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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2003, 77 (295)
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TI: A Paleolithic "Pompeii" at Kostenki, Russia
AU: Sinitsyn, Andrei A.
pg - 9-14
TI: A wiggle-match date for Polynesian settlement of New Zealand
AU: Hogg, Alan G....[et al.]
pg - 116-125
TI: Agricultural origins in the Korean Peninsula
AU: Crawford, Gary W. ; Lee, Gyoung-Ah
pg - 87-95
TI: CORONA Satellite Photography and Ancient Road Networks: A Northern Mesopotamian Case Study
AU: Ur, Jason
pg - 102-115
TI: Centres and peripheries amongst archaeologists-archaeological theory after communism
AU: Gheorghiu, Dragos
pg - 170-171
TI: Current problems in dating Palaeolithic cave art: Candamo and Chauvet
AU: Pettit, Paul ; Bahn, Jean
pg - 134-141
TI: Dating resin coating on pottery: the Spirit Cave early ceramic dates revised
AU: Lampert, C.D....[et al.]
pg - 126-133
TI: Direct dating of plaster and mortar using AMS Radiocarbon: a pilot project from Khirbet Qana, Israel
AU: Rech, Jason A....[et al.]
pg - 155-164
TI: Don't knock the ancestors
AU: Pitts, Mike
pg - 172-177
TI: How reliable are radiocarbon laboratoires?: A report on the Fourth International Radiocarbon Inter-comparaison (FIRI) (1998-2001)
AU: Boaretto, Elisabetta...[et al.]
pg - 146-154
TI: In B or not in B: a reappraisal of the Natufian burials at Shukbah Cave, Judaea, Palestine
AU: Weinstein-Evron, M.
pg - 96-101
TI: Mesolithic to Neolithic transitions: new results from shell-middens in the western Algarve, Portugal
AU: Striner, Mary C....[et al.]
pg - 75-86
TI: Neolithic transition in Europe: the radiocarbon record revisited
AU: Gkiasta, Marina...[et al.]
pg - 45-62
TI: Putting the record straight: Rock art and shamanism
AU: Lewis-Williams, J.D.
pg - 165-169
TI: Roman archaeology: crisis and revolution
AU: James, Simon
pg - 178-184
TI: Style, Chauvet and radiocarbon
AU: Valladas, Hélène ; Clottes, Jean
pg - 142-145
TI: The Gravettian burial known as the Prince ("II Principe"): new evidence for his age and diet
AU: Pettitt, P.B....[et al.]
pg - 15-19
TI: The Neolithic transition in Europe: comparing broad scale genetic and local scale isotopic evidence
AU: Bentley, R. Alexander ; Chikhi, Lounès ; Price, T. Douglas
pg - 63-66
TI: The Wolf of Baikal: the "Lokomotiv" Early Neolithic Cemetery in Siberia (Russia)
AU: Bazaliiskiy, V.I. ; Savelyev, N.A.
pg - 20-30
TI: The earliest writing? Sign use in the seventh millennium BC at Jiahu, Henan Province, China
AU: Li, Xuequin...[et al.]
pg - 31-44
TI: Thoughts on the 'Repacked' Neolithic Revolution
AU: Thomas, Julian
pg - 67-74
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