undertaken by Literature Across Frontiers in spring 2012 with the support of Arts Council England, the Culture Programme of the European Union and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The aim of the study was to examine information about literary translation in the UK and Ireland, and to assess what publication data is available, the ways in which it is collected and shared, and the gaps that exist in data provision. Most importantly, the objective of this study was to recommend a solution to the problem of lack of translation statistics in the UK and Ireland in the form of a proposal concerning the collection, processing, sharing and analysis of data on published literary translations, in order to facilitate future research and assessment of trends. [Source: Author]
Impacto:   1i- Ferro, Maria João. 2017. 7126cit
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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