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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2004, 78 (301)
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TI: 'Dark Age Economics' revisited: the English fish bone evidence AD 600-1600
AU: Barret, James H. ; Locker, Alison M. ; Roberts, Callum M.
pg - 618-636
TI: Birth and death: infant burials from Vlasac and Lepenski Vir
AU: Boric, Dusan ; Stefanovic, Sofija
pg - 526-546
TI: Direct detection of maize in pottery residues via compound specific stable carbon isotope analysis
AU: Reber, Eleanora A....[et al.]
pg - 682-691
TI: Discovery of the first Neolithic cemetery in Egypt's western desert
AU: Kobusiewicz, Michal...[et al.]
pg - 566-578
TI: High Place: symbolism and monumentaly on Mount Moriah, Jerusalem
AU: Scham, Sandra
pg - 647-660
TI: How inscriptions and style reflect politics: the bronzes of King Cuo
AU: Wu, Xiaolong
pg - 594-601
TI: Measures against the illicit trade in cultural objects: the emerging strategy in Britain
AU: Gaimster, David
pg - 699-707
TI: Neanderthal behaviour and stone tool function at the Middle Palaeolithic site of La Quina, France
AU: Hardy, Bruce L.
pg - 547-565
TI: New evidence for the antiquity of the intestinal parasite Trichuris (whipworn) in Europe
AU: Dark, Petra
pg - 676-681
TI: Ochre in hafting in Middle Stone Age southern Africa: a practical role
AU: Wadley, Lyn ; Williamson, Bonny ; Lombard, Marlize
pg - 661-675
TI: Ounjougou (Mali): A history of holocene settlement at the southern edge of the Sahara
AU: Huysecom, E....[et al.]
pg - 579-593
TI: Roman Game Boards from Abu Sha'ar (Red Sea Coast, Egypt)
AU: Mulvin, Lynda ; Sidebotham, Steven E.
pg - 602-617
TI: Saw-toothed sickles and bone anvils: a medical technique from Spain
AU: Esteban Nadal, Montserrat ; Carbonell Roure, Eudald
pg - 637-646
TI: The Neolithic transition and European population history
AU: Crombé, Philippe ; Strydonck, Mark Van
pg - 708-710
TI: The Neolithic transition and European population history - a response
AU: Steele, James ; Gkiasta, Marina ; Shennan, Stephen
pg - 711-713
TI: The earliest evidence for clay hearths: Aurignacian features in Klisoura Cave 1, southern Greece
AU: Karkanas, P....[et al.]
pg - 513-525
TI: Towards three-dimensional non-invasive recording of incised rock art
AU: Simpson, Alice...[et al.]
pg - 692-698
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