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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2004, 78 (302)
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TI: An early eighteenth-century denture from Rochester, Kent, England
AU: Anderson, T. ; O'Connor, S. ; Ogden, A. R.
pg - 858-864
TI: An unfinished temple at the Classic Maya centre of Aguateca, Guatemala
AU: Inomata, Takeshi...[et al.]
pg - 798-811
TI: Ancient roads and GPS survey: modelling the Amarna Plain
AU: Fenwick, Helen
pg - 880-885
TI: Exhibitions: exotica and exigencies
AU: James, N.
pg - 914-915
TI: Neolithic land-use and environmental degradation: a study from the Western Isles of Scotland
AU: Mills, Coralie M....[et al.]
pg - 886-895
TI: New evidence and revised interpretations of early agriculture in Highland New Guinea
AU: Denham, Tim ; Haberle, Simon ; Lentfer, Carol
pg - 839-857
TI: Palaeogeography around the Harappan port of Lothal, Gujarat, western India
AU: Khadkikar, A. S. ; Rajshekhar, C. ; Kumaran, K. P. N.
pg - 896-903
TI: Power and place: Agency, ecology, and history in the American Bottom, Illinois
AU: Schroeder, Sissel
pg - 812-827
TI: Reassessing the chronology of Biblical Edom: new excavations and 14C dates from Khirbat en-Nahas (Jordan)
AU: Levy, Thomas E....[et al.]
pg - 865-879
TI: Retrospect
AU: Wilson, David M.
pg - 904-913
TI: The early development of music. Analysis of the Jiahu bone flutes
AU: Zhang, Juzhong ; Yiao, Xinghua ; Lee, Yun Kuen
pg - 769-778
TI: The making and meaning of a Mississippian axe-head cache
AU: Pauketat, Timothy R. ; Alt, Susan M.
pg - 779-797
TI: Vegetation disturbance and human population in Colombia - a regional reconstruction
AU: Marchant, Robert...[et al.]
pg - 828-838
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