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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2005, 79 (303)
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TI: Core-periphery relations in the Recuay hinterlands: economic interaction at Chinchawas, Peru
AU: Lau, George F.
pg - 78-99
TI: Detecting plague: palaeodemographic characterisation of a catastrophic death assemblage
AU: Gowland, R. L. ; Chamberlain, A. T. Gowland, R L / Chamberlain, A T 146-157
pg - 146-157
TI: Ethnic identity and archaeology in the Black Sea region of Turkey
AU: Erciyas, D. Burcu
pg - 179-190
TI: Experiment and innovation: early Islamic industry at al-Raqqa, Syria
AU: Henderson, Julian...[et al.]
pg - 130-145
TI: Mapping prehistoric statue roads on Easter Island
AU: Lipo, Carl P. ; Hunt, Terry L.
pg - 158-168
TI: Microlith to macrolith: the reasons behind the transformation of production in the Irish Mesolithic
AU: Costa, Laurent J. ; Sternke, Farina ; Woodman, Peter C.
pg - 19-33
TI: Mid fourth-millennium copper mining in Liguria, north-west Italy: the earliest known copper mines in Western Europe
AU: Maggi, Roberto ; Pearce, Mark
pg - 66-77
TI: On the eve of Islam: archaeological evidence from Eastern Arabia
AU: Kennet, Derek
pg - 107-118
TI: Raw, pre-heated or ready to use: discovering specialist supply systems for flint industries in mid-Neolithic (Chassey culture) communities in southern France
AU: Léa, Vanessa
pg - 51-65
TI: Remarks on Samarra and the archaeology of large cities
AU: Northedge, Alastair
pg - 119-129
TI: Stable isotopes and faunal bones. Comments on Milner et al (2004)
AU: Barberena, R. ; Borrero, L. A.
pg - 191-195
TI: The politics of supply: the Neolithic axe industry in Alpine Europe
AU: Thirault, Eric
pg - 34-50
TI: The role of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) statuary as territorial boundary markers
AU: Shepardson, Britton L.
pg - 169-178
TI: The wounded roan: a contribution to the relation of hunting and trance in southern African rock art
AU: Thackeray, J. Francis
pg - 5-18
TI: What is 'Islamic' archaeology?
AU: Petersen, Andrew
pg - 100-106
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