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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2001, 75 (288)
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TI: 'The Oldest British Industry': continuity and obsolescence in a flintknapper's sample set
AU: Whittaker, John C
pg - 382-390
TI: A beaker/food vessel assemblage from the Northumberland Cheviots
AU: Topping, Peter
pg - 263-264
TI: A glimpse at Moche Phase III occupation at the Huacas of Moche site, northern Peru
AU: Chapdelaine, Claude;Pimentel, Victor;Bernier, Hélène
pg - 361-372
TI: A new Maya stela from La Milpa, Belize
AU: Hammond, Norman
pg - 267-268
TI: A visit to the Deh Luran Plain
AU: Abdi, Kamyar
pg - 247-250
TI: Absolute age range of the Late Cypriot IIC Period on Cyprus
AU: Manning, Sturt W;Weninger, Bernhard;South, Alison K;Kling, Barbara;Kuniholm, Peter Ian;Muhly, James D;Hadjisavvas, Sopho
pg - 328-340
TI: Among the New Books
AU: James, Nicholas
pg - 421-432
TI: An engraved bone fragment from c. 70,000-year-old Middle Stone Age levels at Blombos Cave, South Africa: implications for the origin of symbolism and language
AU: Errico, Francesco d';Henshilwood, Christopher;Nilssen, Peter
pg - 309-318
TI: An initial investigation into aspects of preservation potential of the Bradshaw rock-art system, Kimberley, northwestern Australia
AU: Biro, P P;Ebersole, T W;Felder, M A J;Jensen, I B;Michaelsen, P;Smith, N W;Liptak, T von
pg - 257-258
TI: Archaeobotanical evidence for pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) in sub-Saharan West Africa
AU: Andrea, A C D';Klee, M;Casey, J
pg - 341-348
TI: Book reviews: Aileen - a pioneering archaeologist
AU: Fox;Rahtz, Philip
pg - 456
TI: Book reviews: Beyond chiefdoms: pathways to complexity in Africa
AU: McIntosh;Mitchell, Peter
pg - 444-445
TI: Book reviews: Critical approaches to fieldwork: contemporary and historical archaeological practice
AU: Lucas;Bradley, Richard
pg - 455
TI: Book reviews: European societies in the Bronze Age
AU: Harding;Pearson, Mike Parker
pg - 447
TI: Book reviews: Fields of deception: Britain's bombing decoys of World War II
AU: Dobinson;Hillelson, David
pg - 453
TI: Book reviews: Hadrian's Wall: some aspects of its post-Roman influence on the landscape
AU: Whitworth;Breeze, David
pg - 452
TI: Book reviews: La question du Campaniforme en France et dans les îles onglo-normandes: productions, chronologie et rôles d'un standard céramique
AU: Salanova;Scarre, Chris
pg - 446
TI: Book reviews: Late Iron Age and Roman Silchester: excavations on the site of the Forum-Basilica 1977, 1980-86
AU: Fulford;Timby;Niblett, Rosalind
pg - 450
TI: Book reviews: Minster churches in the Dorset landscape
AU: Hall;Oosthuizen, Susan
pg - 452
TI: Book reviews: Mosaics of the Greek & Roman world
AU: Dunbabin;Michaelides, Demetrios
pg - 448-449
TI: Book reviews: The Quoit Brooch style and Anglo-Saxon settlement: a costing and recasting of cultural identity symbols
AU: Suzuki;Hills, C M
pg - 451
TI: Book reviews: The archaeology of animal bones
AU: O'Connor;Murray, Emily
pg - 454
TI: Broken fingers: Classic Maya scribe capture and polity consolidation
AU: Johnston, Kevin J
pg - 373-381
TI: Bronze Age Myanmar (Burma): a report on the people from the cemetery of Nyaunggan, Upper Myanmar
AU: Tayles, Nancy;Domett, Kate;Pauk, U Pauk
pg - 273-278
TI: Camels in antiquity: Roman Period finds from Slovenia
AU: Bartosiewicz, László;Dirjec, Janez
pg - 279-284
TI: Conservation - Of microbes and art: the role of microbial communities in the degradation and protection of cultural heritage
AU: Mulvin, Lynda;Ciferri;Tiano;Mastromei
pg - 436
TI: Conservation - Stone, brick and mortar: historical use, decay and conservation of building materials in Ireland
AU: Mulvin, Lynda;Pavia;Bolton
pg - 436-437
TI: Editorial //

pg - 233-246
TI: Editorial and subscription notices //

pg - 457
TI: Expressiveness and communication: Insular Celtic art through six centuries - Jope - Early Celtic art in the British Isles
AU: Megaw, Ruth;Megaw, Vincent
pg - 433-435
TI: Fair Prehistory: archaeological exhibits at French Expositions Universelles
AU: Müller-Scheessel, Nils
pg - 391-401
TI: Gender agenda? Aspects of women in antiquity
AU: Sørensen, M L Stig;Lovén;Strömberg
pg - 440
TI: Gender agenda? Gender and Italian archaeology: challenging the stereotypes.
AU: Sørensen, M L Stig;Whitehouse
pg - 440-442
TI: Gender agenda? Gender in African prehistory
AU: Sørensen, M L Stig;Kent
pg - 440
TI: Gender agenda? Manifesting power: gender and the interpretation of power in archaeology
AU: Sørensen, M L Stig;Sweely
pg - 440
TI: Greek islands - An island archaeology of the early Cyclades
AU: Berg, Ina;Broodbank
pg - 438-439
TI: Greek islands - The Ionian islands in the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age, 3000-800 BC
AU: Berg, Ina;Souyoudzoglou-Haywood
pg - 438
TI: Lithic assemblages from the Chang Tang Region, Northern Tibet
AU: Brantingham, P Jeffrey;Olsen, John W;Schaller, George B
pg - 319-327
TI: Megalithic engineering techniques: experiments using axe-based technology
AU: Osenton, Clifford J
pg - 293-298
TI: Metalwork, burnt mounds and settlement on the West Sussex Coastal Plain: a contextual study
AU: Dunkin, David J
pg - 261-262
TI: Palaeolithic weaving - a contribution from Chauvet
AU: Bahn, Paul G
pg - 271-272
TI: Production and exchange of the earliest ceramic vessels in the Aegean: a view from Early Neolithic Knossos, Crete
AU: Tomkins, Peter;Day, Peter M
pg - 259-260
TI: Recent excavations in Northwest Cambodia
AU: O'Reilly, Dougald J W;Sytha, Pheng
pg - 265-266
TI: Recent rescue excavations in Albania
AU: Amore, Maria Grazia;Bejko, Lorenc
pg - 269-270
TI: Responses: Blind in a cloud of data: problems with the chronology of Neanderthal extinction and anatomically modern human expansion
AU: Pettitt, P B;Pike, A W G;Bocquet-Appel, J P;Demars, P Y
pg - 415-420
TI: Responses: Harappan seeds and agriculture: some considerations
AU: Fuller, Dorian Q;Weber, by Steven A
pg - 410-414
TI: Rock carvings, rubbings and lichen
AU: Coles, John
pg - 255-256
TI: Seven thousand collections - on the Web
AU: Morris, Elaine L;Champion, T C
pg - 253-254
TI: The chronology of the Iron Age 'moats' of northeast Thailand
AU: McGrath, R J;Boyd, W E
pg - 349-360
TI: The use of 'SRT' in sampling the Makapansgat Limeworks hominid palaeocave, South Africa
AU: Herries, Andy I R;Latham, Alf G;Kuykendall, Kevin L
pg - 251-252
TI: Three-dimensional imaging in archaeology: its history and future
AU: Nicholson, Paul T
pg - 402-409
TI: Values, knowledge and ownership - Debating the archaeological heritage
AU: Gathercole, Peter;Skeates
pg - 443
TI: Values, knowledge and ownership - Native title and the transformation of archaeology in the postcolonial world
AU: Gathercole, Peter;Lilley
pg - 443
TI: Were ancient seals secure?
AU: Johnston, Roger G;Martinez, Debbie D;Garcia, Anthony R E
pg - 299-304
TI: Were the Scots Irish?
AU: Campbell, Ewan
pg - 285-292
TI: West Heslerton seminar Papers
AU: Rahtz, Philip
pg - 305-308
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