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L'ANTHROPOLOGIE, 2002, 106 (1) - MES:01 - ENERO
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TI: Barogali and Oued Doure : two early Stone Age Sites from the Republic of Djibouti.
AU: Berthelet, Arlette
pg - 1
TI: Comptes rendus.
AU: Mindzié, Christophe Mbida
pg - 173
TI: Lithic raw material procurement in the Lower and Middle Sites of the Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos (Spain).
AU: García-Antón Trassierra, Maria Dolores; Morant Sabater, Núria; Mallol Duque, Carolina
pg - 41
TI: Ndindan: archaeological synthesis of a site dating back to three millenia ago in Yaounde (Cameroon).
AU: Mindzié, Christophe Mbida
pg - 159
TI: Synthesis of recent archaeological data about the settlement of the fauna reserve of Lopé during the Holocene.
AU: Assoko Ndong, Alain
pg - 135
TI: The Magdalenian assemblages from Ardèche (France) in the Mediterranean Basin context.
AU: Joris, Cinzia
pg - 99
TI: Upper Palaeolithic cooked clay figurines from Afalou Bou Rhummel (Babors, Algeria). First Infra-red absorption spectroscopic analyses.
AU: Hachi, Slimane; Fröhlich, François; Gendron-Badou, Aïcha; de Lumley, Henry; Roubet, Colette; Abdessadok, Salah
pg - 57
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