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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2000, 74 (286)
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TI: A 3rd-millenniUM BC élite tomb from Tell Umm el-Marra, Syria
AU: Schwartz, Glenn M;Curvers, Hans H;Stuart, Barbara
pg - 771-772
TI: A new decorated menhir
AU: Scarre, Chris;Raux, Paul
pg - 757-758
TI: A recent find of a possible Lower Palaeolithic assemblage from the foothills of the Zagros Mountains
AU: Biglari, Fereydoun;Nokandeh, Gabriel;Heydari, Saman
pg - 749-750
TI: Agro-pastoralist colonization of Cyprus in the 10th millennium BP: initial assessments
AU: Peltenburg, Edgar;Colledge, Sue;Croft, Paul;Jackson, Adam;McCartney, Carole;Murray, Mary Anne
pg - 844-853
TI: Ana Manuku: a prehistoric ritualistic site on Mangaia, Cook Islands
AU: Steadman, David W;Antón, Susan C;Kirch, Patrick V
pg - 873-883
TI: Book reviews - Archaeology and the social history of ships
AU: Gould;Breen, Colin
pg - 981
TI: Book reviews - Archaeology of Orissa
AU: Basa;Mohanty;Brandtner, Martin
pg - 969
TI: Book reviews - Die Bronzezeitliche Nekropole von Demircihüyük-Sariket:Ausgrabungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts in Zusemmenarbeit mit dem Museum Burs
AU: Seeher;Bernbeck, Reinhard
pg - 972
TI: Book reviews - Landscape transformations and the archaeology of impact: social disruption and state formation in southern Africa
AU: Perry;Lane, Paul
pg - 978-979
TI: Book reviews - On the road of the winds: an archaeological history of the Pacific islands before European contact
AU: Kirch;Bellwood, Peter
pg - 968
TI: Book reviews - Roman Oxfordshire
AU: Henig, n;Booth;Allen;Taylor, Alison
pg - 975
TI: Book reviews - Sampling in archaeology
AU: Orton;Foard, Glenn
pg - 982
TI: Book reviews - Ships on bronzes. A study in Bronze Age religion and iconography
AU: Kaul;Harding, A F
pg - 974
TI: Book reviews - Star gods of the Maya: astronomy in art, folklore, and calendars
AU: Milbrath;González Torres, Yolotl
pg - 976
TI: Book reviews - Stories in red and black: pictorial histories of the Aztecs and Mixtecs
AU: Boone;Baquedano, Elizabeth
pg - 977
TI: Book reviews - The Central Palace sanctuary at Knossos
AU: Panagiotaki;Branigan, Keith
pg - 973
TI: Book reviews - The archaeology of Elam: formation and transformation of an ancient Iranian state
AU: Potts;Pollock, Susan
pg - 971
TI: Book reviews - The archaeology of Islam
AU: Insoll;Benco, Nancy L
pg - 980
TI: Book reviews - The archaeology of Solvieux, an Upper Paleolithic open air site in France
AU: Sackett;Boyle, Katie
pg - 967
TI: Book reviews - The tomb of Tia and Tia: a royal monument of the Ramesside period in the Memphite necropolis
AU: Martin;Ray, John
pg - 970
TI: Categorizing archaeological finds: the funerary material of Queen Hetepheres I at Giza
AU: Münch, Hans-Hubertus
pg - 898-908
TI: Digital enhancement of Torres Strait rock-art
AU: McNiven, Ian J;David, Bruno;Brayer, John
pg - 759-760
TI: Editorial //

pg - 741-748
TI: Editorial notices //

pg - 983-984
TI: Excavation of an Acheulian workshop at Isampur, Karnataka (India)
AU: Paddayya, K;Jhaldiyal, Richa;Petraglia, M D
pg - 751-752
TI: Flaking properties, petrology and use of Polish flint
AU: Domanski, Marian;Webb, John A
pg - 822-832
TI: Hammat al-Qa and the roots of urbanism in southwest Arabia
AU: Edens, C;Wilkinson, T J;Barratt, G
pg - 854-862
TI: In memoriam V. Gordon Childe
AU: Barton, Huw
pg - 769-770
TI: Index //

pg - 985
TI: Khmer artefacts return to Cambodia
AU: Bahn, Paul G
pg - 753
TI: Marija Gimbutas: some observations about her early years, 1921-1944
AU: Milisauskas, Sarunas
pg - 800-804
TI: Marki Alonia: a prehistoric Bronze Age settlement in Cyprus
AU: Frankel, David;Webb, Jennifer M
pg - 763-764
TI: New evidence from Bryn yr Hen Bobl, Llanedwen, Anglesey
AU: Driver, Toby;Hamilton, Mike;Leivers, Matt;Roberts, Julia;Peterson, Rick
pg - 761-762
TI: New fieldwork at Shuqba Cave and in Wadi en-Natuf, Western Judea
AU: Boyd, Brian;Crossland, Zoë
pg - 755-756
TI: New rock-art find in Portugal
AU: Bahn, Paul G
pg - 753-754
TI: Palaeolithic perishables made permanent
AU: Soffer, O;Adovasio, J M;Illingworth, J S;Amirkhanov, H A;Praslov, N D;Street, M
pg - 812-821
TI: Peau noire, mosques blancs: self-image in the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Scotland
AU: Murray, Jane
pg - 779-785
TI: Pollen and phytoliths in stone mounds at Pouerua, Northland, New Zealand: implications for the study of Polynesian farming
AU: Horrocks, M;Jones, M D;Carter, J A;Sutton, D G
pg - 863-872
TI: Radiocarbon chronology of the Kalmykia Catacomb culture of the west Eurasian steppe
AU: Shishlina, N I;Alexandrovsky, A L;Chichagova, O A;Plicht, J van der
pg - 793-799
TI: Refutation of the myth: new fortified settlement from Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age in Wielkopolska region (Poland)
AU: Nowakowski, Jacek;Raczkowski, Wlodzimierz
pg - 765-766
TI: Research on the Middle Palaeolithic in Dalmatia, Croatia
AU: Karavanic, Ivor
pg - 777-778
TI: Responses to Geoffrey Wainwright's report 'The Stonehenge we deserve', Antiquity 74 (2000): 334-42 with comment by Geoffrey Wainwright
AU: Baxter, Ian;Chippindale, Christopher;Fielden, Kate;Kennet, Wayland;Young, Elizabeth
pg - 944-951
TI: Review - Among the New Books
AU: James, Nicholas
pg - 952-963
TI: Review-articles: Archaeometallurgy - an island? - Early iron and steel in Sri Lanka: a study of the Samanalawewo area
AU: Juleff
pg - 964
TI: Review-articles: Archaeometallurgy - an island? - King Croesus'gold: excavations at Sardis and the history of gold refining
AU: Ramage;Craddock
pg - 964
TI: Review-articles: Archaeometallurgy - an island? - The archaeometallurgy of the Asian Old World
AU: Rehren, Thilo;Pigott
pg - 964
TI: Review-articles: Archaeometallurgy - an island? - The early British tin industry
AU: Gerrard
pg - 964-966
TI: Sanchi and its archaeological landscape: Buddhist monasteries, settlements & irrigation works in Central India
AU: Shaw, Julia
pg - 775-776
TI: The Ipatovo kurgan on the North Caucasian Steppe (Russia)
AU: Belinskij, Andrej B;Kalmykov, Alexej A;Korenevskij, Sergej N;Härke, Heinrich
pg - 773-774
TI: The botanical identity and transport of incense during the Egyptian New Kingdom
AU: Serpico, Margaret;White, Raymond
pg - 884-897
TI: The former Kano? Ethnoarchaeology of Kufan Kanawa, Niger
AU: Haour, Anne
pg - 767-768
TI: The living and the dead in northern Scotland 3500-2000 Bc
AU: Phillips, Tim;Watson, Aaron
pg - 786-792
TI: Time please
AU: Wainwright, Geoffrey
pg - 909-943
TI: Wall recesses for bee hives
AU: Crane, Eva;Walker, Penelope
pg - 805-811
TI: Weathering of petroglyphs: direct assessment and implications for dating methods
AU: Pope, Gregory A
pg - 833-843
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