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Tema:   Costa Rica. Pedagogía. Internet.
Autor:   Salazar Alpízar, Elieth
Año:   2011
Título:   “Resultados del primer curso de traducción completamente virtual e interactivo en Costa Rica” [Results of the first completely virtual and interactive translation course in Costa Rica]
Editorial/Revista:   Revista Lenguas Modernas 14
Páginas:   337-355
Idioma:   Español.
Tipo:   Artículo.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISSN: 16591933.
Disponibilidad:   Acceso abierto.
Resumen:   Elearning is a new way of education available to both teachers and students. In March 2010 the School of Modern Languages at the University of Costa Rica offered its first fully online interactive course, LM-1433: Translation III. This is the second online course offered at this University, the first one for the undergraduate level and the first translation course in the country. The class was taught for 18 weeks to 14 students in their last year of the Bachelor in English. This research will include a brief introduction of the online education in Costa Rica and the teaching of translation in the country. In connection with the course, the resources used in the classroom will be summarized including those within the Moodle platform as well as the ones in the Internet; the student reactions to this virtual experience will also be presented as collected in the surveys administered during the course, and some conclusions resulting from the virtual educational process are presented so that they are used as a guide to other teachers interested in elearning, especially those dedicated to the teaching of translation. [Source: Author]
Comentarios:   Revista Lenguas Modernas is published by Escuela de Lenguas Modernas (Universidad de Costa Rica).
Agradecimientos:   Record supplied by Francisco Vargas Gómez (Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica)..
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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