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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2005, 79 (304)
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TI: A pragmatic approach to the problem of portable antiquities: the experience of England and Wales
AU: Bland, Roger
pg - 440-447
TI: Buddhism, Pax Kushana and Greco-Roman motifs: pattern and purpose in Gandharan iconography
AU: Aldrovandi, Cibele ; Hirata, Elaine
pg - 306-315
TI: Dating the geometric Nasca lines in the Peruvian desert
AU: Rink, W. J. ; Bartoll, J.
pg - 390-401
TI: Decolonising the museum: the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC
AU: Smith, Claire
pg - 424-439
TI: Direct radiocarbon dating of megalithic paints from north-west Iberia
AU: Steelman, K.L....[et al.]
pg - 379-389
TI: Early Holocene shell fish hooks from Lene Hara Cave, East Timor establish complex fishing technology was in use in Island South East Asia five thousand years before Austronesian settlement
AU: O'Connor, Sue ; Veth, Peter
pg - 249-256
TI: Food of the Gods or mere mortals? Hallucinogenic Spondylus and its interpretive implications for early Andean society
AU: Glowacki, Mary
pg - 257-268
TI: From 'desert castle' to medieval town: Qasr al-Hayr al-Sharqi (Syria)
AU: Genequand, Denis
pg - 350-361
TI: Genealogy in the ground: observations of jar burials of the Yayoi period, northern Kyushu, Japan
AU: Mizoguchi, Koji
pg - 316-326
TI: Peaceful Harappans? Reviewing the evidence for the absence of warfare in the Indus Civilisation of north-west India and Pakistan (c. 2500-1900 BC)
AU: Cork, Edward
pg - 411-423
TI: Risk and marginality at high altitudes: new interpretations from fieldwork on the Faravel Plateau, Hautes-Alpes
AU: Walsh, Kevin
pg - 289-305
TI: The Umayyad congregational mosque of jarash in Jordan and its relationship to early mosques
AU: Walmsley, Alan ; Damgaard, Kristoffer
pg - 362-378
TI: The first modern humans in Europe? A closer look at the dating evidence from the Swabian Jura (Germany)
AU: Verpoorte, A.
pg - 269-279
TI: The origin of 'desert castles': Qasr Bani Muqatil, near Karbala, Iraq
AU: Finster, B. ; Schmidt, J.
pg - 339-349
TI: The rural landscape of Jordan in the seventh-nineteenth centuries AD: the Kerak Plateau
AU: McQuitty, Alison
pg - 327-338
TI: Wings over Armenia: use of a paramotor for archaeological aerial survey
AU: Faustmann, Antje ; Palmer, Rog
pg - 402-410
TI: Woodland clearance in the Mesolithic: the social aspects
AU: Davies, Paul ; Robb, John G. ; Ladbrook, Dave
pg - 280-288
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