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Tema:   Miscelánea.
Autor:   Robinson, Douglas (ed.)
Año:   2016
Título:   The pushing-hands of translation and its theory. In memoriam Martha Cheung, 1953-2013
Lugar:   London
Editorial/Revista:   Routledge
Páginas:   234
Idioma:   Inglés
Tipo:   Libro
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 9780367133856 (pbk.) ISBN: 9781138901759 (hb
Colección:   Routledge Advances in Translation and Interpreting
Resumen:   This book presents an East-West dialogue of leading translation scholars responding to and developing Martha Cheung's "pushing-hands" method of translation studies. Pushing-hands was an idea Martha began exploring in the last four years of her life, and only had time to publish at article length in 2012. The concept of pushing-hands suggests a promising line of inquiry into the problem of conflict in translation. Pushing-hands opens a new vista for translation scholars to understand and explain how to develop an awareness of non-confrontational, alternative ways to handle translation problems or problems related to translation activities that are likely to give rise to tension and conflict. [...] Despite being somewhat tentative and experimental, it probes into how to enable and develop dynamic interaction between and reciprocal determinism of different hands involved in the process of translation. [Source: Publisher]
Impacto:   1i- Cosima, Bruno. 2017. Review in: The Translator 23:3, pp. 348-352; 2i- Wang, Yunsheng & Qin Huang. 2017. Review in: Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice 25:2, pp. 342-344
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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