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Tema:   Autor. Madame de Lafayette. Sibilla Aleramo. Renata Debenedetti. Rosetta Loy. Obra. 'La Princesse de Clèves.' Francia. Italia. Novela. Literatura. Género. Sexismo.
Autor:   Brizzi, Dominique
Año:   2015
Título:   Traduction et écriture féminine. De Madame de Lafayette à Sibilla Aleramo, Renata Debenedetti et Rosetta Loy (à propos de La Princesse de Clèves [Translation and women's writing. From Madame de Lafayette to Sibilla Aleramo, Renata Debenedetti and Rosetta Loy (about The Princess of Cleves)]
Lugar:   Paris
Editorial/Revista:   Université Sorbonne-Paris-Cité
Idioma:   Francés
Tipo:   Tesis.
Resumen:   Three Italian translations of The Princess of Cleves, made in Italy in the twentieth century by women who marked in various ways the Italian literary life of their time, are the starting point of our analysis: Sibilla Aleramo's in 1933, Renata Debenedetti's in 1988 and then Rosetta Loy's in 1999. The evolution of the historical and sociocultural context as well as the different status of these three women allow us to study the variation of production constraints and reception conditions of these translations. The choice of some extracts from Madame de Lafayette's novel consents to highlight the main features of the text and understand the translation problems that this arises. This novel, the first in modern European literature written by a woman and published anonymously, continues to question and fascinate women writers many centuries later. The relationship between women's writing and translation is then questioned. Subsequently, the relationship between translation's choices and their personality of writers and intellectuals leads to the study of their works whose recurring stylistic and thematic characteristics evoke the notion of “feminine writing”. [Source: Author]
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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