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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2000, 74 (285)
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TI: A house in the Sicilian hills
AU: Malone, Caroline;Stoddart, Simon
pg - 471-472
TI: Among the New Books
AU: James, Nicholas
pg - 713-722
TI: An Aurignacian point from Uphill Quarry (Somerset) and the earliest settlement of Britain by Homo sapiens sapiens
AU: Jacobi, R M;Pettitt, P B
pg - 513-518
TI: Archaeology and identity in colonial India
AU: Lahiri, Nayanjot
pg - 687-692
TI: Archaeology and symbolism in the new South African coat of arms
AU: Smith, Benjamin;Lewis-Williams, J D;Blundell, Geoffrey;Chippindale, Christopher
pg - 467-468
TI: Archaeology in schools: an Indian example
AU: Pappu, Shanti
pg - 485-486
TI: Argaric society: death at home
AU: Lull, Vicente
pg - 581-590
TI: Ayodhya's sacred landscape: ritual memory, politics and archaeological 'fact'
AU: Shaw, Julia
pg - 693-700
TI: Back to Malyan
AU: Abdi, Kamyar
pg - 473-474
TI: Bangladesh: building national identity through archaeology
AU: Smith, M L
pg - 701-706
TI: Book reviews: Early Dynastic Egypt
AU: Wilkinson, n;Shaw, Ian
pg - 731
TI: Book reviews: Klithi: Palaeolithic settlement and Quaternary landscapes in northwest Greece
AU: Bailey;Bar-Yosef, Ofer
pg - 730
TI: Book reviews: Leadership strategies, economic activity, and interregional interaction: social complexity in northeast China
AU: Shelach;Barnes, Gina L
pg - 732
TI: Book reviews: Merowingerzeit am Niederrhein: Die frühmittelalterlichen Funde aus dem Regierungsbezirk Düsseldorf und dem Kreis Heinsberg
AU: Siegmund;Knol, Egge
pg - 734
TI: Book reviews: Rochester Cathedral 604-1540: an architectural history
AU: McAleer;Woodman, Francis
pg - 735
TI: Book reviews: The rise and fall of Swahili states
AU: Kusimba;Reid, Andrew
pg - 736-737
TI: Book reviews: Waffen und Gräber: typologische und chronologische Studien zu skandinavischen Waffengräbern 520/30 bis 900 n. Chr.
AU: Jørgensen;Rundkvist, Martin
pg - 733
TI: Colonial Indology and identity
AU: Chakrabarti, Dilip K
pg - 667-670
TI: Death and society: a Marxist approach
AU: Lull, Vicente
pg - 576-580
TI: Decay of delicate organic remains in shallow urban deposits: are we at a watershed?
AU: Kenward, Harry;Hall, Allan
pg - 519-524
TI: Discovery of two predicted Ancient Maya sites in Belize
AU: Tourtellot, Gair;Wolf, Marc;Belli, Francisco Estrada;Hammond, Norman
pg - 481-482
TI: Diversity, lifestyles and rites: new biological and archaeological evidence from British Earlier Neolithic mortuary assemblages
AU: Wysocki, Michael;Whittle, Alasdair
pg - 591-601
TI: Double identity in Orissa's Golden Triangle
AU: James, N
pg - 682-686
TI: Editorial //

pg - 457-464
TI: Editorial notices //

pg - 738
TI: Ethnic identity, biological history and dental morphology: evaluating the indigenous status of Maharashtra's Mahars
AU: Hemphill, Brian E;Lukacs, John R;Walimbe, Subhash R
pg - 671-681
TI: Flake production at the Lower Palaeolithic site of Holon (Israel): implications for the origin of the Levallois method
AU: Chazan, Michael
pg - 495-499
TI: Hunter-gatherer subsistence at the end of the Pleistocene: preliminary results from Picareiro Cave, Central Portugal
AU: Bicho, Nuno Ferreira;Hockett, Bryan;Haws, Jonathan;Belcher, William
pg - 500-506
TI: Indo-Roman trade: the ceramic evidence from Egypt
AU: Tomber, Roberta
pg - 624-631
TI: Interpretation not record: the practice of archaeology
AU: Andrews, Gill;Barrett, John C;Lewis, John S C
pg - 525-530
TI: Issam Kourbaj and Cambridge University Collection of Air Photographs
AU: Palmer, Rog
pg - 489-490
TI: Memory tools in early Mesopotamia
AU: Costello, Sarah Kielt
pg - 475-476
TI: Neanderthal contraction and modem human colonization of Europe
AU: Bocquet-Appel, Jean-Pierre;Demars, Pierre Yves
pg - 544-552
TI: Palaeoenvironments and economy of Iron Age Saka-Wusun agro-pastoralists in southeastern Kazakhstan
AU: Rosen, Arlene Miller;Chang, Claudia;Grigoriev, Fedor Pavlovich
pg - 611-623
TI: Palaeoindian artefact distributions: evidence and implications
AU: Anderson, David G;Faught, Michael K
pg - 507-512
TI: Phoenicians and Israelites - Phoenicians
AU: Vella, Nicholas;Markoe
pg - 728-729
TI: Phoenicians and Israelites - The Israelites
AU: Vella, Nicholas;Isserlin
pg - 728
TI: Radiocarbon dating and marine reservoir correction of Viking Age Christian burials from Orkney
AU: Barrett, James H;Beukens, Roelf P;Brothwell, Don R
pg - 537-543
TI: Recent investigations on Marajoara Culture, Marajó Island, Brazil
AU: Schaan, Denise P
pg - 469-470
TI: Recontextualizing Louisville
AU: Hammond, Norman;Runggaldier, Astrid
pg - 493-494
TI: Resource depression on the Northwest Coast of North America
AU: Butler, Virginia L
pg - 649-661
TI: Review: Megaliths: perspective improves; central mystery remains La France des dolmens et des sépultures collectives (4500-2000 avant J.-C.)
AU: Renfrew, Colin;Soulier
pg - 726-727
TI: Review: Megaliths: perspective improves; central mystery remains O Neolítico Atlantico e as orixes do megalitismo
AU: Renfrew, Colin;Casal
pg - 726
TI: Review: Megaliths: perspective improves; central mystery remains Sépultures d'Occident etgenèses des mégalithismes (9000-3500 avant notre ère) . Mégalithismes d
AU: Renfrew, Colin;Guilane
pg - 726
TI: Review: Neanderthals and Modern Humans - Neandertals and Modern Humans in Western Asia.
AU: Hopkinson, T;Akazawa;Aoki;Bar-Yosef
pg - 723-725
TI: Roman vineyards in Britain: finds from the Nene Valley and new research
AU: Brown, A G;Meadows, I
pg - 491-492
TI: Skeletal sex and gender in Merovingian mortuary archaeology
AU: Effros, Bonnie
pg - 632-639
TI: Special section: Archaeology and identity in south Asia - interpretations and consequences - Introduction
AU: Coningham, Robin;Lewer, Nick
pg - 664-666
TI: Studenoe-2 and the origins of microblade technologies in the Transbaikal, Siberia
AU: Goebel, Ted;Waters, Michael R;Buvit, Ian;Konstantinov, Mikhail V;Konstantinov, Aleksander V
pg - 567-575
TI: Tell Hamoukar: early city in northeastern Syria
AU: Gibson, McGuire;Maktash, Muhammad
pg - 477-478
TI: The Chester Beatty Library and its East Asian Collections: the new CBL Galleries
AU: Pollard, Clare
pg - 487-488
TI: The Upper Palaeolithic settlement of Iberia: first-generation maps
AU: Straus, Lawrence Guy;Bicho, Nuno;Winegardner, Ann C
pg - 553-566
TI: The Vijayan colonization and the archaeology of identity in Sri Lanka
AU: Coningham, Robin;Lewer, Nick
pg - 707-712
TI: The largest walled Shang City located in Anyang, China
AU: Tang, Jigen;Jing, Zhichun;Rapp, George
pg - 479-480
TI: The man, the woman and the hyoid bone: from archaeology to the burial practices of the Xiongnu people (Egyin Gol valley, Mongolia)
AU: Murail, P;Crubézy, E;Martin, H;Haye, L;Bruzek, J;Giscard, P H;Turbat, T;Erdenebaatar, D
pg - 531-536
TI: The origins of Timbuktu
AU: Insoll, Timothy
pg - 483-484
TI: The passage of axes: fire transformation of flint objects in the Neolithic of southern Sweden
AU: Larsson, Lars
pg - 602-610
TI: Tomnaverie stone circle, Aberdeenshire
AU: Bradley, Richard;Ball, Christine;Campbell, Michelle;Croft, Sharon;Phillips, Tim;Trevarthen, David
pg - 465-466
TI: Under the hammer
AU: Brodie, Neil
pg - 662-663
TI: Uppåkra - a centre in south Sweden in the 1st millennium AD
AU: Hårdh, Birgitta
pg - 640-648
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