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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2003, 77 (298)
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TI: A Neanderthal face? The proto-figurine from La Roche-Cotard, Langeais (Indre-et-Loire, France)
AU: Marquet, Jean-Claude ; Lorblanchet, Michel
pg - 661-670
TI: Bronzes, mortuary practice and political strategies of the Yan during the early Western Zhou period
AU: Sun, Yan
pg - 761-770
TI: Cutting a long story short? The process of neolithization in the Dutch delta re-examined
AU: Raemaekers, Daan
pg - 740-748
TI: Did Neanderthals eat inner bark?
AU: Sandgathe, Dennis M. ; Hayden, Brian
pg - 709-718
TI: Early human burials in the western Pacific: evidence for a c.3000 year old occupation on Palau
AU: Fitzpatrick, Scott M.
pg - 719-731
TI: Early multi-resource nomadism: Excavations at the Camel Site in the central Negev
AU: Rosen, Steven A.
pg - 749-760
TI: Mesolithic and Neolithic cultures co-existing in the upper Rhône valley
AU: Perrin, Thomas
pg - 732-739
TI: Mesolithic dwelling places in south Scandinavia: their definition and social interpretation
AU: Gron, Ole
pg - 685-708
TI: Neanderthals as fiction in archaeological narrative
AU: Hackett, Abigail ; Dennell, Robin
pg - 816-827
TI: Prehistoric trade between Ecuador and West Mexico: a computer simulation of coastal voyages
AU: Callaghan, Richard T.
pg - 796-804
TI: Recent radiocarbon results and King Solomon
AU: Finkelstein, Israel ; Piasetzky, Eli
pg - 771-779
TI: The British Museum at 250
AU: Cunliffe, Barry...[et al.]
pg - 828-833
TI: The Middle Palaeolithic of Arabia: Implications for modern human origins, behaviour and dispersals
AU: Petraglia, Michael D. ; Alsharekh, Abdullah
pg - 671-684
TI: The Warrior of Lattes: an Iron Age statue discovered in Mediterranean France
AU: Dietler, Michael ; Py, Michel
pg - 780-795
TI: Towards an understanding of hafting: the macro- and microscopic evidence
AU: Rots, Veerle
pg - 805-815
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