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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2000, 74 (284)
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TI: A 'tree' is not a 'train': mistaken analogies in Pacific archaeology
AU: Terrell, John Edward
pg - 331-333
TI: A Caribbean feasibility -- the Nevis Heritage Project
AU: Morris, Elaine L
pg - 267-268
TI: A revised chronological and palaeoenvironmental framework for the Kastritsa rockshelter, northwest Greece
AU: Galanidou, N;Tzedakis, P C;Lawson, I T;Frogley, M R
pg - 349-355
TI: An Iron Age ditched enclosure system at Limes Farm, Landbeach, Cambridgeshire
AU: Connor, Aileen;Palmer, Rog
pg - 281-282
TI: An ivory cache from Botswana
AU: Reid, Andrew;Segobye, Alinah K
pg - 326-330
TI: Archaeological investigations in the Northern Highlands of Ecuador at Hacienda Zuleta
AU: Currie, Elizabeth J
pg - 273-274
TI: Book reviews - Chakrabarti India: an archaeological history - Palaeolithic beginnings to early historic foundation
AU: Basa, Kishor K
pg - 448
TI: Book reviews - Druids
AU: Ross;Rankin, David
pg - 454
TI: Book reviews - Malek Egyptian art
AU: Quirke, Stephen
pg - 446
TI: Book reviews - Pryor Etton: excavations at a Neolithic causewayed enclosure near Maxey, Cambridgeshire, 1982-7
AU: Evans, Christopher
pg - 450-451
TI: Book reviews - The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Edix Hill Cambridgeshire
AU: Malim;Hines;Barrington, A;Geake, Helen
pg - 452
TI: Book reviews - The Cambridge history of ancient China from the origins of civilization to 221 BC
AU: Loewe;Shaughnessy;Higham, Charles
pg - 447
TI: Book reviews - The archaeological map of the Murghab Delta: preliminary reports, 1990-95
AU: Gubaev;Koshelenko;Tosi;Hiebert, Fredrik T
pg - 449
TI: Book reviews - The sculptures of the Parthenon: aesthetics and interpretation
AU: Lagerlöf;Osborne, Robin
pg - 453
TI: Campanaio -- an agricultural settlement in Roman Sicily
AU: Wilson, R J A
pg - 289-290
TI: Continuity and change in Minoan palatial power
AU: Knappett, Carl;Schoep, Ilse
pg - 365-371
TI: Direct AMS Radiocarbon dates for the Sungir mid Upper Palaeolithic burials
AU: Pettitt, P B;Bader, N O
pg - 269-270
TI: Editorial //

pg - 255-262
TI: Editorial notices //

pg - 455
TI: Elite commemoration in Early Modern England: reading funerary monuments
AU: Wilson, Jean
pg - 413-423
TI: Environmental thresholds and the empirical reality of state collapse: a response to Erickson (1999)
AU: Kolata, Alan L;Binford, Michael W;Brenner, Mark;Janusek, John W;Ortloff, Charles
pg - 424-426
TI: Excavations at Los Buchillones, Cuba
AU: Graham, Elizabeth;Pendergast, David M;Calvera, Jorge;Jardines, Juan
pg - 263-264
TI: Experimental reconstruction of the casting of copper 'oxhide' ingots
AU: Lokeren, Sven Van
pg - 275-276
TI: Fortified castles on Okinawa Island during the Gusuku Period, AD 1200-1600
AU: Ladefoged, Thegn N;Pearson, Richard
pg - 404-412
TI: Herodotus and the cannibals
AU: Murphy, E M;Mallory, J P
pg - 388-394
TI: Mesolithic sedentism on Oronsay: chronological evidence from adjacent islands in the southern Hebrides
AU: Mithen, Steven
pg - 298-303
TI: Metalworker or shaman: Early Bronze Age Upton Lovell G2a burial
AU: Shell, Colin A
pg - 271-272
TI: Microdebris analysis in Early Bronze Age Mesopotamian households
AU: Rainville, Lynn
pg - 291-292
TI: Microscopic views of Swiss Lake Villages
AU: Wallace, Gillian
pg - 283-284
TI: New AMS dates on human bone from Mesolithic Oronsay
AU: Richards, M P;Sheridan, J A
pg - 313-315
TI: New observations on the Bandkeramik House and social organization
AU: Hachem, Lamys
pg - 308-312
TI: New tools at Avebury
AU: Burton, Nick
pg - 279-280
TI: Palaeoecology and the perception of prehistoric landscapes: some comments on visual approaches to phenomenology
AU: Chapman, Henry P;Gearey, Benjamin R
pg - 316-318
TI: Peace dividend brings archaeological rewards
AU: Clarke, Bob
pg - 277-278
TI: Preclassic Maya architectural ritual at Cuello, Belize
AU: Hammond, Norman;Bauer, Jeremy;Hay, Sophie
pg - 265-266
TI: Rapid human response to Late Glacial climate change: a reply to Housley et al. (2000)
AU: Blockley, S P E;Donahue, R E;Pollard, A M
pg - 427-428
TI: Raw material utilization and new evidence for non-lithic technology at Dadong Cave, Southern China.
AU: Miller-Antonio, S;Schepartz, L A;Bakken, D
pg - 372-379
TI: Review - Among the New Books
AU: James, Nicholas
pg - 429-438
TI: Review-articles - Athens - reviewing - Miles The City Eleusinion
AU: Sparkes, Brian A
pg - 444
TI: Review-articles - Boxgrove - reviewing - Boxgrove: a Middle Pleistocene hominid site at Eartham Quarry, Boxgrove, West Sussex
AU: McNABB, John;Roberts;Parfitt
pg - 439-441
TI: Review-articles - Early Hellenistic Athens: symptoms of a change
AU: Frösén
pg - 444
TI: Review-articles - Society and culture in Palaeolithic Europe reviewing - Gamble The Palaeolithic societies of Europe -
AU: Pettitt, R B
pg - 442
TI: Review-articles - The Middle Palaeolithic occupation of Europe
AU: Roebroeks;Gamble
pg - 442-443
TI: Review-articles - The romanization of Athens
AU: Hoff;Rotroff
pg - 444-445
TI: Revised 'absolute' dating of the early Mesolithic site of Star Carr, North Yorkshire, in the light of changes in the early Holocene tree-ring chronology
AU: Dark, Petra
pg - 304-307
TI: Sigwells, Somerset, England: regional application and interpretation of geophysical survey
AU: Tabor, Richard;Johnson, Paul
pg - 319-325
TI: Stratigraphy, Harris matrices & relative dating of Australian rock-art
AU: Chippindale, Christopher;Jongh, Joané de;Flood, Josephine;Rufolo, Scott
pg - 285-286
TI: The AHRB and the funding of archaeology
AU: Jubb, Michael;Cunliffe, Barry;Payne, Sebastian;Renfrew, Colin
pg - 343-348
TI: The Neolithization of Siberia and the Russian Far East: radiocarbon evidence
AU: Kuzmin, Yaroslav V;Orlova, Lyubov A
pg - 356-364
TI: The Stonehenge we deserve
AU: Wainwright, Geoffrey
pg - 334-342
TI: The Tiber Valley Project: the Tiber and Rome through two millennia
AU: Patterson, H;Gennaro, F di;Giuseppe, H di;Fontana, S;Gaffney, V;Harrison, A;Keay, S J;Millett, M;Rendeli, M;Roberts, P;S
pg - 395-403
TI: The hooked stick in the Lascaux shaft scene
AU: Irwin, Arthur
pg - 293-297
TI: The introduction of the lapidary engraving wheel in Mesopotamia
AU: Sax, Margaret;Meeks, Nigel D;Collon, Dominique
pg - 380-387
TI: The theft of Saharan rock-art
AU: Keenan, Jeremy
pg - 287-288
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