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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2000, 74 (283)
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TI: A model of Tell el-Amarna
AU: Kemp, Barry
pg - 15-16
TI: An aerial relic of O.G.S. Crawford
AU: MacGregor, Arthur
pg - 87-100
TI: Ancient salt-mining in Austria
AU: Megaw, Vincent;Morgan, Graham;Stöllner, Thomas
pg - 17-18
TI: Book reviews - Between land and sea: excavations at Dun Vulan, South Uist
AU: Pearson, Parker;Sharples;Mulville;Smith;Armit, Ian
pg - 244
TI: Book reviews - Excavations on the acropolis of Midea: results of the Greek-Swedish excavations - the excavations of the lower terraces 1985-1991
AU: Walberg;Dickinson, Oliver
pg - 242
TI: Book reviews - La naissance de l'art: genèse de l'art préhistorique
AU: Lorblianchet;Gage, John
pg - 239
TI: Book reviews - Laboring in the fields of the Lord: Spanish missions and Southeastern Indians
AU: Milanich;Weisman, Brent R
pg - 248
TI: Book reviews - Nørre Sandegård Vest: a cemetery from the 6th-8th centuries on Bornholm
AU: Jórgensen;Jórgensen;Mannering;Malmros;Lucy, Sam
pg - 245
TI: Book reviews - Prehistory of Australia
AU: Mulvaney;Kamminga;Chippindale, Christopher
pg - 238
TI: Book reviews - Society, economics and politics in pre-Angkor Cambodia: the 7th-8th centuries
AU: Vickery;Higham, Charles
pg - 247
TI: Book reviews - The St Andrews Sarcophagus: A Pictish masterpiece and its international connections
AU: Foster;Bailey, Richard N
pg - 246
TI: Book reviews - The archaeology and anthropology of landscape: shaping your landscape:
AU: Ucko;Layton;Presland, Gary
pg - 249-250
TI: Book reviews - The circulation of metal in the British Bronze Age: the application of lead isotope analysis
AU: Rohl;Needham;Bridgford, Sue
pg - 243
TI: Book reviews - Urbanization and land ownership in the ancient Near East
AU: Hudson;Levine;Postgate, J N
pg - 240-241
TI: Burnt Mounds in the East Midlands
AU: Beamish, Matt;Ripper, Susan
pg - 37-38
TI: Classical shipwreck excavation at Tektas Burnu, Turkey
AU: Gibbins, David
pg - 19-20
TI: Cosmology, calendars and society in Neolithic Orkney: a rejoinder to Euan MacKie
AU: Ruggles, Clive;Barclay, Gordon
pg - 62-74
TI: Editorial

pg - 1-8
TI: Editorial notices //

pg - 251
TI: Eneolithic horse exploitation in the Eurasian steppes: diet, ritual and riding
AU: Anthony, David W;Brown, Dorcas R
pg - 75-86
TI: Historical - Dorothy Garrod, first woman Professor at Cambridge
AU: Smith, Pamela Jane
pg - 131-136
TI: Historical - Ways of telling: Jacquetta Hawkes as film-maker
AU: Finn, Christine
pg - 127-130
TI: New Roman and prehistoric aerial discoveries at Grandford, Cambridgeshire
AU: Potter, T W;Robinson, B
pg - 31-32
TI: New research on the Hungarian Early Neolithic
AU: Whittle, Alasdair
pg - 13-14
TI: Notes for contributors //

pg - 252
TI: Postgraduates - A model graduate training programme in public archaeology
AU: Weisman, Brent R;White, Nancy Marie
pg - 203-207
TI: Postgraduates - Facts and skills: archaeology in teacher training
AU: Pretty, Kate
pg - 214-218
TI: Postgraduates - Towards a national training scheme for England and the United Kingdom
AU: Collis, John
pg - 208-213
TI: Pottery abrasion and the preparation of African grains
AU: Reid, Andrew;Young, Ruth
pg - 101-111
TI: Radiocarbon calibration and Late Glacial occupation in northwest Europe - with reply by R.A. Housley, C.S. Gamble & P. Pettitt
AU: Blockley, S P E;Donahue, R E;Pollard, A M
pg - 112-121
TI: Red Barns Palaeolithic site
AU: Wenban-Smith, Francis F
pg - 9-10
TI: Renewed investigations at the Folsom Paleoindian type site
AU: Meltzer, David J
pg - 35-36
TI: Review - Among the New Books
AU: James, Nicholas
pg - 219-231
TI: Review-articles - Historical archaeology - Historical archaeology: Back from the edge
AU: Crossley, David;Funari;Hall;Jones
pg - 236
TI: Review-articles - Historical archaeology - The familiar past? Archaeologies of later historical Britain
AU: Crossley, David;Tarlow;West
pg - 236-237
TI: Review-articles - Ireland: fierce tradition grows claws - Dublin and beyond the Pale: studies in honour of Patrick Healy
AU: Mytum, Harold;Manning
pg - 234
TI: Review-articles - Ireland: fierce tradition grows claws - Early Medieval Munster: Archaeology, history and society
AU: Mytum, Harold;Monk;Sheehan
pg - 234-235
TI: Review-articles - Ireland: fierce tradition grows claws - Irish antiquities: essays in memory of Joseph Raftery
AU: Mytum, Harold;Ryan
pg - 234
TI: Review-articles - New perspectives on - and for - southern Africa - Caves, monuments and texts: Zimbabwean archaeology today
AU: Fagan, Brian;Pwiti
pg - 232
TI: Review-articles - New perspectives on - and for - southern Africa - Ditswa Mmung: the archaeology of Botswana
AU: Fagan, Brian;Lane;Reid;Segobye
pg - 232-233
TI: Ridge and furrow survival and preservation
AU: Hall, David;Palmer, Rog
pg - 29-30
TI: Romanization, Christianization and Islamicization in Southern Lusitania
AU: Teichner, Felix;Neville, Ann
pg - 33-34
TI: Schools - Archaeology and education in Argentina
AU: Podgorny, Irina
pg - 151-154
TI: Schools - Archaeology and education in Postsoviet Russia
AU: Berezkin, Yuri E
pg - 155-158
TI: Schools - Archaeology and history for Welsh primary classes
AU: Mytum, Harold
pg - 165-170
TI: Schools - Archaeology in French education: work in the département of the Drôme
AU: Planel, Philippe
pg - 147-150
TI: Schools - Public archaeology in Canada
AU: Lea, Joanne;Smardz, Karolyn E
pg - 141-146
TI: Schools - Teaching the past in the United Kingdom's schools
AU: Henson, Don
pg - 137-140
TI: Schools - The birth of educational archaeology in South Africa
AU: Esterhuysen, Amanda B
pg - 159-164
TI: Special section: Archaeology in education - Introduction
AU: Malone, Caroline;Baxter, Mary;Stone, Peter
pg - 122-126
TI: Taiwan, Neolithic seafaring and Austronesian origins
AU: Rolett, Barry V;Chen, Wei-chun;Sinton, John M
pg - 54-61
TI: The International Ancient Egyptian Mummy Tissue Bank at the Manchester Museum
AU: Lambert-Zazulak, Patricia
pg - 44-48
TI: The fortifications and water supply systems of Constantinople
AU: Bayliss, Richard
pg - 25-26
TI: The intensive survey of three hilltop terraced sites in Oaxaca, Mexico
AU: Feinman, Gary M;Nicholas, Linda M
pg - 21-22
TI: The origins of the civilization of Angkor
AU: Higham, Charles;Thosarat, Rachanie
pg - 27-28
TI: The use of henbane (Hyoscyamus niger L.) as a hallucinogen at Neolithic 'ritual' sites: a re-evaluation
AU: Long, D J;Tipping, R;Holden, T G;Bunting, M J;Milburn, P
pg - 49-53
TI: Towards a phenomenology of Samnite fortified centres
AU: Bispham, E H;Bradley, G J;Hawthorne, J W J;Kane, S
pg - 23-24
TI: Universities - Archaeology and education in Australia
AU: Colley, Sarah
pg - 171-176
TI: Universities - Archaeology in Greek higher education
AU: Hamilakis, Yannis
pg - 177-181
TI: Universities - Archaeology, education and Brazilian identity
AU: Funari, Pedro Paulo A
pg - 182-185
TI: Universities - Archaeology, education and the political landscape of American schools
AU: Davis, M Elaine
pg - 194-198
TI: Universities - Education is what's left: some thoughts on introductory archaeology
AU: Fagan, Brian
pg - 190-193
TI: Universities - Opening the ground: archaeology and education in Ireland
AU: Cooney, Gabriel
pg - 199-202
TI: Universities - The Society for American Archaeology's 'Teaching archaeology in the 21st century' initiative
AU: Smith, George S;Bender, Susan J
pg - 186-189
TI: Vera Collum and the excavation of a 'Roman' megalithic tomb
AU: Bradley, Richard
pg - 39-43
TI: WF16, a new PPNA site in Southern Jordan
AU: Mithen, Steven;Finlayson, Bill
pg - 11-12
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