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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2003, 77 (296)
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TI: A catastrophe remenbered: a meteorite impact of the fifth century AD in the Abruzzo, central Italy
AU: Santilli, Roberto...[et al.]
pg - 313-320
TI: A future for Dark Earth?
AU: Macphail, Richard I. ; Galinié, Henri ; Verhaeghe, Frans
pg - 349-358
TI: Beads, social change and interaction between India and South-east Asia
AU: Bellina, Bérénice
pg - 285-297
TI: Corridors of power: a case study in access analysis from medieval England
AU: Richardson, Amanda
pg - 373-384
TI: Discovery of Palaeolithic cave art in Britain
AU: Bahn, Paul ; Pettitt, Paul ; Ripoll, Sergio
pg - 227-231
TI: Faith in the past: debating an archaeology of religion
AU: Whitley, David S. ; Keyser, James D.
pg - 385-393
TI: Gardening, foraging and herding: Neolithic land use and social territories in Southern Italy
AU: Robb, John ; Hove, Doortje Van
pg - 241-254
TI: Grapes or raisins? An early Bronze Age larder under the microscope
AU: Cartwright, Caroline R.
pg - 345-348
TI: Hidden in view: African spiritual spaces in North American landscapes
AU: Ruppel, Timothy...[et al.]
pg - 321-335
TI: Imaging the past: recent applications of multispectral imaging technology to deciphering manuscripts
AU: Chabries, Douglas M. ; Booras, Steven W. ; Bearman, Gregory H.
pg - 359-372
TI: Iron Age society and chronology in South-east Kazakhstan
AU: Chang, Claudia...[et al.]
pg - 298-312
TI: Response to Mike Pitt's 'Don't Knock the Ancestors'
AU: Whitley, James
pg - 401
TI: Social identities and the expansion of stone bead-making in Neolithic Western Asia: new evidence from Jordan
AU: Wright, Katherine ; Garrard, Andrew
pg - 267-284
TI: The Late Glacial human reoccupation of north-western Europe: new approaches to space-time modelling
AU: Blackwell, Paul G. ; Buck, Caitlin, E.
pg - 232-240
TI: The management of space in a Palaeolithic rock shelter: defining activity areas by spatial analysis
AU: Yvorra, Pascale
pg - 336-344
TI: Tombs with a view: landscape, monuments and trees
AU: Cummings, Vicki ; Whittle, Alasdair
pg - 255-266
TI: William Stukeley: an eighteenth-century phenomenologist?
AU: Peterson, Rick
pg - 394-400
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