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Tema:   Doblaje. Audiovisual. Género. Manual. Pedagogía.
Autor:   Choobineh, Bizhan
Año:   2011
Título:   Rewakereda bh dewbelh falem [An Approach to Film Dubbing]
Lugar:   Tehran
Editorial/Revista:   Porseman
Páginas:   124
Idioma:   Persa. Persian.
Tipo:   Libro
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 9789642835812.
Resumen:   For the past 70 years, interest in dubbing has steadily increased in Iran. Studies about audiovisual translation into or from Persian are now gaining more visibility in the international context and more researchers have started looking into this interesting realm of translation. Research on Persian audiovisual translation has mainly appeared in the form of journal articles, master's theses and conference presentations. Surprisingly, five books have been written on dubbing in Iran by Iranian dubbing practitioners rather than by academic scholars of translation. Among the books, three address the dubbing tradition and its history in Iran (Mannani, 2010; Zhirafar 2014a, b, written in Persian) while the others were mainly concerned with the dubbing process and its methodological and theoretical aspects (Tahami 2010; Choobineh, 2011, written in Persian). That being said, one should not forget the volumes written by Hamid Naficy, the Iranian film studies scholar, on the history of cinema in Iran from the very beginning (Naficy 2011a, b, 2012a, b, written in English). The monograph being reviewed here, listed among the second group, is an attempt to introduce, present and teach different dimensions of dubbing. The audience of the book, as the author claims in his introduction, seems to be voice talents and students of voice acting as well. But it can be of use for anybody interested in dubbing either as a practitioner or as a researcher working in this domain. [Source: Saeed Ameri]
Impacto:   1i- Ameri, Saeed. 2017. Review in: Mutatis Mutandis 10:2, pp. 255-258
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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