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Tema:   Automática. Francés. Inglés. Vietnamita. Vietnamese. Onomástica. Problema.
Autor:   Thanh, Thao Phan Thi
Año:   2014
Título:   Machine translation of proper names from English and French into Vietnamese. An error analysis and some proposed solutions
Lugar:   Besançon
Editorial/Revista:   Université de Franche-Comté
Páginas:   88
Idioma:   Inglés
Tipo:   Tesis.
Disponibilidad:   Acceso abierto
Resumen:   Machine translation (MT) has increasingly become an indispensable tool for decoding the meaning of a text from a source language into a target language in our current information and knowledge era. In particular, MT of proper names (PN) plays a crucial role in providing the specific and precise identification of persons, places, organizations, and artefacts through the languages. Despite a large number of studies and significant achievements of named entity recognition in the NLP community around the world, there has been almost no research on PNMT for Vietnamese language. Due to the different features of PN writing, transliteration or transcription and translation from a variety of languages including English, French, Russian, Chinese, etc. into Vietnamese, the PNMT from those languages into Vietnamese is still challenging and problematic issue. This study focuses on the problems of English-Vietnamese and French-Vietnamese PNMT arising from current MT engines. First, it proposes a corpus-based PN classification, then a detailed PNMT error analysis to conclude with some pre-processing solutions in order to improve the MT quality. Through the analysis and classification of PNMT errors from the two English-Vietnamese and French-Vietnamese parallel corpora of texts with PNs, we propose solutions concerning two major issues: (1)corpus annotation for preparing the pre-processing databases, and (2) design of the pre-processingprogram to be used on annotated corpora to reduce the PNMT errors and enhance the quality of MTsystems, including Google, Vietgle, Bing and EVTran. The efficacy of different annotation methods of English and French corpora of PNs and the results of PNMT errors before and after using the pre-processing program on the two annotated corpora are compared and discussed in this study. They prove that the pre-processing solution reduces significantly PNMT errors and contributes to the improvement of the MT systems' for Vietnamese language. [Source: Author]
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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