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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2003, 77 (297)
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TI: A measure of conviction: recording emphasis in Scandinavian rock carvings
AU: Coles, John
pg - 567-571
TI: An Iron Age chariot burial from Scotland
AU: Carter, Stephen ; Hunter, Fraser
pg - 531-535
TI: Andean luxury foods: special food for the ancestors, deities and the élite
AU: Hastorf, Christine A.
pg - 545-554
TI: Archaeology under the Judiciary: Ayodhya 2003
AU: Chakrabarti, Dilip K.
pg - 579-580
TI: Dance of the Cranes: Crane symbolism at Çatalhöyük and beyond
AU: Russell, Nerissa ; McGowan, Kevin J.
pg - 445-455
TI: Immutable laws of friction: preparing and fitting stone blocks into the Great Pyramid of Giza
AU: Stocks, Denys A.
pg - 572-578
TI: Living Lithics: ethnoarchaeology in Highland Papua New Guinea
AU: Sillitoe, Paul ; Hardy, Karen
pg - 555-566
TI: Monuments in a flood zone: "builders" and "recipients" in ancient Varendri, (Eastern India and Bangladesh)
AU: Panja, Sheena
pg - 497-504
TI: Population expansion iin the western Pacific (Austronesia): a wave of advance model
AU: Fort, Joaquim
pg - 520-530
TI: Prehistory and its perception in a Melanesian Archipelago: the New Caledonia example
AU: Sand, Christophe ; Bolé, Jacques ; Ouetcho, André
pg - 505-519
TI: Settlement and economy in Neolithic Ukraine: a new chronology
AU: Telegin, D. Ya....[et al.]
pg - 456-470
TI: The Egyptian origin of the Greek alphabetic numerals
AU: Chrisomalis, Stephen
pg - 485-496
TI: The origins of iron working in India: new evidence from the Central Ganga Plain and the Eastern Vindhyas
AU: Tewari, Rakesh
pg - 536-544
TI: Wood charcoal from Santorini (Thera): new evidence for climate, vegetation and timber imports in the Aegean Bronze Age
AU: Asouti, E.
pg - 471-484
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