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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2004, 78 (299)
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TI: "The wet and the wild followed by the dry and the tame" - or did they occur at the same time? Diet in Mesolithic - Neolithic southern Sweden
AU: Lidén, Kerstin...[et al.]
pg - 23-33
TI: Change of diet in Northern Europe's Mesolithic - Neolithic transition: a new critique

pg - 9
TI: Comment on dates from a resin-coated sherd from Spirit Cave, Thailand
AU: White, Joyce C.
pg - 184-187
TI: Goba of Mua: archaeology working with oral tradition
AU: David, Bruno
pg - 158-172
TI: Investigating population movement by stable isotope analysis: a report from Britain
AU: Budd, Paul...[et al.]
pg - 127-141
TI: Isotopes and red herrings: comments on Milner et al. and Lidén et al.
AU: Hedges, R.E.M.
pg - 34-37
TI: Ivory production & consumption in Ghana in the early second millennium AD
AU: Stahl, Ann B. ; Stahl, Peter W.
pg - 86-101
TI: Neolithic nomads at El Multaga, Upper Nubia, Sudan
AU: Peressinotto, D....[et al.]
pg - 54-60
TI: Retrospect (But certainly not a necrology!)
AU: Fagan, Brian
pg - 173-183
TI: Rock art and rock music: Petroglyphs of the south Indian Neolithic
AU: Boivin, Nicole
pg - 38-53
TI: Something fishy in the Neolithic? A re-evaluation of stable isotope analysis of Mesolithic and Neolithic coastal populations
AU: Milner, N....[et al.]
pg - 9-22
TI: Temple Sites in Kahikinui, Maui, Hawaiian Islands: their orientations decoded
AU: Kirch, Patrick V.
pg - 102-114
TI: The Tula Adze: manufacture and purpose
AU: Moore, Mark W.
pg - 61-73
TI: The meanings of standardisation: conical cups in the late Bronze Age Aegean
AU: Berg, Ina
pg - 74-85
TI: Theory and practice in the study of Mesopotamian domestic space
AU: Brusasco, Paolo
pg - 142-157
TI: Tracing Comanche history: Eighteenth-century rock art depictions of leather-armoured horses from the Arkansas River basin, south-eastern Colorado, USA
AU: Mitchell, Mark D.
pg - 115-126
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