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Tema:   Miscelánea. Corea. China.
Autor:   Laet, Frans De; In-kyoung Ahn & Joong-chol Kwak (eds.)
Año:   2020
Título:   APTIF 9 - Reality vs. Illusion. From Morse code to machine translation
Editorial/Revista:   Babel 66:4-5
Páginas:   550-881
Idioma:   Inglés
Tipo:   Monografía
ISSN: 05219744
Índice:   1. History and challenges of translation and interpreting in Modern Korea: On the 40th anniversary of The Graduate School of Interpretation & Translation (GSIT) of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) - In-kyoung Ahn (550–569); 2. How does the language acquisition period affect simultaneous interpreters’ language processing? - Seunghee Han (570–587); 3. The impact of source text presence on simultaneous interpreting performance in fast speeches: Will it help trainees or not? - Yang Shanshan, Li Defeng & Lei Victoria Lai Cheng (588–603); 4. The construction of a Practice- Teaching-Research (PTR) model for the accomplishments of college interpreting teachers in China - Kang Zhifeng & Shi Ying (604–618); 5. An empirical study of temporal variables and their correlations in spoken and sign language relay interpreting - Hyun-Hee Han and Han-Nae Yu (619–635); 6. An empirical study on impact of suggestopedia on student interpreters’ anxiety - Zhu Yuanyuan & Ruan Hongmei (636–654); 7. Building disciplinary knowledge through multimodal presentation: A case study on China’s first interpreting Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) - Ouyang Qianhua, Yu Yi & Fu Ai (655–673); 8. Struggling for professional identity: A narrative inquiry of Korean freelance male interpreters - Sulyoung Hong & Eunah Choi (674–688); 9. How interpreter-translators are assessed and hired in the market: A case study of South Korea’s recruiting process of interpreter-translators - Hoonmil Kim (689–705); 10. How can we improve the codes of ethics for translators? - Hyang Lee & Seong Woo Yun (706–718); 11. Intertitle translation of Chinese silent films - Jin Haina (719–732); 12. A model of live interlingual subtitling using respeaking technology - Silhee Jin (733–749); 13. New interpretation and techniques of transcreation - Chen Du (750–764); 14. Joint patronage in translating Chinese literature into English: A case study on the Chinese Literature Overseas Dissemination Project - Bai Liping (765–779); 15. When the classic speaks for children: Retranslation of Bob Dylan’s songs in bilingual picture books - Chen Xi (780–795); 16. Translation of visual poetic spatiality - Liu Yongzhi & Tang Chunlan (796–810); 17. Defining language dependent post-editing guidelines for specific content: The case of the English-Korean pair to improve literature machine translation styles - Seung-Hye Mah (811–828); 18. Ethics of journalistic translation and its implications for machine translation: A case study in the South Korean context - Yonsuk Song (829–846); 19. Reframing news by different agencies: A case study of translations of news on the US-China trade dispute - Zeng Weixin (847–866); 20. Prospects for the teaching of translation majors in the new era - Guo Yanlin (867–881).
Resumen:   In 2016, KATI was invited by FIT as the second active member of Korea, which enabled it to further expand its contribution to the T&I world as a fully-fledged member. Soon afterwards, FIT recommended KATI to host APTIF 9 in 2019 in recognition of the excellence and expertise of Korean translators and interpreters, authorizing KATI to co-host the Event with GSIT whose graduates make up for the majority of KATI members and as part of GSIT's celebration of its 40th anniversary. [Source: Editors]
2001-2021 Universidad de Alicante DOI: 10.14198/bitra
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