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Tema:   Autor. Anne Carson. Canada. Poesía. Literatura. Género.
Autor:   Reinhardt, Marc-Alexandre
Año:   2014
Título:   Attention an-archaïque. La tâche de traduire à l'ére séculiére [An-archaic attention. The task of translation in the secular age]
Lugar:   Montréal
Editorial/Revista:   Université de Montréal
Páginas:   397
Idioma:   Francés
Tipo:   Tesis
Disponibilidad:   Acceso abierto
Resumen:   Our age is one fashioned by an unresolved and deeply problematic process of secularization. The waning of the hegemony of religion in the West and the reconfigurations of values, beliefs and representations in a global cultural economy calls for a certain mode of inquiry able to reflect changing social, political and aesthetic conditions of our discrepant contemporaneity. This thesis contends that translation embodies a relevant ethos for the humanities and a critical fulcrum to investigate an experience of incommensurability sustained in the tensions within secularization manifested through literary works and especially poetry. Secular imagination is bound to the problem and practice of translation that is framed here as a poietic process, a model of ethical subjectivity and a figure of thought. This is exposed through a constellation of cultural inscriptions that reflect a sense of sundered transcendence in the midst of a secular world, most notably through the construction of a dislocated relationship to time. These inscriptions are examined along two lines of investigation that bring into focus a radical form of secular thought cultivated through an ambiguous relationship to a spiritual experience of fidelity deprived of a fixed, metaphysical, grounding: first, the emergence of a translational ethos from the distortion of the sacred/poetical economy of texts; second, the distortion of humanism in light of the untimely experience of catastrophe and how this ethos may be a way of working through it. This thesis aims to show how the task of translation shapes a certain critical attitude embedded in one's affective dispossession that upholds the task of a return to the human. It fashions a mode of attention to radical human finitude that, in the end, does nothing more than expose its inhumanity. Anne Carson's poetics of translation is exemplary of such an attention, of a daring spiritual disposition that may be a way to understand how literature and comparative literary inquiry can learn to regenerate the unresolved sense of secularization. [Source: Author]
2001-2021 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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