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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2001, 75 (290)
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TI: 'Olmec Blue' and Formative jade sources: new discoveries in Guatemala
AU: Seitz, R;Harlow, G E;Sisson, V B;Taube, K E
pg - 687-688
TI: 'The king's monuments'? Research into the formlings in the rock art of Zimbabwe
AU: Mguni, Siyakha
pg - 807-808
TI: A Preclassic Maya sweatbath at Cuello, Belize
AU: Hammond, Norman;Bauer, Jeremy R
pg - 683-684
TI: A building for ritual use at Uppåkra, southernmost Sweden
AU: Larsson, Lars
pg - 679-680
TI: A further response to Geoffrey Wainwright's 'Time Please', Antiquity 74: 909-43 More time please
AU: Lawson, Andrew
pg - 703-705
TI: A large area archaeological excavation at Cuddie Springs Response
AU: Field, Judith;Fullagar, Richard;Lord, Garry
pg - 696-702
TI: A new dating sequence for Catalhöyük
AU: Cessford, Craig
pg - 717-725
TI: Among the New Books
AU: James, Nicholas
pg - 877-888
TI: Ancient marbles to American shores. Classical archaeology in the United States
AU: Dyson;Fentress, Elizabeth
pg - 903-905
TI: Bananas and the archaeology of Buganda
AU: Reid, Andrew
pg - 811-812
TI: Between fasting and feasting: the literary and archaeobotanical evidence for monastic diet in Late Antique Egypt
AU: Harlow, Mary;Smith, Wendy
pg - 758-768
TI: Book reviews: Alternative leadership strategies in the Prehispanic Southwest
AU: Mills;Rautman, Alison E
pg - 901
TI: Book reviews: East of Wallace's line: studies of past and present maritime cultures of the Indo-Pacific region
AU: O'Connor;Veth;Glover, Ian
pg - 896
TI: Book reviews: Hunters of the Golden Age: the mid Upper Palaeolithic of Eurasia 30,000-20,000 BP
AU: Roebroeks;Mussi;Svoboda;Fennema;Davies, William
pg - 894-895
TI: Book reviews: Lerna, a Preclassical site in the Argolid: results of excavations conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens
AU: Wiencke;Peperaki, Olympia
pg - 897
TI: Book reviews: Lower and Middle Palaeolithic artefacts from deposits mapped as Clay-with-flints: a new synthesis with significant implications for the earliest o
AU: Scott-Jackson;Wenban-Smith, Francis
pg - 893
TI: Book reviews: The good stones: anew investigation of the Clava cairns
AU: Bradley;Gibson, Alex
pg - 898
TI: Book reviews: The history of Greek vases: potters, painters and pictures
AU: Boardman;Spivey, Nigel
pg - 900
TI: Book reviews: The socketed bronze axes in Ireland
AU: Eogan;Pendleton, Colin
pg - 898-899
TI: By donkey train to Kufra? - How Mr Meri went west
AU: Kuper, Rudolph
pg - 801-802
TI: Cultural resource management and Africanist archaeology
AU: MacEachern, Scott
pg - 866-871
TI: Dangerous energy: the archaeology of gunpowder and military explosives manufacture
AU: Cocroft;Smith, Denis
pg - 906
TI: Dating Shuidonggou and the Upper Palaeolithic blade industry in North China
AU: Madsen, David B;Jingzen, Li;Brantingham, P Jeffrey;Xing, Gao;Elston, Robert G;Bettinger, Robert L
pg - 706-716
TI: Diversity in mastic-mounted stone adzes and the use of mastic in precolonial South Africa: evidence from Steenbokfontein Cave
AU: Jerardino, Antonieta
pg - 859-865
TI: Editorial //

pg - 659-674
TI: Editorial and subscription notices //

pg - 907-908
TI: Environment and settlements in the Mid-Holocene palaeo-oasis of Wadi Tanezzuft (Libyan Sahara)
AU: Cremaschi, Mauro;Lernia, Savino di
pg - 815-824
TI: Geophysical and palynological investigations of the Tell El Dabaa archaeological site, Nile Delta, Egypt
AU: Beialy, Salah Y El;Edwards, Kevin J;El-Mahmoudi, Ahmed S
pg - 735-744
TI: Index //

pg - 909
TI: Knobbed spearbutts of the British and Irish Iron Age: new examples and new thoughts
AU: Heald, Andrew
pg - 689-695
TI: Late Pliocene Oldowan excavations at Kanjera South, Kenya
AU: Plummer, Thomas;Ferraro, Joseph;Ditchfield, Peter;Bishop, Laura;Potts, Richard
pg - 809-810
TI: Maya ruiership at Holmul, Guatemala
AU: Belli, Francisco Estrada
pg - 685-686
TI: Nakovana Cave: an Illyrian ritual site
AU: Forenbaher, Staso;Kaiser, Timothy
pg - 677-678
TI: New AMS radiocarbon dates for the North Ferriby boats - a contribution to dating prehistoric seafaring in northwestern Europe
AU: Wright, Edward V;Hedges, Robert E M;Bayliss, Alex;Noort, Robert Van de
pg - 726-734
TI: Paul Lane Introduction - African archaeology today

pg - 793-796
TI: Prehistoric agricultural fields and water management technology of the Safford Valley, southeastern Arizona
AU: Neely, James A
pg - 681-682
TI: Rescue archaeology in eastern Cameroon
AU: Mindzie, Christophe Mbida;Asombang, Raymond;Delneuf, Michèle
pg - 805-806
TI: Restless corpses: 'secondary burial' in the Babenberg and Habsburg dynasties
AU: Weiss-Krejci, Estella
pg - 769-780
TI: Review-article: Issues for Historical Archaeology - Hall Archaeology and the modern world: colonial transcripts in South Africa and the Chesapeake
AU: Leech, Roger H
pg - 891-892
TI: Review-article: Issues for Historical Archaeology - Lines that divide: historical archaeologies of race, class, and gender
AU: Leech, Roger H;Delle;Mrozowski;Paynter
pg - 891
TI: Review-article: On Archaic Greek orientalizing - weird or woolly? - Marinatos - The goddess and the warrior: the naked goddess and Mistress of Animals in early
AU: Johnston, Alan
pg - 889
TI: Review-article: On Archaic Greek orientalizing - weird or woolly? - Shanks - Art and the early Greek state: an interpretive archaeology
AU: Johnston, Alan
pg - 889-890
TI: Rock art in sub-Saharan Mali
AU: Kleinitz, Cornelia
pg - 799-800
TI: Roman vineyards in Britain: stratigraphic and palynological data from Wollaston in the Nene Valley, England
AU: Brown, A G;Meadows, J;Turner, S D;Mattingley, D J
pg - 745-757
TI: Soil erosion, iron smelting and human settlement in the Haubi Basin, north-central Tanzania
AU: Lane, Paul;Mapunda, Bertram B B;Eriksson, Mats
pg - 803-804
TI: TWo Early Holocene check dams from Southern Arabia
AU: McCorriston, Joy;Oches, Eric
pg - 675-676
TI: The Dia archaeological project: rescuing cultural heritage in the Inland Niger Delta (Mali)
AU: Bedaux, Rogier;Macdonald, Kevin;Person, Alain;Polet, Jean;Sanogo, Kléna;Schmidt, Annette;Sidibé, Samuel
pg - 836-848
TI: The Kintampo Archaeological Research Project (KARP): academic collaboration and field research in Ghana
AU: Watson, Derek;Woodhouse, James
pg - 813-814
TI: The decipherment of ancient Maya writing
AU: Houston;Mazariegos;Stuart;Hammond, Norman
pg - 902
TI: The future of Mali's past
AU: Bedaux, R M A;Rowlands, M
pg - 872-876
TI: Time and the ancestors: landscape survey in the Andrantsay region of Madagascar
AU: Crossland, Zoë
pg - 825-835
TI: Ulster and the Indian Ocean? Recent maritime archaeological research on the East African coast
AU: Breen, Colin;Forsythe, Wes;Lane, Paul;McErlean, Tom;McConkey, Rosemary;Omar, Athman Lali;Quinn, Rory;Williams, Brian
pg - 797-798
TI: Urban precursors in the Horn: early 1st-millennium BC communities in Eritrea
AU: Schmidt, Peter R;Curtis, Matthew C
pg - 849-858
TI: Why digital enhancement of rock paintings works: rescaling and saturating colours
AU: David, Bruno;Brayer, John;McNiven, Ian J;Watchman, Alan
pg - 781-792
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