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Tema:   Literatura. Género.
Autor:   Washbourne, Kelly & Ben Van Wyke (eds.)
Año:   2018
Título:   The Routledge Handbook of Literary Translation
Lugar:   London
Editorial/Revista:   Routledge
Páginas:   604
Idioma:   Inglés.
Tipo:   Libro.
ISBN/ISSN/DOI:   ISBN: 9781138699298.
Colección:   Routledge Handbooks in Translation and Interpretin
Índice:   1. The Limits and Forms of Literary Translation - Juan G. Ramírez Giraldo. Part I: Contexts. Ia. Literary Translation: Teaching, Learning and Research (Academic Contexts) 2. Teaching and Learning Literary Translation - Bill Johnston; 3 Literary Translation and Disciplinary Boundaries: Creative Writing and Interdisciplinarity - Cecilia Rossi; 4 Teaching Literature in Translation - Brian James Baer; 5 Theory and Literary Translation Practice - Jenny Williams;Ib. Literary Translation: Publishing, Prizing, Protecting, and Promoting (Commercial Contexts). 6 Professionalisation of Literary Translation and the Publishing Market - Peter Constantine. Part IIa: Genres. 7 Classical Poetry - David Hopkins; 8 Classical Prose - Meredith McKinney; 9 Oral Literature - Antonia Carcelén Estrada; 10 Fairy Tales and Folk Tales - Judith Inggs; 11 Children's Literature - Cecilia Alvstad; 12 Sacred Writings - Jacobus A. Naudé and Cynthia L. Miller-Naudé; 13 Prose Fiction - Michelle Hartman; 14 Crime Fiction - Amanda Hopkinson & Karen Seago; 15 Comics, the Graphic Novel and Fan Fiction - Klaus Kaindl; 16 Literary Non-Fiction - Emily O. Wittman; 17 Poetry - Clare Sullivan; 18 Music - Lucile Desblache; 19 Theatre - Gregary J. Racz. Part IIb: Methods, Frameworks, And Methodologies (Tools, Techniques And Processes). 20 Revising and Retranslating - Kaisa Koskinen; 21 Stylistics - Dan Shen & Kairui Fang; 22 Transnational Poetics - Ignacio Infante and Annelise Finegan Wasmoen; 23 Self-Translation - Anthony Cordingley; 24 Writers As Translators - Judith Woodsworth; 25 Pseudotranslation - Brigid Maher. Part III: Applications And Debates In Production and Reception. IIIa. Production. 26 Ethics - Kelly Washbourne; 27 Pragmatics - Bahaa-eddin A. Hassan; 28 Discourse in Arabic Translation - Said Faiq; 29 Collaborative Translation - Joanna Trzeciak Huss; 30 Feminist Translation - Pilar Godayol; 31 Eco-translation - Michael Cronin; 32 Queer/LGBT Approaches - DavidGramling. IIIb. Reception. 33 Censorship - Michelle Woods; 34 The Translator as Subject: Literary Translator Biographies, Memoirs and Paratexts - Sehnaz Tahir Gürçaglar; 35 The Figure of the Literary Translator in Fiction - Rosemary Arrojo; 36 Literary Translation Criticism, Reviews and Assessment - Michael Scott Doyle. Part IV: Afterword. 37 Afterword: The Death of the Translator - George Szirtes.
Resumen:   The Routledge Handbook of Literary Translation provides an accessible, diverse and extensive overview of literary translation today. This next-generation volume brings together principles, case studies, precepts, histories and process knowledge from practitioners in sixteen different countries. Divided into four parts, the book covers many of literary translation's most pressing concerns today, from teaching, to theorising, to translation techniques, to new tools and resources. Featuring genre studies, in which graphic novels, crime fiction, and ethnopoetry have pride of place alongside classics and sacred texts, [Source: Publisher]
2001-2019 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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