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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2004, 78 (300)
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TI: A hidden stonehenge: geophysical survey at Stanton Drew, England
AU: David, Andrew...[et al.]
pg - 341-358
TI: An Indian trader in ancient Bali?
AU: Lansing, J.S....[et al.]
pg - 287-293
TI: An infant cemetery of the Classic Kerma period (1750-1500 BC, Island of Sa´, Sudan)
AU: Murail, P....[et al.]
pg - 267-277
TI: Bring out your dead: people, pots and politics
AU: Brothwell, Don
pg - 414-418
TI: Buried treasure at the British Museum: a view from abroad
AU: Price, Neil
pg - 421-425
TI: Eastern Central Europe during the Pleniglacial
AU: Verpoorte, Alexander
pg - 257-266
TI: Evaluating CORONA: A case study in the Altai Republic (South Siberia)
AU: Gheyle, Woutter...[et al.]
pg - 391-403
TI: Handle with care: thoughts on the return of human bone collections
AU: Payne, Sebastian
pg - 419-420
TI: Interpreting standing stones in Africa: a case study in north-west Cameroon
AU: Asombang, Raymond N.
pg - 294-305
TI: Non-destructive provenancing of bluestone axe-heads in Britain
AU: Williams-Thorpe, Olwen ; Potts, P.J. ; Jones, M.C.
pg - 359-379
TI: Retrospective
AU: Rahtz, Philip
pg - 426-437
TI: The Rose Theatre, London: the state of knowledge and what we still need to know
AU: Greenfield, Jon ; Gurr, Andrew
pg - 330-340
TI: The beginnings of Slavic settlement east of the river Elbe
AU: Brather, Sebastian
pg - 314-329
TI: The degradation of archaeological bronzes underground: evidence from museum collections
AU: UllÚn, Inga...[et al.]
pg - 380-390
TI: The repatriation of human remains - problem or opportunity?
AU: Smith, Laurajane
pg - 404-413
TI: Three cemeteries and a Byzantine Church: a ritual landscape at Yasieleh, Jordan
AU: Al-Shorman, Abdulla
pg - 306-313
TI: Trees for food - a 3000 year record of subarctic plant use
AU: Ístlund, Lars ; Bergman, Ingela ; Zackrisson, Olle
pg - 278-286
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